Looking For Good Lakorn To Watch


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cool :) said:
I cried in almost ALL the scenes you guys posted! ESPECIALLY the scene in GRGR, SB, Koo Kum . I'll just  add some that hasn't already been mentioned. 
-The scene in Prajan See Roong when Tawan (Bie) told his "dad" to kneel down and wipe the dirt off his shoes (he lost his memory that he was the guy who raised him) . I CRIED PREETTY LONG .
-The scene in Jai Rao where Vic (ken) found out that Aff had that one disease. It was so sad because he treated her so bad. Well i think throughout this lakorn i was in tears for some reason... lol
Jai Rao was super sad! I need to go re-watch it!
Pretty much I cry for a lot of scenes in a lot of shows. Im just really sensitive. 


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I have so much!! But Rachinee Morlum and Mae Eye Sa Eun cause both their dads were blind and love their daughter so much..couldn't stop crying!!


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Krungthep Ratree?-- when Janie's brother died and ja was crying.

The sixth sense 2
When Yanin had black magic inside her and all of the girl was doing everything to help her.


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I'm quite a sensitive person and have cried many times watching Chinese series. However with Thai lakorns, I don't have that same experience for whatever reason and the only exception is Darunee's crying scenes when the grandmother passed away in TNNKK. I'm usually very critical of Yaya because I believe she excels in many areas of acting but crying has always been something that she struggles with. In that lakorn, she was really into the character and as the viewer, I truly felt emotional so I give her a standing ovation for that one. 


Tong Nuea Gao, that scene where the little Wan used his monk robe to wrap Lumyong, to hide her from her exposing legs and lower bottom, as the ignorant/annoying villagers were pointing fingers at Lumyong, who had lost her mind at the moment and was mentally ill.  It was such an emotional and very touching scene.  I just watched it and cried with Little Wan! Such a beautiful and cute actor! Great quality lakorn! :)


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thatsouthernasianchick said:
Also wanted to add:
-Kobori's death, Koo Gam 2013
I cried and cried, watching the end. I wish Bie wouldn't die, but then it wouldn't be called, Koo Gum. :(


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Thong Nuea Gao, I think in almost every part of the lakorn I called throughout the whole lakorn. I don't know if I was crying cause I miss my mom or the lakorn was just so sad. 


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Roy Mai : Aff crying scenes near the end when Aum character dies ... Those scenes still make me bawl
Booteun gleep sudtai : so far my fav lakorn all time with nice emotional scenes

Koo Geum : when Bie character's dies


Qi Pao:
Jao Ming San and MayLee's wedding scene. They both died on the same day and the day of their funeral, they both were force to get married in a "Chinese Ghost Wedding." Not quite sure what was the name of that kinda ritual. It was heartbreaking to watch as Jao Ming San and MayLee's hands were joined together and even their dead bodies refused to join hands.......


ip.smilez said:
Qi Pao:
Jao Ming San and MayLee's wedding scene. They both died on the same day and the day of their funeral, they both were force to get married in a "Chinese Ghost Wedding." Not quite sure what was the name of that kinda ritual. It was heartbreaking to watch as Jao Ming San and MayLee's hands were joined together and even their dead bodies refused to join hands.......
Now that you mention Qi Pao, there were two scenes that got me tearing! The first part was, I believe in episode 5, when Pink and her crew talked with the qi pao maker about Maylee and then Maylee pops up with tears in her eyes. The song made that scene so sad that I wasn't scared at all. Y'all know what a scary cat I am. Haha. Anyway next scene was when Mingtian's mom met Pink for the first time and started crying. Mam is a very good crier she had me bawling. I have to add her to my list of criers. Her, Anne and Aom are the only ones I can think of right now that makes me cry along with them. When I get home I will definitely look for those scenes!!


OK, found those clips!
Here the are:
Mam is one of my favorite actresses and this scene proves just why. Starts at 3:30. I wish they edited the music better so there would be some emotional build up, BUT oh well.
Cr: CatMatdz3
Starts at 7:20. Like I said, the music and Maylee's tears just gave me goosebumps all over and made me all teary. Instead of being scared I sympathized with her and felt her sadness.
Cr: CatMatdz3


Botan Gleep Sudthai had some tearjerking scenes, but I'd have to do some deep searching for those scenes. Haha. It's been a long time.
Dong Dok Moey when Aom Sakaojai's character (I forgot her name) was abused by her husband and his mother, when she miscarried and finally, the part when he confesses that he actually loves her AFTER she miscarried and beating her. I remember I broke into tears when he was crying after he found she miscarried after he severely beat her.


Not a Thai lakorn but the only drama that has made me cry in EVERY SINGLE episode and by the end of the series, you feel as if you are some kind of jerk every time you have thought that the heavens was unfair to you. 1 Litre of Tears!!!

Some may have been mentioned already but I will still list them.

I was crying to the point where it hurted too much.

Neung Ruthai- every single moment after Neung (Ann A) found out she had a brain tumor. Watch it for yourself if you have not seen it.

Koo Kum- The death scene of Kobori. All version.

Mae Ai Sae Eun- Noon performance at her dad's funeral bc all scenes before that, you just wanted to kill her for mistreating her family.

Rang Ngao- just Ann T version. Everything about this lakorn. This somehow affected me because I know that kind of pain and sorrow of being a twinless twin. Ann T nailed it as Moonin. As for Janie, it was more entertaining and gets me in the mood of slapping everyone.

Sawan Bieng- Ken as Kawee as a whole. I just wish someone could give him a super big hug when he has his moments of sadness, despair and needing of unerstanding.

Oum Ruk- when Goong miscarriaged. I was crying in a fetus position bc it was too heartbreaking. It quite sad but I was crying from happiness and sorrow during the scene were Napat gave birth.

Scenes that did mot make me balls my eyes out but it was so heartfelt, painful, geniune, sincerity and executed in perfection.

Khun Chai Ronnapee- the identity of Chai Pee being revealed. Kwan dancing profoundly and utter pains when she spots a familiar guy in the front row where all the Jutathep fam sits. When Chai Pee almost had his heart fall out seeing Kwan on her knees infront of him. His letter to his family and Kwan. Omgah!!!

Khun Chai Rachanon- Soifah's love for her Por Yai, King, country and people. Nothing particularily sad sad.

Jai Rao- I had no sympathy for Aff. My heart goes out to Ken only lol he was a jerk but Aff made me hate her more. Probably why I did not like this lakorn but I give credit where it is due.


There a lot but hardly these days lakorn make it hard for me to cried...here are those tat i actually remember crying while watching...

Roy Ruk Roy Adeed --> da death of the two lover...they should have never miss around with da storyline. It is great as it is...da new version i now like :no:
Luerd Kattiya --> Anothai death...he did everything to put his lover on da throne and da end where Princess Dara went and paid him a visit at their island...OMG talking about make me tears up! :teary:
Tae Pang Korn --> poor Jao Nang Noy and poor Rachawadee...
Saeng Soon --> hands down to Dao...especially da ending scene where she burned down da room! Sniff-sniff :teary:
Sarp Poo Sah --> OMG Jao Ying Seeka all da way!!! (My point of view, out of all da fabric lakorn so far this one is da best! Da bomb!)
Leum Prai Lai Ruk --> da gay couple (for real! Hint: Praek Uncle and Nek aunt right hand man)
Qi Pao --> da loved Ah Wei had for Jao Ming San
Koo Gum --> Kobori death (all version no duh! LoL)
Khun Chai Pawornruj --> Yai Oon & Chai Ruj moment...bring tears in my eyes :cry:

Okay here are those lakorn tat have those moment but no tears :)

Roy Mai --> da death Jao Noi aka Prince Siriwong
Khun Chai Ronnapee --> Pee true identity been reveal
Sai Soke --> this one was a close one tho :p
Buang --> close one as well...i dont know if i shall pity Epaung or hate her...even so this lakorn is great!
Ræng Prathana --> Thea heartbreaking scene when Pit chose to listen to Rawee...a close call i tell yall :p

Okay, this is it...so far wat i remember lol! Will be adding on da list whenever i remember lol :)


Omgah how can I forget Tae Pang Kon (Ann's vers). When the lakorn was over, I just had this huge knot inside of me even with the happy ending. My heart ached for months and thinking about it, it still hurts. I cried more for Rachawadee than for Jao Nang Noy. Can you imagine the pain of knowing your past life, then live in that memory until you took your last breathe.


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SPOIL ALERT!!! *If you are not updated with Samee you might want to skip this*
When P'ek dad passed away it was supper sad especially when Larm (Alex Rendall) found out :(


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Hi. I'm new to lakorns and i was just wondering if there's any lakorns that you can suggest? I really liked sood sai pan, rang ngao, leh Roy ruk.. Any suggestions on what else to watch that May be similar.? Thanks :)