[ONE31]Pathu Kat: Tre/Plengkwan/Neng/Bifern Anchasa


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I'm actually excited cause I liked Mam and Plengkwan in their last lakorn together haha but I don't think they're going to be mom and daughter again. The p'ek I never heard of.. lol. I like Bifern too so I'll check this out. Hopefully the storyline is interesting lol


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Does anyone know what’s the story about ?


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Looks like this is airing soon based on the promos in One31's IG page, but I wonder where they're gonna place this.

- "Poot Pitsawat" is being pegged to replace "Luk Krung".
- "Laila, Thida Yak" might be replaced by a singing drama starring Point Cholawit (who's leading a lakorn for the first time) - at least according to One31's Thai Wiki page. I just don't see "Phatu Kat" being on that timeslot, as they typically air the lighter fares around that time.
- "Kaew Khon Lek" will be replaced by "Sai Lub Jub Klin" (starring New Wongsakorn and Marie), starting July 5th.
- Baifern's drama will probably run until August or September, and according also to One31's Wiki , Sean/Camilla lakorn will replace it.


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According to the Thai Wiki page of One31, this will replace the Baifern/Push drama. I think that'll end around early September (assuming a 26-episode run similar to Songkram Nak Pun and Hua Jai Sila).

I can't see any other primetime slot where One31 can place this at the moment, unless they'll scrap their Wed-Thu 2120H programming to add a drama there (which is currently occupied by Sleepless Society (Wed) and the Kangsom sitcom (Thu)).