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Warning: This story is for mature people only so I am discouraging others either minor or not openminded enough as early as now to stop and do not attempt to read next. For your own safety and mental health of course.

A/N: Was supposed to update earlier, after the concert but got lost on (Dayumn Hot!) Versace On the Floor. Dont know how I somehow made it back to the universe but here it is... the start of Seduction 101.

Chapter 2 - Sweet Sweet Craving


Astraea called over the handsome man that was laying down on his back at the white sand, his eight pack abs laid out there temptingly in the open that she didnt even blame all those girls who dared approach him before her only to get ignored.

However, she had this tiniest bit of hope in her heart that he would somehow recognize her voice from earlier and remove that goddamn Superman sleeping mask with a very prominent S in the middle.

She knew its cute and all but seriously?!

How old is he?

And more importantly, who would do that in this white beach paradise where everywhere looks picturesque?

"Theo eh?" the group of girls near her looked at her with quite the interest, "You meant Levant?"

Astraea glimpsed at the group as she came to the realization that Kiara and Malia were not kidding one bit when they told her that it is hard to look for someone who wont drool over Theo.

Just look at this girls and how they stared at the poor guy like he is a delicious snack.

"Girl, you are very pretty but you gotta give it up." one butted in that managed to raise her eyebrows.

"We've all-" another girl nodded at her and pointed her finger to all four of them friends, "tried to capture his attention but he didnt even bat an eyelash"

So is this what Kiara meant when her friend said he is ignoring people?


How do they even know if he bats an eyelash when he is wearing a sleeping mask?

"Yeah what a pity" The girls looked at her up and down with sympathizing gaze before one says, "You could join us here anytime and enjoy the vie-"


Before the girls could finish though, she heard someone shouted the name only her parents called her with that she automatically looked up, fearing the worst only to find that it was none other than Theo, now sitting as he waved at her happily like a kid, his superman sleeping mask now pushed upward on his forehead.

Astraea couldnt help but smile and chuckle at his antics for it seems like she would never get how a manly man like him actually behaves this way in person.

Oh and not to mention the side glance from the way the girls behind her drops their jaw in their utter surprise was so epic, she had to smile apologetically at them only to rub more salt into the wound when she finally puts her plan into motion.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she prayed for all the heavens above to give her the confidence as she channels into her inner goddess.

With another deep breath, she finally smiled before removing her shades and giving Theo a smile that she hope looked tempting enough.

It's showtime.

Flipping her hair, she struts over his direction with long smooth strides, her bikini cover up adding adding effects on her walk rather sexily as the wind blows on it, giving a glimpse of her bikini with every step she took.

"Are you okay?", Astraea asked Theo innocently when she finally reached his side, his mouth hanging slightly open.

"Y-ye-yeah", Theo stuttered his answer, his eyes moving from her face down to her body before he seems to caught himself and brought back his eyes to meet hers, "Never been better"


"Well if you're sure", Astraea hesitated for a moment before she slowly removed her cover up with the piece of clothing pooling on the sand before hearing a loud gasp beside her as he began cursing like a sailor until she was somehow wrapped up with his matching superman blanket.

"What do you think you're doing young lady?", he asked her with his eyebrows almost fusing together in frustration.

"What do you think You are doing?" Astraea asked back in confusion.

"Look I am just protecting you from those predators"

It was just then that Astraea looked around and got aware of the other guys eyes on her.


She didnt honestly think she'd attract this much attention for her sole focus was on this guy alone.

"This country is not as open as yours you know", he mutters while he glared at the other guys who instantly looked away.

"Okay", Astraea rolled her eyes at the guy that she decided to tease him more by removing the blanket and wrapping it on her waist instead when he wasnt looking.

"Good", he said with a nodd before he glimpsed back at her only to take a second look as his eyes got wide at seeing her new outfit, "Selene!"

"What?", she asked innocently, bending down in front of him as she gets her cover up and unintentionally giving him a view to which she only realized upon hearing another series of his curse.

Astraea only took one look at him, hiding her smile as she shrugs her shoulder and proceed to spread her blanket before she laid down on her back with her eyes closed.

She couldnt help but smile at hearing the calming sound of the ocean, feeling the white sand of the beach on her feet.

Ahh. This vacation would have been perfect if not for the task she gets entangled herself with.

She was about to sigh out loud but Theo already beat her, she had to open her eyes and look at his side only to find him sitting beside her quite uncomfortable as he kepts on shifting awkwardly while looking at the water like it was his enemy.

"Hey, Theo" she called, getting his attention and moving aside to give him room before tapping the empty space beside her, "You can sit beside me you know"

"Erm- I-Im not sure", Theo answered looking paler than usual, sweating profusely as if she had asked him something that he shouldnt and couldnt.

When he didnt budge, she made a move to remove his blanket on her waist only to met his panicked gaze before he quickly settles down beside her.

"You are too funny Mr. Theo", Astraea couldnt help but chuckle, throwing her head as she lays down again, looking at him with a smile on her face.

Silence followed her question as her chuckle fades when she felt his intense gaze, her skin tingling for a moment that she almost lost her composure, she had to turn around and lay down on her stomach instead, her back facing him for she isn't sure she could meet his eyes.

But no, Astraea Selene Leblanc was never the one to back down in a challenge now that she is feeling victory in her hands.

She just had to go for more by holding on his arm when he was about to put his sleep mask back on, holding out her sunblock in front of his eyes that earns another gasp of disbelief from him.

"You want me to-?" he tried to ask but didnt get to finish for she gathered her hair on one hand and put it on one side that her back was now exposed right before his eyes, rendering him speechless and leaving him no choice.

Astraea hid her smile hearing him took a deep breath, she could just imagine his reaction, how his thick eyebrows must have been almost fuse together now.

However, she wasnt prepared at the heat that spread on her at the feeling of his cold hands on her bare back for she almost jumped up in surprise.

Is this even normal?

She couldnt help but ask for she never had anyone put lotion on her. Scratch that. She never really had anyone to do this things with before for she never had a boyfriend.

How can she when just hearing her name make the people around her back away in fear, knowing how overprotective her father and brother is, being the only daughter in the family.

That, or she wasnt just really enough to risk it all.

But enough about that. She isnt here for self pity.

Taking a glimpse at the man beside her, she saw that her conclusion was right. He was indeed looking at her back like it had done something bad to him and the naughty side of her wants to tease him more.

Without thinking about it, she let out a long soft moan that for a moment, she felt him almost paralized and only his labored breathing could be heard.

"Hmmm...", As if it wasnt enough, Astraea just had to go for more as she sighs and speaks in her breathy voice, "R-right there"

"Sh*t!" she heard Theo cursed and stopped again for a moment that she took a glimpsed at him to find the guy looking real red in the face while he was scratching his hair rather problematically.

"What?", she asked as innocently as possible

"Erm-", The poor guy could only sigh, shaking his head in return before stuttering, "N-N-nothing"

With a shrug, Astraea smiled sweetly at the guy to give him encouragement, turning her back on him again.

"Alright", he said, clapping his hands together and murmuring I can do this to himself as he quickly lathers her back as fast as he can that before she knew it, he was already finished.

"Done" he said, tapping her back, quickly laying down beside her on his stomach with him putting his sleeping mask back on his eyes too.

In other times, Astraea might have been insulted but one glance on his face, seeing the sweat on his forehead and how he keeps on murmuring something like a silent prayer as he holds his breath had her smile and almost pity the guy.

Almost for she isnt really done yet. There was something about him that brought out her naughty side, wanting to push all his buttons to know just how much his self control is.

She doesnt really know what is with him, why she felt comfortable to do this for she wont dare do this with anyone else.

"Well... that was fast", she started after a few seconds of silence. Giving him a moment to recover before she strikes again.

"Do you want me to put some on your-", she said as she leans over his back, gliding her fingers over his back to reach the sunblock that he was holding rather tight on his right hand.

"No!" he squeaked out in panic, raising the sleeping mask back on his forehead again as he quickly holds her hand and placed the lotion on it as if it was burning him while he looks at her almost pleadingly before clearing his throat, his voice faltering as he blabbers, "I-I m-mean I-I am okay. Yes. T-Thanks but no need to do that
Thank you very much."

Silence followed his statement as she finally decided to stop her seducting techniques today cause she is afraid she might scare off the poor guy for his eyes earlier looks like he was really begging for mercy.


"Putain de merde", Astraea lifted her shades, staring eyes wide open with amazement, watching the people surfing on the other side of the beach along with other water activities.

This vacation is slightly looking better than what she expected...

"Hey Theo!", she shouted with delight as she taps on the Levants shoulder, "Look!"

She had always wanted to try one of those way back home but her overprotective brother would never let her do so saying that it is dangerous.

"What now?", Theo said as he pushes his sleep mask off slightly upwards with only his left eye visible to look at what she is pointing.

"Can we try that please?"

She was so excited that she was practically already packing her things up, ready to storm off but his answer almost deflated her.

"Nope", he said as he puts his mask back on and pretended to fall asleep, "Sorry"

For the first time today, Astraea was left speechless and stared at the guy with disbelief. Did he just turn her down? No one has the guts to do that to her before...

"Please? " she tried to change his mind, holding over his arm and pressing herself closer to him, "Pretty pretty please?"

"That is dangerous baby", was his only answer before he pushes the hand that was holding over his arm off.

To her defense though, nothing is really safe nowadays when disaster strikes so she thinks that one should do everything they wanted at least once so you wont regret anything in the end.

"Dont tell me you're scared?", she tried the trick which seems to work with all the men she knew for she knew that they really had a very large ego.

Only, his answer was not what she expected.

"I am", he said lazily that she doesnt know if she would believe him.

Still, she tried to press on saying, "But I trust you"

That caught her attention for he lifted his eye mask again and looked at her straight in the eye before he answered, "Dont"

With that, he put back his mask on and lay down heartlessly that Astraea was taken aback. It is not like she is asking for too much eh?

"Alright", she started, her eyebrows knotting in annoyance while she gathers her things in a speed of light, removing his superman blanket and pushing him away with a surprising strength to get her cover off and put it on her shoulders, "Sorry. I wont bother you anymore"

"W-w-wha-" she isnt interested in hearing any more from him though, she threw his blanket on his face and walk away as fast as she can while he seems to be still confused at what is happening.

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A/N: Another short update

Chapter 3 - Be Mean To Me

"Am I doing this right?"

Astraea asked the instructor as she tried to balance herself on the board yet again for what must be like the nth time... Well, tried is the keyword here for she never knew how hard this sport is in reality!

And as if she summoned it, a large wave came crashing down that almost threw her out of her board if not for the quick reflex of her trainer who readily hold her hands to stop her from falling.

"Pour l'amour de Dieu (For goodness sake)", she couldnt help exclaiming out loud, running her fingers through her hair after recovering, "How hard could this be?"

Why on earth does this thing looks so easy for other people anyway?

"Y-You're doing good Madamoiselle!", her eager trainer continuously sent her encouraging and praising messages which made her eyebrows raise and seriously question if he is on his right mind - cause he is not making any sense.

She had already fallen several times more than she can count on both hands and feet since she began and that was still considered good?


Well then she could be a pro in no time!

And again, as if she said the magic word, she found herself falling on the water straight in the arms of her trainer just like how it had been since the start of her session.

"Merci le moni-" (Thank you instructor)

Or so she thought...

"I thought I told you not to do this", someone suddenly whispered on her ear that she felt goosebumps crawl on her skin, feeling his hot breath on her neck as he speak with obvious irritation.

It couldnt be...

"Theo?", she asked in shock to which he only grunted in reply.

What the heck is this guy doing here? Didnt she already ditched him earlier?

"P-put me dow-n", she protested half heartedly.

Theo, the annoying guy that he is starting to be, only looked at her like he is the one entitled to be annoyed in this kind of situation.

Like seriously?

What is his problem? Didnt he made it clear that he dont want anything to do with her and these 'dangerous' activities? Why is he making it look like she had done something grave now eh?

'Connard (Asshole)', she couldnt help but whisper underneath her breath.

But then again, she could just turn this situation into her favor...


Thats right.

What can a person do when opportunity comes knocking? Well if this is an invitation, then he could be her guess.

Astraea took one deep breath, summoning her confidence before she slowly wrap her arms around his neck, instantly frozing him in place.

Leaning forward, her index finger lightly graces his face, tracing his jawline with feather like touch before she released a soft whisper on his ear, "What do you think you're doing?"

"I-I'm erm-", Theo stuttered in response, his hands beginning to loosen his tight hold on her that Astraea could only smirk and roll her eyes.

Men and their weakness.

Without wasting any time, she got back on her feet and made a move back towards her instructor.

"W-where are you going?", he asked at once after realising her coy, his thick brows almost fusing again that Astraea had to surpress another smirk.

"Riding the board?" she replied back, rolling her eyes before climbing up the board with the help of her instructor who now looked quite unsure, wondering if he's doing the right thing...

"Selene!", Theo growls as he goes after her that Astraea had to look back, thinking she is starting on hearing things. Totally unprepared with the sight of him, staring at her with such intensity that she almost go down and follow his wishes.

Almost for she luckily had a tight grip on her sanity. Thank goodness she isnt one who can be easily blinded by good looks.

"What?", she replied back as if he did not bother her at all even when he calls her name again, this time, with warning on his tone.

"Erm- Sir?", called the instructor.

Goodness, even the instructor had to get involved?

"I think you should-"

The poor guy never got to finish whatever he is saying for all it took was one look from Theo and he instantly zipped his mouth shut, his hands that was previously holding her into place dropped like a hot potato.

Its not like she could blame her instructor though for Theo's brows almost fuse together in frustration, glaring at him.

And it doesnt hurt that Theo's family practically owned the island itself.

Although, she had to give it to him for trying to defend her even if it didnt even took him a minute to change sides.

It was just then that another big wave came hurling towards them that would have made her fall back again if not for Theo's quick reflex for he had her back in his arms in no time, but this time, it seems like he wasnt going to let her go back on her feet any soon.

"Let me go!", Astraea tried to squirm even when she knew that there was no saving her now as Theo moves in large fast stride across the white sandy beach.

"No way baby", he replied back triumphantly.
In all honesty, she really is just enjoying what is supposed to be her vacation, what is wrong with that?

"But I was just having fun!" Astraea tried to get her point across the heartless man, "And I told you not to call me bab-..."

Her words were swallowed upon their arrival on a somewhat haunted looking cabin, complete with a sign do not enter and a fence surrounding it.

Theo do not seem to mind though for he walks towards the entrance confidently.


Did he finally snap?

Astraea took a deep breath, seriously preparing to shout and ask for help, never mind her so called mission...

Goodness, this isnt what she signed up for!

But wait- looking back, she didnt even do that much to warrant this reaction from him this soon!

Her eyes instinctively closes as her hand fisted on his clothes at the alarming thought incase he truly went ahead and lost his mind only to hear his chuckle as he dropped her off, her back touching something soft.

Silence passed through as she just laid there unmoving, trying to feel her surrounding and fearing for the worst...

"You can open your eyes you know", he stated calmly that she could almost hear the question in his voice, as if he couldnt comprehend her reaction, "Everything is perfectly normal here"

"If taking girls into a somewhat haunted looking place norm-", Astraea began to rant before she stopped after finally opening her eyes, only to see a furbish contemporary looking place.

She almost couldnt believe it. Totally amazed at how the interior, surprisingly complements the old design of the cabin as it gives off the feeling of stepping in two combined timeline that she momentarily forgotten what she is going to say.

"What did you expect?", he said with laughter in his voice.

When did she get this assuming? Damn.

Astraea couldnt help but scowl.

She should really stop watching those suspense thriller shows that only fuels her already over active imagination.

"Or perhaps you're expecting this?"

Or Maybe not.

Astraea was totally taken by surprise by his sudden move as he had her trap on place, both hands on either side of her as he leans forward rather too close for comfort.

"Lady you shouldnt be teasing men like that you know", he says while he push her stray hair behind her ears.

Busted now arent we?

"W-what did i do?", she tried to deny, acting as innocent as she could.

"Come on", he stated as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. "Dont tell me you did not notice those surfer guys who keeps on giving you pointers?"

Wait- What? Astraea do not need to fake her confused look now for she is truly baffled.

"No?", he asked, his brows knotting again as he looks at her as if she is a puzzle that he us trying to solve.

What the heck is he on about? She seriously thought he is talking about her 'seduction' skills ON him, if you could even call it that because apparently, he did not even notice anything. Is she trying too hard? Or maybe it is due to the fact that she had no experienced in this kind of things... not that she is planning to expand her knowledge on this matter because she wont be caught dead doing this with anyone else.

"What about your trainer whose hands are almost everywhere?"

Everywhere? Is that how guys think?

Astraea gasped in shock at his scandalous accusation that she just had to reply back and defend herself, "Well they are professional so I should probably listen and take their advise if I wanted to learn anything"

It is not as if her lesson had been free of charge, maybe then she could worry about their intention. She paid them after all, so she expected them to be professionals.

"Damn it Selene", Theo finally bursted, sighing out loud in frustration as if he is giving up, "Are you even for real?"

"Honestly what is your problem?", she couldnt help but fire back cause she isnt sure she understands the situation. "I mean I asked you to accompany me earlier and you said no so I couldn't quite comprehend why the hell are you acting like my overprotective brother"

"I am not your brother"

Isnt that obvious? Astraea rolled her eyes.

"Would you rather me call you my father that is just wro-", she started to shot back sarcastically which must have triggered Theo for he suddenly leans even more closer, she could almost feel his breath, his piercing gaze trained on her.

"I dont think you're getting my point", he spoke with warning tone, his voice sending shivers down her spine that she felt quite suffocated, she just had to look away.

Placing a hand on his chest , she tried to push him off her with no avail, "If you must know, you are attracting quite the attention. Better be careful if you know what's good for you"

Wait a minute- He is seriously telling her to be careful if she knows what is good for her?!

If only he knew...

She thinks it should be the other way around.

"But- I have you here with me", Astraea swallowed her nervousness and look at him in the eye as she said those words that she knew someone like him would like to hear to feed their ego, "So why should I worry?"

Her words must have affected him though for he could only look at her in silence, searching the truth in her eyes.

"Levant you're speedboat is rea-", the resounding voice of a man who suddenly opened the door and entered the cabin aimlessly caught them by surprise that they didnt have enough time to react as the guy awkwardly scratch his head and left as fast as he came saying, "Erm- Ill j-just go and wait outside"

Theo finally moved away from her, burying his head at the space next to her with a groan while Astraea, on the other hand could barely contain her delight at the turn of events.

After all, being caught in a compromising situation with Theo is good right?


She is making progress eh?

'La vie est belle', (Life is good)

Astraea could only hid her smile at his reaction, pretending to symphatize with him instead.

A/N: Who is seducing who again? :risas3:


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Chapter 4 - Hands to Myself

A/N: If you guys still havent noticed, I am having throwback on Jonas Brothers songs and I am just starting with Joe's. Next chap will probably have Nick's music :naughty2:


"You got it all wrong earlier"

Astraea heard Theo speak as she subtly move towards the two, making herself look preoccupied with taking photos and selfies instead.

Oh well...

This pictures might come handy someday anyway. More receipts in the future eh?

"I swore there is nothing at all between the two of us"

Astraea almost sniggered at hearing another defensive stance from Theo.

Damn funny cause they are starting to sound like they were having a lover's quarrel.


She had learned that Uncle Kho, the person that Theo is talking to, is actually the one who is tasked to oversee the whole island and according to him, the older guy has been on their family service for quite a long while.

Makes one think she hits the jackpot eh?

Cause those guys were almost always the one who report about the wrong doing of the rebelious kiddo to their parents right? Just like in the movies.

Unfortunately for her, the guy seems to have Theo's loyalty.

Too much, if she had her say, cause the old guy had given her the once over assessment look during their introduction as if he was checking if she could be trusted.

For a moment then, she honestly felt scared at the thought of being caught in her deceit.

Not when they are in the middle of the ocean and in foreign land.

She didnt know what happened though for the next second, Mr. Kho seemed to have given her the pass, laughing out loud and thumping the young man on his back when she only called out Theo's name.

That particular scene earlier confused her to no end cause she honestly could not comprehend what exactly transpired that the older guy's whole demeanor towards her instantly changed.

"Its okay", Mr. Kho chuckled his response at Theo, "I am a supportive Uncle, I even sent the guy who was supposed to drive this boat around home so we could avoid erm- unwanted attention"

Wouldnt it be better if he did no such thing?
Would probably make things a whole lot easier... Heh

"Uncle! Stop laughing", Theo sounds ridiculously serious, "Selene and I are just erm - f-friends?"



He might be more convincing though if he didnt stutter at the end.

Although she could understand his hesitation cause they havent really bonded long enough to be considered as friends...

"Really!", Theo insisted to a rather amused looking Uncle Kho. Godbless his honest soul but the old guy isnt buying anything.

Astraea personally think that he really should stop talking... or he would do her a favor and dug his own grave. A small chuckle escape from her at the thought.

Now that would be an interesting develoment eh?

But alas, Mr. Kho must have heard her and finally took notice of her close proximity, catching her looking at them that she had to force a smile out, thinking fast, she had to pretend instead to ask if she could take their pictures.

"Can I erm-take photos of the two of you?", she asked while raising her camera.

"Erm- Im not.... sure", Theo began.


"Its okay", Astraea forced a smile out, feigning her disappointment, "I understand if this might cause you inconvenience..."

"Of course not!", Mr. Kho surprisingly came to her defense, the older guy waved her hand in an invitation, giving space for her to stand in between the two of them.

"Im quite sure Theo's friend would never be inconvenient to him"

Mr. Kho stated in an afterthought, smiling with a hint of mischief which earned a groan of annoyance from Theo and a confused looked from her.

What is up now?!

Astraea honestly felt puzzled with the exchange...

Before she could ask anything though, Theo hurriedly ran away and jump towards the water taking the board with him with a splash.

"That kiddo never change", Mr. Kho shake his head at Theo's reaction with a gentle smile on his face, "He still loves running away"

Well... she really couldnt blame him though.

Who knows that it could be so much fun? Damn. Why did she only did this now?

To be honest, she is quite envious recalling Kiara's stories about her carefree brother who never let anyone dictate his path. She is amazed with his guts thats why she genuinely wanted to know why, for a man who loves his freedom, did he agree with the fixed marriage in the first place?

Cause it just doesnt make sense..

"I trust that you know what you're doing Miss Selene?", Mr. Kho suddenly speak in all seriousness, a hint of warning in his tone that she couldnt help but look back and met his gaze.

The old man is probably talking about the danger of getting involved with a playboy and one that is already in an arrange marriage.

Does she knew what she's doing?

Her answer is yes.

She likes to believe that she does.

But only to an extent cause she does not need to really put herself out there right? Not when she isnt planning on getting herself skin deep into this matter. If he takes the bait then great, but if not, then she wouldnt force herself.

"Selene!", Theo suddenly called out breaking the atmosphere while waving his hands, calling her as he sat on top of his board.

"I-I erm-", Astraea stood torn for a moment, not knowing what she is supposed to do what with Mr. Kho's eyebrows raised at her.

"Well if you're sure then go on", Mr. Kho tipped his head towards Theo's direction, looking at her with curiosity in his eyes, "Do not mind me"

Astraea felt bad for a second at putting another name on the list at this deceit.

If only he knew how right he is.

Before her conscience began to eat her some more, Astraea jumps in the water and swim towards her prey.


"So is this ALL we're going to do all day long?"

Astraea asked Theo rather boredly as she paddles around, laying on the surfboard while he sat along the shores of the beach.

"Uhuh", the damn guy replied in a monotone, not even sparing her a glance.

Astraea couldnt help sighing out loud at their exchange. For the love of all- she really thought this would be a fun-filled afternoon!

Not this boring one, what with Mr. Kho busy doing some fishing quite a few meters away from them, and Theo doing god knows what in the white sand.

Or maybe she just had too much of high hope knowing how adventurous Theo is?

Why did he brought the speedboat again if they're just going to stop near the coast on the other side of the island?

At this rate, he seemed to be more interested with the sand... than her?


What the heck is he doing with that damn thing anyway? Cause that is just doing numbers on her self confidence.

Is she that uninteresting?

"You've got to familiarize yourself with it first", Theo added absentmindedly, "Feel the ocean, be one with it so you could move with it smoothly"

He has a point though and she had to admit that his strategy is effective. in fact, the time she spent here made her feel more at ease with the water now! However, at the pace they are going, it seems like her parents might have caught up with her first before she got to do any real surfing.

With a sigh, Astraea turn around from her position and laid down on her back instead.

"Can we speed things up?", she asked, closing her eyes and raising her hand to her forehead to block the glare from the sun. If this continue any longer, she wouldnt be surprised if she fell asleep right here, in the ocean, using Theo's surf board as her bed as the waves of the ocean starts to be a lullaby.

"Listen to me mademoiselle, I am a professional surfer", he answered rather distractedly.

"I know!", An idea entered her mind at his mention of the word professional, she excitedly paddles towards him using one hand while the other is underneath her chin, "Why dont we - what do those surfers earlier call that again? Duo wakeboarding? They said it is easy when they are offering to try it with me"

"You mean tandem wakesurfing?", Theo asked with a furrowed eyebrow as he let loose some several curses, "Those motherf*ckers. What did you answer them scoundre-"


At last, she must have caught his attention for he began speaking again with irritation in his voice only for it to drop midsentence upon setting his sights on her. His intense eyes scanning her body making her blush.

Good thing that her skin is already flushed from the heat of the sun or she couldnt hide what his stare is making her feel.

"No of course", she told him trying to act cool and unaffected as she gaze back at him now that she's near enough face to face, raising her eyebrows at his confounded eyes. She could not very well back down now, couldnt she?

"W-wha- What?", Theo stuttered, looking rather dazed while he automatically placed a hand on the surfboard to control its movements and stop it from moving away.

"Tandem wakesurfing?", she asked in almost a whisper.

"Oh right", Theo breathed out, his eyes glued on her lips, "Yes... w-we could- we could probably do that"

Uhuh. That would be awesom-


Did he just?

"Really?", Astraea asked bewildered, her voice rising a notch that must have alerted Theo that something is off, he had to shake his head in confusion like he had just awoken from a deep slumber before he groan out loud realizing his folly.

Hmm... Astraea couldnt help but wonder as she stare at the problematic looking Theo.

Maybe- Just maybe, she really had quite a shot on this. That is, as long as she keep her head and never forget who's who in this mission.


"1 - 2 --", Astraea heard Theo began to count behind her as she tried to balance herself on the surfboard, holding on the rope tight that is connected with the speedboat that Mr. Kho is driving. Theo's left hand is holding her waist while the other is clutching her hand rather tight.

In other times, she must have refused being touch like this but today, she does not mind for as long as they do not fall off this contraption.


Her convincing powers had shown itself once again or maybe they just lost their minds for a brief second that she had him agree to do this tandem wakesurfing with her.

Either way, she does not regret anything cause this is proving to be one of the most enjoyable thing she had ever done in her whole life! Not like she had many but considering that it is with some sort of a stranger... that is quite a feat.

"-3!", Theo suddenly shouts the key word prompting her to let go of the rope.

"Aaahh", Astraea screamed out loud as
their surf board wiggled almost throwing them off their balance if not for Theo's quick reflex.

Her scream turns into a shout of excitement until all she could feel is happiness with this new kind of adventure.

Thank goodness this thing can be done successfully with only one person doing all the work that all she had to do is to try not to resist his movement so their board can move along swiftly with the waves.

Hmmm... this must be what freedom feels like, she thought as she closed her eyes, feeling the wind on her hair.


If only this freedom of hers could last longer... But she knew that it is quite impossible. It will be only a matter of time before her parents found her location and inevitably bring her back home.

"You okay there?", Theo asked noticing her sudden stillness.

Astraea breathed out her worries away pushing the thought at the back of her mind and turning towards Theo with a beaming smile instead saying, "Never been better"


That was the last thing she knew before they toppled off the water as he seemingly loses his concentration.


"That was so much fun!" Astraea laugh out loud while Mr. Kho and Theo helped her up the speedboat .

"You sure she's okay?", the older man asked after some time when she havent stopped laughing, letting out a chuckle every now and then, "Did she bang her head or something?"

"Ça roule (Everything's fine)", Astraea brushed off their concern as they look at her with worry in their eyes, "I'm okay"


The poor guy looked confused at her though that she had to roll her eyes and pinch his cheeks before she could stop herself for he is just too cute with that naive look.

"Dont mind me", she said, "I told you I never really get to try and do this kind of things before so it's all new and exciting"

"Oh... if you're sure", he replied back, gazing at her intensely like he is seeing through her soul before his seriousness evaporate as he started smiling, his dimples making its appearance once again that had her slowly shut up and stare at his face.

cr. Ch3Thailand on YT

Wondering how a manly man like him manage to look this handsome and cute at the same time?

"You can try my jetski if you want", he told her as if in an afterthought, referring to the jetski attached in his speedboat that is used to control the vehicle.

"You'd let me do that?", she asked in pure delight.

"Only if you want to", Theo said rather shyly while scratching the back of his head, "Right Uncle?"

"Glad to know that you two still remember me", Mr. Kho told them, shaking his head at them as he finished tying the speed boat from the dock and then goes toward the jetski to unbuckle its attachment from the speed boat, "Go on and do your thing"

With that, Uncle Kho threw a lanyard towards Theo who swiftly caught it as the older man whispered out loud, "Urgh... I hate being a third wheel"

Theo only rolled his eyes at his uncle before grabbing her hand and guiding her towards the jetski with a quick, "Let's go"

"Wait", Astraea stopped midway and pulled him by the hand, "I erm- I dont know how to ride that thing"

"Its easy", Theo reassured her with a smile that she didnt know if she could trust... cause a person looking that good surely meant trouble right?

"Look. I'll show you", Theo took a seat on the rear end of the jetski, leaving a space in front of him, "Hop on baby" he said with a twinkle on his eyes, she could see the hint of mischief while he pats the empty space.

Is he challenging her?

Astraea couldnt help raising her eyebrows at his naughty gesture...

Well... if he is looking for trouble, then he came to the right place.

"Why dont YOU", she started, touching his back to emphasize the word 'you' as her hands make way to his shoulders down to his arms, "Move right there"

With a gentle push just enough to give him the indication, Theo obeyed her and nudged forward looking at her with curiousity.

"And I'll sit right here." Astraea paid no attention to the wonder in his eyes nor his gasp when she sat behind him and wrap her arms around his torso like this is an everyday occurrence.

So who's winning now? She hid her smile when he sat there unmoving that she had to raise herself and look over his shoulder, her hands now placed on his waist for support.

"What are you waiting for?", she asked him with a sweet smile, "Lets go... baby" Just for a better measure, she decided to throw in that last word making him quite fuzzled as he put on the lanyard on his wrist rather absent mindedly that he accidentally pressed the start button propelling them forward.

Good thing he had quick reflexes that he managed to hold on to the jetski and coincidentally giving her a chance to take this opportunity to wrap her arms around him rather tight.

Hmmm... This position isnt bad eh? In fact, it is quite comfortable. Too comfortable that she couldnt help placing her chin on top of his shoulder, feeling the breeze and loving the calming sound of the ocean.

Thankfully, Theo doesnt seem to mind or think anything wrong for he started on giving her lectures and pointers about riding a watercraft.

After a few minutes of him talking, more like babbling for he speaks with terms that she couldnt quite understand.

"So all you've got to do is like this...", Theo continued defining some 'key points' when the naughtiness and subtle pervert tendencies Astraea never thought she had strikes again.

"Like... that?", she breathed out as her hand that rest safely on his chest began to wander around, touching his abs while pretending all along that she is listening thoroughly with his lecture, her eyes never leaving what he is supposedly explaining.

For a second, Theo's hands froze at her movements as he stuttered, "Y-y-yes"

He even took one look at her to maybe check if she is suggesting something only to find her seriously listening. He must have been confused out of his wits thinking that he is starting to be an assuming person that he just shake his head and continue with his lecture, "Remember that you erm need t-to slow down whenever you are going straight"

"Slow down when going straight" Astraea nodded her head as her hands began to go downwards at the word.

"So- y-you c-could", Theo took in a deep breath, sweats pouring down his forehead and Astraea would like to believe that it is not because of the glare from the sun, "t-touch- No! Erm- I mean turn. Right! T-t-turn better"

"Hmmm...", she hummed as she pretends to absentmindedly caress his toned abdominal muscle until he finally seem to had enough and stop her hand from wandering.

"Selene!" He called out her name, pulling down the brakes to properly hold the both of her hand, his right raising hers and laying it on top of his chest that she could feel the fast beating of his heart.

"W-what?", she stuttered her whisper, mustering the most innocent facade that could manage at this moment when her heart, thunders like mad, knowing that she is threading on dangerous water here quite literally.

"N-nothing" He finally answered after what seemed like forever of staring in her eyes.

Relief flooded her at the same time as conscience knocked, weighing heavily on her chest.

This is causing her real guilt.

Honestly, It makes her feel bad... wondering what he sees in her eyes that makes him back down.

Truly, she is tempted to give him a chance and make him look 'really' deep at the real her, so he could then find her version of the truth. Who knows... maybe they could still meet halfway?

A/N: Mr. Kho is Mr. Koji of rising sun. As you wish @Noora. Thank you for the suggestion and feel free to comment what you guys think, requests or if you've got any more suggestions.

P.S. Yaya is Manila and New lakorn for NY!!! Wooooohooo! I am so happy, I decided to update. I am insane for even thinking of buying the book (got the sample pdf) when I cannot read thai :risas3:

BTW, Can you guys help me report this account- I mean the story on this users account on wattpad?


Coz she somehow seems to have a very familiar story *cough "Silverlining". Im not yet uploading any of my NY fanfics on any other websites aside from AFN so if you guys see it somewhere else, I will be very grateful if you tell me. Special thanks to @Lalashiie for the info.
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Thank you for the update. I understand and sure thing. I hope all is well! :):icon12:

"At this rate, he seemed to be more interested with the sand... than her?" "Unbelievable." - This made me laugh lol.

"Truly, she is tempted to give him a chance and make him look 'really' deep at the real her, so he could then find her version of the truth. Who knows... maybe they could still meet halfway?" - I like this ending part. I'm keen to know what will happen next and how their relationship will continue to develop.

P.S I have questions about the story. Is there a reason as to why Theodore is a playboy? Also, if I may refer back to the Prologue. I'm interested about Astraea's Ex-Fiance. What happened between them and what should I expect from the character? Will he get in the way of Theodore and Astraea's relationship? :confused12::confused12:
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Thank you for the update. I understand and sure thing. I hope all is well! :):icon12:

"At this rate, he seemed to be more interested with the sand... than her?" "Unbelievable." - This made me laugh lol.

"Truly, she is tempted to give him a chance and make him look 'really' deep at the real her, so he could then find her version of the truth. Who knows... maybe they could still meet halfway?" - I like this ending part. I'm keen to know what will happen next and how their relationship will continue to develop.

P.S I have questions about the story. Is there a reason as to why Theodore is a playboy? Also, if I may refer back to the Prologue. I'm interested about Astraea's Ex-Fiance. What happen and what should I expect from his character? Will he get in the way of Theodore and Astraea's relationship? :confused12::confused12:
Glad you enjoyed it! I intend the first season to be light so... Im happy it is coming through. *Meet me halfway talk? I hope I am preparing you guys for the cheesiness on the coming chapters :risas3:

Major Major Spoiler alert...

Theodore is a playboy because.... (Astraea broke his heart) kidding! Theo is a playboy just because it is in his nature. He is a fun loving care free young man and thats all to it. (Right now. Unless I throw in last minute edits in my already laid out plan)

Edit: About Astraea's Ex fiance. Due to personal reason, I changed the character to Mario Maurer hahaha instead of Mark and I made Mark Astraea'a brother instead. What to expect? He will probably not appear in the story alot but his actions would impact major events in the future... Will he get in the way? Not directly.

More Edit: Do you get what Im trying to say and why I switched those characters? Hint: I am watching Thong Aek Mor ya tah chaloang
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Ahhhh...again a woderful chap...thanks @annmott for the consideration and waiting for the cheesiness that will develop between the leads


I Love You 3000 ☆♥︎
Glad you enjoyed it! I intend the first season to be light so... Im happy it is coming through. *Meet me halfway talk? I hope I am preparing you guys for the cheesiness on the coming chapters :risas3:

Major Major Spoiler alert...

Theodore is a playboy because.... (Astraea broke his heart) kidding! Theo is a playboy just because it is in his nature. He is a fun loving care free young man and thats all to it. (Right now. Unless I throw in last minute edits in my already laid out plan)

Edit: About Astraea's Ex fiance. Due to personal reason, I changed the character to Mario Maurer hahaha instead of Mark and I made Mark Astraea'a brother instead. What to expect? He will probably not appear in the story alot but his actions would impact major events in the future... Will he get in the way? Not directly.

More Edit: Do you get what Im trying to say and why I switched those characters? Hint: I am watching Thong Aek Mor ya tah chaloang
No worries and thank you for replying. I understand it now. Hmmm that makes me think and wonder about the "major events" and your more edit comment. :confused12::confused12:Regardless, I'll just have to make sure to continue reading to find out more. :):icon12: