Love is Just a Game [Ch. 31 END] 11/06


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Love is Just a Game

Poster by iluvnumandoil ll Poster by snookie831​
story by Rebecca ll written fan fic by iluvnumandoil ll Editing by snookie831​

Genre Romance/Drama and a hint of comedy


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Starring Ann Thongprasom and Chakrit Yagnam

Devotion is one thing that plays a big part in a person life,
but where this is devotion there will always be despair, and where despair lurks it shadow,
devastation will appear and be waiting.
A girl who wishes that her life would never turn sour,
only come face to face with pain and heartache.



sarNie Adult
this sounds so good, i can't wait to read this too.


sarNie OldFart
Chapter 1

I decided to move to Bangkok after my parents passed away a month ago due to an accident. I've never lived in a real city before, so I was nervous,

scared, and excited...


I walked out of the building, depressed. 'This was my 5th job interview, and I still have no luck. I didn't know finishing college was so important in a

city.' Ann thought sadly thinking about how she only has an high school education. She dropped out of college due to money issues. She walked

limplessly down the hallway starring blankly down at her feet.

"Ow!" Something or someone pushed right into Ann and knocked her straight to the floor. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! CAN'T YOU SEE I

WAS WALKING DOWN THE HALL??!!!" Due to the pressure the city was giving her, Ann exploded. "DO YOU HAVE NO EYES OR ARE YOU BLIND??!!!!" Ann

stood up from the floor wiping off the dust on her dress. She bought the dress with the last of her money thinking that she'll be able to get a job with it.

It hasn't brought her good luck yet...

"We are extremely sorry miss." A middle aged man said hurriedly. "We hope you are alright." Behind him, a young boy stood. He wasn’t technically a

boy, he was about the same age as Ann; Maybe a bit older. He was quite handsome and fashionable.

"No need apologizing to her. Clearly she has no manners." The man spoke suddenly. Upon hearing this, Ann shot him a disgusted look. But, it didn't take

the effect she wanted it to. Instead he laughed, he laughed at her. "Let's go... she's clearly crazy."

"Excuse me!" Ann stopped him as he was about to go. Surprisingly he actually stopped (she did not expect him to). "I'd like to apologize for my

behavior. I was in a terrible mood after not getting the job I wanted." Ann said .

The man made a "Huh" sound and left. He didn't forget to throw her a 'so you are crazy' look back at her before he left.

Clearly, he was mocking her.

'Whatever...' Ann thought. 'I don't have time messing around with those kinds of people. I have more important things to do.' She walked down the

hallway more carefully, just incase she bumps into some crazy guy again.

As Ann lay quietly in her little bed, (not exactly, more like a sheet on the floor of her tiny apartment) She thought about what happened. 'Who was that

guy?' Ann thought. 'Who does he think he is? Acting all like that to me?' She thought angrily. 'Whatever... no use thinking about it; just hope I never will

see him again!' Ann sat up and turned on her tiny little television. 'He's cute...' Ann thought as the television turned on . A man about her age was

having some kind of ribbon cutting ceremony. 'Hold on... he looks really familiar.' She thought. But it can't be, I’ve never owned a TV before coming

here. I've never even owned a CD. As the camera went closer to the man's face, Ann realized suddenly.

"OH MY GOD!� Ann jumped up screaming. "IT'S HIM!!! THAT DISGUSTING RUDE GUY FROM THIS AFTERNOON! " Yah it was totally him, it turned out, he

was a young rich business men. Supposedly, he was this young and rich bachelor every woman is after or whatever crap. His name is Chakrit Yagnam.

"Ha-ha~" Ann laughed. "Look at him on TV, looking all cool and kind." Chakrit was doing an interview; he was smiling brilliantly at the camera. "He looks

so nice~ EHHH!" Ann imitated a throwing up sound. "I'm very honored that you came to the opening of Yagnam International Trades and Affairs Corp. ~

blah blah blah!" Ann continued to imitate what Chakrit said on TV with a very girlish and disgusting voice. "Look at him smiling; he's so differently in real

life. Millionaires, whatever; they are fake... completely fake.

Ann didn't even want to look at his ugly face any longer. So, she turned off the TV and decided to go to sleep instead. She was about to sleep when she

realized that she hasn't taken a shower for 3 days. So she quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. She really disliked showering here since the water

was freezing cold or flaming hot; Never the right temperature. But, what else can she do? Good stuff is only saved for the people who have the money

to use them. People like her, Ann Thongprasom, someone that has no money. Having water TO shower is clearly enough.

She turned on the water and water came pouring from the nozzel. I guess pouring wasn't a really good word to describe it, more like... well just a word

that isn't pouring! There wasn't much water, but it was enough for a quick shower. And yes, of course, the water was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!!! It had to be

freezing today. '

Great. I'm definitely going to catch a cold.' Ann thought. Since her room has no heating devices of any kind and it was autumn. Her room is really cold at

night. And all she has is a light blanket.

'MY LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!!!!' Ann thought sadly.


Expired Sarnie
Hahahah I can only picture Ken as I read.

Sometimes it even appears as Rome and Rita.

Anyways, it sounds sad and funny. Is it those story where it is all happy yippie moments and then suddenly collapse into drama. Hahahaha sounds like a Bollywood to me.