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Discussion in 'Thai' started by ItsMrT, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. ItsMrT

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    Hi, I've been looking for good period/romance lakorns to watch especially period lakorns. There hasn't been any good lakorns lately (in my opinion), and is tired of watching them because I find them dull and boring to watch. So, I'm just asking for some help to find any good lakorns that I might have not seen before. Thanks.

    It doesn't have to be period/romance lakorn, but I find that these two genre usually has the best story line (I think most people find period lakorns boring, but I like them for their awesome characters and story lines :secret:) . And when I mean by romance I don't mean the comedy type because although I can stand watching those (usually in agony :yuck: ), there are just to many of them that I've become bored of watching them, and would just like a good'ole all out romance type (Drama, Drama, Drama :kiss2: ). Period lakorns are even better because I find them most interesting out of all genres (This is one of the main reason why I watch Thai Lakorn just because of the great Period Drama they have :drools: ). Any help would be appreciated especially with older lakorns 2005-below because I don't really know that much old lakorns, and I think there are many goods just waiting for me to find them..

    I'm actually a fan of Thai Lakorns, and have seen many and by many I mean tons of them. So it might be hard to recommend me any good ones that I might have not seen because most likely I might have seen it already :cry: , but you never know, there are always good ones out there that I might not know because I find myself stumbling on good ones that I've never seen or heard of before time and time again :coolpix: . So, if you want to accept the challenge, I will appreciate it very much :xmas: .

    There is actually a lakorn that I've been looking for but I don't know who the actor and actress are. I only remember watching it when I was little, and it was a period drama that is why I'm looking for period dramas to watch in hopes of finding it :numchuck:. I don't remember much except for that the guy and girl are friends since young, and that the name of the guy start with a "P". I think it was Pong, but then again I'm unsure because it doesn't sound right. And they always go boating together. I just remember it being a very very very very very romantic lakorn (probably not IDK). Not much help, but it's not suppose too.

    Anyways, here is a list of things to help people recommend me any good dramas to watch :woot2: .

    Top 5 Favorite Actress/Actors:

    Ann Thongprasom - #1 because she is boss :cry: .
    Aom Piyada - #2 because she is awesome, what more to say. She definitely ranks up there with Ann in acting wise :dance3:.
    Jui Warrattya - #3 because she is pretty plus I think she does great comedies, maybe :dance2: .
    Aff Tasakorn - #4 because well she is....she is....I don't know, she just is :scratchhead2: .
    Ploy Cherman - #5 because she is a awesome evil/bag girl? Idk, I guess her acting is awesome and she is unique :drools: .

    Ken Theeradeth - #1 because of his great acting :beer: .
    Tik Pholdee - #2 because I grew up watching his lakorns, and to bad he doesn't have more lakorns :cry: .
    Weir Sukollawat - #3 because I don't know why, I guess he just comes in second :woot: .
    Pong Nawat - #4 actually I can't stand watching his drama except for when Aom Piyada is there, but hey at least his acting is better than most :secret: .
    Om Akkapan - #5 because he is better than Nadech, in my opinion at least (I never understood why people say Game Rai Game Ruk was awesome and all that, I just found it to be any typical slap kiss lakorn but hey I guess I might just not have the eyes like most people :whatever:) .

    Upcoming Lakorns Waiting To Watch:
    Khun Suk
    Ching Nang
    Baan Sai Thong ---> when ever it's official

    Currently Watching:
    Dok Sok <---- only one I find interesting enough to watch

    Lists of Lakorns I Have Seen:

    * Bolded titles are my favorites, and anything in the genre or area of those will most definitely interest me.

    Time Period:
    Tae Pang Korn - Num/Ann
    Buang Banjathorn - Chakrit/Marsha
    Prissana - Tik/Taya
    Nueng Nai Suang - Ken/Janie
    Tawipob - Saranyu/Sirium & Pancake/Om
    Malai Sarm Chai - Aom/Captain/Kong/Son
    Kaew Leum Korn - Aom/Captain
    Luerd Kattiya - Tik/Aom (Never finished because I can't seem to find it anywhere, the long version not the short version)
    Wanida - Tik/Aff (never saw the old version)
    Ngao Asoke - Pong/don't know main actress' name
    Koo Gum - (i tried watching the Num version, but this one never really clicked w/ me, prob will try to attempt to watch it later)
    Baan Sai Tong - Num/Joy
    Kehas See Daeng - Andrew/Mint(stopped watching half way)
    Sai Lohit - Num/Kob (never finished, will in a later time)
    Nang Tard - Kob/Vee
    Tard Ruk - Cherry/Smart
    Dong Poo Dee - Taew/Smart (kinda gave up half way watching this one)
    Meuh Dok Rak Ban - Smart/Aff
    Mongkut Dok Som - Aun/don't know actress' name
    Anuparb Por Khun Ramkhamheng - Weir/Jui
    Ruen Pae (the new version, never saw the old one)

    Pleeng Ruk Rim Fung Khong - Weir/Alexandra
    Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon - Weir/Jui
    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter - Pong/Aom
    Ruk Ter Took Wan - Ken/Aom
    Song Rao Nirund Dom - Ken/Aom
    Jai Rao - Aff/Ken
    Duay Raeng Atitarn - Weir/Pancake
    Bo Bae - Cee/Kwan
    Silamanee - Pong/Kob
    Kaew Tah Pee - Tik/Cherry
    Jao Sao Baan Rai - Por/Namfon
    Rang Ngao - Ann/Ken
    Sawan Biang - Ann/Ken
    Hua Jai Song Park - Por/Taew
    Awayjee See Chompoo - Por/don't know actress' name
    365 Wun Haeng Ruk - Ken/Ann
    Kol Ruk Luang Jai - Ken/Janie
    Ta Dao Bussaya - Por/Punch <--- I think
    Tur Keu Cheewit - Weir/Pinky
    Ngao Kammathep - Weir/Mai
    Hua Jai Chocolate - Mos/Aom
    Jam Leuy Ruk - Aum/Aff
    Game Rai Game Ruk - Nadech/Yaya
    Roy Leh Sanae Rai - Tik/Aom

    Poot Mae Naam Khong - Jui/Weir
    Pbee Kaew Nang Hong - Ae/Dan
    Sarp Poo Sah

    Romance Comedy/Comedy:
    Sood Sanae Ha - Ann/Ken
    Oum Ruk - Ann/Ken
    Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma - Por/Ploy
    Ruk Leh Saneh Luang - Por/Ploy/Vicky
    Sao Chai Hi-Tech - Jui/Om
    Tom Yum Lum Sing - Por/Chompoo (quit half way through)
    Hua Jai Ploy Jone - Mos/don't know actress' name
    Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong - Ken/Janie
    Wiwa Wah Woon - Ken/Chompoo
    Nang Fah Gub Mafia - Weir/Pancake
    Khun Noo Tewada - Weir/Pancake
    Wong Wian Hua Jai - Weir/Pinky
    Dung Duang Haruetai - Weir/Kwan (gave up watching)
    Bundai Dok Ruk - Om/Min
    Rak Ork Akard - Om/Cherry

    And a whole bunch more that I can't remember. There is just way to many that I give up :dance1: .
  2. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    Wow, you consider Wong Wian Hua Jai as comedy! I thought it was intense and 'silly' except for their bestfriends (I'm not sure their characters name) parts. So you haven't watched Roy Mai yet?
  3. LOL:)

    LOL:) sarNie Juvenile

    Hmm...I got tired of going through your whole list, lol! Have you seen Roy Mai? Now that, is one addicting lakorn. Once you start you can't stop because you'll want to know what happens next, haha!
    As of right now, I'm watching Dauk Soke too.
  4. miss_diane

    miss_diane sarNie Egg

  5. pink_juliet_kashie

    pink_juliet_kashie sarNie Oldmaid

    I don't think I've seen Ram Pissawat on your list. This lakorn is definitely on my list to watch. I don't see Pat or Paul on your list of favorites, but I do see Ken Theeradeth, and his wifely Noi Bussakorn is rai in this lakorn, she did a wonderful job!

  6. chubbycheeks

    chubbycheeks imma kick ur-ass-aya !

    ^ agreed. I'm normally not into revenge type lakorns but I must say Ram Pissward is one my all time favorites. Everything was basically perfection. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it. I'd also recommend Tang Parn Kammathep.
  7. Ninja007

    Ninja007 sarNie Adult

    I notice that you don't have any of ch3 rising stars in your list. They are pretty much the new hotties in Thailand.

    I recommend the " 4 hua jai haeng khun khao series". This is 4 drama about quadruplets. in order:
    1. Thara himalai
    2. Duang Jai Arkarnee
    3. Pathapee Ray rak
    4. Wayupak Montra

    Except Pathapee Ray Ruk, I love all of them

    If you like them, then you might like these ones too
    - ploeng tor ra nong
    - tawan deard
    - Roy marn
    - Rak Pathiharn
    - 3 Num Neau Thong
  8. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Manee Yard Fah - Willy and Anne, this is my childhood favorite.
    Khun Por Rub Jang - Num and Kob, i was surprised to find that this wasn't ridiculously funny but rather cute.
    Ploy Lom Phet - Bee and Namfon K, it got action, romance, slap kiss and the p'ek is funny.
    Wanida 1991 - Tua and Mew, P'Tua and P'Mew were so delightful here, the growth of romance and everything was perfect. I still say this beats the Aff/Tik version any day.
    Jun Euy Jun Jao- Kong and Rita - i've seen this a million times and i still yet scared each time. Its not anything romantic but its a suspenseful thriller that keeps you wanting more.
    Ruen Hor Ror Hien - Louis and Susie, as ridiculous as the storyline seems, its one of my favorites. Chemistry between the lead just blows me away, its so sweet yet cute.
    Plerng Toranong - Mario and Taew - Kind of the dude version of Ban Sai Thong but more modern. I really enjoyed this.
  9. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Adult

    Samee - Pol/Joy

    Muen Knon La Fark Fah w/ Mam Jintara
    Prasard Mued w/ Mew Lalita
    Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah w/ Mew Lalita
    Fai Luang w/ Tao Sarocha

    Kol Ruk Game Payabath - Chakrit/Kob
  10. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    Yeah i consider it comedy because it was pretty funny to me, and the only part that was really dramatic came about at the end :scratchhead2: . And yeah actually I've seen Roy Mai just kind of forgot about it :secret: .
  11. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    Buang -> was watching it but quit because i didn't like the way the movie is set up (idk something to do with moving between the past and present, it just bothers the crap out of me like Duay Raeng Atitarn :cry: ). Probably will give it a try later if i can over get over that cuz the story line is good, probably have to force myself into watching it :numchuck: .

    Klin Kaew Klang -> i actually saw this one already, thought it was ok

    Pang Sanaeha -> quit half watching while it :dance2:

    Sroy Saeng Jun -> saw this one, but didn't really like it (idk really know why, something just bothers me :cry:).

    Sai Soke -> havent seen this one, porbably will check it out thanks :dance1:

    Mia Taeng -> tried watching it but quit on ep1 (lol i never really understood why :scratchhead2: All I remember was seeing the photoshoot of the girl right in the beginning then turned it off hahahaha).
  12. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    I've heard about this one but never made my way around to watching, and forgot about it :rant: ... bad memory i guess lol but thanks :drools: !
  13. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    I actually have seen Tang Parn Kammathep. Actually well half of it, but probably will try to finish the other whenever I remember about it :beer: . (I don't know something about Andrew being the bad guy just doesn't fit cuz i always imagine Janie just punching the crap out him :yuck: , but then again I guess :scratchhead2: ).
  14. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    Thara Himalai -> saw it n thought it was good :dance3:
    Duang Jai Arkarnee -> kinda quit watching it :cry:
    Pathapee Ray Rak -> gave it a try but I quit it as well :secret:
    Wayupak Montra -> gave it a try as well, but quit as well (I actually watched it through half unlike the two, but it just never clicked :whatever: ).

    Pathapee Ray Ruk -> Actually saw this one b4 but never finished it

    Ploeng Tor Ra Nong -> saw it but kinda skipped my way through :secret: .
    Tawan Deard -> I actually watched this one already, thought it was ok
    Roy Marn -> Saw the old version but not the new version (the new version just didn't click with me).
    Rak Pathiharn -> Saw this one, but kinda skipped my way around as well even wen Aff was in it :scratchhead2: .
    3 Num Neau -> Didn't see yet prob will check it out :numchuck: .

    Idk. I might just be a little picky :rant: . Yell at me if u want!!! I don't mind lol.
  15. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    Manee Yard Fah -> I keep people saying that this is a good one, but I just never got around to checking it out! Prob need to right it on my forehead so I remember lol :coolpix: .
    Khun Por Rub Jang -> I might just check this one out, Thanks :dance3: .
    Ploy Lom Phet -> I actually saw this one, n yeah it is pretty good :dance2: !
    Wanida 1991 -> Prob have to check this one out, cuz the new version I thought was pretty good :cheer: .
    Jun Euy Jun Jao -> About this one, I've actually heard about it but never got the guts to watch it alone :cry: . (Guess I need to find a partner to watch it with).
    Ruen Hor Ror Hien -> Seems interesting prob wil check it out, Thanks :woot2: .
    Plerng Toranong -> saw it but kinda skipped my way around while watching it. (The beginning caught my attention but then near the middle on it just lost my attention).
  16. ItsMrT

    ItsMrT sarNie Egg

    Samee -> Seems interesting will definitely check it out, Thanks :beer: .
    Muen Knon La Fark Fah -> I cant find anything on this one, wanna give me some quick info or summary thanks. :dance1:
    Prasard Mued -> Will check this one out, Thanks :dance2: .
    Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah -> I actually saw this one already, well when I was little :scratchhead2: . I guess that counts right?
    Fai Luang -> Saw this one as well.

    Kol Ruk Game Payabath -> This is one that I've actually been trying to finish :cry: . It's good alright, but I just keep forgetting I need to finish watching it. (Yeah i ususally watch like 10 things at the same time so I forget about things half the time :dance1:).
  17. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    lol it is Pathapee Leh Rak. And Aff wasn't even in Rak Patiharn, she's in Rak Prakasit. It's Kim in Rak Patiharn.

    I watched Jan Euy Jan Jao alone. It's good and pretty scared. ^,^
  18. jewels

    jewels sarNie Egg

    Period Dramas:
    Dome Tong - Tua Saranyu and Nampueng Nattarika
    Rattanakosin - Ek and Ning Kullasatree
    Sapai Jao - Kong Saharat and Vicky Sunisa
    Si Pan Din - Tui Teerapat and Oom Siriyakorn
    Niras Song Pope - Tak Bongkote and Pip Rawit
    Dok Kaew Karabuning - Au Tanakorn and Mam Kat
    Ruen Mayura - Nok Chatchai and Mam Kat
    Pbee Kaew Nang Hong - Dan Worawat and Ae Isariya
    Dok Kaew - old version with Kob Suvanant and Bee Sawich
    La Ong Dao - Kong Saharat and Aom Phiyada
    Soo Fun Nirundon - Nok Chatchai and Mew Lalita
    Rabieng Rak - Kong Saharat and Tik Kanyarat
    Kon Kkong Pandin - Noi Bussakorn and Ken Theeradeth
    Duang Tah Sawan - Rome and Joy Rinalee
    Klin Kaew Tumnuk Kao - Bua Chompoo and Au Tanakorn
    Mae Ying - Num Sornram and Noon Woranut, older version with Sam Yurinan and Anne Siriam
    Wun Nee Tee Ror Koy - Anne Siriam and Bird Thongchai
    Ayarak - Nok Chatchai and Kwang

    Modern day drama:
    Kor Yood Hua Jai Wai Pieng Tur - Johnny Enfone and Joy Rinalee
    Mon Juntra - Nok Chatchai and Tik Kanyarat
    Sai Roong - Anne Thong and Johnny Enfone
    Sai Tarn Hua Jai - Ae Isariya and Jay Monton
    Yark Yood Tawan Wai Tee Plai Fah - old version with Tang Saksit and Mam Kat
    Cheewit Puer Ka Hua Jai Puer Tur - Pin Kejmanee and Captain
    Samee Thee Thra - Anne Thong and Au Tanakorn
  19. ruk_sornram4ever

    ruk_sornram4ever sarNie Juvenile

    Since you like Aom you should try Fah Pin Din and Mueng Dala both of these Aom starr with Captain
  20. i.n.v.u.

    i.n.v.u. sarNie Adult

    thanks for all these list, I have problem watching lakorn as well. I lose interest and it just doesn't click with me. I like the lakorn in the 90's and early 2000...I can't seem to finish much of any of the lakorns anymore....Hopefully I can find some that I can watch....

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