[ONE31]Pathu Kat: Tre/Plengkwan/Neng/Bifern Anchasa


sarNie Oldmaid
Why does this look like a fan MV of the two boys lool I’m excited for this one!
Lmao, that's how all the promotions have felt like, to be honest. I think the series will probably focus a lot on their friendship. It also seems like there is a love triangle with Plengkwan's character, which confuses me because I thought Baifern was Neng's love interest. But she's been in almost none of the teasers/trailers.


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I was actually confused by this at first, coz I thought the focus of this drama would be the 3 ladies Mam, Bifern and Plengkwan.

Could it be that they're just downplaying promotion of Bifern's role here for now, as her own drama "Poot Pitsawat" just started?


Jose Vladimir Austria's jockstrap sdksdksfkspf
It just dawned on me that the plot has some resemblance to Filipino drama "Tayong Dalawa" (which ABS-CBN aired back in 2009). The two lead actors (Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca) also portrayed twins there that got separated. And both entered the military too.