Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Coma
^^haha. valy has been observing. well sucks that we didnt get to see it in the lakorn so why they showing it..


sarNie Egg
WOW, the kiss behind the sense is hotter than the one in lakorn. Damn! this drama had the best kiss sense out of all Thai dramas I watched. Mart is so hot that Ann let him kiss her like that :D

I created an MV for this drama from ep1-9,

Goes, I still can't believe the kiss is real "I think I have Likit Kammatep fever" :dude:


sarNie Adult
^^ i have that fever started since this aired....lolz.....i love ur mv....good choice of song too...


sarNie Adult
a must see clip of Ann and MArt...i don't want to spoil it...

just check it out..promise it's a good one... =]

there's the rest of the show...on you tube...under the subscriber...Ratee samosorn...
WOW!! That was good. Thanks for sharing. I don't think they showed the whole kissing scene in the lakorn though. Would have been better if they did bc when I saw Mart kiss Ann, I felt it. My heart skipped a beat. It was too cute!!!


sarNie Coma
i been had LK fever up until now. *sigh* just 3 more epis left.

omg, i was totally blushing and covering my eyes as i watch the kiss scene. it was so WOW. i could see why they cut it out :lol:


You're Average Person :)
omfg that kiss was WOW!!!!!!!!!

it almost looked like ann kissed him back in that clip
but wow no wonder they cut it
thanks for sharing


sarNie Granny
lol . it doesn't look like she kiss him back . she just stop when he deepen the kiss dat all . i never been kiss like dat but does the lip response instantly on it's own hahha when kissed