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hi there!
i was out of here for a week...god i haven't watched epi 14 nor 15 yet! but it seems u guys didn't really enjoy it...so mos still doesn't remember anything? it takes so long....

when will the lakorn end? how many episodes left are there?

special thanks to diane for SC n MV!! i was looking for it!!!

diane sweetie, are you going to make summaries for us plz? thankxx!!!


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thanks for the mv!!!

my gosh what the heck did the make up/hair stylist people for the lakorn do to Mos.... he looks so great in the mv. he seriously needs to carry around the grammy make up/hair stylist people around with him from now on. i would have enjoyed watching his part in the lakorn if he looked the way he did in the mv... he's looking like his old young self again im so happy!! :w000t: :wub:

.diane. said:
they haven't released a karaoke video for this song yet or a music video :wavecry: which is odd because ice is coming out with a solo album soon. i'm hoping they have the theme song in it. :w000t: this karaoke is from mos' new album : be my mos

i believe Glub Mah Dai Mai will be on his album... Ice's solo album will be coming out May 30th as of now. they are just now shooting the MV for Kon Jai Ngaai (the song featured in the lakorn)... i think as a single Glub Mah Dai Mai has just come out as a single on the radio at least on hotwave

i get to watch the episodes tomorrow


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does anyone knows what # in tapes this lakorn goes up to?? man i've been waiting for it cuz at my video store its like only up tp #5 so i'm just waiting to rent it all at once.


Susie said:
does anyone knows what # in tapes this lakorn goes up to?? man i've been waiting for it cuz at my video store its like only up tp #5 so i'm just waiting to rent it all at once.
My store has tape 11 already, and since this lakorn is ending on May 2nd. There will be a total of 12 tapes. ^_^


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it ends tomorrow already? god...i miss today episode..i'm waiting to download it here..so what happen? has mos remember something? i am totally lost hehe...
i wait when i will have time to watch the lakorn since the 1st epi...


Aimee pushed Ice off the clip, but luckily Mos and Noon found his body. Wonder what's going to happen. ^_^ SO CURIOUS. Have to watch the end. :D B)


I just want to watch the end...... I love this movie...... cant waite....
I just want to know what will happen next??????? :w000t:


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episode 13 summary

we start episode at khun sirayoot's birthday party. khun sirapaat goes to ask khun paranee why she always finds an excuse to leave him wherever he is. she doesn't seem to stay in one place with him and he asks her. khun paranee just smiles but at the same time still a little hurt and tells him she has to go. khun sirapaat states "ow you're leaving me again".

khun sirayoot goes over to khun piya and tries to kiss her. the mother of khun piya stops him. khun numwaan goes to interrupt stating that the father of khun sirayoot is asking to see him. the father gives khun sirayoot a plaque that has his baby footprints. khun sirayoot feels very loved. his father apologizes he wasn't the best dad for him all this time. he asks for another opportunity to be a better father to him. khun sirayoot nods however he goes back to his room and then gets upset stating that no one loves him except his aunt. everyone is lying to him he states. the party shortly ends and everyone departs.

the scene is of khun sirapaat lying in bed, smiling sort of tossing around too. he ends up going over to khun paranee's house and he states he's just there to see if she's well if she's okay. he says he saw her eyes that they seemed so sad, he wanted to know if she's okay. they both smile and go out to look at the moon. khun paranee asks him why he seemed to notice her eyes and maybe her feelings. he says he can look into someone's eyes and know what they are feeling and thinking. he looks into her eyes and there is a scene of the time they walked on the beach together all of a sudden his cell phone rings and he has to leave since khun piya wants to see him. before khun sirapaat leaves he tells khun paranee she should smile more it makes the world so much more beautiful - will you smile for me? she smiles but goes back to sit where they were and thinks and cries. :(

khun piya gets a message on her mirror from khun sirayoot stating she's his and we're not finished. you will be mine again. khun piya freaks out and her mother was there beside her states she should hurry up and marry khun sirapaat so he can't do anything anymore. she calls khun sirapaat to meet her at the park meanwhile khun paranee went to take a walk on the beach thinking of last night and she cries again. khun piya asks khun sirapaat to go ahead and get married since right now they are just engaged. the whole family of khun sirapaat and himself goes to have a conference and they announce they are getting married, wedding will be in 2 weeks. khun natcha calls to tell khun paranee to turn on the tv and she is very hurt about this news.

khun natcha and khun paranee are at the beach and khun paranee is crying. khun natcha says i can't let my best friend be hurt like this anymore i'm going to tell khun sirapaat the truth and everything. khun paranee says it's no use he doesn't remember me. i won't come between him. :( she has memories of their good times where they talked and he sang to her. she goes back to the house to try and find the necklace. she gets interrupted by khun sirayoot he tells her she's got to help him get those two apart. she wants her to tell khun sirapaat that it was her all along that took care of him. she won't do it and he leaves upset. khun paranee goes over to baan kaamfai to search for the necklace. khun natcha calls nong pee and they plan for the two to be together for the afternoon. khun sirapaat goes to baan kaamfai as nong pee requests and runs into khun paranee they try to help her search and she tells them it's okay. i'm sorry i'll leave it's not here i've searched. nong pee suggests let's make one for her please. khun sirapaat and nong pee gather up shells to make her a new necklace. khun sirapaat finishes it and nong pee excuses himself to go to the bathroom. khun sirapaat asks about her necklace and she's sad she misses it so much and she's looking at the man she loves. khun sirapaat says he wants to make it similiar to what she had and she tells him that it doesn't matter what it looks like or if it's pretty it was given to me by someone that i love. she says her love goes to love someone else, he forgot about me. she cries and he goes to wipe her tears with his collar. he offers to put the new necklace on her but khun piya interrupts her she wants it. she states she's never had one please please give me it. i ask for it please please i've never seen one so pretty and if it's not special can i have it. khun paranee says if you want it you can have it. nong pee comes over and says no that's pee paa give it back!! khun paranee says we can make another one nong pee but next time. for now let's go wash our hands and clean up okay. khun sirapaat is a little upset and khun piya smiles...episode ends.

episode 14 summary

khun paranee is looking at the beach and khun natcha comes over to her friend. khun paranee scolds her friend says it's your doing isn't it? her friend asks about the necklace and it's meaning. her friend says i'll help you find it and we can make khun sirapaat remember! khun paranee states her intentions is not of doing that it's just to keep it. it's the only thing she has of their love. khun natcha goes to the hospital to ask around and runs into khun toosawat and tells him it's a necklace that will help khun sirapaat remember khun paranee!

khun sirapaat, family and khun piya meet at the house. khun sirapaat wants khun paranee to be the designer for their house where the wedding will be held. she doesn't want that of course and they argue. khun sirapaat goes over to khun paranee's office to ask her boss for khun paranee to have her help the wedding. the wedding will be at the house and they also need her to make the house to khun piya's liking. the boss makes an excuse saying that she can't do it she's on a break and she'll be on a break for a long long time - you'll probably have kids by the time she's back. khun paranee goes into the office says she'll do it and the boss tries to hand signal she shouldn't do it. khun sirapaat is very happy he wants to take her out to lunch. she takes him to a place where she likes to eat and he asks her recommendation. she suggestions his favorite food and he's a little shocked. how did you know? she tells herself in her thoughts that how do i not know? it's something we made together and she decides she is defeated - he doesn't remember her. khun sirayoot was having lunch there too and saw them, he took a picture and sent it to khun piya. khun piya confronts khun paranee stating she's needs to quit this job and stop trying to take him. khun sirayoot confronts her after khun piya leaves and says you better do everything you can to keep those two from getting married.

khun paranee goes home where her friend khun natcha waits. khun natcha was about to tell her she shouldn't take this job and she says please don't stop me. i just want to do this one last thing for the person i love. khun natcha comforts her friend as is crying, tells khun paranee - dont worry i won't stop you anymore and do a great job.

khun paranee goes to meet khun sirapaat and khun paranee about information about the house and what khun piya likes. khun piya says she's not an easy person to please, there's going to be so much to do. they go to the house and tries to change a lot of the stuff and also wants to make a room for their baby when they have one. grrr.

khun toosawat found the necklace in his drawer when a colleage asks him for some paperwork. he thinks it's got to be hers so he goes over to her house to give it to her. she's very happy and hugs him at that same time khun natcha had seen her friend hugging khun toosawat and is heartbroken. she goes to read about heartbreak outside and khun toosawat finds her and tell her that he gave her the necklace it was with him.

more scenes of khun sirapaat, khun paranee and khun piya at the house as khun paranee is upstairs fixing a few things khun sirapaat is playing guitar. later that night khun paranee goes to look at the sunset and khun sirapaat finds her they end up saming the same words at the same time in their sentence. khun paranee asks if he ever wanted to sell this house to anyone? (was in their previous conversation when he was a spirit) he says he doesn't remember.

the next day it's rehersal for the wedding and khun paranee gets approached by khun sirayoot he tells her she's so stupid for not stopping them. khun piya interrupts and khun sirayoot starts to choke her but she says go ahead and kill me i'd still marry khun sirapaat. khun sirayoot stops and is upset crying and saying khun piya doesn't love me anymore. khun piya tells khun paranee she needs to keep her mouth shut about this and don't try to take khun sirapaat because he loves me and only me.

khun paranee always takes off the necklace before she meets up with khun sirapaat because she's positive he won't remember and if he does she doesn't want him to hurt. khun natcha was noticing that khun paranee doesn't have the necklace on. khun natcha says no she has to have it on she has to show him and khun piya was behind listening. khun piya doesn't think it's true she doesn't want him to remember and has memory of when khun paranee tried to tell her that khun sirapaat is here with us and also when she broke off the engagement. khun sirapaat was very upset and even wanted to burn down the house and khun paranee tried to tell her to take the ring back he's very upset. khun paranee is walking around the house and having memories of their love.

episode 15 summary

scene starts off where khun paranee sits on the swing bench and khun sirapaat joins her. she asked him have you ever sit here with anyone while you were sick? he thinks it's got to be khun piya! khun paranee says please look at my face and see if it's familiar and he says no. she goes to get her necklace because it'll be the last thing she tries and she says she won't bother him again. khun paranee goes to get her necklace in her purse and it's missing! khun piya had taken it. khun paranee gets very upset and cries it's the only thing that defies his love and it's gone! khun natcha had come while her friend looked around frantically and khun natcha suggests that it's khun piya that did it i bet! khun sirayoot was eavesdropping and he knows what he'll have to do. he goes to find khun piya and tries to get the necklace. he manages to get the necklace and they try to fight over it. he brings her to a place where he can talk to her so no one will be able to hear at the house. khun piya tries to sweet talk to him and lies that she will give the necklace back so they can be together and he sees her lie. he starts to choke her and then she grabs the necklace and runs off until piya is at a cliff. she has no where to go and he demands her to give the necklace back. she says leave alone if not i will drop the necklace and he goes to get it and grabs it. he say he will give it to his brother and make him remember they physical try to grab necklace away from one another and all of a sudden khun sirayoot fell off the cliff with the necklace. khun piya freaks out and leaves.

khun sirapaat was driving back from the store and noticed that the sky is going to change he drives over to the house to see if khun paranee is there and finds her there. he asks her to go out with him for dinner and his father calls stating that his brother hasn't come home and he was suppose to meet up with his dad. they go over to the house to try and find him and the uncle that overlooks the house said he saw him around earlier and they go looking around the cliff. they go to the bottom and found khun sirayoot's body! khun sirayoot calls khun piya and tells him that his brother had an accident but he thinks something happened instead that his brother is hurt. his brother is in a coma just like khun sirapaat was.

next day khun sirapaat meets up with khun paranee to talk more about the arrangements by himself since khun piya doesn't want to go. she has a lot of things on her mind. they smile and laugh everytime they are together.

khun sirapaat came to pick up khun piya to bring her to the house and she freaks out because she thinks cops came to follow her. khun sirapaat is confused and episode ends.

episode 16 summary

episode starts off where khun piya's mother meets up her and wants to talk to her. her mother says she knows that she had something to do with khun sirayoot's accident. her mother says she shouldn't speak of this to anyone she needs to forget everything since it was an accident. her mom suggests she should go to the hospital and make sure his condition is not well.

khun sirapaat had called khun paranee to ask her to meet with him at the house since khun piya leaves. they were sitting on the steps in front of the house talking. she tells him a story and jokes around with him in the story. they laugh having a good time again.

khun piya went to visit khun sirayoot and when she's not looking he got up looking at her but her back was turned behind him. it seemed as if she was thinking this because she turned around and he was lying still. she leaves and his eyes open! khun sirayoot goes over to khun paranee's house as she was waiting for the gate to open. he tells her she's stupid! and she gets out of the car when she does he ran away so she thinks it's his spirit just like khun sirapaat. he was hearing her say spirit so it gave him an idea. he will fool everyone as a spirit when in actuality he's fine!

khun sirapaat was thinking of khun paranee and his phone rang from khun piya. he turns off his phone. khun paranee was getting ready for bed and looked at her cell phone, she realized she missed a call of khun sirapaat. she tries to call him but his cell is shutoff. she says that's okay but at least i can dream of you tonight. the dream is very sweet she is painting as he is making her i don't know how to say it in english lol. it's like a flower bracelet sort of. she wakes up and said it was just a dream, shucks but she smiles. then scene goes to khun sirapaat and he woke up calling out khun paranee. he said he dreamed of her. he brought her what was in khun paranee's dream because it was the same thing he dreamed! he gave it to her co-worker to give to her since she didn't show up yet.

he goes to a talkshow where he sings the theme song and khun piya joined him on this talkshow. he clears up a news that said he was going to get married when his brother is in a coma. khun piya is very upset and goes over to khun paranee's work. she threatens khun paranee to leave him alone and why did you make him postpone the wedding. khun paranee said she didn't do anything and she didn't say anything its on his own will. she says khun piya should go to the hospital and help khun sirayoot wake up if she wants to get married. khun paranee asks to quit job but boss tries to stop her. khun paranee was leaving her work when khun sirapaat was waiting for her wanted to talk and maybe go have dinner with her but khun paranee said she has to go.

khun piya went over to khun sirayoot to tell him he needs to wake up so she can get married. khun sirayoot gets upset and cries then later he goes over to his parents and says, "mom and dad you guys are blind. piya is a good person. i love her. she must marry me not paat. they wake up and see him there. they call khun toosawat to see how khun sirayoot is doing and finds out he's still sleeping. they then think it's his spirit. which is funny because he closed the door before he left. lol.

next day khun paranee, khun natcha and khun toosawat are talking that khun sirayoot's spirit went to visit his parents. khun paranee thinks it's fishy for other people to see him too. khun sirapaat and his family went to go visit khun sirapaat and khun piya was told earlier that his spirit is going to visit people. she whispers in his ear not to come visit her she's scared and khun sirapaat noticed his brother smiled. he asks what she said and tells her to repeat it she says she's got to go.

khun paranee and khun natcha talk about khun sirayoot. khun paranee wants to know if it's his spirit or what's going on. khun natcha is to go to the hospital and check up on him while khun paranee will go overlook khun piya. khun natcha finds out that they check on him every 3 hours. khun natcha went to go check on khun sirayoot and his body isn't there she knows he's not sick. she calls khun paranee and starts to knock on khun piya's door. khun piya still freaked out that other people are seeing khun sirayoot's spirit. she asks if khun piya saw him and at that time khun sirayoot says "hello girls". khun paranee freaks out and shuts the door leaving khun paranee out. khun paranee says you're not sick, you're fooling everyone and why are you doing this? he says i can't tell everyone and wake up because they will get married. he says he can't let her go now because she'll tell everyone. he starts chasing her at the same time khun natcha is trying to tell khun toosawaat. khun sirayoot pulls a knife on her and then his timer rings he says i'll let you go for now. she calls knun natcha to tell her she has to get khun toosawaat now! khun toosawaat didn't manager to see that the body was missing.

the parents of khun sirapaat beg khun paranee to take care of khun sirayoot like she took care of khun sirapaat because khun sirayoot's being moved to the house. khun sirayoot leaves one more time and goes to take his aunt out of the hospital brings her to a new location. khun paranee was at the house painting and gets a phone call that khun raapee is missing...episode ends.

episode 17 summary Ending

episode starts where khun sirapaat and khun piya are at the cliff. he wants to find something that deals with this accident. he knows that his brother didn't fall he had to have been pushed. khun piya says it was an accident! why are you worrying about this. he gets upset and leaves her alone.

khun paranee had gotten the phone call stating khun raapee was missing so she went to go check up on khun sirayoot and he's not there. she goes to look for him while khun sirayoot was conversing with his aunt that no one suspects. khun paranee had found them at that time. khun sirayoot goes to chase after her and khun paranee is shouting out khun siraaat's name but he doesn't hear her he's at the bottom of the cliff. khun sirapaat ends up finds the necklace and his memory shoots of khun paranee. he says i use to love you! i love you and goes to look for khun paranee but finds out that khun sirayoot's body is missing and so is khun paranee. he calls the whole family to come to the house.

khun piya states that she knew khun paranee probably took khun sirayoot however he said khun paranee once told me that his brother was fine and he's fooling everyone. they start to suspect now since khun raapee is missing too. khun piya's mom is stating khun paranee is a bad person and khun sirapaat goes out of the house. khun sirapaat ends up telling her he knows what she did when he was sick. she thinks the others told him but he says he remembers it when he was sick and his spirit had known what she did. khun piya cries and begs him to forgive her and them continue to be like before. he says he forgives her always however he can't go back to the way it was before. he goes back to the house as khun piya goes home.

khun sirayoot calls him on the phone and says you know what it feels like to loose someone you love don't you? he says he'll cut her up in pieces and send them one by one the last one will be her heart. khun sirapaat begs his brother not to hurt her and they go off looking for them. they conclue he's got to be somewhere here because the car is still here. they couldn't have gone too far. khun konkit mentioned he heard some voices earlier around the boat house so they went there and the uncle notices there's a light and some shadows. khun sirapaat thinks khun paranee and goes up upstairs where khun sirayoot had brought khun piya. khun sirayoot has got a gun and everyone is mentioning they love him and we'll start over please don't do this and khun sirayoot wants khun piya to be here so they call her. khun sirapaat tells him that he didn't mean to take anything from his brother. khun sirayoot says this girl right here when you were sick she took care of you the only thing that might help you remember is this necklace but i lost it. khun paranee gets teary-eyed saying that he took it but he says don't blame it it was khun piya that took it however that's not the point. khun sirapaat tells he has the necklace and he remembers everything and that he broke up with khun piya already. khun sirayoot happy and shocked asked really? and khun piya showed up and said yes. everything was about to stop when khun raapee says it's not true and grabs the gun. she aims to shoot at khun sirapaat and says you should die because you took everything away from my nephew! khun paranee covers the shot and falls down as khun sirapaat is holding her body. khun raapee aims to shoot at khun piya but khun sirayoot covers that shot.

now both bodies are in operation. after a while the doctors come out stating that one patient is okay and the other patient is still critical please prepare yourself (patience might die). everyone is confused asked which patient is okay and who isn't? khun paranee is the one in critical condition in a coma. khun sirapaat goes to visit khun paranee and tells her he loves her. they use to love each other he tells her she shouldn't be like this. it shouldn't be like this when now i remember everything now this happens. you always fought for me please don't come back to me. he brought her necklace. khun toosawaat says she needs to rest, let's go.

they went to go visit khun sirayoot as he is awaken however his state of mind is the same as khun raapee. >_< khun sirapaat goes to sit down and a buzzer goes off stating a patient is in trouble. he stops one of the doctors and asks what's happened. khun paranee isn't well her condition got really weak and her heart is slowing down. khun sirapaat went in with the other doctor as he saw khun toosawaat trying to cpr khun paranee. khun sirapaat asks why this is happening and then her heart stops. khun paranee is dead. khun toosawaat tells his friend he's sorry. khun sirapaat cries along her side. the next day they have the funeral and khun sirapaat shoots himself. the end.

i'm really sorry that the ending suck. alright i'm just joking. bad joke but i'm a little tired too. i'm sorry summaries are so long but each episode is almost two hours long lol. okay so the real story is khun paranee does die. the memory of the her shows up where they are asking if they can love each other and then her heart beats again. :) she lives yay! khun sirapaat is very happy after this she got a lot better. everyone is in the room of khun paranee when khun piya interrupts to speak with khun sirapaat. she apologizes to him. she goes to visit khun sirayoot and wants to take care of him and hope he gets better. this stuff will take time. khun toosawaat asks khun natcha to get married and they will go to america for 3 years while he studies more. khun paranee has woken up but khun sirapaat doesn't come to visit her. she officially comes home and still no calls from khun sirapaat even when she calls him he doesn't answer. they say he's at the studio he's busy. khun natcha asked her friend to come with her to baan kaamfai as she will take pictures before she leaves. khun paranee gets surprised by khun sirapaat and he asks for her marriage however she says you're crazy. she aks him what are we? he tells her we love each other and you were always there for me and she said really? because i don't remember. he is very hurt. she says all she can see is some crazy guy that made her wait forever. she said she missed him so much and for leaving her missing him he has to be punished. he says please marry me. she asks how long have i been up he said 7 days. she said wait another 7 days and he begs her no no now please. i'm sorry he said i was fixing up our house i was making it to your liking. she doesn't agree so he lifts up his hand where he gets everyone behind him chatting marry now marry now. she gives in and they get married. beautiful wedding scenes and also they dance where khun paranee talks about her favorite movie is a walk to remember - mine too! they sniff each other and the end.


wait, so Noon dies and then Mos kills himself? OMG, how tragedy. :( I can't wait to see it.

Thanks for summary ja diane :lmao:


sarNie Hatchling
it's a happy ending i think...diane was just joking, aren't you, diane?


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for the summary. Even though towards the middle it started to drag, the ending was very good. I wish they extended a little more but this will do. I don't think anyone died.

Glad that Aimee did not get with anyone, she deserves that. Love the ending with the beautiful wedding scene and everyone is gathering together to celebrate the special moment :D :D :D