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More Mark and Kim pictures :) 11-24-2020.

For this amazing view!! เดินขึ้น2ชมกว่า เดินลงอีก2ชม คุณพี่เค้าคิดว่าเราเป็นwonder womenแหละ @mark_prin

kimmy_kimberley Made it in one piece #หมดสภาพ ⛰

kimmy_kimberley This is everything. #tabkakhangnakhillnaturetrail @thetubkaakkrabi

mark_prin 4กิโลเอ๊ง!!!


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More pictures :) 11-25-2020.

kimmy_kimberley Aqua marine for life.. #พี่เค้าอนุญาตค่ะ ☺

mark_prin น่ารักทุกคืนเลยครับ @thetubkaakkrabi


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Mark IG Live with Kim | Promote Trab Fah Mee Tawan ep. 2 | 11.25.2020
MK IG Live today while waiting for their dinner to promote My Forever Sunshine episode 2 (8:20PM Thai Time on CH3 Thailand Ch.33)



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Kim's schedule for December! Two of which are couple events with Mark
Yaay! 2 couple events next week

December 1, 2020 (Online event) [MK]
• Live event. Giveaway calendar on Channel 3
• Watch Live via Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Tiktok ch3thailand only
• Time 12.00 nn-1.00 pm
December 3, 2020 [MK]
• Presenter Launch Party
• Location: Central World
• 1.00 pm-3.00 pm
December 9, 2020
• SIAM PARAGON 15th ANNIVERSARY THE FLAWLESS SOLITAIRE: Celebrating 15 years of Siam Paragon
• Location: Siam Paragon
• 7.00 pm.


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Thairath interview from November 25, 2020

Mark talks about Kim, "nothing can separate us".

--> Interview cut to part where Mark talks about Kim <--
R: Would Kim help rehearse (drama scenes)?
Mark: "She helps everytime there's a difficult part. We talk and she will sit and listen to help."
R: What about you for Kim?
Mark: "I rehearse for her. We work together. I go to read the script as well."
R: Do you tell her what you do in filming?
Mark: "I tell it all. She knows everything. She ask me what to look forward, how do I play this scene, how is the next part?"
R: Do you have other works?
Mark: “Right now I'm filming only one drama is "Game Hunting the Villain" of P' Nok. It's action drama. I request that one of my drama will be taken for 50% first then I will accept another drama because previously, I filmed drama all 7 days. This drama is action. Sometimes I got hurt and wounded but we gained nice scenes. In one week, I spend 4 days for filming and take a rest for other 3 days because I feel tired if I have to film action scenes every week.
R: Do you fear that you won't have time for Kim?
Mark: "Yes, I do (laughs). At this time, Kim finished her filming and she has free time so I'm standby for her".
R: Everyone is cheering for your wedding.
Mark: “We are cheering too (laughs). We always talk about the wedding but we don't know when, we are still waiting for a good moment".
R: What's about your family?
Mark: "All my family members know everything".
R: Is there a chance for next year?
Mark: "Maybe not. I don't know yet, I just know that I want to get married because I feel I'm very ready. It may because of work that make us have no time to think how our wedding will be. If we are getting married for sure, we have to pay more attention on details."
R: What about Kim?
Mark: "She's okay. She might be waiting for me (laughs)".
R: How to add sweetness?
Mark: “Time is an important issue for us because each one has to work and go out to see outside world, after that we come back and talk to each other about what we have encountered. Sometimes she being an adult, being a younger sister, being a friend who can talk everything to each other. We know everything about each other".
R: Did you guys get into an argument?
Mark: "Not at all, just a little sulk. May have something and sometimes that we are not connected".
R: You are dating for long time, are you afraid of the paranormal?
Mark: "I don't believe but I don’t disrespect it. We care and take care of each other. We’ve gone through a lot together until I thought that there would be nothing to separate us".
R: Are you calmer down?
Mark: “I just don't want to make another one feel worry. I give in to her (laugh) but I'm not losing my identity, which feeling of our couple has improved”.

Translation cr: @thicha_lp

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