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More pictures :) 3-12-2023.

*Can't contain our happiness. Thank you @Kimmy_kimberley @mark_prin. You two deserve to be LOVE. This is our little way of showing that. Hope to see you both again.

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Kim's interview yesterday focusing on the wedding preparations for their big day. I love how truthful she is about the budget and Mark paying for everything in the wedding and her for her gowns.

Translation credit to thicha_lp

R: Have you tried on a bridal gown?
K: "Yes, (smiles) I have tried on all bridal gown that I kept screen capture because I would like to see when I wear it, I will look beautiful or not. I have tried on all of them and cleared my doubts. I have worn a lot of bridal gowns in dramas, so I have no idea which bridal gown that I will wear and it looks beautiful on me. When I tried on the one that I thought it is beautiful but really then it's not okay while another one that I didn't think it's not beautiful but after I tried it on, hey! it's beautiful. I have tried it on 4 times, it appeared that I like it every time, so I decided to buy."
R: How many bridal gowns in total?
K: "2 for ceremony in aboard and 3 including after party for ceremony in Thailand. I bought 3 bridal gowns that I tried on from Paris (smiles). Now I have gotten the full number of my bridal gown."
R: P' Mark hasn't seen your bridal gown that you bought yet, right?
K: "Yes, I would like to surprise him."
R: You have ever said that you want to see P' Mark cry.
K: "Yes (laughs) I want to see men's tears (laughs). I want P' Mark to see me as the first look in bridal gown, when I actually wear in a real-life."
R: How is different between feeling of being a bride in dramas with being a bride in real life?
K: “It's very different. I don't know how to explain. I feel so happy when I tried on a bride gown in actually my wedding, because usually I wear bride gown only in working, which it was chosen by someone else. This bride gown is the one that I took a year to find, which it really touches a chord with me. Especially when it's close to try on, I was so excited and when I tried it on, I was very happy. I can tell that it's different feeling."
R: Does the feeling of being a bride come along?
K: "Not that far yet, but I can visualize."
R: Is wedding theme in abroad and Thailand different?
K: "Probably the same way because at the end, we always choose and like the same things.”
R: The groom gown will match your bride gown, and will be finished in time?
K: "The groom gown is made fast sewing, so P' Mark told me to choose my bride gown first then he will choose later."
R: Does P' Mark request to see your bridal gown before?
K: "I let him see only the fabric and told him to bring the fabric compare with the color. I don't know P' Mark is pressured or not, but I think he should be under pressure now (laughs)"
R: Many married couples have an argument with each other before marriage, discord of opinions so does your couple have an argument?
K: "Our couple has no serious argument, just P' Mark did not help me to choose by the way."
R: Is it because P' Mark spoils you?
K: "P' Mark spoils me too much, until I feel that I need him to help me decide a little bit, I can't take it anymore, please help me. P' Mark said that although he will help me to choose but I won't like it, so he let me choose by myself."
R: It's called Kim chooses and P' Mark pays.
K: "Oh, yes (laughs). P' Mark paid everything. I told him that it's over the budget already, would you like to know how much it has exceeded the budget, he said he didn’t' want to know, so I told him Okay, I will continue to spend money (laughs)"
R: Continue shopping, right?
K: "It's still in the budget that P' Mark can afford."
R: How much is it over the budget?
K: "Not much. P' Mark still can afford."
R: This budget included your bridal gown, right?
K: "Nope, I paid my bridal gown by myself because for women, the bridal gown is one time of lifetimes, so I don't want men to complain that it's too expensive or something like this."
R: P' Mark said by himself, right? that he will be responsible for all wedding expenses.
K: "Yes, he is very cute."
R: P 'Mark is a sugar daddy, is he ready to pay all out?
K: "Yes, he is (laughs)"
R: How many percentages of your wedding is finished?
K: "In aboard is about 70 percent done, but in Thailand has not yet reached anywhere (laughs), but the date has already been held."



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