Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 19

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sarNie Egg
Hey everyone!
I am so sorry for the delay on this fanfic, I am just very busy this month, I have a lot to do but I will get to the fanfic when I have free time!
I am so sorry and thank you for being patient


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Hey everyone!
I am so sorry for the delay on this fanfic, I am just very busy this month, I have a lot to do but I will get to the fanfic when I have free time!
I am so sorry and thank you for being patient
Awhh it's okay! Thanks for the update hun :) Looking forward to the next update still.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Will you update this one? I'm dying to read ur next chapter. Pleaseeee
HAHAHA I got excited thinking theres an update when i saw the thread in the new post section.. I hope @tinglypanda will update soon too. I've been trying to wait patiently and getting really anxious.


Lily, i love ur story so much...but why you stop?? Will u update soon? I really want to read the next chapter. Pleaseeeeee


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Hello there everyone
Guess who is back and ready to continue on my story!
I really apologies for everyone who had been left disappointed that I had disappeared. I had a lot of issues for the pasted few years and I say there was no excuse but I am back to finish what I started!!


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Chapter Eighteen

Kawin was standing at the balcony drinking his coffee, it was late but coffee seems to be the only thing making him feel better, what was he thinking to agree with Meka and the girls, it seems like a crazy idea to have a truce with the Pongsakorn and sit down together in a normal room, after all it was Wai whom betrayed his father making him kill himself. Letting out a sigh of frustration he turned around drinking his coffee. Prima was standing at the door looking at him, smiling she walked over to him.

“What are you doing drinking coffee this late at night?” Prima asked taking the coffee off him.

“I’m just under stress right now” Kawin said pouting at her.

“Trust me, I know they will help us, okay” Prima said holding his hands, seeing him nodding it made her happy, he was trusting her with this, shaking her head she took a sip of the coffee only to taste the bitterness, coughing she quickly placed the coffee down wiping her mouth.

Kawin burst out into laughter, patting her head he lean down to her, “don’t like it?” he asked pinching her nose.

“It is bitter, you didn’t put any sugar in it” Prima pout.

“I know… here, let me give you some sweetness” Kawin said pulling Prima into his embrace, capturing her lips, moving in a slow movement he kissed her passionately, moving his hands to her waist and down to her butt, he grabbed onto it, squeezing it lightly, moving the kiss down to her neck, he nibble down onto her skin causing her to moan.

“Ahhh, Kawinnn” Prima moan wrapping her hands around his neck pulling him closer.

“Let’s get baby making” Kawin grinning at her before picking her up bride style carrying her over to the bed, placing her down he strip himself.

Prima watched her husband strip, grinning she pulled into down to her as he lean down taking her sleeping gown off and pulling her undies off, he got between her legs, kissing her legs, up her thighs and stopped at entrance, smirking up at her he peck at it a few times before connecting his lips to her entrance kissing her deep.

“Kawinn, ahhh, ah” Prima moan pulling his hair, this was something new, she looked down at him, he was deep in the kiss, she never thought of anyone going down on her like this, the pleasure was irresistible, feeling his tongue licking at her clit she moan louder, she could feel herself coming but Kawin stopped. “why did you stop?” Prima asked frustrated that he stop her from reaching her climax.

“Not yet” he smirked coming up to her and kissed her lips letting her taste herself. Positioning him he thrust it, “ahh, you are so tight” he moan pulling back and thrusting in again.

“Kawin, ahh, ahhh” Prima moan wrapping her legs around his waist.

Picking up his pace he placed his hands around her head, looking down at her, he continues thrusting faster and deeper, hitting her g-spot Prima cried in pleasure throwing her arms up hugging his back, Kawin turn Prima around and pulled her up, spreading her legs he pushed himself in her again, this time getting her deeper. Prima balanced herself on her legs and palms gripping on the bed. Kawin was on his knees holding onto Prima’s waist pulling her back into him as he thrust in, their skin slap against each other.


The sunlight shine in San’s face, groaning he used his hand to cover his face instantly feeling a massive headache. He sat up rubbing his face, looking around he saw the empty bottle of rum, sighing he knew he shouldn’t have drunken that much but it had been done so no going back but all he knew was that he needed to shower, he reek and needed to get rid of this hungover. Turning on the water he let the cool water run down his body, the feeling calm him down but looking down he saw the dry blood slowly washed off his head looking down the drain.

“This is all your fault Lalin, you cause me so much trouble” San thought, getting out of the shower he stood in front of the mirror touching his head where the cut was, taking out the first aid kit from the cupboard he clean the wound. “Maybe I should check on that little brat, in fact she should be the one cleaning my head” San thought frowning, slamming cupboard shut he closed his eyes as last night incident run through his head, feeling a bit concern about Lalin as he recalled her bleeding elbow and knees, he walked out of the bathroom. Putting some clothes on, he decided to go check on her…

Opening the door to her room, San saw Lalin fast asleep against the headboard, she had no other choice as she was still tied onto the post, looking around San saw the broken lamp shattered across the floor, knowing he was going to step on it, San clean it up, dumping it in the bin he slowly walked over to Lalin, staring at her sleeping body there was dried blood all over her arms and legs, including her clothes.

“Lalin, get up, it’s time to do some work” San said sternly, there was no response, San got closer to her “Thinking you would be able to stack off today? Well unfortunately not, I said get—” San didn’t finish his sentence when he touch Lalin, she was burning hot. Quickly moving his hand off her, San stared at her for a bit before touching her skin again.

“Burning…” She was having a fever, who could’ve blame her, she was sobbing all night long, bleeding out. San sigh slowly getting off the bed. “You deserve this” San said turning around, wanting to walk out of the room and leave her be but apart of him was telling him that he can’t just leave her like that. Turning back to look at her, he groan walking out to the kitchen and starting making porridge, letting it simmer he put the lid on and went back into the room where Lalin was still tied to the post.

Untying the ropes, he slowly laid her down, looking at her clothes he was all covered in dirt and blood, bit by bit he took off her clothes starting hard at her. He didn’t need to do this but still it’s like his body is telling him otherwise. Getting a bowl of water and cloth, he gently clean her body, wiping it dry. Putting new clothes on her he stepped off the bed and left to the kitchen.


Sai was sitting down in the living room eating her breakfast, but she couldn’t eat much, still worrying about Lalin she just did not have the appetite to eat. Sighing she settle the utensils down and was about to get up when a maid came in.

“Sai, you have visitors” she informed.

“I don’t think I can see anyone at the moment, please tell them to come back later” Sai replied.

“But I think you may want to talk to them, it is Mr and Mrs Pongsakorn”

Sai looked at the maid with wide eyes, nodding she followed the her to the living room where they were waiting for her. They both got up and greeted Sai.

“Sai, how are you?” Kaew asked looking concern as Sai looked like she had not slept well for days.

“I… I am okay” Sai replied sitting down across from them “Is there a reason you are here to see me today?” Sai said having a hard time looking at them, after all they are San’s parent, who may have agreed with the disappearance of Lalin.

“We want to help you, if San was the one who really took Lalin, as parents we can understand what you must be feeling, so we want to help you find her” Wai said smiling gently at Sai.

“Really?! Do you mean it?...” Sai got excited and looked at them with hope.

“Of course” Kaew replied “I raised San, and this is not how I wanted him to turn out like” Kaew replied sadly “I am just hoping that… that if we do help, his punishment would not be too hard” Kaew said sadly, looking down. “I am so sorry Sai”

“I understand, no parent’s ever want their children to turn bad, I will consider letting him go if my daughter is not harm” Sai replied.

“Well now we will just need to get together and find as much as we can” Wai replied getting out his phone. Kaew went to sit with Sai comforting her, hoping just hoping that this would not be true…


Putting his empty bowl of porridge in the sink, San grabbed a bowl and pour some porridge in the bowl, grabbing some medications before heading back to Lalin, walking inside he saw that she was still asleep. Placing the bowl on the side table, he shook Lalin wanting her to wake up and take the medication.

“Lalin… Lalin” San shook her more, before stopping as she was stirring. “Good, you are finally waking up” San said watching her slowly sitting up.

Lalin eyes kept closed, she wasn’t feeling well and needed water “water… I need water” she said not caring about her surroundings right now.

San hand her some water along with the medications “here, take these too” he said watching her take it, drinking all the water, he watched her lean against the headboard and slowly gaining conscious.

Staring at her he saw her staring at him too, before she looked down seeing that she now only has San’s shirt on, touching her arm, he had wrapped her elbow and knees with dressing bandage.

“I clean you up, you stunk but quickly eat up so you can get back to work” San said handing her the porridge.

Lalin just remind silent and turn away from him.

“I said eat up” San said looking at her hard.

“I don’t want too, go away” Lalin replied continuing to ignore him.

San closed his eyes, this girl, she was driving him crazy, stirring the porridge and scooping some, San grabbed her chin turning her to face him, shoving the porridge in her mouth, Lalin was shocked and backed away.

“Now swallow it!” San glared at her making sure she swallowed, pushing the porridge in her hands, San smirked at her. “Eat it… I don’t want you running out of energy, we still have heaps of fun things to do…” San said touching her leg before getting off the bed.

Lalin turn to San, glaring at him, how could he say that “I am not your fun toy!” she yelled before throwing the porridge at him, getting up she quickly slapped him.

San stood there in complete shocked, turning back to look at Lalin and his shirt which had porridge all over it. Clutching his fist, he push her back on the bed before grabbing her legs and dragged them close to him.

“I took the time in cleaning you, making you food and you still act so tough! The hell will I let you do this!” San yelled before ripping the shirt off her, the buttons came flying off, smirking he looked down at her naked body, she was completely exposed as San didn’t put any lingerie on her.

“Stop!!” Lalin faintly scream at San once she realized she was naked covering her parts with her hands and tightly closed her legs. “Don’t you dare to this!” she cried as she was still dizzy from the fever.

“I was honestly going to let you go today, you did this and I will make sure you learn your lesson” San said throwing his shirt on to the side, sliding his pants and boxers down, he stared at Lalin who was weakly trying to cover herself with the blankets. Smirking at her attempt he only turned him on more, hooking both arms under her legs he swiftly pull her closer to him, lucky for him the bed was the perfect height and his harden poked at her entrance.

“I will make you scream, and if you don’t, I won’t stop and trust me, I can do this all day long” San said before slamming himself inside her.

“Stop it…” Lalin cried swinging her hands around but unfortunately she wasn’t getting him, he was standing up at the end of the bed just pounding at her, he was far from her reached, feeling him fill her up made her sick and she was too weak to try and fight him.

“You’re… God tight as always” San groan in pleasure looking down at her smirking, he was enjoying the view, seeing her hopelessly trying to hit him, dragging one leg he placed it on his shoulder and grab onto her hips he quicken his speed “Ughhhh god” San groan feeling her getting wetter making it so much easier for him to slide in. He kept his eyes on her, no pity watching her cling onto the sheets and eyes closed.

“I hate you” Lalin said with her eyes still closed, she hated him, she hated this feeling, he was abusing her, violating her body.

San ignored her words, stopping with his hardness still inside her, he lifted her up making her have no choice but to hold onto him for support. Walking over to the wall her slam her back on it and started pumping harder and quicker. Lalin move her hands and push against his chest leaving a gap between them, staring at him she could see nothing but pure lust, there was no sparkle in his eyes. It was dark, she couldn’t look at him and turn away.

“Look at me” San said stopping himself but still kept himself inside her.


“I said too at me or I will put myself in places you never knew I could” San said harshly at her.

Lalin slowly turn to look at San, at that moment he captured her lips, sucking at them hard and kissing her deep, he continued grinding slowly but slamming in hard and making sure it reached as deep as he can. “We are going to do this all day so I will take my time” San grin before going back to reclaim her lips…


Natt and Lumpao were together in the car, they both received phone calls from their parents to come and meet at the Wongwilai after class.

“Did you think they have found my sister? Is that why we are going to your house?” Lumpao asked with hopeful eyes.

“I really hope so, I love my brother but that doesn’t mean I will support him with all his decisions” Natt replied holding onto Lumpao’s hand.

Stopping the car, they had reached his house, they both exit the car and entered the house into the living room.

“What happened Mai Sai” Lumpao asked sitting next to her mother.

“Wai and Kaew are here to help us, we thought having you two around would be able to help us think” Sai replied to her daughter and Natt.

“Of course, aunty, the more the faster we can find Lalin” Natt replied smiling at her.

“We just need to think of what and where San might be, San is smart and doesn’t tell us much” Natt said thinking…

They all stared at each other, not knowing anything and looked at Natt who was tapping his feet. “That’s it!” Natt said clicking his finger. They all got up.

“What! What is it?” Wai asked.

“San drivers, not to mention, when San tends to take time off, he spends it on his island or go to visit the villagers! We need to call Pon and Sak here, force them to tell us where he is and if confirm, I for sure think she might be at his island” Natt said smiling.

“Yes… yes… this could be correct…” Wai said grabbing his phone out and dialling Pon’s number “Pon, come to the Wongwilai’s house now and bring Sak with you” Wai ordered and hung up before Pon could reply. “If this is correct, then I will call Phet” Wait said thinking hard. If his son is guilty, then he has much to fix.

“I am guilty, this is all from my doing…” Wai said looking down “I am so sorry Sai, I never meant for this to happened, I never meant for Sak to fall sick and die, I was just selfish and I promise I will repay you from everything that has happened” Wai said giving Sai and apologetic look, sadness was shown in his eyes and Sai knew he was sincere.

“We cannot change the past, I admit we had fallen from what you did to us but I had forgiven you but please, all I need is my daughter back and we can both move forward, my son did guilty too.” Sai replied holding onto Lumpao’s hands.

“Where is Kawin?” Lumpao asked.

“He and Prima are at the office, they should be returning soon, I was going to call him earlier but I knew your brother is hot headed and will not think so once we have all the details, please help calm him down” Sai said crying. “I can’t stand this anymore, I just can’t”

Sak and Pon had arrived, entering they were aware that everyone had their eyes on them. Looking down they knew what was coming.

“I need you to tell me the truth, both of you, I understand you are my son’s guard but you also work under me and so unless you both want to be living in the street, tell us everything” Wai said sternly.

Pon and Sak looked at each other, sighing they weren’t sure about what to do, they can’t afford to go to jail at the same time they can’t afford to live on the street.

“I will also assure you will not be in jail if you help me” Meka said walking inside the house, following behind him was Kawin and Prima.

Everyone turned their heads looking at them walk in, Kawin held tightly onto Prima’s hand seeing the Pongsakorn sitting in his house, he did not like seeing them but Prima calm him down.

“They are here to help, mother sent me a message already” Prima assure him sitting down next to Sai and Lumpao while Kawin stood in front of Pon and Sak, clutching his fists.

Pon nodded at Sak hinting that they have no other choice. Clearing his throat Pon hesitated “We took Lalin sir, we took her to the boat, she is now currently on the island with San” Pon quickly spoke before kneeling down and bowing.

“We are so sorry but we had to follow orders, we were only doing our jobs, please don’t fire us!” Sak spoke fearing for this life.

Wai took out his phone and quickly dial in a number.

“Stop what are you doing” Kawin said holding up his hands.

“Calling Phet, he lives on the island with his wife Mim and they take care of everything there, I must ask them to confirm” Wai explained looking furious.

“Don’t or they will know we are coming” Kawin said.

“Pon you will call him, Phet is San’s people, he is loyal to San and will never turn on him” Natt replied, “I know him well and from years of seeing Phet and Mim, they will never turn against San.”

“Yes that is correct” Sak confirm looking up.

“Then so be it and we will leave tonight” Kawin said glaring at the men’s, he wanted to beat the living out of the two but knew they were correct, the work for San and cannot go against the order.

“We won’t be able to, there is a storm tonight, we won’t make it to the island, I will call my men to come arrest San” Meka said grabbing out his phone.

“No please, don’t call them, don’t put my son in jail” Kaew asked standing up with her hands together “I know my son did wrong but please, let’s try to handle this ourselves” Kaew cried, fearing for her son.

“Tomorrow morning, we leave but I warn you all, I will kill him if anything happens to my sister” Kawin said before storming upstairs…


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Hello there everyone
Guess who is back and ready to continue on my story!
I really apologies for everyone who had been left disappointed that I had disappeared. I had a lot of issues for the pasted few years and I say there was no excuse but I am back to finish what I started!!
Welcome back! We're all going through a difficult time in life right now too.. Stay strong. Don't forget there's always a lot of us here happy to listen about everything and anything..
Thankyou for updating again. Honestly I've completely forgotten about our fanfic section and brought ebook through the google play store.

Take care of yourself and stay safe!


sarNie Egg
Welcome back! We're all going through a difficult time in life right now too.. Stay strong. Don't forget there's always a lot of us here happy to listen about everything and anything..
Thankyou for updating again. Honestly I've completely forgotten about our fanfic section and brought ebook through the google play store.

Take care of yourself and stay safe!
It has definitely been a hard time for everyone. Hope that everyone is taking care and family is doing well.
I just found my way back to this page and decided it was time to finish this off. At least complete something to feel better :sad6:


sarNie Egg
Chapter Nineteen

San yawned stretching his arms, he sigh sitting up and turning to look at Lalin sleeping soundly next to him with her back facing him. Of course, she would be tired out, he smirk thinking about how many times he took her yesterday, they spent the day in this room. Pulling the cover a little, he smirk seeing her whinge. He touched her body and still felt a little hotter than usual, he figured she still had a bit of fever, turning her around, he looked at her sleeping face, so peacefully her red nose from crying all day, her lips were swollen and bruised, her neck had some marks from him sucking on it. He moved her hair out of her face rubbing her cheeks. Guilt was written in his face, sighing he knew he did wrong but a part of him said it was too late, the deed had been done and now he must take the consequences. Getting up he wrapped his waist with a towel and went to go shower, he will let her rest today…


Getting on the boat, Kawin stood alone, he knew Prima wanted to stand next to him but right now all he had in mind was getting Lalin back, his sister right now is his priority. Wai at come along with Natt and Meka. Pon and Sak were at the front steering the boat. Kaew, Sai and Lumpao were waiting at home, Kawin had forbidden his mother to come along as he knew he was not going to be nice to San.

We will be there in an hour” Pon said, turning to look at Wai and Kawin.

“Good, be aware, I will not hold if he has done something to my sister, even a single scratch, I will kill him” Kawin frowned at them.

They both nodded but knew no matter what, they will still protect San, even though they knew San would still fire them or even worse kill them for turning him in…


San finish buttoning Lalin’s shirt on, he decided to dress her today, at least not have her naked so he could control himself. Putting the cover over her, he walked out of the room to make some coffee. Hearing some voices, he frown turning to the sound.

“No stop you cannot come in, if San has not mention you, I cannot let you in!” Mim yelled pushing against Kawin.

“Mim, Phet out of the way!” Wai ordered sending them both deadly glares.

“Wai, I am sorry I cannot!” Phet said back, looking nervous. They knew this was not right, this was not happening, they were here for Lalin and San would kill them.

Kawin pushed through and ran up the stairs. There he was, face to face with San. San was shocked, how did they find him, although it was an obvious place but he wasn’t ready to give Lalin up yet. San blocked the door and glared at Kawin, hinting that he will not let Kawin get through.

“San, we have the rights to search this place” Meka came forward with Pon and Sak.

San glared at them and back at Kawin, receiving a punch in the face, Kawin pushed San back and threw him another punch knocking San down on the floor.

“San!” Mim screaming rushing to him with Phet.

“Kawin stop, just go find Lalin” Prima said holding him back.

“Hell you will” San push Mim off him and swung at Kawin, grabbing his collar San push him back..

“Sak, Pon, hold onto San, do not let him go!” Wai yelled pointing at San.

Sak and Pon quickly held onto San “San please forgive us!” they said bowing down at San while he struggled against them.

Kawin quickly went inside with Meka, “Search the place, she is here somewhere” Kawin said looking around. Opening every door, empty, empty, he walked past a room with the door open and stopped, turning he saw Lalin sleeping on the bed. Rushing in he shook her “Lalin… Lalin” Kawin took the cover off her, eyes widen he saw her elbow and knees wrapped up, clutching his fist, he punch the bed “San!!” gently picking Lalin up, Kawin walked out of the room with his sister in his hands.

“You are safe now, I am so sorry” Kawin said looking at his sister.

“Lalin!” Meka said rushing to Kawin. “You found her; she was really with my brother” Natt looked down sadly.

“Meka hold onto Lalin for me, I need to teach this bastard a lesson” Kawin said in anger, handing Lalin to Meka to hold…

“San, why did you do this?” Wai asked looking down at his son.

“Why… you are asking me why I am doing this?! You should be punishing Kawin, not me! He did this, he took Prima and ruin everything!” San yelled getting up pushing Sak and Pon away. “Prima and I were engaged; we were getting married dad, then he took her away, made her do these stupid things and now she won’t come back!”

“Enough! This is ending today San” Wai said fiercely holding his son.

San quickly felt a pull and turn around meeting a punch on the face, stepping back he only received another, Kawin kept throwing punches at San.

“Kawin, stop stop!” Natt yelled running to San and held his brother back.

“San, I am going to kill you!” Kawin yelled pulling against Natt.

Prima came running to Kawin “Kawin what happened?” Prima asked holding onto him as well.

Meka came walking out with Lalin in his arms, he stopped next to Kawin “from what I came see, Lalin has been injured, San you are to be taken to the police station for questioning” Meka said indicating her bruises on her body.

“San….” Prima state, touching Lalin, “How can you do this!?” she yelled slapping him across the face “this isn’t right, this isn’t you!” she kept yelling pushing against his chest while he took the hits.

“Kawin, take Lalin to Mor, I will take San to the police station” Meka said, handing Lalin back to Kawin “I will take care of the rest and after Lalin wakes up she will need to give information” Meka said holding onto San and pulling him away.

Wai stood there staring at them walk again, that was his son but at all was he going to let his son do what he wants, this was crossing the line and must end, he closed his eyes and sigh. “Let’s go” he said following them. Natt held onto the crying Prima and nod for her to held onto him for support before following everyone else.


Mor was in the room with Lalin, checking her temperature, on the couch was Lumpao and Sai and Kawin, Sai was sobbing holding onto Lumpao, relief her daughter was found and safe.

“Mor how she is?” Kawin asked, rubbing his mother’s shoulder trying to calm her down.

“She has a fever, I have given her medications so she will recover soon, as for her knees and elbows I suspect she must have fallen but she has lost weight” Mor said sighing off the papers and handing it to the nurse next to him.

“This is all San’s fault, I will make sure he rots in that jail” Kawin said walking to Lalin and stood next to her.

Prima looked down and sigh “Wai and Kaew has asked us not to arrest San if they help find Lalin, I think we should call M—”

“No, he is going to jail Prima, are you taking sides?” Kawin quickly cut her off frowning at her.

“It’s just we should keep our words” Prima state looking down.

“What… your scared to see your ex-boyfriend rot in jail, if you miss him that much then go stay with him!” Kawin yelled looking away.

Prima slowly stood up shocked at Kawin’s statement and slowly walked out the room sobbing.

“Kawin you should say something like that to Prima, I know you are angry but she is your wife” Lumpao said looking angrily at her brother “and if she does go back to San, I guarantee you won’t get her back”

Kawin turn to look at Lumpao, she was right if Prima return back to San, he would lose her for good and that can’t happen.

“Prima is correct, we must keep our words to Kaew and Wai but right now go get Prima before she leaves” Sai said sitting next to the sleeping Lalin holding her hands.

Kawin nodded and quickly followed Prima out the room, outside he saw Prima crying near the window, he felt guilt with his words, he slowly walked behind her and hugged her back. Prima turn to look at him wiping her eyes.

“I’m sorry Prima, I never meant to hurt you, I was just angry” Kawin said softly to his wife.

“I know, you are going through a lot right now but I am your wife, I am here for you” Prima said looking away.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, please forgive me and come back inside” Kawin said kissing her cheeks.

“Just don’t say that again or I will go back and I won’t come back” Prima tease him poking her tongue out.

Kawin frown and peck her lips and pinch her nose “you wouldn’t dare” Kawin frown at her still and push her to the room, Prima laughed and shook her head…

Police Station

San sat down in the jail cell looking at his crying mother. Kaew was sitting down crying while Natt tries to calm her down.

“Why did you do this San, you are my son” Kaew cried looking at her son.

San sat quietly looking away from Kaew, he was ready to look into his mother’s eyes. He wasn’t wrong what he did was already done, too late to turn back. He sigh and rubbed his hands.

“He got what he deserves” Wai said glaring at San “I didn’t raise my son to be like this” he finished off before working away.

“It will be okay San, we will get you out of here darling” Kaew said assuring San and nodding to Natt, Natt nodded back and smile gently, he wasn’t too sure himself as his brother had gone the line, the best they can do is be there for him…


Lalin slowly opened her eyes, the bright light made her closed her eyes again, she whinge at the brightness and sigh, again another day stuck in bed with San to be ordering her around all day. She decided to keep her eyes closed since she wasn’t ready to deal with him.

“Lalin” Sai whispered next to Lalin.

Straight away her eyes opened, Lalin heard the voice she had been missing, her mother’s voice. She turn to the voice hoping that it wasn’t just a dream.

“Mum…” Lalin cried hugging her mother. The feeling of being back in her mother’s arm calm everything in her body and mind. This was all she ever wanted since being stuck with San, she just wanted to be back in Sai’s arms, the warmth of it heal everything she had felt. “I missed you so much” Lalin cried still holding onto her mother scared that it was only a dream.

“I miss you too Lin, I am glad you are safe” Sai cried holding Lalin tightly, Lumpao join in with the hug.

“I miss you too Lin” Lumpao said smiling at her sister, seeing her sister again made her so happy, everything had ease off her shoulders now.

“Kawin, I will go get Mor” Prima quietly said and walked off when Kawin nodded at her.

Kawin just stood still looking at them hugging, those women there are the women’s he vow to protect but he failed and it anger him to see this.

Mor came in with Prima following behind, Prima stood next to Kawin as Mor made his way to Lalin.

“Can I please do a few checks on Lalin” Mor said bringing the girls attention to him. He smiled seeing them rubbed their eyes and move away.

“Mor…” Lalin said looking at him smiling.

“Well tick to remembering everyone” Mor said smiling at Lalin and looking at the papers and writing down things “name and date of birth” he asked as the nurse went to Lalin’s side to check on her vitals.

Lalin frowned at Mor “you know all of that”

“Of course, I do but I need you to tell me” Mor smiled.

“Lalin Wongwilai, 8th of May 1997”

“Good” Mor said ticking more things.

“Her vitals are all stable doctor” the nurse said moving away from Lalin.

He gave the nurse the clipboard and nodded as she left the room.

“Now it’s my turn to ask you some questions” Kawin said moving closer to Lalin.

Lalin saw the look in her brother’s eyes and it was not a good sign. “At least hug me first”

Kawin sighed walking over to Lalin pulling her into his chest, he gave her a tight hug. “Better?” he asked rubbing her back.

Lalin nodded and moved away looking at Kawin.

“Now I will ask, tell me everything San did to you, I will make sure he pays and stay in jail for the rest of his life” Kawin said glaring at Lalin.

“He is in jail? Wait how did I get here?” Lalin frowning, she looked around at everyone.

“Yes he is in jail. We went to the island and got you back, you have cuts on your elbow and knees and bruises all over your body, what did he do to you I will kill him” Kawin fold his arms looking at Lalin with a serious look.

“Wait Kawin, you didn’t tell me San was in jail! We promise Wai and Kaew that we wouldn’t put him in jail” Sai said turning to Kawin looking worried.

“You still want to protect him after what he did to Lin?” Kawin asked pointing at Lalin’s elbows.

Sai looked down and rubbed her hands together “this happened because you had started taking Prima away first. All I want is for this to end, they helped us find Lalin” Sai said looking straight at Kawin, she turn to Lalin “did he hurt you because if he did, then I will definitely not let him go” Sai said holding Lalin’s hands.

Lalin looked at Sai then at Kawin, she knew her answer would either end San’s life or free him, thinking about what her mother said about Kawin starting this was correct, but San did her wrong and he must pay but… he was also hurt. Looking down she wanted to end this where no one else has to suffer “He didn’t do anything, he only took me there and made me live with the people who were there” she said looking at her hands. Afraid to look up knowing that Kawin would catch her lying.

“You are lying what about the bruises on your body, tell me Lin, I promise he won’t be able to hurt you anymore” Kawin said bending down to make Lalin look up at him, smiling he knew he had to be gentle with his words.

“I… I fell from the tree, I was working in the farm and fell” Lalin quietly said “He didn’t do anything, he was mean to me but he never…” she paused, she closed her eyes struggling to say it but she had too “never laid a hand on me. He said he only took me there because he knew you would go crazy looking for me” Lalin said looking around at everyone.

“Lin…” before Kawin could continue Lalin quickly interrupted him.

“Please believe me, I… I am tired of all of this, from dad to now us… it’s time to end this right so free him so we can all move along this.” Lalin plead looking at Kawin with teary eyes.

“Call Meka and end this Kawin” Sai said backing Lalin up. “Lalin has said it all, I also want this revenge thing to end now”

Kawin looked at both his mother and sister, this is insane how can this just end like this when San took his sister, he looked at Prima seeing her giving him and smile and nod, he hesitated and took out his phone.

Police Station

Meka opened the door to San’s cell. San looked up at Meka with questioning look, frown he asked “what now?”

“You are free of charge, there is no charge against you as there has been a misunderstanding” Meka said holding the door open for San.

San slowly got up and walked out the cell, looking at Meka who nodded for him to keep going, he question, why is he free. He saw his family sitting out in the waiting area. They saw him hesitating he walked over to them.

“San!” Kaew cried running to San and hugged him.

They looked at Meka who handed San back his things. “Lalin had confirm there has been a misunderstanding, San is free of charge and no longer in jail, so you are free to go, we apologies for holding you back.” Meka said giving them an apologetic look.

San looked at Meka confused, Lalin said that… she didn’t say anything but instead freed him, it is time to move on from this San questioned looking at his parents, Wai still refused to look at San and he didn’t blame his father, his mother held his arm.

“Let’s go home” she said pulling him along, he smiled at her and nodded.

Sitting in the back seat of the car he looked out the window, it was time to let everything go, Prima must go and now Lalin must go, he had to let them both go…