Say You Love Me (NY Fanfic)

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    New Summary below

    AN: I know I'm a little bit late with the yadech fever but better be late than never eh? I've only recently discover these two (I must be living under a rock) and I can not move on! Literally that I've gone lengths searching, even asking fellow NY fan (You know who you are) about NY fanfics, I must have read some if not all of their fanfics here and I just cant get enough. Forgive me for this is my only cure.
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    Oooh -keep it coming I’ll read teehee
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    They said love can struck anyone anytime, anywhere but he never had faith in those kind of words. Yes, he knows that love do exist through his parents but he believe it will never happen to him. Why, in his 27 years of existence and countless of adventures with women, he never felt those sacred feelings to anyone.

    "Not in a million years", he muttered yet couldn't take his eyes off a woman with the most stunning, no gorgeous, smile he had the fortune to see as they made eye contact for a second. Never had he been this captivated just by a mere smile.

    She seems oblivious of the attention she got as she enters the pavilion wearing her little black dress as she walk gracefully towards the aisle.

    Try as he might, he just couldn't take his eyes off the beauty in front of him. He knew she was a bad idea. Her mere presence screams trouble. With her every move, she was awakening something inside him.

    He wasn't supposed to be following her every move like a hawk to its prey. Hell he wasn't even supposed to look at her especially with his fiance next to him. Even if it was an arranged one, he still should respect his wife like a gentleman would. Except he wasn't one.

    "Life has been hard on him", he shakes his head as he thought of his dilemma his father brought on his shoulders. Just a month ago, His grand father threatened to cross out his name on his will cancelling his inheritance if he still remains a bachelor when he reached the age of 28. He really needed the money as he plan to use it with putting up his own business to sustain his lifestyle.

    Yes, he was not ashamed to admit that he was a jetsetter. For him life was too short too waste on unconventional things, like work. Why would he work his ass off when he already has the
    means to live comfortably his whole life?

    It was the reason he tries to cooperate with his father's plans as best as he can. If marriage is the solution, then so be it. Never mind who the unlucky girl is as long as he has his end of bargain. And so his father immediately arranged a marriage with one of his friend's daughter which would also symbolize a merge in their company.

    He gulped, watching the temptress licks her lips as he realized his eyes found a home as it goes back automatically to her. His brows began to knot after noticing several eyes, mostly male, following her every move. 'Now why would that bother him?'

    He inhales deeply when their eyes met again for the nth time that night, thinking for a second if he was imagining things. All his doubt vanish when his curious eyes met her mysterious one, longer, slower and bolder.

    She looks at him with her eyes twinkling of mischief as she walks away from the pavilion and towards the garden. As if daring him to follow her.

    But no he could not do that now. In his life, his only principle is to take the shortcut or the easy route. He must be out of his mind to even think about following her.

    Yet with just one glance from her, his feet suddenly had a mind of its own...

    "Just this once" he promised to himself, sighing as he found himself taking steps towards the direction she took off to.
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    Keep continue please..
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    Been waiting for your update here...Hope you can update soon!!!!.....
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    Hello. No plans in continuing this one yet. My target is to hopefully finish 'The Other Side' first before I got on this one but who knows? Thank you for the support though :thumbup:
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    Wohoo. Looks like we be finally getting updates for this one now hihi
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    She is a woman with a mission...

    A carefree and innocent girl forced to hide under the mask of a seductress

    He is an easygoing man who has no direction...

    A playboy who never really know what hard work is until he met her.

    It was supposed to be just one easy task...

    Seducting a notorious playboy to make him cancel his upcoming wedding is not that hard right?

    But what if everything went out of her control?

    When that one person she knew she shouldnt have feelings for unknowingly managed to get past her defenses, shaking her firm resolve...

    She never meant everything to be as close or as personal but she couldnt escape anymore, caught in her own pretensions and lies.

    They said trust is the foundation of solid and lasting relationships... But could a love that blossoms from deceit be considered pure?

    Or even real?

    If the love is true... would it be enough to forgive and forget?
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    I'm liking this...and ur story always good i love it
    I know you are busy but i still hope you will update more chapter next time how despicable...Hihi
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    @Darla will try to update more but it would most probably be by the end of this month or next month :aaaaa:
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    I remember Operation: Break the Cassanova’s heart. But with that vid of yours...I can’t wait to read and see NY in my imagination!!!!
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  13. Thank you so much @annmott ❤❤❤❤ so long waiting for this.. Hahahaha another great story:thumbup::thumbup: and also I love so much your video :icon12::icon12::icon12: can't wait to read the first chapter:cheer::aaaaa:
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    I also remembered that while I was in the middle of doing the vid that I paused for a minute to check the fanfic if it has the same storyline ;)

    Edit: Oh and before I also forgot, the story is a matured theme one so you guys probably know me by now and knew what to expect. :naughty2:
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    I'm keen on reading this story. Love the summary and the music video. I'm interested on reading how they'll first meet, the romance, lies, NY's new characters and the story. :cheer::cheer:

    P. S I've been searching for new stories to read during my spare time so I would like to say thank you. :):icon12:
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