Mark Prin Suparat


sarNie Tombstone
Hey unexpected thread !
Yes he has a very nice voice. Flexible and expressive :)
will i see you here more often then ?

btw mark is back to the normal posting in ig without the sticker
that's what unique about mark he is not a monotone man he always search for something new try new things


sarNie Tombstone
Yes! I'm always looking for Mark updates. I don't know to upload anything though!
it's ok i mostly share what i find in the ig hashtags

oppa prin

thinking about it mark can easssssily be in a korean projects if he was good in korean i can totally see him work in a mix project between thai production and korean production or even directly a korean production he lack nothing he can match the korean industry


sarNie Hatchling
Yes that would be fun! But he needs to work on his languages. The man seems lazy to learn English although he's improving :)
I'm waiting for his next project like

Edit: can't insert anything :(



sarNie Tombstone
that the question we are not sure if we will have an answer to it soon , does mark have another lakorn but he don't tell the details about or he really will only film anne's lakorn


sarNie Tombstone
The best case is, his next project is so huge that they aren't telling us. :facepalm:
Too much mystery:mad:
let's for the moment see the progress of this one with mew he film so far 3 days a week so that's good pace and i believe anne has the script ready so she should have no problem to cut or have breaks


Mark is very mysterious at times lol but gosh~~~ what a charmer lol :p❤


sarNie Tombstone
mark is sooooo charming and i'm glad mew is cute this will make it easier for me to watch and enjoy this cute chemistry i'm a biiiiiiiiiiiiggggg fan of rom/com it's my favorite genre second come rom/drama anything with rom dominating is my cup of tea so i'm soooo glad mark's next lakorn is rom/com it's been a while he didn't do this genre

fresh and clean , i believe today is a off day to him
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It it just me or what but I really like Mark whenever he post something like that. Like being mysterious or artistic sometimes.
I did like that he had a pattern (like the stickers) on his IG. I want his IG to be more theme-liked. :lol: