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Well...Here's the pra aek/nang aek for Bla Boo Tong 2009..

Everyone is putting down the pra aek from Bla Boo Tong lol..Even the person who got the news about the pra aek being cute is taking back there words lol..The new pra aek was on AT10 if anyone remembers him..He came out on the show about his powers basically lol...He is like a psychic...Perhaps he has been watching too much of these kind of series and wanting to be in one so much lol..Anyways people are saying does Euy have a mom as a Bla Boo or a husband as a Bla Boo lmao!!!! So many harsh comments but so funny..A lot of people are saying to change the pra aek like they did with Tep Sung Warn..Because if anyone remembers Nott was suppose to be the pra aek and he was at the opening ceremony but then when the lakorn aired they changed it to Aont..They said to do the same thing with this guy and they said the executives should've put Nott in here instead..Ugh..What are they thinking to pick this guy!!! He is so not pra aek material and he is already in his 30's..Not that being in your 30's is too old..Its perfect but not with this guy..Pick Chatree!! Although he is old now and no where to be found but go search for him lol..


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thank for sharing the pictures, he is okay from the picture, not to handsome, but okay...I don't understand why there are two ladies, and I don't like the thing goes around the girl head like that, not so pretty and doesn't match the clothes...the lady in the pink shouldn't have that thing on...take it out...anyway, now I would like to see how their acting is....


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oh my god, tell me that this P'ake is a joke...wat the hack were they thinking...I'll totally skip this one if he IS playing the role...ewww...

Thanamas89, why did they changed the cast in TepSungWan to Aont instead of they not like Nott or wat???? Can u please inform me on the 411...


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Everyone is praying for them to change the pra aek before they film the grown up parts lol..And I am praying with them..Gosh! What in the world are they thinking..!? As for Nott being taken out of Tep Sung Warn nobody knows the reason why..There was no reason coming from them..Nobody said why he was taken out...I think maybe he got taken out is because of his studies..? He IS very nerdy in real life lol..But who knows..I was actually expecting to see him as pra aek in the new Bla Boo Tong because he got taken out of Tep Sung Warn and plus there is no other pra aek that looks nice and is big like him you know..Anywho..I am very disappointed with this new Bla Boo Tong..Totally ruined the lakorn and everything..I think I will bring out the old one now lol..


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why must they have him in here .. he's not p'ek material -- we need some EYE CANDIES p'ek LOl

the reason why i'm hook to TEP3RUDOO is b/c of the cast --

Huabnag, i agree with you on the yellow string headband thing .. one word, UGLY!!!


The na'ek kind of looks like Kob. Pra'ek needs to go for real!! DAMN! What the hell's Ch.7 thinking?


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please change the pr eak. he look like a yak instead of pr eak. please................change if you hear us fan dida.


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Are you talking about nott from sung tung? I was hoping to see him here that was one of the reason it got me back into watching boran series. :rolleyes: o I hope they change the pra ek I don't think this pra ek look's like a prince? :eek: Maybe he can act but still this series is a ruin for me. :huh: Hopefully they will change the pra ek? Maybe I should just skip most of these episode and watch the end instead. <_< I do agree the na ek is pretty cute. ;)


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i agree he's not handsom...HE SURE TAKES MY BREATH AWAY :loool: but maybe he's a good actor?
i guess when it comes down to it i'd rather see someone not as good looking act the part right than someone with a pretty face who cant act at all...


ahhhhhhhhhhhh......are you series...this guy is not kute at all...Change him change him change him. He does not look charming what so ever. As for nang ek shes pretty. And I'm happy they are having new faces, but the guy got to go.


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EEEEEEEWWWWWWW..................HE IS SO UGLY...PLEASE DO CHANGE HIM LOLZ....but who knows he might look okay onscreen...hahaha...BUT PLZ CHANGE THE PRAEK THOUGH....I guess nangek is new too then


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I heard him talk already..Not a good voice lol..Not romantic and kinda sound duckish in my opinion haha..Anyways..OMIGOSH..I can already imagine the part where he follow her at the festival and give her love signals..The old version was cute and romantic..I think this version when he acts out that part I will throw up or break my screen..One way or another..If Boy was still alive I wonder how he would react to this new version of Promatut..


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na ek is okay...buh pra ek has to go... i agree wit everyone....buh i doubt it...cause his pictures are up already...dey wont change it...i fink dey pull nott out of tep sarng warn cause he was too yung to play di part...since there was di love triangle btwn pra ek, na ek and lattanawadee....yam would have looked too old for him...and it seems nott is quite shy at times....di way he acts.... so all dose scenes wit lattanawadee wouldn't be as romantic....

aniwase when dey grow up didnt they have two different girls play as eur and ier....dats probably y dey got two girls in dis one too....