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The Realist guy here period
Ok, since I got a sad song out of the way.  Now, it's time for a good song.  This is my remix of Pia Mia - Do it Again.  I'm feeling good
and I'm in a good state of mind. I feel at peace in life.  Enjoy it and peace out guys.     

Hey Girl, When I first met you
I thought it was special
I thought today

Hey Girl
Our true love at this point
When I write you I meant it
Oh Yeah.. I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back.. Woh oo..

It's was nice to, nice to know ya
Let’s do it again
How I'm singing to you in this jam

Girl, I want to be more than a ...
I mean it..
It was nice to, nice to know you
Let’s do it again
How I wanna hold your hands on the soft sand

Girl, I want to be more than a ... to you

I tried to hide
but it didn't work
Your face is always
in my art work

I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back.. woh oo..

It was nice to, nice to know ya
Let’s do it again  


The girl with the brown eyes
The girl with the pretty smiles
The girl with the lovely winks
The girl with the right style

Anytime in a night
Anytime a day
I ain’t playing around I wanna say
Just me and you on a secret getaway

It was nice to, nice to know ya
Let’s do it again
How I'm singing to you in this jam
Girl I want to be more than a ... to you

Chorus 2x


sarNie Granny
I wish you write some explicit stuff HAHAHA , I mean , these are good pg13 but since u so talented, streamy stuff here and there will blow up smoke ^^^


The Realist guy here period
Little sister in Boston, it even seems like your words are a subtle at me.  It might have seem like before I was jabbing you a bit but that's not the case.  That wasn't the case at all.  It was refreshing to see another Thai who is a believer in Christ just like myself.  I'm always going to have much love and respect for ya as a sister in Christ.  Your brother in Christ who's destine to forever come in 2nd place.
I didn't tell my family or friends about what happened this past Saturday.  I'm just glad had a guardian angel watching over me.  To many thoughts running through my head and I almost ran a red light before making a sharp left turn to avoid the other cars. Do not wish it on anyone.  Sometimes, my head wants to punch my heart a couple of time to tell it to stop.  But without a heart, a person is just like a robot.  Emotionless.  

Sometimes, love requires you as a person to make some sacrifice.  At the end, you just want the person you love to be happy.  And you'll be there to support them no matter no what. Maybe in the future you as a person will ultimately find some happiness.  But as long as she's happy, you'll be happy too.  That's what I have learned from God.  Love keeps no record of right or wrongs.  It love unconditionally. But I will always be there for her no matter what.   

People are probably wondering.  Why did you write a goodbye poem or a sad poem then?  To tell the truth, it wasn't even a goodbye poem, it was a writer expressing what a goodbye letter would look like if he ever wrote one.  I would never write a goodbye letter to tell the truth.  I would just vanish like the thin air and no one would hear from me again if it was a goodbye.  First, I would probably ask Sarn to delete my profile and account.  Second, I would ask Sarn to ban my IP address so I can never come back to the site since I would be block.

So no, you don't abandon people you love.  Sometimes, you might take a break because life requires you as a person to do it.  I'm a person of principle and I keep my promises.  The interest on my profile still say the same thing. And I'm writing at least one poetry/song a day even when I was extremely sad the past two weeks or so.     

Biggest regret I have is that I never got the chance to tell her that I love her on the phone or face 2 face. I've tried to move it past social media and boom... the whole mess happened.  I'll take the full blame for it I guess.      
These are the real lyrics in my heart not the sad one I written two days ago.  Because these are from my personal account not inspired. 
All I seem to do is think about you) x4

The picture on the wall
They all point to you big or small
Especially the one with the beautiful waterfall
The food on the table seem flavorless after all

On the phone on a conference call
Can't concentrate waiting for night fall
So I can drown myself in alcohol
Texted my sister to pick me up before
Don't wanna drink and drive like those before

(All I seem to do is think about you) x4

I'm tossing and turning in bed
Memories of your face racing through my head
To sleep I had to take some pill and some med
Nightly tears they won't stop they shed
(All I seem to do is think about you) x4
My head said no but my heart yes
I'm under extreme amount of stress
Thinking about you constantly I guess
But there's something that I must address
You're the only one I love I confess
But I'll stop here and let the lord take care the rest
(All I seem to do is think about you) x4


The Realist guy here period
I have mad respect for this guy.  I have learned a lot from him throughout the year. I think he's the realest guy out there.  Just very authentic and living in positively.  Even a guy at his level can be very humble and very inspiring.  That's what I have been trying to channel my energy these past couple of weeks.  Coming from a point of love even in the most trying of times.  Even though, my situation and his are a bit different, I can definitely draw a deep connection to what he was saying.  Very deep stuff.    

Stay in the light stay in a positive vibe
Don't be negative stay away from diatribe
Stay in the moment stay very contrive
Be joyful, inspire, and beautiful thing inside
Lower your pride,stay humble, and you'll be satisfied

Sacrifice for the one you love is not a goodbye
It's the ultimate gift of love no one recognize
You're not gone, as a matter of fact, you're next to her state wise
You might even be in disguise without saying a reply
Because you don't wanna cause problems in the mean time
And you do deeply care about her let me emphasize
But you don't wanna cause problems between she and her ...
But where ever you go, your heart will be etched with her name
And when the wind blows, it will also echo her name

This is not a goodbye, the person you love will always be inside
No matter the decades, the centuries and till the end of time
And it will be the same in wartime as it is in peacetime
As it will be in the daytime as it is during bedtime.
Forever and ever.  Amen.


The Realist guy here period
I came from the pristine forest
And that's where I will return to orbit
Only venturing out in disguise when shopping in the market
My present will be felt but no one will know not even starlet
I will be like the phantom of the night
Supporting the one I love from afar in limelight
I will not interfere keeping out of sight
My mask is back on Robin Hood has return that's right

I'm an outlaw, I'm a renegade that was my birthright
Where ever I'll be, there will be a sign mi amor will see (<3 always)
These are the two words she will know that is me
It will be on an upcoming project I'm producing shortly
It's been something I wanted to do since my early twenties
Now everything is coming along quickly and promptly
Now it's time to film, edit, and put the finishing touch on the story


The Realist guy here period
The dream is harder than it looks
But you gonna stay persistent leaving no details overlook
Nothing is done in a day not even a well written book
Just like a well prepared meal need some time to cook

Patience is the key
But freedom is the objective everyone agrees
But first you must find your definite aim
What is it that you want to proclaim
What is it that you want to exclaim
But don't forget about a strong mind-frame

There are many roads to success in life
Treat other right and definitely do it right
Because it's not definitely black nor white
And lastly be gentle, respectful, and polite.


The Realist guy here period
Family is where the home is
It's where people gather and not about her or his
Life is short so live it to the fullest
Don't see it as being empty but being half-full
There are things to do and places to go
You might be at the trough down below
But what goes down must come up for sure
So spread your wings and fly like the condors
Because you never know what will be knocking on your door

There are many wonderful things to do outdoor
You can head out to the bookstore
Or hit the club and hit the dance-floor
OR go to the beach and hit the sea shore
Because the meaning it is all yours


The Realist guy here period
Had the same dream two days in a row.  I guess my head is still trying to process it.  Sigh...

My little sister in Boston
Thank you for your kind words
They were very inspiring and awesome
I will not forget your words of wisdom

In the next couple of weeks,
You'll be one of the first to know what's going on
A secret project that's about to be launch and spawn
Working my connection a bit hopefully it won't be too long
Gotta keep my head up and be strong
Journey is not done no time for swan song

When I get there, little sister, I'll give you a shout out
And I'll mention your clothing brand definitely no doubt
In my lowest point in life, you helped me out
Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout
Much love and respect your big brother.


The Realist guy here period
Fly high like the eagles
Enjoy life and be gleeful
Go out there and be playful
Life is short be joyful
Stay the course and be humble

You might stumble and tumble
And at times life will be full of struggles
And a few spots of troubles
But that is when you have to dig deep and hustle
Put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle


The Realist guy here period
Work hard play hard
Don't worry about the scorecard
Sometimes, you can't the control events or the cards
And you can't live your life being scared
Because the road ahead hasn't been declared
Not even when you're visually impaired
It's all about vision and being prepared

Challenge yourself to be the best you can be
Set your goals high so you can strive for them you see
Grit and grind it out eventually you'll be free
Take out the negative energy and bring in positive energy is the key


The Realist guy here period
When you become authentic, you become who you really are
Spread your wings and you'll go very far
You gotta want it like how you want to breathe
Take some risk, have faith and take a giant leap
Wake up, there are things to accomplish not time to sleep

Always have that underdog mentality
Always stay hungry and stay humble spiritually
Don't procrastinate and definitely don't be lazy
Have your check list ready and look at it daily
Because when it is time, you'll always be ready



The Realist guy here period
My nightmare starting to disappear
I can see the light in the tunnel starting to appear
I can feel Archangel Michael present very near
He told me don't worry you got nothing to fear
In the next couple of weeks it will be all crystal clear
He told me to be bold not scared cuz this is my year

Don't look back look forward to the great frontier
You must persevere to get where you wanna be in your career
Shine your light to the world and be sincere
And everything will be in tune and in gear.
I think down the line, I'll get me some pixie dust  (Not drug by the way to my readers)
But that's another day I have to talk to someone and discuss
But right now, it definitely not a priority or a must
It's something I must do before walking in a rush

Gotta get this project finish before I can submit
Been working hard losing some bad weight staying fit
Working on my agility and flexibility so I can do the split
The mini script is ready and people are ready to commit
Now, it's about getting it done ready to be transmit
Friends in the industry who have written recommendations like permit


The Realist guy here period
Waves and waves of Persian came at the last 300 and they held strong
Leonidas and his men fought endlessly every night and daylong
He had a vision and that was united Greece
A strong united country made up of many pieces
Where they would no longer fight each other but be at peace.

Athens might have fallen but a nation was form that day
A united Greece would now be on display
The Persian would forever be kept at bay
Until the Ottoman Empire came charging their way
But the Greek still found a way to preserve their heritage til this day
Be strong, stay level headed like the Greek from Monday to Sunday


The Realist guy here period
April is coming soon
Time to bring out the banjo with a new tune
Patiently waiting for that big ka-boom
When it comes, it'll be like a new moon
Not like hot air in a big balloon
More like soft white sand dune
On a breezy summer day in late June

The caterpillar is wrap in cocoon before becoming a butterfly
It won't be long before it fly to the sky
High and high it goes before the naked eye
In life, maybe it was just a passerby
No, it was slow to show it quality which it surely will exemplify
With it strength and courage it will no longer be deny
Until then, the butterfly waits to shine with bow and tie


The Realist guy here period
Sarn and Cecilia.  I can't tell you two what's going on yet.  My mini project is not complete yet but there is something more beyond this project.  I just can't say it yet.  It might be life changing sort of way but I can't spill it yet.  I just got to continue to pray to GOD that he answers my prayer.  I'm putting everything I got into this.   

The dark cloudy winter is almost over
Spring signify a new beginning a new changeover
In life, there will be some turnovers
But life continue and you'll find your four leaf clover
Sometimes, life is fast pace and sometimes it's a bit slower
But stay steady and focus don't let it take you like a roller coaster

Stay determine, stay positive, and it will get a bit closer
Stay away from negative thoughts and keep your composure
Stay away from the alcohol definitely stay sober
Learn, make changes, but don't be a poser
It's not to late to go for it as you get older
Be prepare be ready be on guard just like a soldier


The Realist guy here period
Thanks Darvil for fixing the forum. I knew there was something wrong with the forum when my poems didn't show up. Happy Easter everyone. To my little sister in Christ, Happy Easter to your family and best wishes to the younger sister in the competition. Trust GOD, he will never forsaken us as he will pave a way for us even though the path might be narrow compare to the world. As for me, the lord got something in store for me. I should be wrapping it up this weekend and then .... :D stay tune. I trust the lord on this one. :)

Imagination. Inspiration. Motivation. Determination. Destination.
Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"

I'm been working on myself to be a better me
Putting all my energy on the positivity
Many things to do fill it with beautiful memories
It could be hanging out with your friends & family
It could be to the moon and beyond our galaxy
A good book always is filled with fantasy
Leaving room for your imagination with possibility

So live your life man
Hit milan up then roll with friends to Japan
Rollin' into LA with my timberland
626 is where you'll find with me program in hand
Las Vegas five hours away sunscreen on don't want a tan
Eighth floor Palms Casino Resort with drinks in hand
Spring break that's what we do with absolutely no plan
Lyrical, seriously, Monday be hitting Rodeo Drive
North Hollywood let make it come alive


The Realist guy here period
Spring is here so party your soul like no tomorrow
Let the rhythm move you and just let it flow
Winter is gone and there is no more snow
Just beautiful lovely green plants and trees about to grow
Doing something in L.A. but gotta keep it wrapped up so no one knows
Gonna take it one day at a time to perfected it before the show
Blessed for the opportunity the lord has bestowed
Got a long way to go cause I'm new at it definitely not a pro (yet)
It's definitely something different and beyond the status quo

When we read a tragic part of a book it totally blows
It's like watching a car wreck or an awful game show
It numbs you like you're in the freezing cold 20 below
Maybe there's a reason why things happen
But at the time you didn't understand or know
But the lord uses it as a tool to help you grow
Sometimes, a sad book does end with a rainbow
Even though, the main characters go their separate way like domino
With one book coming to a close, there's always a 2nd, 3rd book, in a row
I promise myself, the second book will be filled with adventures and lots of whoa
Could it be a cameo? Could it be somewhere in a studio? We'll see how it goes


The Realist guy here period
The reason one day all will be crystal clear to see
Not just a bunch of hyperbole
But something very concrete and base in reality
It's closer than that actually
Over looking Venice Beach with them beautiful palm trees
The blue Pacific ocean flying a kite carefree
It's business mixes with pleasure to the nth degree

They said you couldn't do it in high school
They were wrong as you came out on top of the pool
They said the business world was tough and cruel
They were wrong as you climbed it almost to the crown jewel
They blind sided you like a stupid fool
But the lord will use it as motivation & as a fuel
The lord said live by love not by vengeance cuz that's cool
And the lord got something special for those who stood by his rules
Something of a letter from L.A. only GOD knew
For an opportunity to showcase the gift that GOD have given for a breakthrough

Book 2 gonna be more exciting. Not an actual book but a book in term of the journey in life.
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The Realist guy here period
Cecelia and Sarn look at the emojis for clues. That's all I'm saying. :dancer2:Not this one off course. lol. :banana:

The road to L.A has been hard for me
The letter on my desk was supposed to be full of glee
Wanted to share with the person who meant so much to me
But what I've saw and read bought me down to my knees
Whirlpool of emotions stirred like the turbulent sea
What happened next was like a fallen tree
I guess it was meant to be or we could say it was destiny
GOD turned my world of misery into something of positivity
Can't say what's in the letter or why I'm in LA leaving it a mystery :kitt-kit: :pontiac::cop1::rocket:

Sometimes you gotta take risk and go for it in life
To show your full potential and to shine your light
You gotta believe don't listen to much to the chatter that's right
Stay humble keep it on the down low and lastly keep quite
When it's time to reveal then you can shine your spotlight :uzi::rambo::2guns: :angel2:


The Realist guy here period
Talent is not measure with a ruler
Passion is not measure with a scale
It's not how big the dog is, it's how big the fight in the dog is.

Let the freestyle music flow on the dance floor :dancer2:
Let's party until it three might go late into four :band:
Let it all soak inside and do it some more
Secret, secret project, who me? Shhh, no one keeping score
Just chillin' in L.A. doing things I haven't done before
I'm free to the core, free to do, free to explore
Tryin' to be the realist definitely know what I stand for
It's not all play because there's a major project behind that screen door :wizard:

The lord is my light I shall not fear :flamethrower2:
Victory is very close and very near :number_one:
One major project started and more coming later this year :tmnt:
There were many detours getting here in my career
But that's life the bittersweet of finally getting there
My vision was temporary blurred but now it's all crystal clear :thumbsup:
Smile, smile, and smile I'm finally at the gate of the frontier :sun_smiley::star2::sun:
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