<span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>


sarNie Adult
hopefully this lakorn ends at ep 15.... its been like 4 -5 eps that mos hasn't remembered yet...and i don't get why ice tries to make noon reveal the truth about aimee when he can too..


sarNie Hatchling
that is true that the series is dragging but hey at least Mos is slowly beginning to remember, man i really feel for Noon having to deal with Amy and knowing the truth and such..breaks my heart to see her hurting while he's havin the time of his life....well Ice even though i like him..he's going crazy, man someone should notice it already, i mean come on..all the signs are there...lol....


sarNie Hatchling
stupid stupid stupid... why is this lakorn getting stupider.. oh my gosh... the whole damn people know what's going on.... why the hell no one speak up or stop the wedding... and all they want is for mo's memory to come back w/out doing anything!!!!! the nang'ek is being ridiculous.. is always let amy bitch at her.. all she does is cry... this lakorn need to end ASAP..


sarNie Egg
is it really that ridiculous. lo, I hate it too when repitition of the same generic of movie drag like that


sarNie Juvenile
The idea of the lakorn is good but it is really dragging...


sarNie Hatchling
oh my gosssssh! i just watched ep 15 and i was really hoping that something new would happen but instead, that guy gets injured! WHen is Mos Going to remember already! i'm so sick of him not remembering noon! it's been like 5- 6 episodes of the same stuff.


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hello my lovelie! i'm so sorry i've been behind on summaries. i've been sick and was out of town too. i brought you guys a gift to and bribe for your forgiveness...forgive me please? :sweat: i'll try and finish summaries today for eppies 13-15 :wacko:

[download video here . mp3 here . feel free to share this link oki :wub: ]


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Sophie said:
Thank Diane for SC and Music karaoke

can you put ice's music karaoke please if u have ??

they haven't released a karaoke video for this song yet or a music video :wavecry: which is odd because ice is coming out with a solo album soon. i'm hoping they have the theme song in it. :w000t: this karaoke is from mos' new album : be my mos


sarNie Juvenile
i have to agree with uz after watching the 15 epi this lakorn is dragging soooo much....nothing hapened just more distractions pulling mos back from remebering noon wen he was unconscious... mos has not yet realised dat noon was der foe him n dat aimee wasnt... but gosh aimee dun like her character at all... she is been a b**ch to noon... arrghh theis lakorn was goin so good at one point not it is just dragging big time


sarNie Hatchling
This lakorn is starting to dragggggg. I really enjoy it up to when Mos regain his conscious and then it started to go down. I wouldn't mind if he still have not remember Noon for a few episodes but come on now, it is way too long for him not to remember her. I wish it will come to an end soon and hope that Mos will remember Noon and how she had helped him during his coma. :wacko: :wacko: