[ONE31]Dao Jarut Fah: Toomtam /Noona/Tai Orathai/Pai Pongsakorn/Fon Thanasoonthorn

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  1. Koy123

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    Awe... Tootum sounds nice, didn’t know he can sing this kinda songs. Noona and Tootum looks good together.
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  2. thatsouthernasianchick

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    Yes, it is Toomtam's real voice. When he was on 'The Star 7', all of the judges concluded that he excelled in looktoong/morlum but he wanted to do pop because of the craze in pop culture.
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  3. thailakornlover75

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    Hahah, I know right! Phai always involving himself with Tai's character. lol I'm sure that it's Tootum's voice, but im not sure if it's his song, I forgot the title for it.....
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  4. thailakornlover75

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    Sorry for the last reply but yea.
  5. WeirFany

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    This song kept popping up for me bc I've been obsessed lately these last months with this luktung traditional sounding music. The original, I've been listening to..then Tao's (who is in here also) his cover which is awesome. After this scene aired, Toomtam's full cover kept popping up so I listened too. I was amazed with his voice...looked at his old videos to see if it was really him or not bc i was so impressed.

    The original singer is an older man, who is amazing!! All the full studio recorded songs are uploaded on Grammy Gold's account too.
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  6. phatman

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    Is this a primetime lakorn?
  7. anavang

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    Song is originally by Mike Piropom.
    Here it is:

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