<span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>


sniffles.... what am i going to watch now??? lols.. anyhoo juss got done watching the ending and i loved it... so satisfied with the ending between mos and noon... especially adored the dancing scene... only part that i thought shouldn't be left out was piyaa's mother... i mean i think she should atleast deserve some consequence because piyaa didn't do everything on her own... her mother was a lead too... o welps all well it ends well (lols that the correct saying rye?? yall get what i mean though hopefully :p )


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alyssia said:
can someone explain me how piya and mos finally break up? how does she react?
they break up because mos found the necklace and he remembers everything that aimee (piya) did when he was sick. she asks for forgiveness - she said she was wrong but then in the end she apologizes again and says that noon (paranee) is the one for him and that she lost in keeping his love but that paranee is a great person and loves him truly. :wub:


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thanks diane.
so piya is not that bad...she knows her mistakes and even apolozise..i feel sorry for her....


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i agree, what am i gonna watch now? i love this lakorn. they make a cute couple! i like the way it ended, sweet...


yeahhhh, I finally saw the end. It was a SAD end. I'm glad Aimee realized her mistakes and became good. It was sad to see Ice in the mental institution with his grandma. :( :wavecry: REAL SAD there.

And of course, Mos FINALLY in the last minute recognized Noon. And happily wedded her. Noon looks REAL pretty in the white dress and Mos..just cute. lolz ^_^

I'm glad it was a happy ending for them all. ^_^


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My friend is very satisfied with the ending so I don't think they die.


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^ lol no one stays dead. noon died but she came back when mos was crying he wanted her to come back to him he didn't want to be by himself and it was ice and his aunt not his grandma for clarification ^_^

i was very happy too but i felt sad that noon got shoot twice. i'd be thinking of i was mos' mom wow she took a bullet for both of my sons. nong pee and sirapaat lol. she deserves to be in that household! :p


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sorry a little late didn't have time but luv the endin so much :D
the endin was so sweet how they kiss :wub:
it was a bit of a drag but towards the end i was so satisfied
luv it so much


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oOoO Finally I saw the ending! man it was so cute at the end, but yeah it did drag a little bit, but I think it was kinda good how they made him forget her and then start to develop feelings for her while he was with piya..Cause then it shows he loves her for who she is and not because he was on the rebound when he first found out about piya =\ lol maybe im the only one that feels this way =\


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I finished watching this today. awww i love the ending scenes. so cute..

i love Mos' character...he's so strong yet at the same time gentle and sweet. ahhh...i'm gonna miss this lakorn.


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^ i'm still gagga over this lakorn....i'm crossing my fingers for these two to get paired up again or maybe irl hehe


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i really wanna watch this lakorn but because im not in thailand do you know where ican download it????