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More Mark and Kim pictures (Dear Tummy 11-22-19) :) :icon12:

Cr. may_airbus

Cr. kimmy_kimberleyofp

Cr. mk_family
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sarNie Tombstone
i need to drop this here the minute i read it i'm a 7 year fan since the end of 2012 and i just feel soooooo emotional right now i saw them grow and grow and grow they were hit by storms makes you think they won't survive but they do each single time and come up stronger what more i can say after reading this, i just love how real his word

cr trls to thicha_lp

me after what i saw in yesterday's event and reading this today
they came a looonnngg way and i can only wish them the best in the rest of their way

what a manly man you are mark