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cr. MarKim_ChineseFC
2019-01-13 22:18


2019.01.13 Thai Lakorn "Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang" promotional activity .
Kim received media interviews after the event today.
[Simple translation]➡
1️⃣ New Year’s return to Lampang’s hometown to see P’Mark’s mom and dad. It’s fun to make cookies together. In fact, we go back every year, but this year we changed the atmosphere to countdown in Bangkok. They are as cute as ever. Love is very happy now. Take care of each other and walk slowly in the eyes of the elders.
2️⃣ The New Year has not traveled abroad, because this year's plan is a lot of travel. We want to go to some places that have never been to. We will certainly do the work, but also want to keep the balance between work and life, give family some time. Therefore, there will be a choice in picking up the work, and the work schedule may be looser than last year. At present, only the "Dang Duang Hareuthai" drama is being filmed, and overseas shooting has been completed.
3️⃣ There are no plans for the upcoming birthday. In fact, I want to have a quieter birthday this year. I want to do more merits. The MK merits that I said last year to help the children in the mountains is continue planning, but there is still some problem in the school selection process, but there will definitely be.
4️⃣ I went to visit P'Off previously . He was a lot better in body and talked a lot. As for his work, he might be able to, but still want to rest well !