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Okay everyone, if you would have to choose between this guy and Chaiya Mitchai, who would you pick?
hahahahhahaa girl, what's up with the trick question?!?! lol

however, i do love it when chaiya sings. he has a nice, soothing voice...for SINGING ONLY


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Well...Here's the pra aek/nang aek for Bla Boo Tong 2009..

Everyone is putting down the pra aek from Bla Boo Tong lol..Even the person who got the news about the pra aek being cute is taking back there words lol..The new pra aek was on AT10 if anyone remembers him..He came out on the show about his powers basically lol...He is like a psychic...Perhaps he has been watching too much of these kind of series and wanting to be in one so much lol..Anyways people are saying does Euy have a mom as a Bla Boo or a husband as a Bla Boo lmao!!!! So many harsh comments but so funny..A lot of people are saying to change the pra aek like they did with Tep Sung Warn..Because if anyone remembers Nott was suppose to be the pra aek and he was at the opening ceremony but then when the lakorn aired they changed it to Aont..They said to do the same thing with this guy and they said the executives should've put Nott in here instead..Ugh..What are they thinking to pick this guy!!! He is so not pra aek material and he is already in his 30's..Not that being in your 30's is too old..Its perfect but not with this guy..Pick Chatree!! Although he is old now and no where to be found but go search for him lol..
You are so right, lol! Might as well bring back chatree :D lol

Otherwise, people just let me know when this boran ends x.x That's the only reason I check back on this boran x.x


haha, after all the worrying, p'ek turns out to be Nott as many of you has wished. And i so agree on the other p'ek has to go thing, but i don't really mind and yes of course, Boy is sooooo cute, I mean even I fell for him and I was only eight at the time. Lol.