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More Mark and Kim pictures from Mew's wedding :) 1-10-2020


งานจบแต่รูปไม่จบค่ะ Good memories all saved in my heart #mewsaint ขอบคุณรูปจากทุกคนเลยนะคะ


sarNie Granny
Another Mark and Kim video from Mew's wedding :) 1-10-2020

Here's another angle. A closer look to Mark's face and his reaction at the last part.

Kim: "Wait and see" (probably asked about the wedding)
Mark: "I am happy. Yes yes! wait and see"

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คู่นี้พี่รัก น่ารักที่สุด ♥ @mark_prin @Kimmy_kimberley รอดูอยู่นะ #mewsaint


sarNie Granny
New video :) 1-13-2020


"We were in a wedding. Before tossing the bouquet I poked Kim and asked Kim what we’re going to do if the bouquet come to us and you catch it, then shortly Mew tossed her bouquet like she have no energy and Kim was right in front also caught the bouquet. I feel good. I considered it as a good luck that we have received good things. Before this, we were always asked about marriage which from this incident, I think more people will ask us, feeling a bit of pressure because of we are not preparing yet.

Second part of the interview (about the New Year trip in Korea)

"For this New Year I asked permission from my family to travel with friends to see fireworks because every year I go back to my hometown. This is my first time to skate and Nong Kim taught me but Kim can't skate (laughs)."