Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)


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i guess his good at making funny and weird faces which makes me laugh...but im not such a fan of sitcoms and comedy im more of drama


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whew* it's a relief that it's only a sitcom...can't wait till Miew or Bie or both together will have a lakorn in the future. hopefully both together...hope the rumor is true.


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i missed this lakorn already i rewatching this lakorn again...and again....can't wait for their future lakorn together...hope they do have at least one or two in the future....lets all write to exact and have them pair this two again...loved them both...mew and bie forever....


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anyone have the star news mag of bie and mew...i really like to see it...i check at ethaicd but it's unavailable at the can someone please post me....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.....i appreciated....


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I just finished watching this lakorn yesterday. I have to say that at first, I thought the actor and actress weren't so good looking. But as I continued watching it, they became more good looking. I loved it. I love the cute scenes and almost real kisses scenes. Even though this is their first lakorn, I can see their improvement along the way in the lakorn. The actress who played the bad girl role can really act. I almost felt bad for her in the end. I remember her from So Sanae Ha with Aum and Oil. I think she was Aum's friend in there. I liked her in there. She didn't have all those makeup on like she did in this lakorn. She was also in the lakorn with Chakrit and Noon. I wondered how come they didn't have Mew sing any songs. They only had Bie sing songs for the lakorn. I thought it would be nice to have her sing a song or two.


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What a great lakorn! I cried on the last episode when Bie was crying, hugging on to Mew at the hospital. Darn Exact! They really do know how to play with the viewer's emotion. I really thought she was dead. I love the fact that they aired more sweet scenes between n'ek and p'ek, so darn cute! I love all the songs in this lakorn sang by Bie. The last scene with them in the wedding outfit and Bie chasing Mew was too cute. I wish more lakorns have sweet endings like this. :wub:


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I'm so glad I gave this lakorn a try. I think I'm too quick to judge sometime without giving the characters and storyline a chance. Boy, I sure would've missed out. I see a lot of potential in both Mew and Bie. Great chemistry also, especially on the sweet scenes. :lol:


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HAHAHA!!! i have to admit too that i wasn't going to watch it...because i'm old and only watch p'ek or n'ek thati know...HAHA but i'm glad i did too......i can't wait to see more of them in the future!!!



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Omgosh my mom watches the vcd to this lakorn like everyday. Makes me so annoyed w/ the story even though I liked it when it aired. lol But i do want to watch all the episodes all at once to get the full affect of the lakorn. But after my mom stops watching it all the time.


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My parents didn't really pluerm the ending because they were waiting to watch it and it ends up being a dream lol they weren't so happy lol they were not doing work but watching lakorn that everything ends up being a dream haha. I thought it was cute though :wub:


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Wow, sound like a good lakorn, I haven't seen one for a long time. I can't wait to get start again. :D


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man lol this lakorn was so omg i finally finished the full last 10 episodes lol and gosh man Ann her ending was umm yeah .. lol it was kind of lame how she got busted I was hoping it to be more dramatic LOL


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to tell you all the truth...i was kinda...hecka disappointed that Bie failed to "R" Miew but all those cute cute scences and his face and the ending make up my disappointment. I really hope they will continue to work together.....I also wanna hear them sing together------->that'd be nice.

it's true.......after watching this lakorn...all the other ones i had seen through out this year kinda suck and can't even match up to Roy Adit Hang Ruk(just my opinion...I don't really watch that much lakorns...maybe two or three a year)