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  • I started lakorns again...there are now three I am following KKK with Pong/Noon; the Min/Om lakorn about twins, and now the Ploy/Dome vampire one...they are all good in their own ways!
    I have not watched any lakorns consistently in like forever so its nice to come back to them ^_^
    Hi there! I know its been a looooong time but wanted to say good day to you!!!
    Happy that almost everything is finally moved...will have to hire big, strong men to move all my stuff next time I decide to move..ugh
    Hope you've had a good day sweetie! How about Nadech and Yaya for now?
    Oh those JLR days with you ladies. Hope all is well, Chenling!
    Hello there, I would like to know if you'll finish Blood Dance because I'm a big fan of that fan fiction. I hope you'll finish it soon and please let me know if you're still continuing.
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