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AN: I know I'm a little bit late with the yadech fever but better be late than never eh? I've only recently discover these two (I must be living under a rock) and I can not move on! Literally that I've gone lengths searching, even asking fellow NY fan (You know who you are) about NY fanfics, I must have read some if not all of their fanfics here and I just cant get enough. Forgive me for this is my only cure.
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She is a woman with a mission...

A carefree and innocent girl forced to hide under the mask of a seductress

He is an easygoing man who has no direction...

A playboy who never really know what hard work is until he met her.

It was supposed to be just one easy task...

Seducing a notorious playboy to make him cancel his upcoming wedding is not that hard right?

But what if everything went out of her control?

When that one person she knew she shouldn't have feelings for... unknowingly managed to get past her defenses, shaking her firm resolve?

She never meant everything to be as close or as personal but she couldn't escape anymore, caught in her own pretensions and lies.

They said trust is the foundation of solid and lasting relationships... But could a love that blossoms from deceit be considered pure?

Or even real?

If the love is true... would it be enough to forgive and forget?
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I remember Operation: Break the Cassanova’s heart. But with that vid of yours...I can’t wait to read and see NY in my imagination!!!!


always supporting ny ♡
I'm keen on reading this story. Love the summary and the video. I'm interested on reading how they'll first meet, the romance, lies, NY's new characters and the story. :cheer::cheer:

P. S I've been searching for new stories to read during my spare time so I would like to say thank you. :):icon12:
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Say You Love Me


Urassaya Sperbund as
Astraea Selene Leblanc
cr to by@family, & to the rightful owner

Nadech Kugimiya as
Theodore Levant Andrews
cr to @gqthailand & to rightful owner

Kimberly Voltemas as Kiara Andrews

Margie Rasri as Malia

Mario Maurer as Marius Cappell

Mark Prin as Marc Leblanc

*Other Characters to be added as we proceed into the stories*

A/N: For some unknown reason, this song fits in with this part of the story.


In the seemingly quiet courtyard of Villa Alonzo filled with the sound of nature and soft relaxing mellow music, there lays three girls hiding in the bushes as they observe, or dare say spy rather, holding each a telescope and craning their necks towards the center where two old men could be seen talking to each other.

"So... how long do we have to do this?" her friend on her left, Malia whispered, sighing in frustration when nothing of importance seems to happen.

Today, she along with her friends decided to risk and investigate the one rumor that she kept hearing about her so called fiance.

The idea is ridiculous but she had already resorted into this just to escape her predicament so what more is there to lose?

"I am not saying that I am complaining", the other friend on her right, Kiara, added when she did not say anything, "But we've been here since dawn and Im tired, hungry and not to mention-"

However, the poor girl never got to finish her rant for the loud sound of a door bell suddenly rang out.

"Merde. La Vache" (Shit. Crap)

In her utmost concentration, or maybe it had something to do with her recent increase of coffee intake, she almost jump off her feet at the sound and almost gave away their hiding spot, cursing underneath her breath.

Good thing her friend quickly took hold of her arm to keep her down, nails slightly digging on her skin but she understands that now is not the time to complain. Especially when she notice the seriousness of the situation upon the entry of several men in black suite.

If the trio still didn't know what they're getting themselves into, this must have dropped them the biggest hint as they watch the guys talk to themselves before checking a briefcase.

Her eyes widen in shock, mouth falling open, she couldn't even move.

What in the world?

Not believing for a second yet the sudden coldness on her friends hand and their pale faces seem to confirm her thoughts.

"Is this for real?", Kiara gasped, muttering nervously before raising the camera in her hand to take pictures of white powder rolled in stash packs.

Violent words, curses and menacing laughter were thrown out making her blood turn cold at the reality of the situation.

Malia nudged her arm, sweat trickle down her forehead as she turn to see her friends worried look, "I -I think we shouldn't be seeing this"

Astraea sighed in agreement, gulping down the bile in her throat.

What did she drag her friends into?

Placing down her telescope and wiping her sweaty face, she turned to her friends guiltily, "You guys know how grateful I am for you two's effort and support."

Truly, she is very grateful. If not for them, she wouldn't have the courage to do this alone after her several failed attempts to try and take over her life.

"If not for you two-"

"Oh please-", Kiara tsked dramatically, trying to act calm even though Astraea could see the hint of nervousness on her eyes. Lowering down her camera, Kiara shrugged before draping an arm around her shoulders, "-you can't be seriously doing this right now"

"Right", Malia cuts her off despite the slight wavering on her voice, pulling them both in a hug, "What are friends for right?!"

Astraea couldnt help but smile at her friends for it seems like they were the only bright spot in what must have been the most hellish months in her entire life.

Without them, she must have gave in with the pressure her parents and their society had been subjecting her into.

Astraea Selene Leblanc.

The sound of her name is enough to make one think of luxury, riches and other worldly pleasures. Other people thought she had it all... but they failed to see the person behind the facade she had perfectly portrayed through the years.

Heiress from Aristocratic family and Daughter of nobility.

Just the thought of it made her sigh in despair. Tired from all the expectations and responsibility.

"Don't worry", Kiara said smiling at her gently, tapping her out of her reverie, "We will succeed on this one but we have to get out of here"

Astraea had to bit her lip to stop the tears that were starting to form on her eyes.
Thankful that there were few who were able to see right through her defenses and had chosen to stay despite her weakness and flaws.

Damn it. Only her friends could make her tear up so easily.

"Aw", Malia now holds her other hand, trying to give comfort with her simple touch, "You cry baby"

They must have been too into their dramatic muttered conversation, they did not notice the sudden silence of the background followed by a loud persistent ringing sound nearby.

Brows furrowed, she turned to look only to find Kiara frozen in shock on something on the courtyard with her phone out and ringing.

"Who's there?!" A thundering familiar voice from her fiance, whose arrival she failed to notice, suddenly rang dangerously across.

Uh - Oh.

"S-sorry... I - I forgot", Kiara could only smile at them sheepishly as she squinted her eyes at her friend accusingly while Malia pinch the other girl, earning a small 'aw'

Before she could say anything, her fiance suddenly asked for his shotgun which made the three of them look at each other in fear and panic. An unspoken agreement thrown on the air and without thinking any further, the trio nodded before taking off running as fast as they can.


"Bordel de Merde!"

Astraea couldn't help but let out a string of curses while holding on her chest, breathing out her nervousness when they finally outsmarted the goons with Kiara's driving skills. Successfully reaching the place where her friends private plane were waiting for them. Thankfully, Kiara volunteered their island cause she honestly had no plans on going back anytime soon. Not after the whole mafia thing.

"I'm sorry about what happened earlier", Kiara sighed guiltily, "I lost my mind for a second and open my phone then Levant called!"

Kiara's brother? What a great timing then!

Another batch of curses were almost ready to come out from her mouth, voicing out her opinion but the chuckle from the bathroom effectively stopped her, "You're highness, you know that that is so unlady like"

"Shut it!" she said, with a 'tsk', knowing that her friend is purposely teasing her now.

They knew she hates being addressed like that!

Pouting, she unceremoniously lay down on top of Kiara's back earning a painful groan from the girl. "I told you not to call me that"

Malia laughs out loud teasingly, finally emerging from the bathroom while wiping her face with a towel before she too dramatically lay on top of the duo despite their loud protests.

"Le absurdité! Argh... Get off!(Rubbish)", she exclaimed trying to push the other girl off, "I know I said I like we bare bears, but I never said I wanted to try their gestures damn it!"

Thanks for them. She now understands and symphatizes with Grizz in that one episode of the show.

She knew there's a reason why she worries about their sanity sometimes.

Astraea first both met the two girls in college. They must have found kindred spirits because like her, the two were also carrying expectations on their shoulder as they were also from a well off family on different country. After teaming up once in a group project they instantly clicked to the point that they call themselves as soul sisters. They had each others back even as lonely and problematic as they were back then because they were all being forced into the course of their parents choice.

With each others help, they had the courage to arrange their schedule to take up a dual course and study their choice in their free time while taking up the course which their parents wanted. Now, Kiara and Malia already graduated with both their dream careers but sadly, she couldn't do the same for her coz her parents caught a wiff of what they're doing that she had to give up her dream of becoming a chef and focus instead on her business course.

Her efforts must have paid off because after her graduation, when she started to work on their company, her parents seems to lay off her until this.

They said parents knew best and she agreed mostly but her opinion differs on this matter. Even though she knew their intention were good cause they just want to ensure her future... still, she had to try and put her foot down.

And if this would be a mistake, she would own this up and think of the experience as lesson. How would she learn if she is always being sheltered, her life being written by someone else?

"I really owe you one guys", sighing, Astraea finally uttered the words she wanted to say earlier, feeling the beginning of a familiar sting on her eyes, "Just say it and I'll do anything-"

"Aww. No need to do that", Malia pinched her cheeks before ruffling her hair, "We're soul sisters remember?"

"One's pain is ours too" Kiara added gently, reciting their motto with religously before her friend cleared her throat and said something that made them both look at the girl as if she'd grown another head, "But you know what? I am kinda taking a liking on this kind of cheap thrills"

"What?", Kiara tried to defend herself with their accusing eyes and she would probably believe the girl if not for that look in her eyes, she knew then that her friend is just trying to lift up their moods, "That stunt earlier makes me feel the most alive in my entire years of living"

"Well... If you really wanted to live dangerously, you're welcome to go back and marry that Marius guy. But dont take us with you because I'm never going to marry someone who I dont love"

Astraea could only shake her head and fake a shudder, she never imagined living her life like she was in some live action kind of drama series

"I am not saying that", Her friend disagrees indignantly, Astraea squinted her eyes at Kiara's giggle, asking herself if she really is being serious, "although that Marco guy is quite cute"

Bless her soul.

"I agree", Malia uttered shocking her. Astraea could only gape at the two, "What? I am just appreciating the obvious physical appearance"

"Seriously guys?!", She couldnt believe her friends, what good is the face when he comes along with many issues and baggages?

Personally, she values freedom more than anything else because she is too familiar withthe feeling of living with too many Do's and Don'ts. It almost feels like she was just watching her life past by, living her life trying hard to be someone 'worthy' of her name.

Smiling bitterly, she remembered how happy she was when she first started working cause she thought she would be given the freedom, sadly it isn't the case. That is why she treasures every moment she has where she can enjoy living a carefree life.

"Although If you ask me, I think your brother is much hotter than Astraea's fiance, Kiara"

Ex- Fiance!

She wanted to say but her mind is too preoccupied at the moment to correct her friend.

Before she could react, Kiara playfully nudged Malia's hair as the other girl quickly run off.

"Oh you shut it!", Kiara merely rolled her eyes, pushing her off the sofa as she followed after Malia.

Brows furrowed upon hearing their sounds of laughter as she followed them on the kitchen and sit on one of the stool.

"What? I am just stating the obvious from someone who had eyes" Malia chuckled, grabbing one of the wine and placing three tulip glasses beside it, in front of them, "Why did he called? What did he do this time? Escaped from getting mobbed again by his stalkers or is it those crazy exes?"

Wait- What?

Astraea placed a hand underneath her chin and tilted her head as she watch her friend curiously. His name ringing on her head.

Theodore Levant Andrews.

Oddly, despite hearing his names often from the two, she still haven't been introduced to him... when according to them, he already visited a lot of times, even Malia seems to be close with him.

Her right brow raise up at the thought.

Do not get her wrong, it is not as if she is interested with the guy but her fiance is also blessed in the looks department. In fact, he has one of the most beautiful face she has ever seen yet the way Malia describe this man piqued her curiosity.

Let's see, as far as she knew, Kiara's brother is someone infamous on his rugby team in Thailand and... that's it. Well, aside from his conquests with countless woman Kiara often rants about.

Now she's confused, judging by Malia and Kiara's enthusiasm, it seems like he is someone of importance to them... but how come she doesn't know him aside from that bits of information here and there?

"None of the above but believe me, it is the worst", Kiara shook her head in annoyance as if she heard her question and stares at the ceiling problematically "My brother officially lost his mind"

A particular memory played on her mind
blocking off Malia's joyful laughter as Kiara's voice from years ago echoed on her mind, 'Levant meant 'Runaway'. He is the personification of his name you know. Quite good actually for his occupation cause he is the goldenboy of his rugby team but not that impressive in real life cause he also has the tendency to runaway from his problems.'

She can still clearly remember her friends answer cause at that same time, she suddenly felt envious of the man's recklessness because he seems to live his life always at the fullest, enjoying his freedom and youth with no burdens in his shoulders. She admired his guts even though she knew she shouldn't cause that man is obviously bad news.

If only she could just do the same.

Yet, the more she hear about his conquests... the more she realize and be reminded of something she couldn't have. Without meaning to, she slowly tune out his name and that is why she's probably clueless right now on anything about him.

"-but this time i think there's no more going back coz he's being trapped into marrying a crazy girl. For the life of me, I just cant accept that b*tch in the famil-"

"What did your brother say?", Astraea asked almost immediately, breaking her silence that Kiara turned to look at her curiously. She had to clear her throat and tried to smile, hoping that it won't come out as a grimace. Damn.

She wonders why she is feeling nervous when she did not do anything? "Erm... H-his experience might give me advice on how I can escape mine"

"I don't know whats going on in his head but he's been behaving rather strangely these past few days, what with avoiding girls and all that, the b*tch actually think she is the one changing him", Kiara finally said after giving her a fleeting thoughtful look.

Oh. So is he into arrange marriages?

Although... how can that be when according to her friends he is a playboy! Does that even make sense?

But Kiara said that he is acting strangely so... Maybe they just judged him too much? Or maybe he had a change of heart?

Anyone could change, right? She believes that even a playboy could stick to one person. Her hopeless romantic side firmly holds the idea that all it take is to find that one right person...

"What if he really genuinely likes the 'b*tch' you are referring to?" she had to ask but to her confusion, Malia suddenly laughs out loud.

"I am sorry but I just cant help it", her friend began after wiping her eyes that tears up from all the laughter she made, "You haven't seen that self entitled, obnoxious and damn assuming social climber eh?"

That caught her off-guard, before she could reply though, Malia continued her story, "I told you, you should have come and party with us that one time. Kiara and I arrived on the party to celebrate her brother's team winning the match when that girl suddenly came to us like the self entitled b*tch that she is and told us off, thinking that we're gatecrashers until Levant, showed up and greeted us warmly. Then after that, the girl started to act 180 degrees from her previous attitude and began acting like she is close to us."


Kiara then sighed in frustration, "I know my brother is quite the king of jerks but I still worry about him. Marriage is something that is quite sacred in our family and up until today, the men in our family stayed loyal and faithful to their wives. That is what my parents taught us since we were young and I know for a fact that he might be a playboy and all but he won't dare messed up with that tradition. If he ended up marrying that girl then... damn, I can not think about it but no- really I couldn't"

"Well-" Astraea hummed, taking a swig on her glass before speaking in a joking manner, trying to lift the solemn atmosphere, "If that's really the case, why don't you try that golden plan we had, you know the forbidden one?"

"We could do that but hey, remember that this is my brother we're talking about. Where on earth can we find a girl who wouldn't grabbed this chance to be with him?"

As if her friends words were not enough to baffle her, Malia just had to add, "Well... it's not like we can just ask around cause I don't want to be attacked randomly by his stalkers and-"

They probably wouldn't stop their short banter if not for her who almost choked on her drink. Letting out a bewildered laughter, she said, "That's a good one"

Only, it seems like she is the only one thinking that they were in some kind of gag show cause their faces reflects confusion.

"I-I'm not kidding", Malia looked at her with confusion laced on her voice that Astraea finally noticed their puzzled looks.

Oh wait. Are they really serious?

"Do not tell me he is really 'that' good looking?", she had to ask making the two gasped and look at one another as if they just realized something.

"Do not tell me-", Malia repeated her words with a different tone on her voice while shaking her head as if she couldn't believe it the turn of events, "Have you seen her brother?""

At the shake of her head no, Malia groaned out loud as Kiara shook her head before taking her phone out to show her his pictures, murmuring her apology.

Astraea on the other hand rolled her eyes at her friends, swearing to god that if he is not that good looking as what they are exclaiming, she's gonna do something drastic- but she never got to finish her thought when Kiara handed her his photos.

For a second, her breath hitched and she thought her world stop for a moment at seeing Levant's face with that smile.

cr. to @ nadechactivity and NYforeverlove

"That my friend is the infamous playboy Mr. Theodore Levant Andrews. He might not have exactly the best reputation what with being known as the wildest in their Rugby team but you know that is the trend of the girls liking bad boys, thinking they could change their hearts eh? Not to mention that he is hot asf. See that 6- pack abs-"

"8", she blurts out without thinking. It was already too late to take it back when she realized that she probably said too much.

Astraea hold her breath unconsciously as she suddenly caught the thoughtful gaze of Kiara once again. As if in slow motion, she watched her friends eyes slowly widen, before sparkling with a dangerous glint and giving her a cheshire smile.

"What did you said again?"

Oh damn.

Thank God Malia seemed to be too busy depicting her count, she didn't notice their exchange or she's gonna die of embarrassment.

"Erm- I-I... I was just pointing out the obvious", Astraea fought the urge to close her eyes at the slight stutter in her voice, feeling the beginning of cold sweat.

She couldn't possibly be thinking what she thought she is thinking!

'Les Balivernes' (balderdash), she murmured underneath her breath as she makes faces.

"Hey! I heard-" Malia protested finally looking up but she didn't had the chance to finish her statement for Kiara suddenly grabbed the both of her hands rather aggressively, she could only manage to gasp in complete shock.

"Please?", Kiara said, almost begging. Astraea won't be surprised if she had the same expression as Malia who stood with wide eyes, her jaw drop open.

"Ermm-", Astraea's eyes darted from anywhere but her, thinking of an excuse, anything just to not make her friend do this, "I- Ahmm..."

"T-think about this as if you're saving this guy into his imminent doom", Kiara muttered like she is her conscience, urging her to save a life.

Oh-kay. Well, that is one dramatic way to put it.

Still, she really isn't confident...

"Er-- I-I'm not sure-"

"I also don't want to force you-", Kiara looked at her with guilt on her eyes for a second, her voice started faltering, "But you yourself know the feeling of being engage with someone you dont see yourself growing old with. Remember the lengths we did just to have this piece of evidence in our hands?"

Her brows knotted at the connection.

Yes, she sympathize with the man but- what if everything gets out of hand? What if in the process, one of them get hurt?

Although she is sure that she won't but no! She doesn't want to take any chances or... Or - responsibility on this one! Damn. She needs to calm down.

They knew that there is a reason why this plan is on the very last of her to do list on avoiding her very own engagement!

"Are you not worried your brother might get hurt in the process?" she had to ask her friend as if she is asking her to wake up.

"I am more worried of him living his lifetime with someone whom he doesn't love, that is just plain torture."

She couldn't contradict that statement though for that is precisely what she's been avoiding too and the very reason why she risked her life earlier to get away from her engagement.

"Well he might just probably fall for you for real so that is a win-win situation right?" Malia suddenly butts in with her ridiculous suggestion and to her surprise, Kiara almost immediately squeal in agreement.

"I know right!", her friend said with excitement, "That is the dream-"

For the love of anything that is good!

Before their wild imagination goes any further Astraea managed to pull her hands off Kiara's tight grip as she clear her throat loudly. Did they forget that she's still here?

"Uhm dream you know? Something we know that is... hard to achieve", Malia tried to reason out, "But not impossible!"

Astraea could only roll her eyes in disdain.

Damn. That is the most absurd thing ever, straight right out from a script of a rom-com series.

She didn't even think of that possibility cause that would mean...

What if- NO! She couldn't let her mind wander to dangerous territory.

Right. Because that is just plain impossible.

Ridiculous. Ha!


"Pretty please!", Astraea's brows furrow upon her friends sudden hold of her hand once again, tighter this time, "You said that no one deserves to be trapped in an unwanted marriage!"

Astraea glared at Kiara who remained unfaltering cause she knows, her friend knew the right words to make her heart sway.

"W-Why me?" Astraea finally croaked out in a small voice after a long moment of silent contemplation, left with no choice and feeling her defenses starting to crumble.

"Cause I know you", Kiara started with a grateful and relieved sigh on her face, knowing that she is already on the verge of agreeing, "And I know you're not and will never be after my brothers fame, money and looks. You told us yourself, you will only marry once and it is with the person whom you love."

"W-well...", Stuttering, Astraea closed her eyes and did not let herself think any further cause she knew, if she would be given a chance to do so, she would definitely not agree, "A-alright then"

She could only dearly hope this agreement won't belong to her already long list of mistakes as she slowly nodded her head as a promise, unknowingly sealing her fate.

A/N: Finally sneaked some time to update.

Edit: This chapter has been edited, do not be surprise if there are changes.
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Edit: This chapter has been edited so do not be surprise if there are some changes.

Chapter 1 - Stranger Danger?

Does she really have the guts to go and do that to someone?

Astraea sighed for the nth time as thoughts about what she had gotten herself into kept flashing in her mind.

Seducing the playboy would probably result for his own good and welfare so it might be a good thing yet... she also knew that playing with feelings is not and will never be a good thing.

Who is she to inflict that pain to someone anyway? That is just plain cruel.

"J'en ai marre (I'm fed up)", Astraea couldn't help but tap the water in frustration as she lays on the bath tub with her eyes closed in an attempt to calm herself.

Damn it.

Not even her usual stress reliever of taking her milky bath couldn't relieve her off the thought of what she is going to do.

Yes. Guess she is that lucky huh?

For some reason she would like to blame on playful coincidence, they heard that Levant is actually here in the island right now. Kiara and Malia instantly forced her to go out and pamper herself the minute they got off the plane as according to them, this would make things easier... whatever they mean by that.

Naturally, she refused at first until tiredness from all the spying they did caught up with her and she just found herself agreeing.

However, now that she's already calm and on her right mind. Everything they did earlier just seems to be clearer and instead of relaxing, she just find herself stressing more with a never ending internal debate.


Is it really that hard to find peaceful time away from all her troubles?

Sighing, Astraea closed her eyes and massaged her forehead for a while before an idea entered her mind.

What if- Why don't she just back out?

Maybe she can still do that?


Maybe she could convince her friends if she could just find someone who would be perfect for the job!


He can't possibly be that charming to have every single lady at his mercy eh? Maybe there are still people out there who's single and do not have any chance of liking the dude... someone, anyone who would be immune to him.

Gathering her hair in a bun, she got herself out of the bath tub while wearing her robe. Still thinking deeply, she went outside and stood in front of the vanity table, staring at her pale image in the mirror.

The question is how?

After all, she is in an island with limited resources because she couldn't use her money or power here... Besides, her cards were off limits cause her parents would definitely track her!

Astraea absent mindedly comb her hair before grabbing the lotion on the vanity. Raising her left foot on the stool, she pressed the lotion on her hand and lather her legs with it, her mind began wandering as she took her time looking around the impressive cabin style design of her room.

She knew her friend must be feeling super guilty now remembering how Kiara ensured that her spotless kitchen would have more than normal set of spices available, even when she knew that it is probably limited especially in an isolated island like this. Her friend really knew her weakness... some kind of consolation eh?

Astraea 'tsk' again, bowing her head while raising her other foot on the stool, contemplating on her misfortunes.


Yes she knew. Astraea nodded her head in agreement.

"Goodness gracious... why are you doing this to me?"

Ah huh. She is asking herself that question exactly.

"Forgive me for I have sin-"

That's righ- Wait what?

Astraea's forehead knotted in confusion as her mind began to register the words making her gasped out loud, quickly looking up to find that imbecile.

And alas, her eyes went wide as saucers as she saw a suspicious looking stranger laying down comfortably on her bed!

Well she couldnt really see him for half of his face is covered with mask while wearing a hoodie. One thing she is sure though is that he is looking at her exposed legs with wanton eyes, whistling as his sinful eyes went up and stopped short on the cleavage that shows on her bath robe when she bends down earlier.

The scream that were caught in her throat went out. Cursing rather wildly, Astraea instantly jumped on top of the stranger without thinking before she began hitting wherever she could reach.

"Aw! Aw! Ouch!", the rascal shouts while trying to hold on her arms with no avail, "Stop it baby!"

Astraea gasped at his haughtiness, shocked, she almost paused with her assault for never in her life did anyone dare do something this offending to her!

"I am not your baby", she screeched out, now pulling on his hair, "T'es rien qu'un petit connard" (You really are an asshole!)

To her surprise, he chuckled as if he find the situation funny The next thing she knew, he already had her at his mercy as he spun them around. His weight now pressing her down with both of her hands trapped underneath his larger ones on top of her head.

Shocked by their sudden close proximity, she could only stare speechless at the guy.

The first thing she noticed though was his deepset round chocolate colored eyes, laced with long lashes. His straight nose and angular jawline, still noticeable even if it was hidden by his mask.

Her mouth slightly open upon realizing that he is rather attractive!

Noticing her stare, the stranger's brows furrowed at her for a second, his eyes darting down her face before he shook his head as if he just realized something and then laughs out loud with obvious mirth.

"Damn" he said, now smiling at her cheekily, feeling his hand caress her wrist, "I'm sorry babe"

What the heck?

"Do not touch me!" she exclaimed slightly scandalized by his words, "And don't call me that!"

How dare he!

With limited movements left, Astraea leaned over, biting his shoulder.

The guy was caught off guard, staring at her in shock that she was finally able to get him off her and push him all the way outside her cabin.

"Hey!", the guy tried to dodge her attack, "I am not a bad person. Stop it woman! Argh. So much for looking for a hiding place!"

Yeah right.

"I'm serious! This is the room I normally stayed in! I didn't even know someone already-",

"Connard!" (Asshole)

"What?", he asked, looking over his shoulder seeing no one, "Who's Connard?"

Shaking her head, she quickly made a move to try and close the door but the guy managed to stop her.

Sighing now in frustration, she realized that her strength is no match with his.

"You left me with no choice", he started raising his other arm, as if he is gonna take off his mask, "My name is Th-"

He never got to finish though for someone screamed, or more like screeched rather, that Astraea automatically winced at the sound almost forgetting her current dispute.

"Ted!" she heard the voice called out, the sudden paleness on the stranger's face and the panic on his eyes becomes very noticeable. An idea pops on her mind the moment she and the stranger exchanged a look.

His eyes widen almost immediately as if he read what is going on her mind.

Before she knew it, he had already pinned her on the door, his cold hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming.

"Yoo hoo Teddy!"

"Shit!" he whispered while looking over his shoulder while she struggle on removing his hand covering her mouth, fear evident in his eyes which somehow made her stop short with her protest.

Is he... scared? What is going on?

Curiosity grows on her, remembering his words earlier. He said he was just 'looking for a place to hide'... could it be true?

But why?

"Where are you my soon to be hubby" the girl said with her shrilling voice, even she felt like something crawl on her skin, she involuntarily shudder at the thought, "Are we playing hide and seek now?"

"No sh*t", the stranger groaned.

Thank god, he seemed to be distracted enough, she was able to get off his hand easily.

"You are getting married?", she asked curiously before she could stop herself, "Why are you hiding from your fiance?"

At her question, she and the guy exchanged looks.

The air was filled with silence for a moment before he finally sighed and closed his eyes tiredly, saying, "Arranged to be married actually"

Shocked. Astraea stood frozen on her spot.


She did not know arrange marriage is still this common in 21st century huh? First Levant, and now this man?

At lost for words, she almost jumped in surprise upon seeing a girl with heavy make up and skimpy outfit on the far end aisle, walking towards her direction slowly, "Hey, have you seen my fiance?"

She and the stranger exchanged another look, no one dared to speak before the guy finally sighed, seemingly giving up and posing to turn around when Astraea impulsively pulled on his jacket to stop him from moving.

Rolling her eyes, she internally smacked herself for having a soft spot for this kind of things. Damn it. It seems like helping somebody from arrange marriage problems is starting to be her hobby huh?

Holding on the guys hoodie, she pulled him close, burying his head on her neck and made it look like they were making out. Hoping the girl would get the picture and ignore them now.

But alas.

It seems like the girl couldn't be deterred for she even walked closer and repeated the question, stopping only a few meters away from them.

Sighing for the nth time this day, she sneaked a look on the guy after feeling him froze on the spot. Her mind however, blanked for a moment, distracted by their sudden closeness and the intense look in his eyes.

Brows furrowing, she wondered why those beautiful eyes seems rather familiar...

"Hey!", the girl screeched out again interrupting her thoughts, "I am talking to you"

Is it just her because she grew up in different culture or is the girl really sounds irritating?

"Err- no", her brows knotting in annoyance at the tone of the girl, "Sorry, I didn't"

"Well if you saw my Teddy, tell him that I, his fiance, am looking for him understand?" the girl told her in a commanding tone with too much emphasis in 'I' and 'his fiance' that made Astraea raise her brows, slightly amused for no one talked to her in that tone before.

"O-kay?", she said with a shrug, rolling her eyes. Anything just to get the girl to leave, "Yeah sure"

"Wait-", the girl sounded offended, "You don't know who am I do you?"

Who is she anyway?

"Err- Am I supposed to?" Astraea cleared her throat but the girl's sudden screech had her jumping in surprise, she even heard the stranger who's standing still next to her let out a small laugh before he slowly wraps his arms around her waist.

Wincing inwardly, she automatically placed her hand on top of his to try and stop his hands with no avail.

The audacity of the brute!

Damn. Why is she helping him anyway? If only she could take back what she said.

Taking a deep breath, Astraea gritted her teeth at the two.

"Look I'm sorry if I offended you but you see this is my first time here because my friend-"

The screeching sound from the girl were back again. Now what?! Astraea stopped in confusion as the other girl exclaimed, "So THAT explains it!"

Huh? Explained what exactly... ?

"Nothing it's just" the other said looking at her with menacing look, laughing as she look at her from head to toe, "My mistake"

What the hell is wrong with this girl?

"Wait what?", She is seriously starting to get annoyed.

Sensing her mood, the guy who were strangely quiet earlier chuckles and whispered, "Calm down baby".

Raising his hand, he caressed the spot right below her ear, feeling him pressed a kiss on the pulse point of her neck. He instantly almost made her forget where she is as she let out an involuntary moan.

"Do continue with what your doing coz I'm not gonna be blamed if you don't get paid", the statement of the other girl though breaks her free from the strangers spell as she quickly pushed him off her.

Thankfully, the awful girl had already left that she hadn't seen what happened next for Astraea stepped on 'Teddy's' foot before pulling his ear earning a painful groan from him.

Astraea entered her cabin huffing and puffing in annoyance without looking back.

Do people here really have attitude problem or what?

And did that girl really insinuated something? Damn.

First a guy trespassed her cabin, then gets insulted by an entitled infuriating girl and after all the help she did, the guy still have the guts to do that to her? How dare he?!

"Fils de pute" (Son of a b*tch) she said as she took a bottled water from the ref and drank it, hoping that it would somehow cool down her head.

"What is your problem baby?"

Here we go again.

Astraea sighed for the nth time, turning around to find the stranger invites himself inside once again and sat himself in her couch while still holding his injured foot.

Rolling her eyes, she asked for more patience from the heavens above.

"Quel salaud !" (What a bastard) she mutters underneath her breath.

Why does it seems like he doesn't know that what he just did could be rather offensive.

But admit that you enjoyed it, her inner conscience whispered on her that she immediately closed her eyes and quietly scold herself, shaking her head to dispel the unwanted thoughts.

"Is that girl really your fiance?", she asked instead, turning away from the guy to avoid doing something that might damage her clean reputation. Busying herself with looking for coffee recipes in her notebook on top of her cabinet, hoping that it would somehow calm her down.

"Unfortunately", she heard him answer with dismay. His voice now soft laced by guilt, "Sorry for what she said to you by the way"

A sincere apology eh?

"Why? What happened?" she couldn't help but ask with curiosity before she realized that her question sounded rather nosy.

She would understand if he do not answer.

Silence filled the air for a moment, she thought he had forgotten her question that she was surprised when he suddenly speaks.

"Let's just say that my parents must have gotten enough of my lazy ass, they thought settling down is the only solution so they go ahead and found me someone to marry instead."

Well that's... the opposite reason of hers?

But wait- something about what he said bothers her. Somehow, his statement was quite unbelievable to her.

With her right eyebrow raised, Astraea turned to face the stranger, watching him checked her film and polaroid camera with interest, he didn't even notice her looking.

He did not strike her as the guy who would simply agree on something like this...

"Why did you ever agree?", she blurted out again without thinking.

Honestly, she has always been curious at what is going on in the mind of the guy in this kind of situation.

"Well", he started with a shrug before removing the hoodie on top of his head, "there are things that we have no control about. Yet we have to do it even though we do not want to in order to avoid losing some important things."

Confused, Astraea wonder what could be more important to him than his future with someone he do not even like?

"Think about it this way...", he continued, noticing her expression, "if I marry just for the sake of what my parents wanted, I can still live my life like a bachelor without worrying of ever hurting the ones that I love"

Not marrying for love so you wont hurt the one that you love? She would never decipher how he concluded that.

Astraea tilted her head and glared at him, finally realizing what he meant by his words.

"Connard" (Asshole), she murmured underneath her breath, the stranger only smiled at her cheekily before he stood up and stretched whilst removing his hoodie fully, combing his hair afterward.

Squinting her eyes and giving him another glare, she only rolled her eyes upon realizing that he isn't affected by her attitude as he only chuckles and winked at her instead.

Darting her eyes away from him, she just busied herself with arranging her recipe books. Her mind going back to what he said earlier... so is that how it is for men?

"By the way, haven't I told you my name is not Connard?"

Astraea rolled her eyes once again.

Damn. She already lost her count on how many times she had rolled her eyes ever since she had entered the situation.

"Yes I know. I think I distinctively heard your fiance called you Teddy Bear", she said just to at least get back on his so called values in life, hiding her smile then after hearing him sputter.

"I- Uh- that is not exactly my name but...", he started uncomfortably, pausing for a while before he continued speaking rather shyly, Astraea's brows raised again, "But... you can call me Theo"

Theo? From Theodore?

She couldn't help it. A soft chuckle came out from her lips, thinking where his fiance probably got his endearment.

"You do know that Theo roughly translates to Bear right?" she had to ask, looking over her shoulder to see him now facing her direction, still tinkering with her polaroid camera, covering almost 2/3 of his face. His black mask lay beside the other film one.

cr: keaw_jung

"Oui mademoiselle", he replied back to her with a playful glare.

"Alright Teddy Bear. Oh, sorry-" Not. "I meant Theo-", she said trying to sound casual but end up failing miserably as she remembered the look of utter distaste on his face earlier after his fiance called him that.

Chuckling, she expected him to be annoyed but the way the end of his lips curled up suggested otherwise.

The laughter in her eyes were caught, blinded by a moment with a flash.

Taken aback, Astraea almost scolded him upon realizing that he had taken her photo without her consent but the image that greeted her the moment she opened her eyes shocked her.

"La Vache (crap) ", she murmured underneath her breath. Too shocked to react further at seeing his entire face as she watched him looked down excitedly on the camera while it was printing the picture.

Is he... ?


What kind of joke is this?

Of course he is! He said his name is Theo!

Mr. Theodore Levant Andrews to be exact!

She couldn't believe it.

The brother of Kiara and the very same guy whom she is supposed to seduce is already standing right in front of her and she didn't even knew it!

Thankfully Theo or Mr. Andrews rather, do not seem to notice anything was amiss. Smiling and even going near her to take a picture of them together.

"Souvenir", he said like the happy creature that he is "Here you go. One for you and one for me"

Theo must have finally noticed her strange behavior for he suddenly looked up at her and asked, "What is it?"

"N- Nothing.", she stuttered before looking anywhere but him and making up excuses, "I was just wondering why you're giving me this"

"Thank you gift for earlier?" his response though genuinely confuses her and made her raise an eyebrow.

Gift? Why would he give her their picture as a gift?

"Erm-", he stated rather sheepishly as if he had forgotten something, "It might be nothing to you right now but who knows? Maybe someday you're gonna treasure it? Or I dunno, sell it for a higher price?", he said the latter after chuckling awkwardly.

Is he really that used with ladies wanting to take photograph with him? She wanted to ask more but it would only blow up her cover that she knew exactly who he is now.

"Whatever you say Mr. Theo" she said, rolling her eyes while pushing him towards the doorway to let him know that visiting hours is over. Else, she might be caught.

Maybe if she was just like other ordinary woman, she would easily fall for his charm but thankfully she had been surrounded with handsome men in her life that she is somehow immune to him.

Well, to some extent at least.

"Alright Mademoiselle Selene", his reply though manage to render her speechless again as they stop in front of her doorway.

Gaping, she looked up at him in surprise for she didn't remember telling him her name!

"Err-- Your name is Selene right?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"How did you-", she started asking before he caught her off guard by holding on her wrist, lifting it up and examining her bracelet of moon and stars closely.

"I saw it engraved on your bracelet earlier" he said with a smile on his face, staring intently at the jewelry. Her brows knot at feeling her cheeks heat when he smiled, their close proximity oddly affecting her insides.

"Selene... the goddess of the moon eh?"

Taking back her hand, she absent mindedly caressed her bracelet while speaking softly,
"Y-yes well, my father had this odd fascination with stars"

"Your father name you perfectly. I think it suits you"

Silence followed his statement for she honestly do not know how to respond.

Surely if he just knew what they were planning, he wouldn't say that!

Clearing her throat, she finally managed to murmur, "T-thank you", forcing a smile on her face.

"Although I am not sure if you know the meaning of Selene", she shakes her head and smiled at the thought for she never really associated herself with her second name that only her father and mother called her with.

Personally, she like Astraea more but she think he doesn't have to know that... for he wouldnt stay and be a permanent figure in her life right?

"Wise, bright and Extremely beautiful. A total package", he replied with a drawl on his voice all the while looking straight into her eyes. She instantly felt that odd feeling in her stomach again, her eyes began darting anywhere from him.

He must have noticed her surprise and slight discomfort at knowing the meaning underneath her name for he added with a cheeky smile, "You can say I also had the same odd fascination with stars as your family"

It was then that Astraea looked at Theo deeply as she felt that there must have been something more deeper inside this guy than what he is showing to everyone else.

Her father once taught her that people who appreciates the stars has a deep understanding of what they really wanted in life, in able to appreciate even the smallest things that were often overlooked by other people.

As her fathers words, being able to appreciate small things is the true key to happiness.

"Well If you also had these odd fascination, You can come by my place and see my collection anytime", he said, finally opening her door and taking a step on the other side after the silence that ensued, "Nice meeting you Selene"

Astraea couldn't help but think about that something that she sees in his eyes. Trying to figure him out...

Was he just like her?

Someone that is left with no choice?

And... just needed a push in the right direction in order to know what is really important in life so he would have the motivation to fight for it?

Maybe there is a reason why she is right here right now and why she met him just when she is about to back out after all.


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Edit: This chapter has been revised.

Warning: The story contain mature theme. Minors are discouraged.

A/N: Was supposed to update earlier, after the concert but got lost on (Dayumn Hot!) Versace On the Floor...

Chapter 2 - Sweet Sweet Craving


Astraea called over the handsome man that was laying down on his back at the white sand, his eight pack abs laid out there temptingly in the open that she didnt even blame all those girls who dared approach him before her only to get ignored.

However, she had this tiniest bit of hope in her heart that he would somehow recognize her voice from earlier and remove that goddamn Superman sleeping mask with a very prominent S in the middle.

She knew its cute and all but seriously?!

How old is he?

And more importantly, who would do that in this white beach paradise where everywhere looks picturesque?

"Theo eh?" the group of girls near her looked at her with quite the interest, "You meant Levant?"

Astraea glimpsed at the group as she came to the realization that Kiara and Malia were not kidding one bit when they told her that it is hard to look for someone who wont drool over Theo.

Just look at this girls and how they stared at the poor guy like he is a delicious snack.

"Girl, you are very pretty but you gotta give it up." one butted in that managed to raise her eyebrows.

"We've all-" another girl nodded at her and pointed her finger to all four of them friends, "tried to capture his attention but he didnt even bat an eyelash"

So is this what Kiara meant when her friend said he is ignoring people?


How do they even know if he bats an eyelash when he is wearing a sleeping mask?

"Yeah what a pity" The girls looked at her up and down with sympathizing gaze before one says, "You could join us here anytime and enjoy the vie-"


Before the girls could finish though, she heard someone shouted the name only her parents called her with that she automatically looked up, fearing the worst only to find that it was none other than Theo, now sitting as he waved at her happily like a kid, his superman sleeping mask now pushed upward on his forehead.

Astraea couldnt help but smile and chuckle at his antics for it seems like she would never get how a manly man like him actually behaves this way in person.

Oh and not to mention the side glance from the way the girls behind her drops their jaw in their utter surprise was so epic, she had to smile apologetically at them only to rub more salt into the wound when she finally puts her plan into motion.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she prayed for all the heavens above to give her the confidence as she channels into her inner goddess.

With another deep breath, she finally smiled before removing her shades and giving Theo a smile that she hope looked tempting enough.

It's showtime.

Flipping her hair, she struts over his direction with long smooth strides, her bikini cover up adding adding effects on her walk rather sexily as the wind blows on it, giving a glimpse of her bikini with every step she took.

"Are you okay?", Astraea asked Theo innocently when she finally reached his side, his mouth hanging slightly open.

"Y-ye-yeah", Theo stuttered his answer, his eyes moving from her face down to her body before he seems to caught himself and brought back his eyes to meet hers, "Never been better"


"Well if you're sure", Astraea hesitated for a moment before she slowly removed her cover up with the piece of clothing pooling on the sand before hearing a loud gasp beside her as he began cursing like a sailor until she was somehow wrapped up with his matching superman blanket.

"What do you think you're doing young lady?", he asked her with his eyebrows almost fusing together in frustration.

"What do you think You are doing?" Astraea asked back in confusion.

"Look I am just protecting you from those predators"

It was just then that Astraea looked around and got aware of the other guys eyes on her.


She didnt honestly think she'd attract this much attention for her sole focus was on this guy alone.

"This country is not as open as yours you know", he mutters while he glared at the other guys who instantly looked away.

"Okay", Astraea rolled her eyes at the guy that she decided to tease him more by removing the blanket and wrapping it on her waist instead when he wasnt looking.

"Good", he said with a nodd before he glimpsed back at her only to take a second look as his eyes got wide at seeing her new outfit, "Selene!"

"What?", she asked innocently, bending down in front of him as she gets her cover up and unintentionally giving him a view to which she only realized upon hearing another series of his curse.

Astraea only took one look at him, hiding her smile as she shrugs her shoulder and proceed to spread her blanket before she laid down on her back with her eyes closed.

She couldnt help but smile at hearing the calming sound of the ocean, feeling the white sand of the beach on her feet.

Ahh. This vacation would have been perfect if not for the task she gets entangled herself with.

She was about to sigh out loud but Theo already beat her, she had to open her eyes and look at his side only to find him sitting beside her quite uncomfortable as he kepts on shifting awkwardly while looking at the water like it was his enemy.

"Hey, Theo" she called, getting his attention and moving aside to give him room before tapping the empty space beside her, "You can sit beside me you know"

"Erm- I-Im not sure", Theo answered looking paler than usual, sweating profusely as if she had asked him something that he shouldnt and couldnt.

When he didnt budge, she made a move to remove his blanket on her waist only to met his panicked gaze before he quickly settles down beside her.

"You are too funny Mr. Theo", Astraea couldnt help but chuckle, throwing her head as she lays down again, looking at him with a smile on her face.

Silence followed her question as her chuckle fades when she felt his intense gaze, her skin tingling for a moment that she almost lost her composure, she had to turn around and lay down on her stomach instead, her back facing him for she isn't sure she could meet his eyes.

But no, Astraea Selene Leblanc was never the one to back down in a challenge now that she is feeling victory in her hands.

She just had to go for more by holding on his arm when he was about to put his sleep mask back on, holding out her sunblock in front of his eyes that earns another gasp of disbelief from him.

"You want me to-?" he tried to ask but didnt get to finish for she gathered her hair on one hand and put it on one side that her back was now exposed right before his eyes, rendering him speechless and leaving him no choice.

Astraea hid her smile hearing him took a deep breath, she could just imagine his reaction, how his thick eyebrows must have been almost fuse together now.

However, she wasnt prepared at the heat that spread on her at the feeling of his cold hands on her bare back for she almost jumped up in surprise.

Is this even normal?

She couldnt help but ask for she never had anyone put lotion on her. Scratch that. She never really had anyone to do this things with before for she never had a boyfriend.

How can she when just hearing her name make the people around her back away in fear, knowing how overprotective her father and brother is, being the only daughter in the family.

That, or she wasnt just really enough to risk it all.

But enough about that. She isnt here for self pity.

Taking a glimpse at the man beside her, she saw that her conclusion was right. He was indeed looking at her back like it had done something bad to him and the naughty side of her wants to tease him more.

Without thinking about it, she let out a long soft moan that for a moment, she felt him almost paralized and only his labored breathing could be heard.

"Hmmm...", As if it wasnt enough, Astraea just had to go for more as she sighs and speaks in her breathy voice, "R-right there"

"Sh*t!" she heard Theo cursed and stopped again for a moment that she took a glimpsed at him to find the guy looking real red in the face while he was scratching his hair rather problematically.

"What?", she asked as innocently as possible

"Erm-", The poor guy could only sigh, shaking his head in return before stuttering, "N-N-nothing"

With a shrug, Astraea smiled sweetly at the guy to give him encouragement, turning her back on him again.

"Alright", he said, clapping his hands together and murmuring I can do this to himself as he quickly lathers her back as fast as he can that before she knew it, he was already finished.

"Done" he said, tapping her back, quickly laying down beside her on his stomach with him putting his sleeping mask back on his eyes too.

In other times, Astraea might have been insulted but one glance on his face, seeing the sweat on his forehead and how he keeps on murmuring something like a silent prayer as he holds his breath had her smile and almost pity the guy.

Almost for she isnt really done yet. There was something about him that brought out her naughty side, wanting to push all his buttons to know just how much his self control is.

She doesnt really know what is with him, why she felt comfortable to do this for she wont dare do this with anyone else.

"Well... that was fast", she started after a few seconds of silence. Giving him a moment to recover before she strikes again.

"Do you want me to put some on your-", she said as she leans over his back, gliding her fingers over his back to reach the sunblock that he was holding rather tight on his right hand.

"No!" he squeaked out in panic, raising the sleeping mask back on his forehead again as he quickly holds her hand and placed the lotion on it as if it was burning him while he looks at her almost pleadingly before clearing his throat, his voice faltering as he blabbers, "I-I m-mean I-I am okay. Yes. T-Thanks but no need to do that
Thank you very much."

Silence followed his statement as she finally decided to stop her seducting techniques today cause she is afraid she might scare off the poor guy for his eyes earlier looks like he was really begging for mercy.


"Putain de merde", Astraea lifted her shades, staring eyes wide open with amazement, watching the people surfing on the other side of the beach along with other water activities.

This vacation is slightly looking better than what she expected...

"Hey Theo!", she shouted with delight as she taps on the Levants shoulder, "Look!"

She had always wanted to try one of those way back home but her overprotective brother would never let her do so saying that it is dangerous.

"What now?", Theo said as he pushes his sleep mask off slightly upwards with only his left eye visible to look at what she is pointing.

"Can we try that please?"

She was so excited that she was practically already packing her things up, ready to storm off but his answer almost deflated her.

"Nope", he said as he puts his mask back on and pretended to fall asleep, "Sorry"

For the first time today, Astraea was left speechless and stared at the guy with disbelief. Did he just turn her down? No one has the guts to do that to her before...

"Please? " she tried to change his mind, holding over his arm and pressing herself closer to him, "Pretty pretty please?"

"That is dangerous baby", was his only answer before he pushes the hand that was holding over his arm off.

To her defense though, nothing is really safe nowadays when disaster strikes so she thinks that one should do everything they wanted at least once so you wont regret anything in the end.

"Dont tell me you're scared?", she tried the trick which seems to work with all the men she knew for she knew that they really had a very large ego.

Only, his answer was not what she expected.

"I am", he said lazily that she doesnt know if she would believe him.

Still, she tried to press on saying, "But I trust you"

That caught her attention for he lifted his eye mask again and looked at her straight in the eye before he answered, "Dont"

With that, he put back his mask on and lay down heartlessly that Astraea was taken aback. It is not like she is asking for too much eh?

"Alright", she started, her eyebrows knotting in annoyance while she gathers her things in a speed of light, removing his superman blanket and pushing him away with a surprising strength to get her cover off and put it on her shoulders, "Sorry. I wont bother you anymore"

"W-w-wha-" she isnt interested in hearing any more from him though, she threw his blanket on his face and walk away as fast as she can while he seems to be still confused at what is happening.

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