Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)


sarNie Egg
hiii nat i was trying to pm you but it doesn't work
i would like to buy ka neung ha with ning and patson and leung hong with bee namthip


sarNie Hatchling

Dood Fah Rai Dao - $17 (SC)
Gala Pung Ha - Dom/Joy R. - $17
Prajun San Goln - Ken/Janie - $16
Jao Gum nai wayne - Mew/Ravit - $19 (1-2 unclear scenes, overall is good!)
Madam Yeehoob - Sam/Ning $16
Lookmai Glai Thon - Andrew/Kob $21 (1-2 some unclear scenes, overall good)
Sompong Nong Somchai - $16
Nang sao san gal (Khun Por jorm Sa 2) - Joy S/Jab Penpetch - $17
Karm See TunDorn - Kob/Tui - $15


sarNie Egg
hi do you have any boran lakorns???? i really want to watch it.. please if you do, do you have Wongsawan, Nang Sib Song,and Uthai Tawee...


sarNie Hatchling
gloria83, no sorry I don't have mussaya, but I will put it in my list, so if I do find it I will let you know :)

lovely_jenny, I've replied to your email :D


sarNie Hatchling
Hi everyone, I will be going out of town on the 21st to visit a friend and at the same time, hoping to find more lakorns for you guys. I just want to let you all know because I won't be able to reply to your e-mails/PM that often but you can still send me requests/questions and I will try to answer all of them during my trip, if possible, or when I get back...

Sorry for those that have PM/Email me requesting lakorns and I haven't reply..I haven't forgotten about them yet hehe but I haven't had any luck in finding those lakorns yet.. ^_^

(I don't have some lakorn that is listed here yet...these are just some requests that was made for me to look for :) )


sarNie Hatchling
Hi everyone! I've been gone for a while and I just got back. I've found a pretty good amount of lakorn on my trip, which I will keep updating as soon as it's in DVD. Here are some that is done and is in DVD. Some of the prices might be high but it's a really old lakorn and is in perfect quality :D

Ra Rerng Fai - Johnny/Noi - $18


Look Tarng Roy Gal - Brook/Kob - $25


TorFun Gup Marwin - $30 (15 episodes)


SaeRa DaRun - Noosaba/Likit - $35 (19 episodes very good quality)


Jone Plond Jai - Num/Donut - $16


SaiTarn Huajai - Ae Isariya/Jay Monton - $16


Sailom Gup SangDao - Marsha/Peter Corp - $13


More Lakorns

Look Tard - Fluke/Oum Siriyakorn (some shaky scenes.) - $15
Payong - Oil/?? - $14
Jit SungHarn - Aum/Por - $19
GalTha Wan Jai - Araya/??? - $19
Tarng Parn Gammathep - Janie/Andrew - $19
Yod Cheewan - Ravit/Janie - $19
Ton Ruk - Kade/Noon - $21


sarNie Adult
hi there,
i don't remember if you remember me or the lakorn I requested but i was wondering if u found any?


sarNie Hatchling
Hi mokka, yes I remember you ^_^ but I hadn't had any luck finding your lakorns yet (baan ren rai ruk and
Kularp Rai nam..I think these are the two that you requested) soo I'm still looking for them ^_^


sarNie Hatchling
if you sell one lakorn, does that mean its not available anymore? haha... also, when you say DVD you dont mean VCD right? thank you!


sarNie Hatchling
Rattikarn Yod Ruk -
Anne T./Johnny
SaeRa DaRun - Noosaba/Liki
Wan Tee Raw Kauy - Bird Thongchai and Sirium
Kao Pluek - Tao and Kat English
Pra Saa See Kao
tavee pope

how much will all this cost? and can you sent me all list of the lakorn to me here is my email address.
thank you