Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


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yay, rteam have a happy ending. can't wait for ateam's story. i hope you will still share a little information about rteam's life afterward in ateam's story since they are all friends. can't wait for ateam!



Rita gave birth to a healthy baby girl, the father and the grandfather were so happy to have new member in their family. Anne was there too despite of her busy schedule, she was busy with writing and the latest is that she's back to work at the mall because Anne says that she needs more money. Rome offered her to work in their company but she doesn't want to, she has plans. she's planning to take a vacation even if she was lack of money.

Mr. Patchata who gain a grandchild asked the two if when will Rita and Rome plans to make the second one. he made them sure that he wants a baby boy next time.

after that, Ken arrived in the hospital to see them and congratulate them for their first baby. despite of his problems that he has right now, he made sure that he came to see them. though he couldn't look straight on Rita. he knows that Rita's not involve with his problems but he dont know why he couldn't look at her straight.

when Aff finally arrives, she didn't expect to see Ken. she only wanted to see Rome and Rita... but not him. and so she gave her gift to Rita and left right away. Ken followed her.

Rita dont understand why the two were fighting, she knows that Aff and Ken were a couple. she also notice that Ken couldn't look at her straight and so she wonder.


Ploy got a request from Por's family that she was needed even if he was dying already. needed to fulfill his request and so she did come with him to America. she quit to her job as a masseur for she needed to be with Por.

they both stayed in the hospital, even if Ploy wasn't sick... there she found out that Por was willing to help her. he told her that it's time for her to see this time, that there's still a chance for her to see.

she wanted to cry and dont know what to say... despite of Por's condition, he still have time to help her.


meanwhile, Vicky's not ready to see her mother. she lied to her over the phone that she wanted to break her ties with her. Vicky knew that she was being rude to her, but she rather go focus to her career than arguing with her mother. her mother was willing to marry the guy she fell in love with, but the hell she cares.

she still thinks about what her mother did in past and it almost ruined her career.

people even say that she's just like her mother.


few days later, Anne ask for a leave at her work. she wants to focus to her story... so she needed to get away. but she didn't expect that she will have a same destination with Ken Theeradej, her boss at the mall where she works. but she also found out that he's planning to quit to his job... rumors says that he and his father had a big fight because of Aff.


Book 1: supporting characters

Anne, Aff, Ken, Por, Ploy, Vicky and Aum

Book 2: supporting characters

Anne, Ken, Rome and Rita, Vicky

Book 3: supporting characters

Vicky will play as an antagonist in the story (but dont hate her, it has reasons why she will play as a villain.)

Book 4: supporting characters

Ploy, Por, Ken, Rome, Rita, Anne

Book 5: supporting characters

Rita, Rome, Aff, Aum, Ploy, Por, Vicky, Chakrit (all-cast)


yay, rteam have a happy ending. can't wait for ateam's story. i hope you will still share a little information about rteam's life afterward in ateam's story since they are all friends. can't wait for ateam!

i think i will...
they will have their second child...


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can't wait for ateam's story to come up. i wonder if aum will meet someone while he's out of the country then will meet up again with aff when he returns? i don't know.

Rteam have a happy ending, not mentioning happy life. can't wait for more updates.


can't wait for ateam's story to come up. i wonder if aum will meet someone while he's out of the country then will meet up again with aff when he returns? i don't know.

Rteam have a happy ending, not mentioning happy life. can't wait for more updates.

secret... but i rather say that he had flings when he was out of the country. :p



Chapter 1/12
Theme Song: Be My Number Two and Right Here Waiting For You

Aff knew that it's been 5 years since she ran away from them. but her father didn't stop her, she's always been followed. and now, she needs to find a way that her father wont reach her. now she already packed up her things to escape in this place and needs to find a new apartment. she doesn't care anymore if where she was going but as long she could escape from her father, it only proves that what she needs is freedom.

years ago, Ken even cooperate with her father to find her. she's like the most wanted in town and she dont know where to go, she seeks Vicky's help. she knows that she could trust her. Vicky recommends the place where she had her shoot last time, right next to it is a 14-story apartelle. she knew her taste and so she gives her a security that her father couldn't find her there. Aff also took her advice to look for a job that her father wouldn't found out. but that's her problem right now, even when she was planning to work in a restaurant chain... the manager couldn't hire her because she was over qualified.

Aff: Vicky, tell me... what am i supposed to do?
Vicky: you know, Aff... im really tired of your escapades... why dont you just tell your father that you dont wanna marry him? (she was referring to Ken.)
Aff: it's not about him this time... Vicky... if i will go back home... my father will lock me this time.
Vicky: i already heard that reason.
Aff: so why can't you just understand my situation. you should be helping me.
Vicky: it's not that... i understand you, girl... but it's just that you haven't stayed for month in that apartment yet and now, you're trying to transfer?
Aff: because i just found out that my father's men is spying me.
Vicky: i'll go send you the address. i have a shoot right now. i'll talk to you later.

Aff let her body fell on the bed. she dont know where to go anymore, she's probably going to be insane because of her problems. she received the message from Vicky, it was the address of the apartelle where she needed to go. she started to pack her things and she was ready to go at dawn. she thinks that it would be a good idea if she'll leave at that time, for those spies will not catch her.


Aum just arrived at the airport, he received a call from his friend Sum who's also his business partner. from America he need to go back in Thailand just for his friend's plan, Sum shared to him last time through email that he bought a lot and planning to build a big condominium this time. this would be his biggest project as he's now back in Thailand, not to mention that he has other reserve projects. but one thing he made sure is to see his business that he built just last year, he wanted to pay a visit if how things going. he was sure that his employees will be surprise again. he always love to surprise them.

3 years ago... he did go back in Thailand but not to go back his past, but to start over. he did finish his studies despite of the schedules he had. he gained new friends and Sum is part of his new chapter in life. he went to the phone booth and called Sum hoping that he's going to pick him up here at the airport but he's not even answering, he called his assistant to tell her that he needed to be pick up in the airport.

"tsk... that bastard, why he's not even answering?", he asked himself as he finds his seat while waiting for his assistant to pick him up. but while waiting, there was a widescreen tv that hangs at waiting area, where other people shouldn't bore while waiting. it was a flash news about the Patchata family, every media seems to be following the first child of the couple Rome and Rita, since she's even growing lovelier than ever. but a rumored about the couple that they're going to have their second baby soon.

Reporter: is it true that you're going to have the second child soon?
Rome: we were planning about that... (Rome joked around the media.) but i think our little princess here isn't ready to have a younger brother or younger sister.
Rita: Ratana's at the stage who still needs our attention, but we also ask her sometimes if she wanted to have baby brother soon....

the next one that the reporter interviewed was Ratana who was just playing her microphone but later says that "i want mom and dad only...". then she runs off to her mother, the next news was other celebrities already. later Aum's assistant arrives and helped him to his baggage. while in the car, he saw the lights of the city and how nostalgic that he usually look up to those buildings. he just loved to watch those buildings.

however, a part of his heart... he was asked. is it alright that i am going to stay for good? what happens if i will see her again?

Sarai: sir, it's already 6pm. do you also want me to drive you at the restaurant for dinner?
Aum: no thanks... i am fine. i think i'll have my dinner at my pad.
Sarai: ok, sir.
Aum: tomorrow, i want you to get me a car. i am going to meet Sum.
Sarai: yes, sir...

they were on their way to his pad, actually right next to his pad is Sum's unit. but since Sum wanted to meet up with him to the place where he bought the lot, it only means that he's not around.


see you on part B....
i hope you like the start off the story. dont worry, i will show some flashbacks of what happened to them and what will happen if they meet again.


ATEAM's story had finally started! can't wait to read more of it... ^_^
yipee, ateam has started. can't wait for more. i hope ateam meets and they are living in the apartelle but different room.
^^yeah that's what i'm thinking too...i wonder their reaction and how they will fall in love can't wait

you guys had a strong gut feeling, huh? LOL
im writing the part B at the moment to post it later.


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Chapter 11/12 awwwwww poor Rome, he feels that he has to control his feelings instead of expressing them.
Chapter 12/12 awwww that was so cute how you ended it with Rita finally telling Rome how she felt :D
Chapter 1/12 I can’t wait for Aff and Aum to meet up again

I still have to get caught up with BB.


Chapter 1/12

it was already dawn, it's time for her escapade moment. Aff could see the black car at afar, she knew that it was her father's men who's spying her for days already. she dont care anymore if Vicky thinks that she's one paranoid, but its only her way to show her father that her freedom what she was asking for.

when she finally got a taxi on that hour, she dialed Vicky's number. as what Aff guessed, Vicky was still on her shoot, she knows how busy her friend as always... but who cares? at this moment what she needed is her help. "Vicky, i need your help...", she intro once Vicky answered the phone.

Vicky: Aff... (she muttered and look at her watch to see what time is it now.) it's 3AM. you're still awake??
Aff: i am here at the place that you gave me the address, but i know it's still close. so i need you to fetch me here.
Vicky: what? why did you came at this hour if you know that it's still close.
Aff: like i said awhile ago... i need to escape before the spies would find out where i probably would went. now you need to go here-
Vicky: but Aff, i have a shoot right now...
Aff: as in now? i thought you were sleeping...
Vicky: no... i've been staying here since yesterday. (the director just announced that the break is over and they need to shoot the next scene.) Aff, i have to go-
Aff: but what about me?
Vicky: im just gonna tell the driver to fetch you there. in the meantime you can stay at my pad then in the morning i can accompany you to go get a new room in that apartelle, okay?
Aff: but how will i know if it's your driver? and what if he's-
Vicky: oh, my... you're so freakin' paranoid. you will know that he's my driver, my PA's going with him to see you.

without saying goodbye, Vicky hang up the phone because the director of the future lakorn she's going to have wants to start the next scene already. Aff was still worried, especially if she's all by herself at the waiting shed with her one luggage. the reason why she felt so scared is because aside from that she went here so early all by herself, she dont know what will happen next... she was wondering if her father could find her again.

while sitting and waiting at the shed, a car pass by. it suddenly slows down and window opened into half, they both caught each other's attention. as if they both know each other, her heart suddenly beats faster... not because she knew who he was. but it worries her even more. a spy?

the car suddenly stopped and parked near infront of the apartelle. the driver opens him a door, watching him at afar as he enters the apartelle, she thought that he must be one of the residents. but he was a rich guy, she knew... because of the traits he had right when she saw him as he got out of the car. the guy had glimpse with her also but then he went inside already as he had an appointment with a friend at this hour.

soon the car arrived for Aff, it was Vicky's driver and the PA was there. she knows her PA and Vicky entrusted her very much. Tida, at her young age... Vicky entrusted her already. in 4 months time, she's going to graduate soon in college. she took up Business Management, she was also one of Vicky's scholars. for some reason, she was touch with Vicky's award she had last year. she was thanking her because she was only friend who could understand her and the PA she trusted, there are only two people she thanked in public, however in her heart there's still someone she wanted to thank. but that person wasn't around, Vicky was referring to Por.

this is the bottom line of their friendship, that no matter how many trials they will encounter, she and Vicky always helped each other. that's what their other friends didn't know about. not to mention that Rome was also their close friend, but eversince he became a family man 5 years ago... he wanted to focus to his family and they understand.

Tida: im sorry, Miss Aff if Miss Vicky couldn't fetch you personally.
Aff: it's okay... i know that she's busy.
Tida: tomorrow she has no schedule that is why she agreed to accompany you.
Aff: i see...

like Vicky, Tida was like a sister to her either since she's the only daughter. the only child of Taksaorn family. she was tired of her image... Vicky and Tida knew her reason why she did runaway. it's been 5 years since they've been helping her. now, she dont know how to pay them back. they got inside of the car after Tida helped her carried the luggage and finally went to their destination. Vicky's pad.


"ah.... just as i expected. you're still awake, Aum???", Sum arrived to Aum's unit. Sum knew that Aum wanted to checked out his business before he goes with him at the project that they're planning to start any time this month. Aum had one apartelle at this area, he still dont understand why his friend wanted to focus in this one building. he knows that Aum grabs every opportunity comes, however, he never forgets to focus in this building. he has lots of money... and yet, he never use it to other projects he offers.

Aum: Sum...
Sum: i got your voice mail... awhile ago and i got a call from Sarai. she said that you arrived already. why are you still awake? it's 3 o'clock.
Aum: jet lag. (he continued from what he was doing. he was signing all the papers that Sarai needed to submit with other clients he had.)
Sum: reserve projects? (he was looking at him, with their friendship that they built 5 years ago. he knows that Aum is a workaholic person.)
Aum: yeah... i might probably stayed for months... or even a year.
Sum: that sounds good.
Aum: no, it's not. it's tiring... when you hear their demands.
Sum: (he sat at the edge of Aum's desk and get one of the papers that Aum signed.) there's nothing you can do about it. you're in demand... you should be thankful. (then he returns the paper to the desk.)
Aum: i am but if not with their offers, im not gonna accept it... (he was referring about the money. Sum got him already.)
Sum: wow... in 5 years... never heard of that before. i didn't you're also greedy-
Aum: anyways, since you're here... can we discuss about the project now?
Sum: not if you pack your things and come with me at the site now.
Aum: now? how am i suppose to see the site if it's still dark.
Sum: here's my concept.

a printed 3d version of the site. the indication was already there. "lights". Sum gave his sketch for him to see it. a condominium near at the beach, Aum knows that this is very common already. not to mention that the site is in Pattaya. but the one that caught his attention is the name of the investors, Ken Theeradej and Rome Patchata. "you're so unbelievable, Sum... how can you do this to me?", Sum knew what Aum caught his attention. he just smile.

Sum: surprised??? (now Aum look so pissed.)
Aum: you know i can't work with this guy.
Sum: give me one good reason why you can't work with this guy... i dont think the money is involve because his offer is tempting that's why i took it. he has lot of projects-
Aum: i just... can't work with him, okay... im sorry. (he give it back document and the partial sketch plan of the building.)
Sum: is this about your past again? (his voice became serious, because he couldn't afford to lose this investor just because of his friend.) look, i know that i dont know much about your past... but this is strictly business. if you're bothered because of that then i will tell you now. he knows...

Aum look at him with seriousness. he dont know how to say it or how to decide it, he was either dont wanna open about his past or he just dont want to have any communication related to his past. does it mean that he hasn't recovered yet? except that there's only one person whom he can communicate with. the one he designate to be the caretaker of this pad he had in this building.

Ploy woke up suddenly with the voices she heard outside. she knew it was Aum's guest at this hour. as she got out of the room, just as she thought... it was Sum.

Sum: good morning, Ploy? it's still early to woke up at this hour... (he greeted her with a smile.)
Ploy: i heard a noise... and just as i thought... not only a noise. but an awful voice. (she was referring to him. Aum just smile as he stared at Ploy who just woke up.)

Aum watch her go to the kitchen and grab a glass of juice. even though she was the only person he get in touch with, until now... he still couldn't believe that she can finally see. even her still couldn't believe that she can finally see, she wanted to thank the person who helped her. however, she couldn't find that person... Ploy says that the person who helped her was everything to her. but so many unexpected things happened...

he and Ploy meet at the apartelle where she used to live, he dont know what was the reason why he came back here in Thailand 3 years ago. but it was a sudden surprise when he and Ploy meet up again.

in the end, Sum and Aum didn't continue their discussion since Ploy's awake already and joined them. she made a tea for them... their topic change when Ploy shared that she met a funny man during at her work. the two guys listened to her story, aside from she met this person... she also talked about her travel to the temples and took pictures of it. she's expressing her happiness to see those wonderful things she saw today. to them, it was just an ordinary temples... but for her, every corner of the streets... she appreciates it.

to Aum, it was also his first time to see those smile to Ploy's face. it was full of grace and even if Ploy was his old friend... now, she's a different person. so for him, he seems like he meet a new person. that he even conclude to himself that Ploy wasn't part of his past...


it's 7AM... Aff woke up and she hurriedly get up from the bed as if she was late. but there's no work that awaits her.

she opens the door as she got out of the guest room, there she found Vicky who's watching her own movie. she wallows up, a used tissues scattered all over the center table. it wasn't new to her anymore, Vicky is a typical person who wants to find some errors to herself. conscious in short. though sometimes she's over too confident, she loves herself... envy herself. she dont know what she could exactly call to her friend.

she gets the mini trash can at the corner and pick up those tissues that scattered on top of the center table. "Vicky... here you go again...", she look at her and then Vicky finally puts the tissue at the trash can she was holding.

Vicky: what?
Aff: you're watching yourself again...
Vicky: that's not me... it's the character i played.
Aff: it's still the same. anyways, what time are we going?
Vicky: (she almost forgot something to say... she wiped her tears away and stood up from the couch.) girl, bad news...
Aff: what?
Vicky: i think we should probably go around lunch?
Aff: what's the bad news...
Vicky: Tida was asked by someone, actually a fellow men outside the building. they ask her if you were around... i bet its the spies that you were talking about. they might be outside right now... they want to confirm it if we're together.
Aff: what are we going to do now!?! how are we gonna get out of here??? (she panics and dont know what to do.)

Vicky was thinking if how they're gonna get of this pad without being caught by uncle Taksaorn's men. she was walking back and forth, while Aff was sitting couldn't even think of anything. "i have a plan now...", Vicky finally said and she picks up the phone and called Tida who's actually at compound and waits for her signal if how they're gonna get out of the building.


(just imagine the scenes what's happening...)

Sum left after breakfast together with Ploy who wants him to drive her at work. Aum told Sum that he needs to think about the project first before he agrees with Sum, he also told him that he will visit Sum one of these days who lives closely at the site.

in the meantime, Aum was left alone in his unit. then he change his clothes into ordinary clothes since he's not planning to go out today. he's planning to stay in the building just for a day to monitor everything. he was living at the 14th floor, he wants to visit the fifth floor since its still under renovation. he greet his staff at the ground floor and where the mini office was located. and just like as he arrives in his building, the fellow staff was surprise to see him. he bought some stuff from America for them, he also gave some food to the carpenters and interior designer crew who's also in the office.

he gave the documents he signed to Sarai who is his assistant. Sarai also reported about the carpenters who's working right now at the fifth floor, so he decided to pay them a visit.

Vicky and Aff finally escape from those men outside of the building, Vicky let Tida used her van where she always go for taping and she used her personal car. it was common method that the scriptwriters and directors usually input that for the scenes either dramas or movies, she dont know if those men were familiar with those kind of scenes but definitely Vicky was happy because they successfully escape from them.

they finally arrived at the apartelle that Vicky was referring about. it flashback to Aff's mind about the man she saw awhile ago... she dont know why she had the gut feeling that she knows that person already.

they talked to the person whom they want to negotiate with, that even for Vicky... for the sake of friendship, she had no choice but to appear in public and introduce herself to the person who's assigned at the front desk. Aff just look at her friend, who's not only negotiating but also signing an autograph for the two receptionist who ask for it. later, they toured the building. but in the end, as the assistant manager of the building pass the record book to the receptionist... the only available units were in fifth floor.

Vicky: so... what now? are you going to take it? (she whispered to her.)
Aff: it look so expensive... (they both lowered their voice, so that the staff couldn't hear them.)
Vicky: of course it's expensive if you'll hire their interior designers of this building. but if you want to arrange it with yourself, of course it wont be expensive.
Aff: i have my money here... but it will last for three months and i have no job yet.
Vicky: (she crossed her arms.) this is your fault, if you're not transferring to one after another...- (she sighed.) let's not think about that for now, you need a place to stay... so here it is.
Aff: but it's still under renovation....
Receptionist: uh... ma'am, excuse me... the renovation at the fifth floor will undergo for three days only. (she interrupt as they both realize that they were heard about their conversation.) if you want... you can see the fifth floor.
Aff: (Vicky look at her again, her eyes was asking her if she'll take it or not.) where i am going to stay while waiting for three days?
Receptionist: there's a motel infront of our building... it's not that expensive.

Aff's undecided facial expression made Vicky had to end up with a decision. "we're going to take it... but can we check out the fifth floor?", Vicky said and the receptionist showed her the way. Aff just followed... though a part of her is still undecided, she had no choice since they're here already. she dont have to guess anymore that she wont stay here in this building and she'll be needing Vicky's help again.

Aum helped out one of his workers to fix the tube where the water flows under the lavatory of the dirty kitchen, the workers were even surprise that he took off his shirt and lie down to helped them. he borrowed the plumbing tools from the repairman and gets the wrench. while the men were watching him fixing it, he decided to let them take a break.

Repairman: are you sure, boss? actually, we can fix-
Aum: it's okay... i can handle this. you know that i already tried this field, so you dont have to worry. why dont you just grab the box of cookies that i bought for you guys... you can take a break a for awhile. it's gonna be lunch time soon. (he smiled at them.)

the repairman took his advice and the crew got out of the room to take a break. he even heard them talking about them, he always love to surprise them at work. but his care about his workers what motivates him most. these workers saw how he was dedicated to his work and how he trusts them. because of his kindness, the workers got motivated and they also trusts him as their boss.

Vicky and Aff took a glimpse of the units that were almost done. the receptionist explained that the reason why it's not finish, because their boss wanted to see some satisfaction with these units. the fifth floor was designed with renaissance inspired because of the wallpaper that they used, the painting job is done already and Vicky was glad that they couldn't smell the odor of the paint anymore. while the receptionist was talking to Vicky about their units in this building, Aff wasn't listening anymore when she heard a laugh of a fellow men who's walking at the hallway, she take a look at them... they were in rugged attire. men at work, she guessed.

she later, goes out of the unit and left Vicky there with the receptionist as she felt like there's a magnetic field at the other unit. she felt like herself needs to see that room, she finally enters the unit that was still undone. they haven't installed the wallpaper yet, but she saw a big roll of a wallpaper at the corner. maybe a couple of rolls of the wallpaper, but the space of the unit was also the same with other units. every corner and the two rooms at the west side. she dont know why this room got her attention even if the design was similar to other units. she look at the window, this got her attention... the window glass. she was thinking that if she would stay here... she will put a one chair and just watch outside the window while having a cup of coffee.

Aum was done fixing the tube, he gets up and wipes his sweat all over his half body. however, as he gets the shirt to wipe it... he didn't expect that someone would check this room. or maybe someone get lost?

she heard a noise at her back, as she turns around to see for herself if who was it....

suddenly, the two persons who was inside in the room on that moment... froze. as if there's a wind pass by through their face and only a whirlwind sound that they heard. surprise wasn't even the best word to describe for what just an unexpected happened on that moment. it was rather shocking.... speechless. their minds went blank.

she dont know if the person who's standing 7 meters away from her is real. or was she was dreaming right now?

he dont know if what he see is real... or was a living ghost of his past.

"five years....", those words registered in their mind as they were looking at each other.

Aff: Aum??? is that you?
Aum: Aff... (that's how she realize that it was him. he called her name...)
Aff: it's you... (she dont know if she has to smile, she wanted to step forward and approach him but she felt hesitant to do it.) you- you... your working here?

he nods. by the way how he looks like, she thought that he never change. he was in rugged attire. but not to mention, he was half-naked. she look away, she never saw him like that before... there's a sudden awkward feeling that she felt.

before he could speak again, it was too late when he heard a voice that calls her. he quickly hides at the corner. he dont even know why he needs to hide though. it was Vicky who was calling Aff, together with the receptionist. "Aff, there you-", she stopped as she notice that Aff was looking at the dirty kitchen.

Aff: (when Vicky taps her shoulder, that's how she realize that Vicky was looking for her.) uh... sorry.
Vicky: we've been looking for you... this room is still undone just like the other units.
Receptionist: uh, yes ma'am... but as you can see this room will take five days to finish. they haven't installed the wallpaper yet.
Vicky: (she nods as she agrees with her.) but i think this unit is also nice. (she looks onto Aff and was still looking at the dirty kitchen.) Aff... Aff!
Aff: huh?
Vicky: were you even listening? what are you looking there?
Aff: uh... uh, nothing-
Vicky: okay, that's enough. uh, miss... i think we saw enough all the units here in this floor. i think we can discuss this downstairs.

Vicky grabs Aff's hand to pull her and finally got out of that room, they went downstairs to discuss if Aff finally decided if she takes one of the units at the fifth floor. but Aff was still not to herself. Aum's face couldn't get out of her mind and she wonder why he suddenly hides when Vicky came.


i know this part is long. but hopefully i fed you with satisfaction with their meeting towards the ending. XD
you needed to read every scene here... because it only means that there will be a lot of questions in their love story here.
especially, with the supporting characters here.

maybe Aum is nice to others... but will he be nice to Aff also?
what if Ken will find out that Aff's hiding in Aum's place?
what if after all these years, Aum still haven't forget Rita?


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such a cliffhanger with your three questions at the end. I am hoping that it may take him a while longer to become accustomed to aff that way they still have somethings they need to take care of but about rita, i want aum to already forget rita as a girlfriend but more of a friend now therefore there will be no miscommunication within ateam's love story. ken needs to know his feeling for aff whether it is love or just work love. gosh, i am also having all these questions about ateam but i'll just wait to read more updates on ateam's love.