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Chapter 10 - Almost Worth It

A/N: So here it is, the last chapter of season 1.

Warning: The following content may or may not contain scenes that would break your heart. Read at your own risk.:risas3:


"So... this is your stop"

Astraea felt Theo tugged her hand as they slowly stopped in front of a door in an empty hallway, turning to look at each other but neither letting go.

"I should go now", he said, looking at her tenderly, his eyes shining bright just as his dimples showed up again.

"Yes", she nodded, smiling back rather shyly, feeling her face flushed at the intensity of his stare, wondering if she'll ever get used to seeing his handsome face looking at her like she's the answer to his prayers. "See you later?"

But neither of them moved an inch, gazing at each others eyes with their hands entwined, his thumb caressing her palm gently. She didnt know if it's because this is the first time they wont be within each others radar or what but it feels like she didnt want to let go.

Maybe they should just go back home and wait for other time?

"You know what?", Theo suggested with conviction, "I change my mind, I'll come in with you"

Astraea's eyes immediately widens, holding tight on his hand as she almost shouted, "No!"

He can't go in there with her!

At her outburst though, Theo looked at her curiously that she quickly backtracked with a forced smile on her face, saying, "I mean- Didn't you said your father wants to talk with you?"

"Yes but I can talk to him later and I can even introdu-", he started before she cuts him off.

"Look, I will be fine here", she said with what she hope as a convincing smile.

It's not like she didnt want him to go with her, or elude meeting his parents cause she was still traumatised that last time but no. It wasnt all about that.

Because today, she will finally have that talk she promised to herself with Kiara, her MIA friend who finally show her footprints. The moment Theo told her she's back, she did not waste any time and prepared herself to go for a visit but Theo learnt about her plans and insist on coming with her saying that he too has been summoned by his father.

"I will just wait inside your sister's office while you do your own thing", she added, smiling for more conviction.

She cant have that very much needed talk with Theo around eh?

"O-kay... I-I'll see you later", he pouted rather sadly, she almost took back her words.


Astraea took a deep breath, shaking her head at his hopeful look before she took her bag that he insist on wearing on his shoulders since earlier after they stopped by to get her films processed no matter how ridiculous he looked to others. To her though, he looked mightily adorable.

But even his puppy eyes wont stop her...

Cause as much as she wanted to, she really needed to have this talk now...

"Oh right", he said looking every bit dejected that Astraea could only roll her eyes as he added, "I'll go now"

Damn. He really have a way with her huh?

Pulling his hand, she stood on her tiptoe and pressed a quick kiss on his cheeks earning a smile on his face.

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"There", she said, brushing her lipstick off his cheeks, "Go now"

"Alright", Theo's eyes lit up in an instant, saying, "See you later love" quickly pressing another kiss on her lips before he walks away.

"Alright", Astraea repeated his words, staring at his back and watching him disappear in the corner, wishing that she could also have the same confidence right now cause she didnt know why but damn she's feeling nervous.

It should be easy right? Tell them that she had already stopped with the mission long ago, which her friends would have known if they received the flash drive she sent months ago but with no response means...

"Here goes nothing", she could only whisper to herself, closing her eyes to take a deep breath before openning the door.

"Are you sure about that?"

To her surprise, she found her friends huddled close together, staring at the laptop quite seriously that they didnt even notice her presence.

"Yes I've only seen this flash drive Astraea sent just earli-"

Before she got another case of cold feet, she immediately announced her presence by clearing her throat loudly, smiling and openning her arms wide when the duo screamed at once, running towards her and enveloping her in a group hug.

"Oh My!" / "You're here!"

Kiara and Malia both gushed over her, Astraea had to laugh at the way the both hug her so tight, she almost couldn't breath especially when they gave her one last squeeze saying, "We missed you girl!"

"So where've you two been?", she managed to ask when they finally let her go.

"It's a long story", Malia began, emphasizing the word 'long' as they all took a seat on the sofa in the receiving area of Kiara's office, "Kiara got cozy with your brother and your fiance"

Wait- What?!

At her friend's response, her eyes immediately widen, she could only stare at her friends in shock.

"Urgh", Kiara only rolled her eyes at her friends, "Actually I've been kidnapped by that fiance of yours, he kept asking where you were-"

"Luckily, your brother caught a wiff of what's going on when I told him Kiara's missing and can you believe it? He immediately set off to find her!", Malia cuts off Kiara's words animatedly which earned another eye roll from her friend.

Wait - so the reason why they're gone was because Marius, her supposed fiance kidnapped Kiara?!

And her brother, Marco, that stone cold brother helped her friend?

Damn. She knew it!

All those years when they were still studying and her friend was trying to get Marco's attention didnt go in vain.

"You should have seen him while we're looking for you. He's so worried I thought-", Malia told Kiara while Astraea secretly nodd and smile knowingly in the background.

"Enough about me", Kiara glared at Malia, before turning to her with a smile, "What about you?"

She didnt know if she should be anxious or perplexed at the sudden change of mood but the duo who was just fighting earlier began to scream in happiness again, both holding each of her hands, "We've already heard the good news!"

They did?

Astraea sighed in relief. Goodie, she'll be spared of going into details then...

"My brother already cancelled his arranged marriage!" Kiara and Malia stated simultaneously, whooping in joy as they high five each other, "I cant believe you actually succeeded on that impossible mission!"
Or not. Damn.

This is exactly what she fears.

Did they really think she'd still be on to that?

"It's not-" Astraea tried to intervene their small celebration but they had already pulled her up with them as the duo made a weird jig consisted of jumping while screaming and laughing.

"We're still looking at the flashdrive you sent us", Malia said while shaking her head, ignoring her protest.

"Well this is all fun but-", Astraea once again tried to butt in only to get drowned by Kiara's shushing, "Dont be shy, we're just wondering how you managed to convince my brother back out on his self imposed do-"

The sudden loud smashing sound shocked the three of them, ceasing her friends joyous celebration and effectively rendering them speechless as they all turn to stare at the sight that instantly turned her insides cold.

For there standing in front of them is Theo with his bowed head, his fist shaking in anger as he stares at the broken laptop with keys and pieces all over the place after he seemingly punched it hard.

"T-theo?", she asked slowly, swallowing the bile in her throat and hoping that it was all just a dream.

A nightmare perhaps.

Astraea's first instinct was to run and explain the truth, even beg for forgiveness but the fiery eyes that looked up at her, blazing with so many emotions; Anger, disappointment... disgust, she could only stare back in fear, rooted from the spot.

"Is that... all am I to you?", he asked her slowly, Astraea immediately shakes her head no, taking small steps closer towards him to try and explain even though she couldnt quite breath properly, cold fear had completely taken over her insides as she stared at the sight of the unfamiliar man in front of her. Not used to seeing the eyes that always looked at her with love and tenderness now intense with anger.

"A mission huh?", Theo laugh humorlessly, shaking his head before he violently threw the laptop on the floor and made a move towards the door after glaring at the three of them.

"N-No!", Astraea exclaimed, quickly going after him and clutched his arm, shaking her head furiously, desperately trying to make him see her reason cause Merlin! Didnt he know that meeting him is one of the best thing that happen in her life?, "I-It's not like tha-"

"Then tell me...", Theo whispered, stopping right before he reached the door. "They are lying right?"

Taking a deep breath, he looked back at her with small hope in his eyes like he was wishing that they were just pulling a prank or anything but that.

Astraea tried to bit back her sob unsuccessfully as tears fell down her eyes, whispering, "I'm sorry"

At her response, Theo closed his eyes and cried out loud before he grabbed the vases near him and propel it on the floor.

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"I-It's all our fault", Malia and Kiara tried to defuse the situation, grabbing her hand to pull her away from him who's still thrashing Kiara's office, "Yes we've convinced Astraea to-"

And just when she thought the situation couldnt get any worse, Theo asked, "Who's Astraea?!"

Silence followed his question as the three friends exchanged looks, none of them could give a coherent answer but it seems like they dont need to... cause with another series of loud curse, Theo banged the door before he left hurriedly after shouting, "Damn it!"


*After a few weeks

"Where is it?"

Astraea shuffled around the bathroom all the while drying her face with a towel after she got sick all over again, holding a hand on her temple, she tried to cool down her aching head as she looked for the medicine in the cabinet.

Damn. This past few weeks feels like hell what with her being sick and her heart broken. She would give anything she can if only she could go back in those days where she lay in Theo's arms, curl up in their bed, sleeping peacefully.

God she missed him so much.

Just the thought of him was enough to make her tear up again, she probably should stop being this emotional cause she's been crying like this for days, her head is already aching like mad.

But how can she do that when every little thing reminds her of him...

Thank God, Kiara and Malia had sort of adopted her for the time being, taking care of her well being or she might have gone crazy by now.

Damn. She could still remember how she cried that first night on Kiara's apartment upon waking up alone in an unfamiliar bed without him by her side to kiss her 'good morning'. The reality of the situation attacking her, realizing that he might not be coming back to her after all.

She had to do something or everything they built would be nothing. Only, she didnt know how cause Theo has gone missing the moment he stepped out of Kiara's office and he wouldnt pick up her calls.

It has gone so bad that her friends advised her to just stay in Kiara's apartment while they go and look for him...

"How was it?", Aatraea's brows furrow hearing her friends hushed whispers, she couldnt help her curiousity and took a step towards their direction.

"Dont worry Astraea's already sleeping", a voice that could only belong to Malia said as she was the one who put her to bed earlier.
Astraea's breath hitched having a gut feeling of what they were talking about.

"I think it's better if we steer them clear away from each other first, let things cool down..."
"He's still super angry?"

So... they already found him? And they didnt tell her? Damn it! She knew they were keeping something from her.

"You bet. My brother wont even talk to me. All he does is drink and party like mad. We cant let Astraea see him like this."

She really appreciate her friends concern but shouldnt she also have a say on this? Cause she think she really needs to talk to him now, or as early as possible to clear things up before everything blows out of proportion. Wouldnt that be a better plan?

Surely if she explained everything to him he would understand right? And everything would go back to the way they were before, happily living their lives and reaching dreams together...

"Well at least we knew he's staying at my family's hotel"

"Yep. You texted the right address"

"So what do we do know?"

"Better wait cause at this rate, talking might do more damage than any good."

But Astraea's already done waiting for the perfect timing that might never come. She must do something. She had to take the situation in her own hands now.


"Mam we' really can't disclose personal information to just any-"

"But I told you I am not just anyone", Astraea sighed out loud in frustration, tapping the counter as she tried to negotiate with the receptionist for the nth time, "Look. Can you please just call and tell him that Selene is here?"

She honestly thought sneaking out of Kiara's apartment and getting her friends cellphone would be the hardest part on this, but damn, she couldnt be more wrong.

"We're really sorry but-", the receptionist stopped midsentence before the guard whispered something on the girls ears as they turned towards the entrance, Astraea automatically turns too, only to gasp in surprise, feeling a shot of excitement and hope run through her for the first time in weeks at finally having a glimpse again of the only man she loved.

"Theo?", Astraea almost forget everything else around her, making a mad dash towards him while calling his name repeatedly only to stop a few meters away from him upon seeing his cold eyes that looked at her indifferently... realizing he's not alone. And that the girl who was clutching on his arms tight is breathtakingly beautiful, Astraea almost took a step back as if she was punched by the hard reality with all her hopes crashing down.

The past few days had been tough for her but she endured it, thinking and worrying about him, knowing he must be going twice or thrice the same pain, but damn it. Is this what he's been doing the whole time?

"C-can we talk... alone?" Still, she tried, even though her voice is cracking as she brushed off the tears that fell down.

"It's okay Ted I'll-", Astraea felt another stab at what the woman called Theo and his lack of reaction to it, like he had given the woman permission to do so.

Ted? She thought he hated being called that name? Just like he did with Theo...

And as if that didnt hurt enough, Theo hold on the womans hand when she's about to take her hand away from his arm and asked, "Do I know you?"

"Please dont be like this Theo-", she knew she is probably starting to sound desperate but she doesnt even care now.

"Do. Not", Theo cut her off with a glare, gritting his teeth as he speaks, "Call. Me. Theo"

"A-alright L-levant", Astraea stuttered at the sharp look he gave her, "M-Mr. Andrews"

"I don't have time for this", he said coldly and before she knew what she's doing, Astraea grabbed his other arm when he and the woman made a move to enter the elevator.

"Please hear me out first", she almost plead but Theo only ignores her, pressing his floor number on the elevator.

Astraea had no choice. Taking a deep breath, she swallowed her pride and dignity as she too step inside the elevator with them, avoiding the eyes of the other woman, knowing that she must be judging her right now.

But that is irrelevant now cause the only thing that really matters to her is Theo...

She could still fix this right?

Its not yet too late.

If only he would listen to her.

Astraea immediately turned towards Theo once the elevator door closes, saying, "I promise it wont take lo-"

Before she could finish though, he already cut her off with another one of his humorless chuckle that she is starting to hate, "What do you know about promises huh?"

Damn him. Its not like she did that task just for fun! Did he not know her well?

"If you could just trust me-", she started, now sounding really desperate, feeling like her tears would burst at any moments but it seems like he had already beat her cause the next thing she knew, he had punched the elevator wall causing a gasp from her and the woman while he screamed, "Trust?! Are we really talking about trusts?!"

Astraea tried to ignore another stab of pain on his hurtful words and immediately took hold of his hand that is starting to bleed but he only pulled his hand roughly away from hers, she had to look up to retort when his eyes blazing with anger met hers, rendering her speechless, she could only stare feeling her heart stabbed into pieces as Theo let the other woman gently wrap his injured hand with a handkerchief.

And as if it wasnt really enough, Theo began to lead the other woman outside the moment the elevator door opens, seemingly forgotten about her, Astraea had to hold on the back of his jacket in her last pitiful attempt to try and stop him from leaving, calling his name in a small voice, "T-theo"

She lied to him alright but does she deserve this?

Cause she isn't sure if she could take it knowing that the only man she love is alone on a room with a woman doing God knows what, she doesnt even want to think about.

Theo immediately turned to her with anger evident on his eyes, ready to snap at her but stopped upon seeing the look on her eyes, she thought for a second she finally got through him only for him to shake his head and gave the woman whom he was with the card key, leaving the two of them alone as he placed his hand on the elevator door to stop it from closing.

"You know what? You could wait till we finish or...", he said with a smirk on his face, pushing back the stray hair behind her ear before he leans close and whisper, "Why dont you come and join us. I'm sure we'll have... fun"

His words was enough to break her heart as her hand slowly let go of his shirt, she had to bow down her head just so she couldnt see the look on his eyes so she wont ever remember, hoping he couldnt see the tears.

Damn it.

She isnt prepared for this- NO.

She will never be prepared for this.

"Thats what I thought", she heard him say before he let go and she heard the elevator door closed.

It was all it took before she broke down, covering her face with her hand, feeling like millions of needles were stabbing her heart and she couldnt do anything to save it.

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This is her fault after all... She brought all this to herself when she agreed to that stupid mission.

And maybe, just maybe in all her twisted logic, she really deserves this.

A lie will still be a lie, even if the intention is good no matter how much she try to sugarcoat it.

It f*cking hurts like hell, she doesnt know how she'd ever get over this but damn, even after all this... she's still willing to wait until he's ready to listen.


*The next morning


Astraea woke up feeling a gentle hand caress her face, the familiar scent that could only belong to him surrounds her, she honestly thought for a second that the past few hellish weeks had only been a nightmare.

"T-theo?", she whispered softly, slowly openning her eyes to see him staring at her lovingly just like the way he used to do, her breath hitched and she couldnt help the lone tear that fell from her eyes even as she smiled cause good lord she missed this. She missed him so much.

Astraea raised her hand to touch his, just to savor the feeling but as she do so, Theo gasped out loud and quickly pulled away as if he was burnt. Within a second, her Theo disappeared and there stood the man she didnt know, his cold eyes masking his emotions.

"Good you're already awake", he said, turning around and walking towards the window to open the curtains.

Astraea was momentarily blinded by the glare from the sun that it struck her... how did she end up here?

Cause the last thing she remembered was sitting on the lobby of the hotel, stiffling her cries as she wait for Theo and the woman to come down...

"You passed out on the lobby yesterday, the guard kept calling me so I brought you here", Theo provided her an answer after noticing her look of confusion, his voice devoid of any emotion as he speak, "You can leave now"

Astraea's hands fisted hard on the blanket at his words. Still, she chose to swallow her fears and ask, "C-can we talk first?"

Damn it. She is even prepared to beg just to make him see her reason if thats what he wanted.

Thats how desperate she is now. Pathetic she knew but its not like she has anything more to lose anyway, a little begging on her part wont do any damage anymore for she already threw away her pride, her dignity and damn, she's afraid she's also close to losing herself.

"Aren't we already talking?", Theo muttered, staring at her indifferently, Astraea couldnt bare looking back his hollow eyes, her knuckles already white in trying to hold on her emotions knowing that she is the cause of his pain, "Now if you're finish you can go ahead and-"

Try as she might, her tears started dropping again cause honestly, She didnt know what to do anymore. Or if she could ever still fix this.

"Listen to me", Astraea take a deep breath and started to confess, "Yes I did the mission-"

Her words immediately caught his attention just as his eyes darken with every word that came out from her mouth.

"Stop", Theo whispered, gritting his teeth like he was trying to contain his emotions.

Astraea only shake her head and continued speaking in desperation, brushing off her tears, "Yes I lied."

"I said shut it!", Theo bellowed in anger, holding a hand on his face as he let out another deep breath seemingly controlling his anger.

Still, Astraea couldnt be deterred, thinking that this might be her last shot, at least she knew in herself that she tried to fight for what they have even as her voice already crack while trying to bit back another sob, "-But I already stopped pretending after we get stucked in the islan-"

"Then what is this?!", Theo cut her off effectively with a low growl, showing her the films they had processed just before everything turns gruesome, "I cant believe I did not even notice anything!"

Astraea's eyes widen at seeing the pictures she had taken even way back, from the time when she was still gathering evidence that her breath hitched and she was rendered speechless for a moment, having nothing to say to defend herself that she could only watch Theo ripped their pictures in complete rage, his eyes staring at the pictures with such hatred.

cr: Ch3Thailand GRGR on YT

"No its not like that", Astraea found her voice, furiously shaking her head all the while brushing her tears off.

Maybe before, she does intend to use their pictures together but no, not anymore. In fact she had it processed for safekeeping but Theo wouldnt listen anymore to anything she say. No matter how hard she tried... or how loud she speak, he couldnt seem to hear her words.

Astraea hold a hand on her head as she felt an onslaught of head ache coming in full force, "Aarghh"

"W-what's wrong?", Theo's sitting beside her at once, cupping her face in his hands while looking at her with worry, Astraea didnt know if she should be thankful for the sickness she isnt sure how she contacted the past few weeks, knowing that he still cared for her as he asked her gently, "Are you okay?"

"Yes. Just a little dizz-", Astraea tried to ressure him but her response was enough to send him in another frenzy mood again.

"F*ck!", he whispered furiously in a series of curses as he covered his face with his hands looking frustrated with himself, "You're doing this, cause you know that I love you right?"

"What?", Astraea's eyes widen in disbelief, "No! I told you it's not-"

"You're playing with me cause you know that I can not hurt you!", Theo continued muttering like mad, his eyes turning to her intensely, he might as well screamed at her for his whispers cut through her heart like a knife, she couldnt even defend herself with his accusations.

"Did you even love me?", he asked looking almost close to pulling his hair out, shouting, "No! Dont aswer t-", when she opened her mouth to reply.

However, nothing could stop Astraea from finally speaking the words that she wanted to tell him right when she first recognize her feelings. Those three words that she hadnt had the guts to say cause to her, it means that saying it out loud would finalize those things between them, hoping to settle her own issues first before promising him forever.

But waiting for that perfect timing would seem impossible now especially when everything is out of her control.

Astraea couldnt keep it to herself anymore, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she blurted out, "Of course I do love you!"

Complete silence followed her confession until Theo shake his head slowly, chuckling in despair before he bowed his head, Astraea felt her heart broke seeing the tears he had tried to hide, brushing it away quickly.

"You dont... expect me to believe that do you?", he muttered softly, speaking so unbelievably calm, Astraea felt chills run down her spine when he turned to her, his usual jolly eyes now looking so hollow.

"You know what?", Theo continued in a flat tone, devoid of any emotion, "Just do me a favor and leave"

Astraea tried to fight back the sob that threatens to overpower her as Theo left her alone, closing the door behind him with a loud thud.

Is this how her and Theo end?


Astraea furiously shake her head no, before she finally covers her face when her tears just wont stop. She had to take a series of deep breaths, tapping her cheeks and hoping to get her breathing back to normal for she couldnt afford a break down right now.

She had to do something cause she cant accept defeat. Not even when she had already laid down all her cards...


She love him so much.

Didnt he say that he loves her too?

She knew he really does cause that short time they were together, he never failed to make her feel his love.

Thats why in her quite muddled mind full of desperation right now, she couldnt quite understand why they cant just be together?

Forgive and forget everything... Isn't what they have worth it? Isnt she worth it?

Astraea bowed down her head, wiping her face with her bare hands that she accidentally saw the necklace Theo had given her glint as if mocking her.

And that was all it took to make her remember and have full confidence of the love he had for her as she quickly stood up and sprinted towards the door, giving her last ditch attempt to fight for them.

"Thank you for bringing back my sister", Astraea heard a very familiar voice that was enough to instantly stop her from chasing Theo the moment she stepped in his living room. Her blood turning cold, her heart breaking even more at every second.

For there standing, on the other side of the room was her brother and she could only suspect one person as to how he had found her...

"No problem", Theo nodded coldly, confirming her fears before he made a move towards the direction of the door without even sparing her a glance, "Just dont let me see you two here again"

The implication of Theo's action was enough to drain even the last glimmer of hope she had... cause they already talked about possibilities of what would happen to her the minute she stepped back in her homeland.

What even hurt the most is that he seemed to be the one who called for it. He couldnt wait to get rid of her huh?

"That wont be any problem cause the moment you let a Leblanc slip out of your hands, I am quite sure you can never get it back again.", Marco told Theo and for one wild moment, Astraea's heart thundered after seeing Theo stopped on his tracks, she is pathetic enough to believe that there might still be hope.

But that wishful thinking was gone as quick as it appeared, she could only watch his back disappear from her sight.

Like the fool that she became, Astraea made a move to follow him but Marco quickly took hold of her arm, shaking his head, "Let him go. He's not worth it"

She really wanted to tell him no. He's wrong as she tried to pull away from his grasp.

Cause she truly believe that what Theo and her have is worth fighting for... but how can she do that when it seems like he had already given her up?

Still, Astraea stared hard at the door willing for some miracle that Theo might come back but every second that passed by without him felt like she was being stabbed, feeling her heart that was already breaking shattered and torn into pieces. That was the last thing she remember before she finally broke down, feeling all her pent up emotions came crashing down as the reality caught up on her.

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Awww I hope they don't give up on their love. Theo and Astraea's love is truly worth fighting for. :crybaby2::icon12::crybaby2:

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Oh my god....that is so heart shattering but yeah this is part of every story....and there is a sunrise after every dark night so theo and astrea will be back much love for NY and @annmott


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Season 2

Chapter 11 - I love you more than you love me

*Five years later...

"What's wrong with you guys?"

Astraea rolled her eyes over the two men hovering over her right side and hurriedly tried to help her with her luggage after she opened the compartment of her car.

"I can take care of myself you know", she said, crossing her arms as she watched them fumble with her things.

In truth, she thinks she knows why. But didnt they already agreed that she already moved on from that? They even let her live independently for quite some time now...

"What?", Her brother, Marco, feigned ignorance, chuckling awkwardly while placing her luggage on the cart before the three of them moved towards the entrance, "We just happen to pass by the same direction and so we thought- Why not send you off to the airport. Right dad?"

"Of course", her dad agreed immediately, "Which reminds me. Why did you not use the private plane anyway?"

Astraea could only shake her head at the two. She didnt know why but her father and brother had this strange fond for flashy things, they just couldnt give it up even at their current status right now.

"Oh right, you like to blend in with the crowd", Her father followed up nonchalantly, totally missing her point.

Well yeah, she isnt really into flaunting her name but that is not just what she's trying to convey here... Did they somehow forgot the crisis their family were having?

The very reason why she is here in the airport and will be leaving for Bangkok?

"Selene", her father suddenly called her in a serious tone, halting her. Astraea instantly stood frozen on the spot, feeling a pang in her chest at remembering another voice in another time, calling out her name, she had to force a smile out after taking a deep breath before she turned, "About the thing we talked before, you don't have to-"

Somehow, her father's deterioration of health made him more worried and overprotective of his family, she didnt know how her brother evade it but she found herself trapped again into agreeing in one of her father's crazy idea.

"Dad I already made my decision", she gently cut off her father, touching his hand on her arm in assurance. Knowing how emotional he had became these days, the stress might not be good for his health, "You know I will do anything for the family"

Of course she opposed at first- but after some serious thinking, she might as well do her part and try to make her family happy after all the trouble and hurt she cause them...

Her father gaze at her for a second, she knew what he must be thinking for he started sniffling, she's honestly worried he would burst into tears that she goes in for a hug.

"Dad dont worry about me okay?", she said, rubbing his back, "Take care of yourself and mom"

It must be the medicines he was taking messing with his emotions.

Precisely three months ago, her father's trusted business partner suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth taking the money her father had entrusted with him. Unfortunately, the money is a very huge amount for the project was supposed to be the dream project of her father, the one that he was planning to build and leave as a legacy before he retires.

"Yes well- you too", Mr. Leblanc hug her one last time and nodd at her brother before he hurried away, "I-I'll just c-call your mom and tell her you're already on board"

She could only sigh and watch her father shuffle, hearing an identical sigh beside her, she turned to find Marco beside her, watching their dad leave.

Both of them knew that the fall of the company must have took a toll on the partriarch of the family.

Luckily, her brother who had taken over the company found a new big investor for the project which is the reason why she's here.

Cause according to him, his business partner were having a big charity event and he wants a representative from their company.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?", Marco asked, turning to her, his voice laced with worry.

He must have been worried about her agreement to their father's proposal cause he knew exactly what she had been through years ago...

"I guess", Astraea shrugged, forcing another smile out, "I'm getting older you know and no one really interest me so I think agreeing to the proposal would be the bes-"

To her surprise, her brother looked at her in confusion saying, "l meant you going back to Thailand after what - four years?"

Strange. She honestly thought her overprotective brother would be the first one who would protest about her decision but he's more worried about... the project?

"Plus the charity event involves-", her brother trailed off, looking anywhere but her that she finally knew why.

"Five", Astraea corrected him, brushing off her brothers statement, "And yes. I think I'm ready"

"If you're doing this just to make up for the past then-"

Her brother really knew which buttons to push huh? She could only glare at him and began to walk towards the departure area whispering, "I dont know what you're talking about"

Silence filled the air as he fall into step next to her before he take a deep breath, seemingly giving up, "Okay then" he said in a pout, "Just... take care"

Astraea only sighed knowing where he is coming from. She couldnt really blame him for being the overprotective brother that he is right now cause he had been there with her at her worst.

"Dont worry", She elbowed him to try and lighten up the mood, "Your sister is a better and stronger version of herself now"

"I really hope so", her brother muttered distractedly, Astraea's brows furrow at his response.

"What?", she asked, looking at him weirdly when he try and avoid her gaze.

"Huh? I said I know so...", he said, fumbling with helping her with her things as they reached the departure gate, "Come on sis. Lets get you pass here or you'll miss your flight."

"O-kay?", Astraea could only answer with confusion. She had to look back at her brother after she passed the gate only to find him even more disturbing, flashing her with an extra cheery smile and a thumbs up saying, "Goodluck"

Now what was that all about?


*Hours later, Bangkok Thailand


Astraea woke up at the loud ringtone of her cellphone, she sleepily answered it without even looking at the caller.

"Hello?", she repeated, her brows started to furrow upon the silence on the other line that she took one look at her phone to find out who was calling only to see an unregistered number.

Sighing her frustration, she ran a hand through her locks after ending the call.

Must have been wrong number... or a prank call.

Either way, she do not have time for those.

Astraea sighed again, looking around the luxurious suite that they provided her, smiling to herself upon realizing that their company must have been in good hands now, having the new investor in their side if the hotel she's staying in gives any indication. Cause according to those other staff she talked to earlier, the boss owned this one among his other chains of hotel.

Well now she could reassure her family that finally, things are starting to look up.

Standing up, Astraea grimaced after catching a glimpse of herself in the large mirror as she sleepily made her way towards the kitchen again, the usual place she first goes into all the while sending a message of her arrival on their family's private group conversation.


The jetlag must have gotten through her bad, she even forgot to take off her make up.

Thank goodness no one can see her now, wearing her wrinkled clothes with her hair all over the place, her feet bare... One must have thought she had a nasty case of hang over.

"So do you like the place?"

Astraea felt her insides turn cold as she stood frozen on the spot, her breath hitched in complete shock while staring at the back of the man who she had become so familiar with. For he never really left her, he was always there at the back of her thoughts and hunts her even in her dreams.

It couldn't be...

Astraea was honestly rendered speechless, not knowing what to say or how to even react for never in her wildest dream did she thought of seeing him again this soon! Not after he made it clear before that he never want to see her again.

Yet she couldnt help but notice his gaze watching her reflection... she's somehow thankful that he was still facing that floor to ceiling window, afraid that she would see the look of pure hatred on his eyes again.

Her silence must have caught his attention though for the next thing she knew, he had already turn around to meet her eyes.

For a moment, she thought she saw a flicker of enotion on his eyes before it quickly turn cold, he made his way towards the sofa before he picked up what seem like a small remote control.

She could only watch in surprise as the curtains behind him close while he sat comfortably on the sofa.

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"T-theo?", she finally managed to ask, albeit in a soft whisper, still finding her voice back, "W-what are you doing here?"

His presence were sending her too many emotions, she is feeling like a fool for even thinking for one second of begging for forgiveness, asking him to come back and never leave her again when he clearly looks like he had already moved on, staring at her with an air of indifference and wearing an expensive suit, she knew her Theo must have been uncomfortable with.

"I just came here to personally give you this", he said, nodding at the large box on top of the coffee table. Her eyes meeting his even just for a second was enough to send her chills. All her irrational thought flew out of her mind for it was as if she was staring at a whole new different person, she had to look away and pretend to busy herself with opening it for she didnt know if she could handle looking at the person he had become.

But it doesnt seem like she had to feign her surprise any longer cause what's inside the box instantly made her gasp, she just hope he didnt notice her hands shiver while rummaging its content.

“C’est pas vrai” (No way!) Astraea, shake her head, her hands softly touching the outline of her film camera that she must have left in his apartment the last time they met, "Y-you still have this?!"

Astraea quickly look up with pure astonishment in her eyes, she honestly wonders why on earth did he keep her things for she honestly thought he would destroy everything that connects them.

The memory of him ripping apart their photos still lingered at the back of her mind.

"I've been thinking of destroying it", Theo cleared his throat after catching her eyes, looking uncomfortable while setting his jaw squared, "But I wont be petty over... trivial things"


Astraea forced a smile out, at his statement.


She knew she shouldnt get hurt.

It is stupid to feel this stabbing pain on her chest knowing that she should have already move on. Just like how he already seemed to achieve...

But no matter how much she tried, the pang on her chest still lingers, it almost feel like he had already left a permanent scar on her heart.

"So I guess this is goodbye", He said standing up and nodding at her before he made a move towards the door.

That's it?

Astraea closed her eyes, her hands balled into fist at the sudden flashback of that last day he walked out of her life.

She didnt know why but before she knew it, she already called his name, effectively stopping him just as he had his hands around the door knob.


Maybe it was just her irrational side talking or maybe, deep inside, she wanted to replace that memory of him leaving her hopeless that last time.

"I-I k-know that we might not p-parted ways very well-", she started, stuttering with her words, "-but for what its worth, I still want to say sorry. F-for everything..."

His response though managed to break her heart again that she almost wish she didnt stop him from leaving this second time.

"You dont have to", he said, not even bothering to turn and look at her, "I already forgot"

Lucky you then.

"Right", Astraea took a deep breath, feeling another stab of pain that she masked with a smile, something she had grown accustomed to these past few years, "Thank you for returning my things"

"It's nothing", Theo shrugged and to her surprise, he turned and took one look at her before saying, "See you tomorrow... Ms. Leblanc"

"Okay", Astraea could only nodd, still shocked by his gesture that it was already too late when his words finally sink in to her.

Wait- What does he mean...?

Her eyes widen as she quickly tried to follow him out but he was already gone and nowhere to be seen.


Why does she have bad feelings over this...

*The next morning

Astraea woke up at the sound of the loud thunder, she automatically turn her head towards the window to see the rain pouring heavily outside. Another lightning followed, illuminating the room that she caught a glimpse of the clock in her bedside table showing that it was already midnight.

She didn't know if it was just the cold weather, the time or maybe somehow, the forces above were warning her for she felt chills down her spine...

Letting out a deep breath, Astraea stared at her face in the mirror, taking in the mess that she became, she forced a smile on her face...

Another lightning suddenly illuminates the room followed by a roaring sound of thunder before everything gets dark, shocked her.

Cold fear is starting to take over her whole being as she stood frozen on the spot, darkness swallowing her surrounding...

But she couldnt let herself be afraid now...

Panic rise up on her and she couldnt think straight as she felt her way blindly towards the door, sweat pouring on her forehead.

"Just a little bit more"

Astraea muttered to herself, feeling relief all over at finally reaching the doorway when another lightning and thunder that strangely sounded so near scared her...

The next thing she knew, she was feeling that excruciating pain as she heard a loud and guttural pained cry she didnt realize was coming from her...

Astraea woke up with a start at the sound of her cellphone ringing, she couldnt care less as she immediately looked around, fearing the worst for her dream was still vivid on her mind.

She had to wrap her arms around herself, hugging her knees to her chest while rocking back and forth to try and stop herself from shaking before she buried her head on her arms, brushing back the tears and sweat from her face.

Everything's fine.

Everything's okay...

She kept on whispering to herself just to try and make herself feel better even though she knew at the back of her mind that everything is far from it.

Still, she had to gather back her senses and pull herself together...


She thought she had already gotten over this!

Her cellphone began ringing again loudly, she could only stare at it, placing a hand on her chest to try and calm herself down.

The caller ID caught her attention after seeing that it was from the company, A quick glance on the clock made her want to hit her head on something hard after realizing that they must be calling her for it was already way past the agreed time.

Damn it Astraea!

Now is not the time for a break down!

Her hands still shivering, she picked up the call trying to sound as calm as she could.

"Ms Leblanc, may I ask if you're gonna make i-" A voice with a polite but rather sqeaky tone as if he is afraid of something started before another strangely familiar voice, who she couldnt recognize in her distraught mind suddenly speak harshly.

"Where are you?!"

"I-I'm s-still here...", She stutters, struggling to get up and gather clothes, "At the s-suite"

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line before he started speaking again, now with a gentle tone on his voice,
"Is everything alright?"

Astraea's brows furrow, feeling like she had already heard that voice from somewhere...

Shaking her head, she whispered, still trying to catch her breath, "Y-yes"

"Should we... cancel the event?", the voice speak slowly as if he too is unsure but Astraea wouldnt have any of that.

The thought of cancelling the charity event just because of her is quite ridiculous, she almost shouted, "W-what? No!" before she quickly entered the bathroom, ending the call with, "I-I'll be there in a sec", hoping that the water would also somehow wash away her anxiety.

Astraea tried to get dressed as fast as she could, but still, she was already an hour late.

"Ms. Leblanc!", A frantic looking bellboy quickly assisted her towards the jeep wrangler waiting for her, offering to carry her small duffel bag to which she politely declined with a small smile, "The boss is already in the car mam", the bellboy said, smiling shyly at her.

"Wait- the boss?", Astraea gritted her teeth, cursing her luck when the boy nodded his head yes.

Just great. Not.

She knew she is being unprofessional, showing up late at this first event but she doesnt have anything to say to defend herself. It was an honest mistake on her part and one that she doesnt have any intention to divulge any other information to others, even if she had a valid reason.

"Sorry", She started, opening the door on the back seat while placing her duffel bag at the corner, "Sorry I'm late I didn't know about the change of sched-"

"Am I your driver?", A cold familiar voice instantly stop her from entering the vehicle as her eyes met Theo's intense looking one, Astraea felt her breath hitched, confirming her suspicions at the earlier callers identity.

Damn. So she wasnt going insane after all, she really knew that voice!

"T-Theo?", she blurted out in complete surprise to which the guy only tsked, his brows knotted in annoyance that Astraea quickly backtracked, thinking that maybe keeping everything between them professional would be the best course of action on this situation, "I mean M-Mr. Andrews... What a surprise! Y-you're the new investor?"

Please say no. It is stupid but she still crossed her finger and hope that he'd answer no even if the evidences were all clear...

"Yes now what are you still waiting for?"
Oh my god. Astraea closed her eyes and turn away her face to hide her grimace at his response.


Just when she thought her day couldnt get any worse eh? How come he managed to raise her stress level a bar higher in just a day?

"Erm- I-I think I'll just wait here for another ca-", forcing a chuckle, she slowly tried to withdrew her bag, ignoring his piercing gaze but unfortunately, he was a tad faster, his hand landing on top of her bag before he quickly threw it at the trunk compartment of the car.

"All the other van headed there already left about an hour ago", he said coldly, leaning on his side to open the door towards the pasengers seat, "You better sit here now or we wont make it to the ribbon cutting ceremony"

Astraea was left with no choice, she could only whisper "O-kay" as she settled on the seat beside him.

But deep inside, her mind is already starting to panic, wanting to scream Oh No!

Not when her memory from the past was still fresh on her mind, her nightmare looming at the back of her head, anything could possibly trigger her nervous breakdown and she isnt even exaggerating.

It didnt help that he suddenly leans towards her that she quickly closed her eyes, cowering in the corner and fearing the worst only to hear him let out a small chuckle after helping her with her seat belt.

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"Oh", she breathed out with an awkward smile, realizing her mistake, she began to fan herself feeling herself blush.

"So what have you been up to for the last five years?", Astraea babbled, trying to hide her discomfort by small talks as he started driving.

To her dismay though, Theo only answered, "Business"

Sighing, she decided to continue the conversation just to fill in the uncomfortable silence, "Wow so you really did it huh?"

"Thanks to you", he answered back nonchalantly, Astraea's brows furrow as she turn to stare at him in confusion.

Shrugging, he continued speaking the words she wish he never told her, "If you didnt break me then, I wouldnt be who I am today"

She knew it is bad when he was saying it like a compliment but every word honestly felt like a knife piercing through her chest.

She had to look away at the image he now portrayed on her mind, staring at his cold and emotionless face.

Astraea smiled away bitterly, she isnt sure she could be proud for that...

Because in truth, she is willing to take the old and happier Theo, the one who her heart knew, anyday. He might be poor then but she's sure that he knew what is truly important in life.

"Oh that reminds me!", Astraea laugh rather awkwardly. She should really know when to stop or she might just end up hurting herself even more but no, she still continued speaking, hoping for signs of the old Theo so her heart could calm down.

"Why didnt you tell me you're the new investor yesterday?"

It was a while though before he answered, tapping the steering wheel quite boredly, Astraea already sighed in dismay, turning her head to look out the window thinking that he would never answer when he suddenly speak slowly, "I... forgot"

"You forgot?", she pressed on, thinking she might have progress on bringing the old Theo back.

But maybe it would have been better if he did not answer her though...

"Just like how you forgot to tell me about some details years ago", he said nonchalantly.

Damn it. When will she ever learn?

"Hey I was only kidding", Theo suddenly nudged her arm, noticing her silence, "I thought we're already cool?"


Astraea tried to force a smile out, although she isnt sure if that came out right for she isnt feeling even a tiny tinge of happiness.

"Its so quiet here... is it okay if I turn the radio on", she said, leaning on the dashboard after he hummed his response...

'I was always the one dodgin' phone calls
From every girl that I met in my bed'

Astraea frown at the lyrics of the song, she immediately turn towards Theo's direction hearing a chuckle from him only to find his serious icy cold face back again... Damn, is she hearing things now?

'But then you came around like a brick wall
You knocked me out, out of my head'

"Or maybe thats a bad idea", Astraea raised her hand and tried to turn off the radio, her brows knotting in annoyance only to be stopped by his hand closing on hers.

"No", he said, before a smirk appears on his face, "I like it... "

As if he was really trying to prove something here, he began humming the lyrics,

'Speakin' truthfully
I love you more than you love me'

"Especially this line"

'When you say that you love me you're lyin'

She honestly wanted to stop the song, change the channel or anything just so she cant hear it anymore.

But seeing that dimpled smile on his face again made her back down and hold it in instead.

"Whoo! l love that song! You know it kinda remind me of something though..."


Astraea gritted her teeth in irritation at seeing that stupid smirk on his face.

If she didnt know any better, she might think that he's doing this on purpose. But no, he wouldnt stoop that low right?

*After a few hours

"Hey", Astraea felt a gentle tap on her cheek before she heard someone called her name that she slowly opened her eyes to find Theo's face upclose, his eyes widen like he too was just realizing their close proximity, he instantly scrambled away whispering, "W-we're already here"

His voice were laced with obvious annoyance as he busy himself with trying to put on his neck tie without success.

A memory flashback, Astraea automatically smiled remembering the same scenario a few years back.

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She momentarily forgot the present and started leaning towards him to make his tie only to be stopped by a firm hand that holds her wrist. She looked up to find his intense eyes blazing with... anger? Before he removed his tie altogether and threw it on the back seat instead.

Astraea bit her lip to surpress her gasp, turning away from him as he faced the rear view mirror and arrange his collar.

Damn. Why does she keep on fogetting?

"Better", he said with a smirk on his face.

"Why are you doing this?"

Astraea couldnt hold her silence anymore.

She tried her best to deny it to herself for the sake of the company but everything that he's been doing since they met only suggest one thing... she isnt that dumb to believe everything is just pure coincidence.

"This event or the no neck tie thi-

"Why did you became the new investor?"

Because if he is really out for revenge, she doesnt think he needed to do that... cause she had already been punishing herself, living the past five years of her life in despair.

Her question though was met with his silence that she decided to press on, "Look if you're doing this just to get even-

To her surprise, Theo began laughing and shaking his head, she stopped midsentence and stare at him with confusion. What is wrong with him?

"I'm sorry it's just...", he said, waving his hand, still chuckling, "Dont feel so special, I didnt even know that the company belongs to your family"

"I'm actually thinking of going international for quite some time now and Marius Capell timely suggested your company since 'they might be desperate' due to crisis so I thought why not?"


That actually sounds... plausible.

But wait-

"Did you just say Marius? Marius Capell?", she had to ask.

"That man is kinda hard to miss when he's following around Kiara", he said, shrugging.

Astraea didnt know what to do with that information... Should she be happy that he did not know Marius were her ex-fiance?

"Im surprised you didnt know, Kiara is your best friend and Marius... isnt he your ex-fiance?"

So he knows all along that she didnt get married? Astraea couldnt help but smile bitterly, looking away.

Because somewhere deep down, there was still this small hope, she was making excuses for herself about him not showing up and claiming her back, thinking that he might have thought her marriage pushed through.


It is clear to her now that he dont even had the slightest care in the world.

"Sir! Thank Goodness you're already here! The people were already waiting...", One of the employee suddenly knock on his window, before his voice trailed off upon seeing her.

"Right", Theo cleared his throat, saying, "We'll be there in a sec" Glaring at the guy when he dont move a muscle, his stare was enough to scare off the poor guy and made him dash back.

So she guess he really changed huh?

Astraea only sighed out loud... What has she done?

"You okay?", he asked, noticing her silence.

"Hmmm?", she could only hummed her response, not meeting his eyes, "Y-yeah"

Astraea saw him shrug at the corner of her eyes before he goes down the car and walk ahead.

At once, she watched as people began swarming towards him, thanking him and giving him gifts but even all that, no one dare touch him and even the kids were ushered at the back.

But she couldnt blame the villagers response though for who wouldnt be intimidated by Theo when he is standing there in his magnificence.

He just looks too good, too perfect that he became untouchable, she could see Theo squirm in discomfort at how people were treating him.

"Look who's here!"

Someone suddenly tapped her shoulder, surprising her.

"Umm- Do I know you?", she asked the guy who looks strangely familiar, smiling at her like they were old friends.

"I feel somehow offended but- Nico remember? THEO's cousin?", The guy emphasizes Theo's name, "We met that morning on Levants haunted looking cabin"

"Oh", Astraea's eyes widen at her realization, her cheeks instantly burning red, thinking of how this cousin of Theo must have viewed her after seeing her in Theo's clothes in the wee hours of the morning, "I remember..."

"Good old times eh?", Nico started but immediately backtracked upon seeing her pout, "Just kidding", he said, forcing a laugh out.

Astraea rolled her eyes before her eyes found Theo's, staring at her for a second with that hard look on his face, his gaze shifting to Nico beside her who waved cheekily before they saw Theo turn away from them in obvious annoyance.

cr: Ok Magazine Thailand

"He's changed right?", Nico sighed, resting his arm on top of the car door.

Tell me about it.

"Yup. I know!", She had to hide her bitter smile saying, "It was all because of me"

How many more times does she have to hear it?

Her statement though was greeted with genuine confusion on Nico's face that she immediately regret her outburst, "So I've been told"

"Well at least he reached his dreams now", the cousin thankfully think nothing of her remark and just shrugged, before he continued, "Who would have imagined that the old Levant would be this successful..."

Theo once again caught her eye, his cold gaze sending them chills as they watch him nodd his head towards the empty side beside him signalling her to come closer.

"Uh-Oh", Nico let out a chuckle, opening the car door for her when Theo's glare intensified, "I think you should really go and save him now"

Save him?

Astraea started to ask him but the cousin only nudged her towards Theo's direction, she had no choice but to follow especially when the man is looking like he's gonna breath fire any second now.

"What took you so long?!", he asked, his voice filled with irritation.

"Sorry I got caught up", she answered, ignoring him and smiling instead to the people beside him who stared at her in awe, seemingly startstrucked by her presence.

Theo automatically placed a hand possessively behind her back the moment she reached him that Astraea couldnt help but gasp and turn to look at him.

Maybe it was out of old habit or what but Theo also seemed to realize his error and immediately removed his hand as if he was burnt, his ears red in embarassment while clearing his throat to introduce her to the people, "This is my partner"

"We didnt know you already had a very beautiful wife Mr. Andrews!", the chief of the village stared at her in awe.

Theo and her exchanged a glance as she finally started speaking, shaking her head, "I'm not his-"

"I meant business partner", Theo cut her off before he 'tsked' and says, "I'm sorry but can we start this ceremony-"

Astraea elbowed him, trying to stop his impudent manner. Thankfully, the old man did not think anything was amiss and happily obliged instead, hurrying away to talk to other people to maybe start the ceremony.

"You dont have to be rude you know", she said.

Why does it feel like the more time she spent with him, the more unfamiliar he became?

"Im not", he stated at once, Astraea had to roll her eyes, not believing his words.

Theo though notice her look that he holds her arm and made her look at him saying, "Honestly"

When she still didnt answer, he sighed and nodded towards the other direction, she had to gasp after following his gaze.

"I just want to finish this ribbon cutting thing so the feast would start and those children could eat already"

"I- I see...", She finally nodded at him, forcing a small smile out before she turn her head once more to look.


She thought she's ready for this...

Throughout the whole ceremony, Astraea fell quiet that even Theo noticed her strange behavior for he followed her when she sat at the far end corner, watching the kids play with what seem like a make shift football.

He must have thought he had done something to send her off for the next thing she knew, he is giving her a plate of food as the feast started...

She could only smile a little, murmuring her thanks after accepting the food as Theo stayed and sat next to her.

The silence that fell over them were broken however, when the ball the kids were playing with, hit Theo straight in the head.

Astraea instantly bit her lip and try to surpress her laughter, watching Theo gritted his teeth in annoyance.

"Okay okay", He rolled his eyes at her, picking up the ball on his feet, "Laugh all you want"

Watching Theo smile genuinely and offer the ball towards the poor young boy who went near them, seeming to be the scapegoat, instantly jerk away and hide beneath the trees finally made her laugh out loud.

"What?", he asked with a glare to which she only ignored, shaking her head.

Taking a deep breath, Astraea mustered a smile before she get the ball from Theo and went near the kid, squatting before him.

"Hello", she said, offering the ball to try and get him to come out from his hiding place, "What's your name?"

It was a while but the boy answered with a whisper, "T-terry"

Astraea swallowed the bile in her throat, smiling sweetly at the cute young boy who finally showed up, turning to look up at her rather shyly.

"How old are you?", she couldnt help but asked Terry who raised his right hand to show off his four fingers.

For a moment Astraea felt her smile falter, raising her hand to caress the boys cheeks before she caught herself and took out a pack of sweets on her purse.

The boys eyes instantly lit up and even gave her a peck on her cheeks before he run away with the ball, leaving her with a pouting Theo again.

"You know why they wont go near you?", she asked, clearing her throat and forcing a chuckle to mask her emotions, "Cause they are afraid of you"

"Come on, lighten up a little, one would think you're a granda already!", she goaded him, enjoying his discomfort, "How old are you again? Fifty-", Pretending that she didnt know that he was three years older than her.

"Thirty two", Theo finally cut her off, "And I'll have you know I can even still play quite we-"

There you go.

Astraea tried to hide her smirk at the idea that pops on her head as she called out the kids attention, waving her hand, "Hey kids, did you know Uncle Levant here is expert on playing football?"

"What?!", Theo's eyes widen, furiously shaking his head having a hint on where she's going, "No!"

But nothing could stop her though especially now when the kids went near them hopefully, "Do you want to see him play?"

"Yeeeees!", was the chorus and excited answer for the kids.

Theo was left with no choice but to stand up, especially when she began to push him off the bench.

Astraea cheered and ignored Theo's pout when he finally shrug his coat off, handing it to her for safekeeping.

She knew she made the right decision with forcing him play though... for even just a few minutes later, he could see him smiling and enjoying himself.

There goes the Theo she knew...

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She could only watch the scene before her with a bitter smile on her face, feeling a slight pang on her chest.

If only things worked out differently...

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Thank you for the first chapter of season two. Looking forward to reading what is going to happen in the new season as well as reading about Astraea and Theo's relationship after five years since Theo is the new investor of the company. I'll be holding on tight. :):icon12:

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Chapter 12 - Take your time, dont throw it away...

Cr: One of the best song in the album in my opinion.

"Here we are", Theo said with a rare smile on his face, Astraea had to bit her lip to stop herself from blurting something and ruin his cheerful mood.

Cause surely- he cant be thinking what she's thinking...

But he continued as if he heard her thoughts, saying, "We're gonna stay at my family's old house for the mean time."

Oh damn.

She knew they're needed to stay and oversee the project briefly but really.

What in the world is he thinking? Or if he's doing any thinking at all cause she's not sure if staying in one house is a good idea.

Astraea had to take a deep calming breath, her gaze fixed at the old traditional house in front of them.

"What?", Theo must have noticed her hesitation for he stared at her with his brows furrowed, "Sorry to disappoint you but the house we'll be staying in is kinda old and small"

There goes the snob stranger again. Only worse. She couldn't really phantom where he is getting these weird ideas... And the house isnt exactly the definition of small.

"Thats not it", Astraea defended herself, "You know I dont care about those things"

He knows her better than that. Heck, she thinks he knew her the best. The real her, with no pretensions, no rules to follow and no family name to protect.

"I'm not sure if I can trust what I know anymore...", Theo speak nonchalantly, yet effectively stopping Astraea for a moment to turn and look at him calmly carrying their bags.

She doesnt know if she's just imagining things but his words sends a jab right through her chest.

"People sometimes arent who they seem to be you know", he added with a shrug before he turned to stare at her with his cold gaze, "I learn that the hard way"

Damn it.

Will she ever get past through that one mistake?


Someone thankfully called out, cutting off the tension they were brewing.

"Auntie May!"

Astraea watched Theo being enveloped in a hug by an older woman. In another time, she might be amused by their closeness but his words still lingers at the back of her mind, all she could do is force a smile on her face when the older woman turn to look at her with a gentle smile on her face.

"And who is this beautiful young lady here?", Auntie May started, walking towards her and holding her hands excitedly, "Is she your-"

"She's my partner", Theo said before he quickly added, "Business partner"

Astraea didnt know if she imagined it but she thought she saw a hint of disapproval briefly pass through the others face as Auntie gaze at her and Theo. Her eyes now seemed to be examining her being...


What is wrong now?

How come every one from his family seems to be not fond of her? Not that she is asking for their approval but... it would be nice for a change.

Thankfully, Theo too seems to notice the awkwardness and steps in to introduced the two of them.

"Auntie May this is-", he paused for a second, as if he is unsure of what to say while looking at her that she had to interject and say her name.

"Astraea Selene Leblanc"

"Right", Theo cleared his throat before he continued speaking, "Ms. Leblanc this is my Auntie May"

Ms. Leblanc? Astraea's brows furrow at the name. Why is he calling her that lately anyway? She doesnt really like being called by her last name when she's off duty.

It just sounds so stiff, formal and impersonal... reminds her of the life she had before.

"She's the one who took care of me when I was a kid"

Oh. So that explain why they were so close!

"Nice to meet you Ms. Leblanc-", Auntie started but Astraea shake her head and quickly says, "Please just call me Astraea"

The older woman paused for a while and stare at her with a beginning of a smile, "Well then you have to call me Auntie May too then"

Okay? What just happened...

"Come on in."

Before she knew it, Auntie May ushered them inside the house and have them seated at the receiving area with a cup of coffee in their hands.

"I'm Theo's nanny. Well used to be when he was still a young good boy", the older woman told her just as Theo cut her off.

"Auntie May! I am still that person you know."

"Not from the stories I've heard of", Astraea hid a smile behind her cup and took a sip as she watch the two banter before what she heard next made her almost choke on her drink, "Does your wife know you're staying on one roof with Ms. Astraea here?"


Is Theo already married?

And damn, what is that sinking feeling in her stomach at the thought of him already being married to someone else?

"What? I dont have a wife! Why is everybody asking me about this?", Theo shook his head, disbelieve written all over his face, "If you're talking about the arrange marriage-"

"No", Auntie insisted, "Your mom says you met someone you were even considering marryin-"

"I was", Theo tried to quickly cut off the elder lady but it was already too late.

Astraea's breath hitched at the new information as their eyes met for a second before he looked away. His brows almost fuse together and his jaw clenched while saying, "but that was me being a fool then"

Silence pass through them with no one uttering a word sensing the seriousness of the situation until someone thankfully knock on the door.

"I'll just go and get that", Auntie May rushed towards the door leaving the two of them together.

She knew she shouldn't, she tried to stop, restraining herself from asking- but knowing the new information and thinking of countless possibilities or what could have beens got the better of her, the next thing she knew, she just finds herself whispering, "Did you really...?"

"It doesnt matter", Theo only shrugged without even sparing her a glance, "that was a long time ago"

"Oh", Astraea but her lip as she was left speechless knowing that he is probably right. It shouldnt really matter.

But how come his confirmation only brought her uninhibited pain?

*Later that evening

Astraea heaved a deep sigh as she finally reached a quiet place, turning to look back once at the direction she came from before she settle down on the bench and stare at the sky.

She was supposed to be in a party, a celebration, for as it turn out, the locals in the community wants to thank them for the project of building the new school and renovation of the orphanage.

And apparently, the people there learnt he is still single so, the girls were trying to catch his attention. She was unfortunate enough to see him mingle, seemingly enjoying the attention they were giving him that she was reminded, he was once a playboy.

Maybe he still is but... she shouldnt really care about that anymore right?

Except that she does care, a lot.

No matter how much she try to fool and convinced herself that Its okay, she deserves this cause it is all her fault anyway... There were still times when everything is suddenly just too much, she felt like she needed a room to breath.

Looking at the stars, she gently touch the necklace Theo had given her years ago that she kept hidden.

For years, this has been her only cure and grip on sanity as the gesture never failed to sooth and calm her nerves for it felt like she is being surrounded with love of the most important people in her life.

"What are you doing out here?", a voice she couldnt mistake for anyone else suddenly rang through the air that Astraea immediately hid her necklace, tapping her cheeks to try and wake up her senses so she could act normal even when she's obviously hurting.

"Just admiring the night sky here.", she said, avoiding his gaze and hoping that he didnt notice her voice breaking.

Theo only stared at her, she honestly thought he's gonna go away but to her surprise, he started to sit beside her before he fully laid down the bench and stare at the sky saying, "Oh yeah. I forgot you like them... Astraea Selene"

The way he called out her name slowly in a soft whisper, sent her shivers that she tried to avoid looking at his face so he wont know the effect he still had on her.

"W-what about you?", she had to ask just for the sake of changing the topic.

"Just breathing out fresh air", he answered casually, "Wow... I forgot how ethereal the moon is. Havent examine it for the longest time."

Astraea's brows furrowed at this, she had to ask, "You havent? I thought you're a fan of astronomy?"

It was a while before he answered with a shrug, "Used to be. Cause you know, people change."

Oh. Astraea swallowed the bile in her throat having a guess on what or who could be the cause of that change.

Then he added, "You cant blame me if I tend to avoid the things that reminds me of something... I'd rather forget."

Damn it. Here we go again.

She knew it was all her fault alright but can she take a breather even for just a second?

Astraea's too tired that she didnt hear him speak, "But I think I'll make tonight an exemption."

"Well, I think... I need to go back inside", she said, beginning to stand up when she felt someone quickly caught her hands and pulled her close, asking, "Where are you going?"

"Stay for a little longer? For old times sake?", Theo asked and she was left powerless staring at his puppy eyes she couldnt say no.

"O-kay", she said slowly as if it was no big deal when she could hear all the warning bells in her head, her senses practically shouting at her to just run away.

"Lets see... the stars here are bright huh?", Theo began rather enthusiastically, she couldnt help commenting, "We are on the mountains"

Theo only pouted and ignored her, "Looks like you are on a waning crescent lunar phase Selene. You know, I read from somewhere that it meant good luck, something like cleansing and getting rid of baggages."

"Really?", Astraea turned to look at him before she shrugged saying, "I hope you're right."

Because she also read that it could also mean surrender and she thinks thats what is more likely to happen soon...

"Hmm... I miss these little things", Theo turned to her with a smile on his face, "Cant believe I've gone on long without the things that I love."

Astraea made the mistake and looked at Theo's direction to see him staring at her intensely, she was instantly held captivated.

Frozen, she could only close her eyes when he leans in closer.

Is he really going to...?

Heart thundering, she balled her fist waiting-

Cr: Ch3Thailand LR on YT

"We've got to go back before they send a search party.", Theo suddenly said, prompting Astraea to quickly open her eyes to find him standing with his back facing hers.

Oh damn.

Is it just her imagining things again?

Cause surely, for a minute there, he wasnt thinking of kissing her? But why would he when he had already and obviously moved on?


"Here is another drink for the lady"

Jamie, the son of the chief in the community kindly offered her some with a gentle smile on his face when someone grab the glass and drink it off in one gulp.

"Thank you lad", a rather red faced Theo thumped Jamie on the back, Astraea could only shake her head.

She doesnt actually know what he is up to but Theo just suddenly showed up beside her and began drinking the drinks that was being offered to her, she wouldnt even be surprise if he is already drunk.

"You okay?", she whispered, raising an eyebrow after seeing him grimaced when Jamie turn away from them.

"Just fine... I think?", he said, brushing off her questions before he sighed and gave in at seeing her unwavering look, "Okay maybe a just a little drunk. Damn. The stuff here is strong"

Sighing, Astraea shake her head at him and gave him some water while saying, "I can hold my own alcohol you know?"

"I dunno, the last time you got easily drunk and...", Theo just shrugged and drink the water all the while smiling at the other villagers who greeted them along the way, pretending to act normal, "We dont want a repeat of that here"

The last time?

Is he talking about that time in his haunted cabin?

"Erm Theo?", Astraea had to bit her lip, looking away and avoiding his gaze uncomfortably knowing the direction their conversation is going, "I'm not actually..."

Seems like she could never really run from her past eh?

"You mean?", he asked with disbelief written all over his face before he gritted his teeth, whispering, "Oh damn."

He must have been really drunk or something cause the next thing she knew, he has tilted his head until he's leaning on her shoulders.

"What are you doing?", Astraea tried to subtly nudge him after seeing the attention they were getting from the other villagers who began noticing them and yet she doesnt have the heart to push him away.

"Baby Im kinda dizzy", Theo only brushed her off, ignoring her look of warning and closed his eyes instead saying, "Please dont push me away"

"Erm- Are you enjoying the party?", Jamie asked her rather awkwardly just as Theo raised his thumbs up saying, "Immheensely... Right baby?"

Good Lord. Can the earth just open up and swallow her?

For she doesnt know how to escape the situation seeing how they gather almost everyone's attention now, staring at the two of them with curious looks.

Well, she cant really blame them though for they thought Theo's single.

"Are you two together?" the chief villager suddenly materialized in front of them, finally asking them the question that everybody seems to want to know the answer and yet nobody dared to ask.

"Dont mind him.", Astraea forced out a chuckle, glaring at the seemingly sleeping Theo on her shoulder for putting her in the situation, "He might have too many to drink"

"Babe!", Theo suddenly straightened up and stare at her with red cheeks and puppy eyes, she knew he must have been drunk, or he is just making fun of her. Damn it could even be both, "Do you still not forgive me?"

"What the heck are you doing?", she whispered, furiously.

"Making sure you wont be hit on with other guys?", Theo smiled slowly opening his eyes just a fraction to stare at her, enjoying seeing her face turn red at his admission before he added, "You are my responsibility here you know, being my business partner and all"

"Oh", Astraea sighed and turn to look away uncomfortably.

For a moment there she really thought he has meant something else...

"B-but you s-said-", Jamie spluttered, looking at them back and forth"

"We were just having some... rough patches like a normal couple", Theo answered him nonchalantly, before he smiled and turn to pull her closer, "But dont worry, we're okay now. Never been better"

Astraea glared at the guy but its not like she have a choice and so, she just forced a smile and play along with him.

Silence followed their ruse as the villagers looked at them in complete surprise before Theo fished something from his pocket and brought out a wallet, saying, "Hey. Wanna see some pictures?"

Astraea gasped out loud upon seeing the pictures inside the moment he opened it.

"Theo!", she looked at him, aghast at the revelation just as the people around them were preoccupied with the pictures, she even heard someone shouting "Whoo! I knew it!"

But Astraea could not be deterred, she had to ask, "Why do you have that?"

Theo couldn't be more confusing though with his answer, "Why would I not have it?", he said before he turn to the people and told them proudly, "Thats Selene and Theo, I mean, us. Five years ago"

"Okay thats it", Astraea pulled Theo away from the people finally having enough, whispering to him rather harshly, "We're going home"

Hauling Theo up, she had no choice but to wrapped his one arm around her neck to help stabilize him as he almost stumbled down as she turn towards the villagers with an embarrassed smile.

"Thank you everyone for being so kind but I think we need to go home", she started before she gestured at the drunk Theo, who by the way is smirking at her, Astraea almost dropped him at once as the absurd idea of him just acting to piss her off entered her mind.

But he wouldnt, would he? After all, she already pulled that stunt off once...

"Do you need any help?", One of the villagers asked her, she felt Theo slightly straightened his back and looked strangely sober saying, "No need. We can manage"

And yet the other villagers insisted that the next thing she knew, she just find herself agreeing out of courtesy.

"Thank you", Astraea smiled at Jamie who volunteered to help her upon reaching the entrance of the house with Theo immediately removing his arm away from the clutches of the poor guy, "I can take it from here"

"Are you sure you can-", Jamie started to ask while looking at the house before Theo almost growled saying, "You heard her",

"Besides, I told you we can manage just fine you know", he added in an afterthought, wrapping his arms around her.

"Okay", Jamie rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, "Well I guess I'll leave you two here"

"Finally I thought you'd never-", Theo began that Astraea elbowed him and smile apologetically at the guy saying her thanks sincerely.

"What?", Theo asked the moment they entered the house, noticing her glare and silence, "Come on dont tell me you like the dude?"

"Of course not", she answered rather bitingly, dragging him along as she make her way towards his room, "But he was just helping you know"

"Helping? My feet.", Theo let out a sarcastic laugh, Astraea only rolled her eyes and pushed him on his bed instead.


She had forgotten his possessive nature...

"But thats good to hear...", Theo continued speaking just as she removed his shoes and made a move towards him to cover him with blanket, "You not liking him cause I dont like the way he looks at you"

Astraea just chose to ignore Theo's blabber because she couldnt see the point, he's drunk anyway and there's a high chance he wouldnt remember any of this tomorrow so might as well just play along.

Until she met with a dilemma upon reaching his upper body. Should she... removed his top or not?

Well based from the past, she knew for a fact that he likes sleeping with no shirt on but then she really shouldnt cause that might be overstepping some invisible boundary...

Still, she couldnt help but notice him being so bothered, judging by the way he keeps on scratching his neck that she just decide to screw it all and go for it. Whats the harm anyway?

And so, with shaking hands, she removed the first button of his shirt...

Good Lord.

Why does it feels like she is doing something sinful here? She swore she could feel herself sweating bullets on her forehead as her heart thunders that Astraea had to pause for a while and take a deep breath before she continued on her pursuit.

Imagine her surprise upon finding herself suddenly trapped in his arms the next moment that she couldnt even protest and only stared at his perfectly chiseled handsome face in close proximity.

cr: Naya Lovely House RS2 on YT (Permission to use please)

"Selene", he breathed out her name slowly as he stared at her intensely, she couldnt help shivering at the way he called her.

"Mmm?", Astraea could only humm her response, unable to form a coherent speech, her nerves taking over and feeling the fast beating of her heart.

What astonishes her though is that it is not just hers alone, she swore she could feel his pulse races too through their close proximity, she couldnt help but wonder...

"You're still mine right?", Theo whispers the word softly while caressing her face with that tender look on his face, Astraea felt her resolved slowly break down as she is being confronted with the deepest of her desire, she thought she had already buried a long time ago.

She couldnt really stop herself anymore. Finally giving in after throwing all the cautions in the wind, she made the move grasping his hand and holding it tight against her face.

Cr: Naya Lovely House RS 2 on YT (Permission to use please)

Closing her eyes, Astraea slowly nodded her head just as she felt his thumb gently brushed off the tears that escaped from her eyes.

"Only mine", he whispered with satisfaction on his voice, she turned to look at him and saw the fire she hadnt seen in years, back in his eyes again, lighting up his face as he smile with happiness.

"I am the only one allowed to get close to you like this", he told her upon catching her stare, his right hand cupping her face while his thumb caressed her cheeks.

For a moment, time seem to stop as they stare at each other, their eyes conveying the words that was left unspoken and she didnt know how but somehow they just seemed to understand each other.

Slowly, Theo pull her closer and press a kiss on her forehead before he held her tight on his chest.

cr: Naya Lovely House RS2 on YT (Permission to use please)

Astraea sighed in contentment, feeling peaceful for the first time in a very long time as she soon fell asleep while listening to the sound of his heartbeat.


"Calm down mon chéri"

Astraea smiled weakly as she walk down slowly towards a door, ignoring the streaks of lightning that illuminates the room and the roar of thunder.

Just a little bit more... she said to herself only to be surprised at finding the door locked.

Fear started to consume her as she looked around and realized that she cant see anything, darkness swallowing everything around her.

"Hello?", she called, tightening her robe around her more securely while she hugs herself protectively but her calls where only met with echoes and the sound of the heavy thunderstorm brewing outside her room.

Panic started to rise up but no! She couldnt let herself be afraid now for there is something that tells her that she needed to protect herself. She had to calm herself down so she could think more clearly.

Perhaps the heavens above her took pity on her or maybe she somehow willed it to happen but the door suddenly open upon her incessant turning of the knob.

Quickly entering the room, she heaved a sigh of relief only to turn around and find something horrifying as another lighting illuminates the dark room.

Astraea screamed so loud in horror, her hands were shaking so bad, her knees weak as she slowly slip down the floor and stare at the pool of blood on her feet.

Why cant anyone hear her cries?

She needed help!

Please... Anyone!


Where are you...?

"Selene", She heard a familar gentle voice calling out her name repeatedly, feeling a slight caress on her cheeks, waking her up from a nightmare.

At once, Astraea began looking around
"T-Theo? You're here?", she uttered slowly opening her eyes, seeing his handsome face laced with concern that she gasped out loud and began looking around, remembering her dream.

"Hey", Theo cupped her face trying to calm her whispering, "Its okay, I'm here" before he envelope her in his arms.

"I knew you'd come", Astraea closed her eyes and let herself melt on his arms, feeling the familiar warmth that never failed to make her feel safe and content, his presence washing off the dream that still lingers on her mind.

Slowly drifting off to sleep, she turned to face his handsome face, tracing the edge of his jaw as she smiled and whispered, "Please dont leave me again"

And that was her last thought before she give in and let darkness take over her senses.

The next morning, Astraea woke up with a smile on her face, remembering the care she found in Theo's eyes and the comfort in his arms last night. She couldnt help the small seed of hope planted on her heart that maybe, just maybe there is still a chance to correct the mistakes of the past and start a new...

But the sight that greeted her next made the smile on her face quickly disappear at finding the empty space beside her.

Damn it.

Astraea quickly sat up, chuckling humorlessly before she buried her face on her hands.

Was she really expecting to see his sinfully handsome face staring at her tenderly like the way he used to as he peppered her face with kisses.

Damn. She seriously wanted to hit herself on something hard, perhaps then she could finally wake up and stop herself from delusional and impossible thoughts.

The ringing sound of her cellphone brought her out of her reverie and she made a move to grab it on the bedside table when something else caught her hand.

Astraea gasped as she turned to look with complete surprise and astonishment, she had to blink a few times to see if she isnt just imagining things again.

For there lays a single white rose.

She couldnt help the tear that fell down from her eye as she already have a hint of who the person behind this is.

Because five years ago, she used to wake up with this flowers on their nightstand every morning, without fail. She remember often teasing him about this, saying she didnt know he had a romantic bone in his body even though deep inside, the gesture really touched her until it already grew on her. She felt something is missing when they stopped from coming, she had made it a point to do the same even when she's already back home in France.

Taking a deep breath to try and compose herself, Astraea could only stare at the flower feeling honestly confused.

What does this mean? Does it even mean anything? Or is it just because he was so used on doing the gesture, it almost felt like it was a muscle memory?

Because all he's been doing since they met doesnt exactly lead to this, she's not sure what to think of anymore.
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Chapter 13 - Love Lost From A Fight That Was Won

A/N: Sorry for the delay, this is probably the hardest chapter I ever wrote so bare with me...

Warning: Rated R for mature content. You have been warned.

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"Morning babe"

Astraea still blinked back her shock at the sight that greeted her even though he had been doing it for weeks already.

Ever since that fateful drunken night a few weeks ago, he seemed to forget that she is the cook between the two of them and she had woken up with a 'simple' breakfast already lain before her.

"M-morning", she replied slightly stuttering, feeling a blush covered her cheeks as she took a seat, quickly averting her gaze away from his sexy back.

Oh damn.

Did she forget to mention that he also like to cook topless?

Well, not really that topless but his apron werent doing its job for she could still see his muscles flexing behind those sinfully thin cloth.

Good Lord.

Astraea often wonder how she ever got through this past few days cause she didnt know if he is aware but he's been doing all those things that makes her heart waver. He is making her feel things she thought she already long buried. She is afraid that everything is just from her wishful thinking because she isnt sure if she couldn't save herself anymore.

"So whats your plan for today?", Theo asked, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Well-", she started, thinking about her personal project for the kids in the orphanage, "I am thinking of adding more books in the small library of the orphanage-", Astraea halted her speech, holding his arm to stop him from adding more food in her plate than she could possibly eat as she started to protest, "Hey thats-", she never really finish her thought though, for she got distracted upon seeing his handsome face upclose, armed with that damned dimple smile.

Clearing her throat, she tried to act like nothing was amiss, asking instead, "W-what about you? How's the c-construction going?"

Thankfully, Theo seemed to jump on her excuse.

In their short stay there, they knew that they had to make the most of it while they where still there for he still had many business to attend to. She actually wondered how he was able to do that though. Maybe thats why she would often see him disappearing and having phone calls...

"Everything's going well. In one or two more months, depending if the weather here would cooperate, we could already turn it over with the locals here"

Theo and her agreed upon splitting their task; she would oversee the orphanage while he was the one in charge of the construction of the school for the kids.

"Well that's fantastic!", her eyes lit up upon hearing the news, "Im sure the children would be happy to hear that!"

She cant wait to share the good news!

Eating up now rather enthusiastically, she was surprised to hear a chuckle beside her before she felt a cold finger brush the underside of her lips.

"Hmmmm... I have to go see you share that news if you're this happy. Can I drive you to the orphanage?"

The laughter that was in his eyes froze though, the moment their eyes meet as his touch turns into slow caress, she felt chills run through her and her breath hitch upon seeing him starting to lean closer.

"Knock knock", Auntie May suddenly came barging through the doorway, the two of them instantly sprung apart, "I just want to ask if you guys want to add something on the to-buy-list? Erm- I hope I'm not interrupting something" the older lady continued with a sly smile that Astraea had a hunch, Auntie knew what exactly she's doing.

After that drunken night, not only Theo seems to change but Auntie as well.

However, it wasnt all for the better cause the older lady now seemed to have reservations on her.

Auntie May must have already connected the dots, knowing it was her who hurt Theo before, if the way she felt like she is always constantly subjected under the older lady's watch as if she is just waiting for her to slip and make a mistake gives her any indication.

"No", Theo shake his head innocently, taking a gulp of the water beside him, "Of course not"

Silence followed his speech only to be broken by Theo's phone. She knew it was his cause she had been hearing it quite often and she knew he must have many pending business matters...

Theo turn towards her but he didnt do anything as if he didnt want to answer the call that she had to nudge him for him to finally do so.

The next few seconds were excruciatingly awkward between Astraea quietly eating and the older lady standing beside her, watching her every move.

"Change of plans", a now fully clothed Theo thankfully came back, albeit with forlorn expression on his face, "I cant go with you to the orphanage today", he said with a sad smile, leaning in to press a kiss on her cheeks before he stood and turn to Auntie May, saying, "But dont worry, Auntie May will take care of you right?"

"O-kay", Astraea shrugged, forcing a smile out. She isnt sure if he meant that to be comforting, cause she doesnt know if he is aware that she is not that entirely comfortable with the presence of the older lady.

Besides, its not like the orphanage is that far away anyway... For merlins sake, its just a few blocks away from here. She could manage on her own.

"Perhaps you can come with me to the public market first?", Auntie May stated in a tone that says theres no room for argument right after Theo left.


She doesn't like the gleam in the Auntie's eyes...


"I want this one", she said, finally satisified after poking a few meat amidst the amused stare of an elderly vendor.

"You sure have good eyes young lady", he said, placing her purchased on a bag before he handed it to her with a gentle smile, "Beautiful and smart. Where did you find her?", he asked Auntie May, "My grand daughter wont even step anywhere near here you know"

Astraea only smile politely at the two before she continued looking around the public market. This is the first time she's been here and the experience is rather shocking at first with the swarm of people, Auntie May told her to be smart and stay lowkey as much as she can, whatever that means.

Her wandering however, were stopped short upon bumping into a scruffy small kid, she immediately knelt down to straighten the little girl.

"You okay little one?", she asked, getting her handkerchief to brush off the dirt on the stunned younger one's face.

"There you are", a young lady, in what Astraea estimates, must be in her early twenties came rushing to them, gathering the small kid in her arms despite the obvious large bump in her stomach, "Im sorry did she bother you, she just sometimes get- too excited"

"Its okay", she said, feeling her heart goes out for the small family upon noticing their predicament as she saw the young mom holding a bunch of garland she's selling in her other hand.

Theres just something about them that touch her heart, the next thing she knew, she was already offering her help subtly.

"Listen I am new to this town and I still havent gotten around to pay respect at temple...", Astraea started slowly, hoping that she wont come across as weird cause she really doesnt know their culture here, "I-if you could kindly show me. I would gladly buy those garland"

Well if there's garland, there must be some worshipping place nearby eh?

"Really?", the young mom asked her a with a little hesitation before she eventually gave in upon the urge of her daughter, "Well if you're sure"

A few minutes later, Astraea was happily walking back towards the public market, feeling a little lighter as she knew that she did something right after seeing the delighted face of the small family. She doesnt even care if Auntie May will get angry with her for disappearing.

"There you are"

Astraea heard someone called her.

Yet it wasn't Auntie May's voice that caught her attention as her gaze went past through the older lady.

Feeling the bubble of happines that previously filled her instantly disappear, her insides turning cold at the scene that was right in front of her.


It can't be...

Her mind refused to register the image but her heart already broke into pieces, feeling like reality slapping her hard on the face...

"The moment I think you're okay, you just have to go ahead and prove me otherwise eh?", she vaguely heard Auntie May speak to her and her subconsciousness agreed to the older lady's sentiment as she stare at the two person that had the capability to break her.

She almost dropped the bag that was suddenly thrusted into her hands by the frantic Auntie, caught unprepared by the sudden weight of the situation she find herself in.

Damn it.

Could they at least warn her if they're going to drop her something heavy like this?

And yet, she guessed nothing could prepare her anyway...

"Hey are you listening-", Auntie May continued just as Astraea began to lean down, her hands shaking while picking up the bags that fell down, hoping that what she saw was just some kind of illusion.

Because he couldnt do that to her...

That is just too cruel.

"I-Is there something wrong?", Auntie spoke now rather gently, offering a handkerchief to her that Astraea's brows furrow upon the sudden turn in the older lady's attitude before she felt the tears clouded her eyes.

Raising a finger on her face, she was surprised at finding her cheeks damp with tears.

Damn it.

Maybe she should stop over reacting and began thinking rationally instead? What if its just coincidence? What if it meant nothing? What if her f*cked up mind were just imagining things again?

And yet another glance at the sight before her was enough to bring back those unwanted painful memories, the one that she buried so deep, she had even fooled herself in trying to believe that those things didnt happen.

"I'm sorry am I... too harsh?", Auntie May began softly while rubbing her back but Astraea just ignored the lady, her eyes glued at the scene before her as she watch the two stood up and headed towards the door.

She didnt know if she's just a pure masochist, or maybe after everything that happened to her make her somewhat crazy because even though she felt like she was being shot by uninhibited pain, she couldnt convince herself to look away.

Auntie May must have followed her gaze for she heard a loud gasp beside her before she says, "Lets not jump into conclusions now. Maybe they were just, I dunno business partners?"

Business partners? Right.

The ones that you randomly bump into a rather remote area...

With a humorless laugh, Astraea shake her head and wipe those damn tears that just wouldnt stop from falling, she is thankful that they were at a secluded part on the corner or she would be gathering attention now from everyone or worst, he would have seen how pathetic she is right now.

But isnt that... what he wants?

Because she knew the face beside him alright.

How could she ever forget? No matter how much she convinced herself before that it is okay. That it is perfectly normal for Theo to react that way because it is her fault anyway, and yet those hours she spent waiting for Theo in the lobby of his condo a few years ago is just pure torture, the thought still hunts her to this day. She could never ever forget the face of the person that stood beside him then.

Astraea had to find out why they are standing together again, looking as friendly as ever.

"I-I need to go", she started before she felt a hand touch her arm, Astraea was prepared to tell the older lady off, having left all her care in the world for right now, she could feel that she had reached a new point of low.

To her surprise, Auntie May looked at her with an understanding smile, thrusting the car key and a small note in her hands.
At her protest, the older lady shake her head and said, "Take it. You need it more than I do"

Noticing her hesitation, Auntie May continued speaking, "You can go back home whenever you're ready." With a small nod, Astraea hug the older lady before she hurried away, hoping against hope that he'll prove her wrong.

He have to or she might just lose herself again.

"Hello?", Astraea speaks softly, she hope her voice wouldnt broke and let her down now as she stood beside the car just outside the large gate Theo's car entered a few minutes ago.

"Hey babe", Theo answered her like he isnt doing anything wrong and yet she could see him go down the car with her very own eyes and walk at the foyer of the large mansion with the girl beside him, "What is it?"

During her short ride here, Astraea already thought of so many things to tell or maybe ask him and yet all she could manage was a small whisper.

"W-where are you?"


That is what she is.

But can you really blame her?

Cause honestly... she is afraid at finding out the truth. Maybe she should just go back around and turn a blind eye, pretending that she didnt see anything so she wont have to face the confrontation?

Astraea heard Theo cleared his throat before he answers her, "A-at the site of course"


Astraea closes her eyes, pressing a hand on her mouth so he wont notice anything was amiss as she bit back her sob, "I-I- just... A-auntie May told me to ask what you want for d-dinner?"

Five years.

For five years she tried so hard to pick herself up, putting herself together from those small broken pieces as much as she can until she can stand up again even though she felt like she was just a shadow of the person she used to be. And yet she's afraid... that this time, she might not be able to manage doing it again.

"Anything is fine", Theo answered rather hurriedly, she saw the door to the mansion opens and out came an elegant elderly lady.

Her breath hitch upon seeing just who the lady was. What is it this day and why did peole from the past just suddenly decide to come back and haunt her?

Before Astraea could say anything though, Theo suddenly cuts in saying, "Listen. I dont mean to be rude or anything but I really need to go"

And that was the last thing she heard from him before the beeping tone started, signalling the end of the phone call as she watched from afar how Theo and his companion were being greeted warmly by the elder woman.

Astraea felt a pang of jelousy on her chest upon seeing their image, she had to look away.

"Do you need anything madame?", someone from the guardhouse nearby asked, Astraea turn to the person and her attention was caught by the familiar large numbers inscripted in gold.

Her brows furrowed as her gaze shifted to the small piece of paper Auntie May handed her earlier, and to her surprise, it was the exact same address.

What the f*ck is this sick game when everyone seemed to be in on it and she was the last person to know?

"Mrs. Andrews, the lady of the house, wanted to ask if you need something within the Andrews Family Estate", At the mention of the name, Astraea immediately looked up, fearing the worst for her mind automatically thought of Theo's wife. But he cant be married! He told her so. And yet she doesnt know if she can still trust his words for he just proven earlier how easily he could lie.

What she isnt expecting to see though was to be subjected by that piercing gaze that she remembered seeing looking at her with disaproval.

But of course, the Mrs. Andrews they were pertaining to is none other than Theo's mother. And she doesnt know if the older lady just doesnt recognize her or what for after Astraea shook her head no the guard, Mrs. Andrews entered the house like she was just a stranger.

She must have been too numbed though for she merely let out a bitter smile while crumpling the small piece of paper in her hands.

She should have listened to her intuition right from the start because now that she look back, everything seems to be glaringly obvious.

The timing of his business deal, her weakness for charity and his sudden shift in his demeanor... it was all too perfect.

Astraea should have known that things were too good to be true. She felt like a fool for even dreaming of having a future with him... thinking that maybe this time, they could make it work.

It took her awhile before she finally headed back to the place she called home for a short while... except that she isnt sure if she could still do that after everything she learnt.

It is ironic when the person she least expected will be the same one who will hold and accept her with open arms. She couldnt bit back her sob upon seeing the gentle yet sad look in Auntie May's eyes as if she understands what is happening and Astraea just find herself breaking down.

"Im sorry", the older lady speaks softly amidst Astraea's protest for it wasnt the older lady's fault but the latter just shush her and continued speaking, "You know... the past few weeks that I was observing you, I really couldnt believe that you were the same person who hurt Theo. I dont think you were capable of that."

"But its true", Astraea cuts in, closing her eyes as she shake her head, "I-I was the one who hurt him so m-maybe I deserve this"

"Sshhh. Dont say that", Auntie scolded her lightly, brushing the tears in her cherks, "Dont be too hard on yourself"

"No really-", But Astraea insisted for she thought that there's no need to sugarcoat her mistakes, "It was all my fault..."

Before she knew it, she was already spilling everything to Auntie, right from the very beginning until the day that she had to leave him.

"Give him some more time", Auntie May told her while rubbing her back, "I know Theodore since he was young and if he is able to change his ways, even giving up the inheritance that he was waiting for so long... then he must have really love you"

But she isnt sure about that... because you cant hurt the person that you love.


Astraea did not know how much more time she could give when she find it harder to breath in every second knowing that it was all just part of his revenge, feeling like hundred tiny needles were being pierced through her chest.

"He's just probably blinded by hurt and anger right now but... Five years. Dont you think there is reason why you two meet again?"

Silence followed the older womans statement as she fell into deep thought.
Right then and there, she finally made the dreaded decision.

Astraea stopped asking the questions where answer is glaringly obvious even in her indenial state for she is honestly tired of it all...

Maybe in order to finally move forward, she needed to face her demons instead of running away. She doesnt want to continue living surrounded by the countless lies and pretensions she built around her anymore...

If this is his only way of moving on...

If what he want is revenge so he could feel even...

If he felt the need to see her in pain so he could be free of his misery...

Then she will give it to him.

If time apart wasnt enough to heal and make them forget...

Maybe it only meant that they needed closure so they could finally get over the pain and the burden they had been carrying for too long.

"You okay?", Theo asked over the silence, breaking her out from reverie.

"Huh?", Astraea looked up around to find him peering at her closely, "Y-Yeah"


She must have been spacing out again.

Forcing a smile out, Astraea tapped her cheeks lightly to try and keep herself together. There's no use in breaking down now...

Not yet anyway when she still had a personal mission she planned to accomplish as soon as possible.


She heard him ask before she saw him raised his hand, reaching out to touch her face and without even thinking about it, Astraea automatically flinched, moving fast away from him.

At her response, Theo looked at her strangely, moving his hand back down slowly as if he was chastised, mumbling, "S-sorry. I was just going to check your temperature cause you look kinda pale"

Astraea had to stop and take a deep breath to try and calm herself down... or she'll give herself away, saying, "I'm fine. Just knackered"

For a brief moment, silence passed between the two of them as Theo gazed at her scrutinizingly before he finally sighed, seemingly giving in, saying "Lets just go back or you might get sick. It looks like it would rain soon"

There goes her plan for talking.

Grabbing Theo's arm, Astraea hurriedly stop him from walking with a resounding, "No!"

"Can we just stroll around for a little longer", she had to add upon seeing his suspicious look, "Just like the old times?"

Thankfully, he finally agreed even though she could feel his hesitation when he says, "Well if you're sure"

To her surprise though, she felt his cold hand entwine with her rather tightly as he continued speaking, "Just like the old times"

Theo smiling at her that dimpled smile with his eyes twinkling in delight, looking at her like she's his salvation proves to be too much for her. She had to look away to hide the lone tear that fell down from her eye.

"Im sorry", he said after a short while.

Astraea's brows furrow in confusion, thinking if she'd been too transparent...

Clearing her throat and faking a smile on her face, she asked, "For what?"

"The project?", Theo shrugged, "If it werent for this, you would probably be still back there relaxing at your large mansion in France, free of stress not to mention the culture shock"

"Probably... ", she started speaking but her response fell short upon noticing where their feet had brought them.

Smiling sadly while looking at the construction of the school in front of her that is already halfway done with the walls intact and the framing of the roof already in progress, she continued speaking, "I actually like what you're doing here"

Thinking that if there's any consolation to whatever his plans maybe... this project is enough to make her feel lighter.

"Well...", Theo blushed, looking flustered as he scratched the back of his head, "Its n-nothing"

"It means a lot to the people", she said with a sigh, hoping that he wouldnt notice the trace of bitterness in her voice.

At the least, there are people who would benefit from his plans even if it is at her expense.

"You know", she began again after clearing her throat, "I wouldnt thought that the troublesome Levant from five years ago would be capable of doing this."

"That makes the two of us, even I, myself sometimes wonder how I've got here", Theo said nonchalantly, making Astraea roll her eyes.

"Oh hush", she said stopping his nonsense, "No need to be humble. I knew you could probably succeed in everything you put your mind into."

"Really?", Theo turn to her with such a surprised look in his face, Astraea wonders if he seriously think that she believes otherwise when he continued his protest,
"But you just said-"

Turning to face him so she could see the sincerity in her eyes, she said, "The Theo I first knew in the island is different from the person I stayed with in the hotel in Chiang Mai."

At the mention of the past, she felt Theo froze as he avoid her gaze, his demeanor instantly changed and she sensed that he do not want to talk about it... but Astraea have other plans, finding the perfect opportunity for the opening that she was waiting to finally talked about what happened before.

It was now or never.

"I didnt know if you notice but you've actually came a long way from that happy go lucky playboy who will do anything to get his inheritance...", she continued despite his obvious discomfort.

"Its getting late. We should probably go back-", he said, tugging her hand but she did not let him, standing rooted on her spot instead.

Sighing, she chose to be brave, swallowing her fears and embracing her flaws while forcing a smile on her face as she stepped a little closer and asked him, "Did you know? I really thought you wouldnt buy my act cause our first meeting werent actually ideal...

Remember how I beat you then while calling you pervert when you accidentally entered my room to hide from your ex fiance? I didnt know you were that brother Kiara was talking about."

"Listen. Can we not talk about that now and just enjoy the night", Theo tried to cut in but Astraea only ignored him and continued with her monologue.

"To be honest, the reason why I agreed with that ridiculous plan was because I was intrigued by you", she said, staring at his eyes intensely, willing him to do the same despite his obvious effort in looking anywhere but her, "I couldnt phantom how or why someone would chose to give up willingly their freedom when I was fighting so hard to escape mine."

Theo must have finally accepted that she wont back down on this one for he offered no more resistance.

"But days with you made me see the world in a different light...", With shaking hands, Astraea slowly reached up and touch the side of his face gently, feeling him tense the moment her hand grazes his cheeks but the fact that he didnt move away somewhat made her feel a little bit bolder as she continued speaking, "Made me see the real you with all the flaws and reasons why you're doing those things that you do."

She didnt know if it was her words, her wavering voice or maybe her tears that finally made him turn to look at her, his intese eyes filled with uncertainty.

"And I..." Astraea took a deep breath before she finally uttered the words that was already long overdue, "-fell in love with you"

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Before any of them could make a move though, they found themselves instantly drenched from the sudden downpour of the rain. Astraea for a moment, just stared around her with a bitter smile for she couldnt help thinking how the heavens must have sense her pain and is now crying with her.

The next seconds were a blurr to her...
Feeling unsettled by the sound of the thunder and rain all the while distinctly hearing Theo telling her something and letting him tug her hand as he led her hurriedly inside the building.

Astraea had to close her eyes as she took a deep breath, trying to pull herself together amidst the disturbing sound that made her remember painful things that she's not yet ready to relive.

"Here", Theo quickly removed the jacket he is wearing and wrapped it around her shoulders the minute he saw her shivering, thinking that it was maybe due to cold for he quickly stood up to close the makeshift windows.

"Sorry for the leak", he said, sitting beside her while automatically taking hold of her cold hands to try and keep her warm by blowing air and rubbing their hands together with utmost concentration. Astraea could only stare filling warmth filled her heart, "The roofing were still unfinished and we just put those covering on the framing earlier"

She honestly care less at the droplets of water for right here, right now with Theo being like this to her felt like she was taken back to those days when she could still feel his love.

And she is a fool for she knew that is impossible now but she still wanted to keep pretending that everything is still alright.

"Can you ever forgive me?", Astraea couldnt help saying those words, trying to bit back her tears for she isnt sure just how much more her heart can take.

Because if he is really doing all this for revenge, he could already drop his act and stop pretending that he care. She could take his accusation, his hurtful screams or even physical pain but not like this...

She is already broken way too much for that.

"Hey", Theo brushed her tears, smiling that dimpled smile at her like he is trying to lighten up the mood, "I told you it was already in the past"

Forcing out a smile, Astraea pulled him close in a hug to hide the hurt in her eyes willing her tears to stop on falling. She knew Theo meant it to be comforting but his words only managed to hurt her more knowing that it was all just a lie.

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Merlin, he couldnt even look her in the eye earlier when she was talking about the past and yet he is here telling her that he already forgive her?

A/N: Listen to this while reading the next part. Trust me. Enjoy.

"What you said before...", Theo whispered in her ears after returning her embrace, "Did you really mean it?", pulling back a little to stare at her, he continued speaking with his fiery eyes intense with emotion, "The one when you say you love me"

"Yes", Astraea closed her eyes, feeling the tears fell from her eyes as she nodded her head. Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to calm down before she continued speaking, "I did"

Seeing no more point on holding back anymore for she is already laying her heart bare, she opened her eyes to stare at his, her finger tracing the side of his face while uttering her confession, "- and I... still do"

At her words, Theo finally let out a smile filled with relief, his eyes shining bright as he caressed her face before he leaned in and press a kiss on her lips.

She knew it was probably unwise and it would probably be chalked up on her already long lists of mistake in the future but she doesnt give a damn anymore.

Is it really wrong if all she wanted is to savor the feeling of being with him for one last time?

Smiling despite her tears, she pulled back a little and raised her hands up while grinning sheepishly at him, knowing that Theo would get her notion. And just as she insinuated, he understands and followed up her request but not before he hurriedly took off his shirt first.

"We're really doing this?", Theo managed to ask even though she didnt know if he was really giving her an option to back down because the next moment, he was already removing her clothes and she had her back pinned against the wooden floor while he kissed her hungrily, his hands exploring every inch of her body.

"You really love me?", he asked her again when he come up for air, Astraea just smiled and nodded her head as she ran her hands through his disheveled hair, wondering how he managed to look so adorable yet sinfully handsome at the same time.

He didnt wait another second though after he saw her comfirmation, diving right back and giving her a deep kiss that she isnt sure if it is her or Theo who was moaning out loud anymore..

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And all too soon, he pulled away from her with a cheeky smile after noticing how she followed his lips. Dropping kisses on her lips a few more times, he moved back away to look at her face while brushing back the stray hair away from her face.

Her eyes automatically close when his hands slowly trail from her neck down to her collar bone and she couldnt bit back her moan upon feeling something hot and wet touch her skin, following the trail of movement of his hands until she had to suck in her breath at the sudden jolt of pleasure.

Her eyes shot open to find Theo with his mouth around one of her peaks while his thumb rolled the other as he looked at her face intensely like he was memorizing the reactions that he was giving her. The image of him giving her pleasure forever burned in her memory.

Winking at her, Astraea knew he must be enjoying the knowledge of having her in his mercy for he was back at it again in no time, feeling another onslaught of pleasure when his teeth lightly grazes her peak, his soft breath was enough to send her shivers that she could only close her eyes while throwing her head back in complete surrender.

The next minute were complete bliss, his hands going even lower to the place that only he is allowed. Her heart thundering loud, she hadnt noticed that she was squeezing his arm tight in anticipation until his touch made her lose her mind again, cupping her while circling her pleasure knob, he had her writhing in no time.

Astraea placed a hand on her chest to try and get her breathing back but it seems like Theo has no plans on slowing down for the next second, she was moaning again at the feeling of him entering her, stretching and filling her core as they make love again for the first time in five years.

Completely under the throes of pleasure, she just find herself biting his shoulder, her hands scratching his back to try and muffled her moans when he moved faster and deeper. It didnt take her long to reach another climax just as Theo followed, collapsing right on top of her and burying his head on her neck.

Astraea automatically raised her hand to caress his hair just like she used to do after their lovemaking as they wait to get back their breathing. She honestly thought he had already fallen asleep until she heard him utter something gibberish on her ears, she had to check and look at his only to find him smiling at her with that tender look on his face.

Noticing her confusion, he pressed a soft kiss on her lips before he started speaking deliberately slow, "I said...I love you too"

And with those words, Theo was back at ravishing her again, kissing her all over like there was no tomorrow and Astraea just let him, having no power to deny him anymore when she, herself, also wanted him as much.

Maybe she really had gone crazy for even at the height of pleasure he is giving her, she couldnt stop the tears that forms at the back of her eyes.

Just for one last time.

She promised herself... allowing her body, mind and soul to get lost with him even for just one more time.


Astraea gaze at the handsome face of the sleeping man beside her. Smiling sadly as her fingers lightly tread his perfectly chiseled face, noting the changes in his features and etching it in her memory.
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This is the first time she had seen him this peaceful in a very long time and Astraea was glad that she made the right decision.

Maybe finally talking and confronting the past really helped them moved forward. Sure the pain wont go away overnight but it was a start right? Little steps as they say.

Slowly untangling herself from Theo's tight hold, she leaned close to him and pressed a kiss on his forehead, whispering those three words one last time before she finally bid her goodbye.
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After all that was said and done, Astraea think that maybe it is time for her now to face her own demons so she could also heal.

She knew there were still words left unsaid and he probably deserved to know the whole truth but she doesnt want to hurt him anymore than she already did. It is enough that she knew... It is enough that she alone would take the burden of forever hurting for the two of them.

*Flashback to five years ago...

Astraea woke up with a start at the sound of the loud thunder, she automatically turn her head towards the window to see the rain pouring heavily outside. Another lightning followed, illuminating the room that she caught a glimpse of the clock in her bedside table showing that it was already midnight.

She didn't know if it was just the cold weather, the time or maybe somehow, the forces above where warning her for she felt chills down her spine, feeling queasy as she slowly stood up, smiling weakly at the fluttering of movements in her abdomen.

"Calm down mon chéri" (My precious), she said, rubbing the bump in her belly lovingly while making her way towards her bathroom.

If anyone told her months ago that she's bound to be a single mother, she would probably laugh at their face.


A straight A model student?

And a Leblanc for that matter!

That is also precisely the reason why she's staying here in their family manor outside the city, forbidden to go outside, right after her family found out about her condition.
In another time, she would probably protest, feeling suffocated but its not like she had any reason to go outside now...

The memory of that one man she love wholeheartedly hunts her even in her sleep...

She would sometimes find herself waking up in the middle of the night crying, worrying about him, knowing how much she must have hurt him. It was torture.

She honestly had to thank the miracle he had unknowingly given her for keeping her sane.

Feeling another onslaught of nausea coming, Astraea quickly bowed down her head, leaving the door to her bathroom open in her hurry as she retched, holding her hair away from her face.

Taking a deep breath, she washed her face with the cold water, hoping it would help her feel better. Months of this and she still hadn't get used to it. Her head was still throbbing and damn.

She's getting emotional again.

Before she lost it all, she quickly grab the medicine bottle near her and drink some, her hands were shaking as she tried her best not to get her emotions get the better of her.

Brushing off the tears that fell against her will while cursing her hormones.

Letting out a deep breath, Astraea stared at her face in the mirror, taking in the mess that she became, she forced a smile on her face thinking that it is probably better that he's not here so he wouldnt see her at this pitiful state.

But who is she kidding?

At the thought of Theo, the dam that she was trying to hold and keep in burst and her tears starts on flowing.

It is her fault alright. She shouldnt blame anyone but herself but damn it! She couldnt help but think low of herself.

Maybe he didnt love her enough, maybe she isnt worth it, maybe she really was just a passing fancy for him because if he really did love her...

Wouldnt it be enough for him to accept her in all that she is, with flaws and mistakes?

But then again, she was the one who hurt him first, she broke his trust after he let her pass through his defenses and see the real him. Theo may seem to be tough on the surface, playboy and happy go lucky but deep inside, he is that soft, caring and loving guy who hates dishonesty.

She had figured him out, Theo isnt running away from responsibilities, he just do not want giving people false hope from the things that he cant promise.

Thats why she understand where he is coming from. She broke him and the memory still hunts her, seeing that hurt and lost look in his eye when he learnt about her betrayal everytime she thinks of him. It was all deeply engrave in her memory.

If only she knew how to get back that trust... she would do anything just to make him see and believe her truth once again.

Another lightning suddenly illuminates the room followed by a roaring sound of thunder before everything gets dark shocked her, she accidentally bumped off the medicine bottle on the counter, hearing it fell down and scatter on the floor.

Cold fear is starting to take over her whole being as she stood frozen on the spot, darkness swallowing her surrounding.

But she couldnt let herself be afraid now, not when she is feeling a stab of pain in her abdomen, her legs felt weak and her hands started in shaking at the realization of what could possibly be happening.

Panic rise up on her and she couldnt think straight as she felt her way blindly towards the door, sweat pouring on her forehead after almost slipping on the floor due to the medicine that were scattered on the floor.

"Just a little bit more"

Astraea muttered to herself, feeling relief all over at finally reaching the doorway when another lightning and thunder that strangely sound so near scared her, that she didnt had enough time to stop her fall when she accidentally step on the medicine bottle.

The next thing she knew, she was feeling that excruciating pain she almost let darkness take over her but seeing the blood made her struggle to try and keep herself awake.

Astraea heard a loud and guttural pained cry she didnt realize that was coming from her as she stare in shock at the pool of blood.

For a moment, she honestly do not know what to do but to cry and shout for help.
She must be really losing her mind for she started calling out Theo's name.

Her tears and sweat mixed, she felt herself shaking when no one came to her rescue, her vision were starting to blur yet she still holds on... She cant lose consciousness now! If only she could reach her phone... or the landline!


Where is he?

He'd help her right?

He wouldnt let anything bad happen to her!

Astraea shake her head to keep herself awake, ignoring the pain and trying hard to crawl towards her bedroom with her last strength but she couldnt help it anymore, try as she might, she couldnt fight the darkness that consumes her, feeling herself slip and everything went blank.


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