Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


Chapter 3/12

"i can't believe we end up eating here in a restaurant...", he was slicing a steak. but his face couldn't draw, Ploy always know that Aum doesn't want to eat outside. he only goes out if there are no other choice already. "Aum, im sorry... you know that i just got back from the work, i dont have time to cook anymore", she explained.

Aum: well, you should at least called... so that i'll be the one to prepare the dinner. (he notice another plate beside Ploy's.)
Ploy: i'll make it up to you next time. i promise... anyways, is that girl named Aff will be one of the residents starting tomorrow? (he just nod as he looked at her.) she's really a nice person.
Aum: speaking about her. wouldn't be good if you'll hire her as one of your workers at the hotel?
Ploy: does she know how to massage? you know i can't hire someone who doesn't have experience. plus, my co-business partner Krit, he only wanted to hire some physical therapists.
Aum: terrific... (he said sarcastically.)
Ploy: what do you mean terrific?
Aum: i almost forgot that you couldn't hire her anyway because she's hiding.
Ploy: hiding...

Aum told her about Aff's reason why she's planning to live in the his building. Ploy thought that he might get trouble because of Aff, but on the other hand... she also want to cooperate with him. to help Aff, since she thinks that she's nice. he also told her about Aff's condition that it made her want to Aff even more.

but in the end, she could help her because she was hiding after all. but she already figured out something that the least she could help her in her own little way. Aum and Ploy were leaving the restaurant already as they're planning to go back at the apartelle. but before they left, Aum decided to buy something to eat for Aff.

Ploy: (but she notice one thing, when Aum grabbed the food that they bought from the restaurant.) mmmm...
Aum: what?
Ploy: nothing...
Aum: (he knew what she was thinking.) im just helping her, okay?
Ploy: i didnt say anything... (she stared at him, but her smile was something else.)
Aum: why are you smiling?
Ploy: i said nothing... am i not allow to smile?
Aum: (he stopped. he dont know if he got irritated by her smile, but he knew that Ploy was teasing him.) okay... you're also helping her.
Ploy: i know... but in my own way. i think my other useless stuff can be use now, when i first got into your apartelle you didn't want those stuff around in your pad.
Aum: so you mean to say...-
Ploy: yup, i didn't throw those stuff. i actually put it in the storage room... im planning to give it to her since you already said that she has no stuff in her unit.

for a moment, he didn't realize that... but he was thankful that Ploy was being helpful. "mmmm... i didn't know you would be helpful this much, Ploy. eversince you got your new eyes... you'd change. because before, i really thought you're such a snob", after he said that... it was obviously that she was flattered. because for her, she knew that its really a big advantage that she could finally see again. she promised that she would only used these eyes to help people, because that was someone's wish for her when she was still blind.

when Aum pinch her nose and runaway... she chased him at the streets as they were running back to the building. he knows that she hates it when someone pinches her nose like that.

at afar, Anne was walking and reading her book that was first published just a week ago. she was on a roll of visiting the bookstores all over Bangkok, to see if people buys her novel. but as she passed by at the street, she dont know if she misheard a familiar names. she turn around and she didnt expect to see Aum and Ploy running at the street. she even blinked her eyes for a couple of times if what she see is real. she wanted to follow them but she lost their track. but she knew she wasn't dreaming at all, "oh, my god... this is for real! but how-", she stopped and wonder.


"that was fun...", he got exhausted from running and so was Ploy. they were infront of the building already, but Aum almost forgot that he needed to give the food to Aff and she was at the motel at this hour for sure. so Ploy went back first, while Aum went to the motel.

"Right Here Waiting For You" CLICK ME

Aff opened the door when someone's knocking and it was Aum after all. she was surprise because she never thought that he would came to see her at this hour, it was already late then and she just got out of the shower. "i... uh.... uh... i just brought you some food?", he handed her the food from the restaurant that he bought awhile ago. but he couldn't stop staring at her, not to mention that he suddenly feel thirsty as he realize her neck and to her shoulders were glistening with water drops. he remain stared at her from head to toe.

as if there was something...

Aff: (later she realize how embarrassing she looks like.) uh... sorry.
Aum: for what?
Aff: i was taking a shower... you wanna come in? i'll just get done any minute.

she made away for him to come in, he get inside but the awkwardness towards between starting again. he just wait at the corner of the room, there was a two-seater and he sat there steadily. as she finally got out of the bathroom, she was finally wearing her sleeping clothes, but still wiping and her wet long hair. he stared at her, he only realize one thing as he stared at her face. she was pretty... he dont know how it got into his mind of how simple her beauty was. but she was really indeed pretty....

Aff: sorry for keep you waiting... (she smiled, but she remained with her composure. she sat at the bed.)
Aum: its okay... did you already had your dinner?
Aff: yeah... (she timidly answer.)
Aum: i... uh... Ploy just thought about you awhile ago, so she bought you something from the restaurant.
Aff: i see... she really didn't have to.
Aum: (there were a moment of silence, because he dont know what to say next.) uh... so... i guess i have to go now. i still have work to do.
Aff: you're going to work at this hour? (he just nod.)

he gets up and was about to leave but he forgot something ask her, if she already decided or not.

Aum: uh... i forgot to ask you something.
Aff: what is that?
Aum: are you planning to work in the building or not?
Aff: you mean... that apartelle accepting employees?
Aum: you'll meet the boss tomorrow. so dont worry about it, i know he'll accept you.
Aff: how did you know?

"you'll just see... i gotta go. so maybe i'll just see you tomorrow", he said and left right away. before she could ask him again, it was already too late. he always leave like she's always been hanged up by someone. but what if she works in that building, what will happen then? her father might find out that she's working and her father's men will chase her all over again.


"you wouldn't believe whom i saw awhile ago! Rita~!!!!!!!!! Rome~!!!!!!!", Anne screaming as she got into Rome and Rita's house. the couple were at the living room, just playing a poker.... together with Vicky and Ken. she immediately come to them and sat with them.

Rita: Anne... can you just keep your voice down low. Ratana's sleeping already...
Ken: all in... (he was concentrating to his game. since it was him and Vicky versus Rome and Rita.)
Vicky: Ken, what if we're not gonna win?
Rome: c'mon, Vicky... it's just a game. (he revealed his card and just as expected, Ken and Vicky didnt win again for 3rd time.)

because of Anne's loud voice, Ratana woke up and the couple thought their baby's gonna cry again as she was standing upstairs, looking at them, yawning and wondering. "mom... dad?", calling them and Rita stood up from her seat to get her but Vicky hurriedly got up from her seat and went to Ratana to get her. "come here, Ratana... i think you'll be our lucky charm in our game this time...", she carried her and went back to her seat.

Ratana: lucky charm...?
Vicky: you're uncle and i've been losing for 3rd time already in our game. so rather cheer up on your mom and dad, you should cheer up on us.
Ratana: but i wanna cheer up on mom and dad... (she went to hug her dad.)
Anne: i'll be the lucky charm, then...
Rome: oh, no... you can't join.
Vicky: why she can't join? (Rome and Rita dont wanna tell her why Anne couldn't join.)
Ken: i get it... you dont want her to join because you know you'll lose this time, huh... (then his phone rang. he put down his cards and get up.) hey, you go play my part. i need to answer this phone call first. (after pointing on Anne, he got out of the living room and answer the phone.)
Anne: my name's not 'hey' so call me- (Rome and Rita was just laughing because they know that Anne couldn't stand Ken's arrogance towards her.)
Rome: (while drawing the cards and Rita was teaching Ratana of counting the chips...) so Anne, what do you wanna tell us?
Anne: what?
Vicky: you came over and scream-
Anne: okay... okay... you wouldn't believe whom i saw. (she paused for a moment as if she was preparing of how to tell them.) i saw him... (he stop drawing the cards and he look at her seriously... wondering if whom she was referring to, so was Vicky and Rita who looked at her.)... and her.
Vicky: who's him?
Anne: him.... as in HIM... (Rome and Rita finally get it if whom she was referring to. they look at each other.) i dont know if what i saw was real... but i know its Aum and Ploy.
Vicky: Ploy? (she heard that name already.)

Anne told them that if she wasn't mistaken, it was really Ploy whom she saw, but it also surprised Rita that Anne said that Ploy can finally see. meanwhile, Ken got back and told them that he needed to go because he needed to pack his things and had to go to Pattaya by tomorrow. he stared at Vicky and dont wanna show his madness because after the call, he just find out that Vicky was the reason why Aff got away from his men that he assigned to watch out for her.


as early as possible Aff transferred her stuff from the unit and she was done before the clock strikes at 9AM. she tried to lie down on the mattress that was spread at the floor, she peacefully close her eyes and was just imagining that she was lying on her queen-size bed. yes, she missed her home... she wanted to go back, but she had no choice to make it on her own. she dont wanna go back not unless her father would realize what she wanted.


she just got home and didn't know that her father was waiting for her. 2 days ago, she broke up with Ken and didn't have plans to revive their relationship. she's so over it... and admit to herself that she was falling for someone else, and that someone else is none other than but Aum. though she admit it that she had feelings to a stranger, she couldn't deny the fact that maybe Aum was right... that maybe it was just her infatuation towards him.

she got back home because that what Aum wanted. he's leaving anyway and there are no chances to get to know him even more... however, even if he was a stranger to her... it felt like she knew him already.

Mr. Taksaorn: where have you been?
Aff: dad-
Mr. Taksaorn: i've been calling out your friends and even Ken has been looking for days! (she didn't answer him.) why did you broke up with him?
Aff: dad... because-
Mr. Taksaorn: because of what!?! you know that our family and Ken's family wanted this for the two of you. you and Ken agree with it and you loved him-
Aff: dad, i want my freedom!

she run to her room upstairs and cried alone... the scene change when Aff was eating dinner with her mom and dad. then she didn't expect that Ken would join them. at dinner, her father wanted to fix everything between them but she didn't succeed of what he was hoping-

someone was knocking from the door and Aff get up to get it. it was Ploy who's dressed up in a plain white polo shirt and just a jockey shorts, surprisingly she wonder why and who owns the clothes that she was wearing. she thought about Aum for a moment and maybe he owns it. "uh... Ploy....", she look at her from head to toe.

Ploy: (she took a glimpse of her unit and Aum was indeed right about what he told last night.) hey, Aff... do you me to help you around in your unit?
Aff: help? i... i was done putting my stuff since yesterday.
Ploy: stuff? but you got no furnitures.
Aff: i am planning to buy but not now...
Ploy: i have an idea... if you want, you can use some of the furnitures at the storage room downstairs. come on... (she let her follow her, but they went up.)
Aff: i thought the storage room's downstairs?
Ploy: yeah, but i need to change first. because i went out last night and stayed at my friend's house.
Aff: a guy? (she stared at her clothes.)
Ploy: (when she look at her, she just smile... because she might be thinking something else.) he's my co-business partner, he owns a hotel resort and i am working with him as well.

she just followed her, but in her mind... she realize one thing, that Ploy and Aum were just friends and nothing else. part of her, it makes her heart leap for a moment.... but then she asked herself why she was even happy.

they finally reached the 14th floor and she waited at the living room while Ploy went to her room to change. she wonder where's Aum right now, a foreman like him seems very busy, that's what she thought until she stood up from her seat and look around. she saw a drafting table at the corner and so she wanted to look at it. she just found out that Aum wasn't a foreman at all... but a professional architect. "he's now an architect?....", she thought as she take a look at the other tracing papers that has a draft sketches of the buildings.

then she found the draft sketch of this apartelle, it was designed by him... and-

Ploy: (she got out of the room...) impressive, huh? (she smiled at her when she tapped her shoulder.)
Aff: i didnt know... i thought he was a foreman.
Ploy: foreman... repairman... carpenter... electrician... construction worker... he's all-around. Sum and i dont even understand why he doesnt want to put up another business aside from this apartelle.
Aff: (she frowned and she look at the draft again, aside from that he was the one who designed the building, it was also written there the owner of the building.) he's the one who-
Ploy: (before she could continue, Ploy's phone was ringing. she answered it.) hello... Krit... i still have to inform Aum about it. i just got home.... yeah... i'll tell him then... ok, bye-.... dont worry im gonna return your clothes.... okay... (then she hanged up the phone.) anyways, Aff... let's go now. i think Aum's waiting downstairs and we need to decorate your room.

she followed her then, it was already understood that she just found out that Aum was the owner of this building. while following Ploy downstairs, she couldn't stop thinking when she met Aum again as she first got here in this building.


Aum was working in his office when Ploy and Aff came to see him. then he opened the drawer as he already knew what Ploy and Aff came for, he gets the key for the storage room and gave it to Ploy. "here you go...", he picked up the phone to call Sum, while ringing... "i already called 2 workers to help you two...", then Sum finally answered.

personally, Aff wanted to talk to him... but he was busy and so was she because Ploy's going to help her. they get out of his office and went to the storage room, the two workers that Aum called was there already, waiting for them. then she and Ploy started to decorate the room.


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Chapter 3/12


"finally...", Ploy fell herself to the couch, while Aff gave her the glass of water as she sat right next to her. they just finish arranging the furnitures inside Aff's unit. they just both laugh when they suddenly let out a deep sighed. she wanted to thank Ploy because only met just yesterday, but right now... they were even close like she knew to herself that she could trust her. Ploy was staring at the ceiling... she wonder what she was thinking.

Ploy: i was blind before... (Aff just look at her, while she kept staring at the ceiling.) when the time i was able to see again... that person wasn't there anymore. but i dont understand his promise that he'll return once i got able to rise up again...
Aff: what is that supposed to mean? and who are you referring to? is it Aum?
Ploy: no, it's not him... its some other person. i miss him already, but i dont know... he's nowhere to be found.
Aff: i was about marry someone, but i find myself falling out of love with him... i dont know how i suddenly realize about what i feel-
Ploy: Ken... Ken Theeradej, right? (she just smiled at her, while Aff dont how to keep her profile low.) dont worry about it, i wont tell.
Aff: how long you and Aum have known each other?
Ploy: he's my friend's boyfriend before... but they broke up and-
Aff: Rita...
Ploy: you know her?
Aff: uh... yeah, of course. her husband is actually my friend.
Ploy: i see...

Aum interrupts when he saw the two lying down at the couch. he heard enough and he dont wanna hear anything further, he knocks at the doorway. then the two look at him, "did i disturb you two?", he enters as the Aff sit up straight.

Aff: no... we just finished.
Aum: (he smile at her as his respond on her. then his attention went to Ploy.) Ploy, someone's name Krit and left you a message. i think he's mad at you.
Ploy: why would he bad me at me?
Aum: i dont know... but i think he's waiting for your return call.
Ploy: damn... (she stood up.) i dont know why i need to deal with his problems... (she was about to go out to give her friend a return call.) i'll be back, i'll just call him. (she then gets out of the unit and left the two.)

the two were left at the living room, they dont even know how to start their conversation. "uh... mmmm...", she scratch her head... dont even know what to say, but she stood up from her seat and went to the kitchen "uh... do you want something to eat... i... i have a bread here...", she took out the bread from the fridge.

Aum: (he followed her at the kitchen and was just remain stared at her. but then he almost forgot what was his reason.) uh... Aff, so have you decided already?
Aff: about what?
Aum: do you wanna work here?
Aff: oh... that. (she smiled but dont know how to say it.) Aum... you didn't told me that you're the owner of this building.
Aum: i have my reasons...
Aff: (she gave him the slice of bread.) what reason? (she was curious, but as she look onto his face... she knew the answer already.) it's Rita, right?
Aum: (he took a bite of the slice bread.) where did you bought this bread?
Aff: why?
Aum: i was just wondering... i mean, i never tasted this before. i think its the sandwich spread?

they went to the dining room and she put the slice bread on the table. "i made it...", she said simply. "its pineapple and cheese only...", she continued.

Aff: so tell me... what's your reason? is it because of her? (she comfortably asked him, then later she realize that her question made him awkward.) im sorry... i didn't mean to ask. it's okay if you dont wanna tell me.
Aum: so are you willing to accept the job here?
Aff: what kind of job then?
Aum: i dont know... i dont even know what's your skill.
Aff: mmm... im good at compiling documents.
Aum: as in my assistant? do you want to be my assistant?
Aff: as in secretary?
Aum: if that's what you call... but if it means that you'll be my assistant, then i need you to be with me... (she look at him, she dont know why it sounded so weird when he said that he needs her to be with him. but...) at the field. my assistant Sarai is an interior designer-to-be in 3 months, so that's why i always bring her along with me in my projects.
Aff: (...but he sounded just like the same person she was with before, Ken.) Aum, i can't be in the field... i mean... you know my situation already.

before he could ask her again, someone's knocking from the door and she didn't expect Vicky to pay her a visit. her friend was also stunned when she saw Aum again, now she did remember what was Anne talking about.

Vicky: Aff... (she pulled her away from Aum, then she whispered...) what is that guy doing here?
Aff: Vicky, he's the owner of this building... (then she grabbed her and let her introduced to Aum.) Aum... i think you still remember her, she's Vicky.... my friend.
Aum: (of course, how could he forget this woman. he saw her 5 years ago...) yeah... i know. (from Vicky's expression, it seems like she dont even want to speak with him.) uh... Aff, i think i need to go... there are a lot of things i need to do.

Aff just nod and he said goodbye to both of them. though he already got out of her unit, he didn't expect to hear something... it made him realize that maybe he has to prepare himself one these days. not to mention that he couldn't back out with the project that Sum proposed to him and Ken was one of the investors in that project.

he could see the similarities that he and Aff where they're standing. they were hiding... hiding from the person who were related from their past. he could say that he already moved on, but he dont know why this trouble inside of him keep coming back.

as he was about to go back upstairs, to his pad... Ploy passed by on him and she was carrying her stuff. "where are you going?", he asked her. he looked at her, aside from carrying her luggage, she was carrying her professional camera.

"im sorry... i need to go before Krit would leave me in the middle of the road...", she was in hurry and left right away. he just sighed and on that moment he could see the adventurous Ploy is on her way to go taking pictures again together with this man named Krit, whom he haven't met before. he just let her be, eversince she was able to see again... she's acting like a child who wants to see and try everything.


in the middle of the night, Rita felt like she wanted to eat some spicy food. Rome knew that she was pregnant, both of them were expecting a baby boy this time. however, they haven't told Ratana yet, because they both knew their only daughter who's going to have a sibling soon... isn't ready yet. she's only 5 and has tantrums yet. Rome just got back and brought some spicy food for Rita.

the two had their second round for dinner in the middle of the night. all of a sudden, Rita touches his hand... he knew what she was about to say.

Rome: is it about him?
Rita: how did you know?
Rome: i know... because i am your husband? (he sounded as if he was joking, but it was nothing to him.)
Rita: your not jealous or dont feel bad now that we found out that Aum's back?
Rome: no... why? should i be jealous if know that my wife loves me? (Rita smiled at him, he touch her hand and kiss it.) i think i should say that we... we are both ready to see him. if he's planning to meet up with us, then that would be no problem with me. but the question is... if he's ready to see us.
Rita: you're right... (he had a point. everything should fall into place, but way back 5 years ago... she and Aum already settled everything.)
Rome: hun, you shouldn't worry about it... it's about timing. if he's ready to see us, then we'll go see him.

it made her relieve when Rome comforts her, its been years since they learned so many things about them as a husband and wife. she wonders if he found someone for her already, she would be glad if he has someone that would comfort her.

after their dinner, Rome set his schedules this weekend... that he would spend a quality time with his family. his father will come back from overseas this weekend and promised to Ratana to bring her at the amusement park. so he finished his works as soon as possible, with Rita... everything runs smoothly with her family. she couldn't ask for more...


"it's late already, Vicky... aren't planning to sleep?", Aff asked her friend who's still at the living room and reading her script. she sat right next to her and caught her attention at the three empty mugs at the center table.

Vicky: i couldn't sleep... i just rather memorize this script for tomorrow's shoot. (still reading the script.) Aff, can you make me a cup of coffee?
Aff: Vicky, you're not planning to kill yourself right?
Vicky: Aff, i still need to memorize this script.
Aff: let me see... (she read the script, it was about the nanny who'll die and later the guy will realize her disease.) gee... Vicky? you took this role? you'll die here?
Vicky: it's not done yet. the nang'ek here will be reincarnate...
Aff: a fantasy-lakorn?
Vicky: give me that... (she took the script and keep it.) that's one of the first half of the episodes. later, she'll be reincarnate and will fall in love to the child she took care years ago. he's a grown up man and since that child will be just look like his father... there's no doubt she'll fall for that man. (she stood up and went to the kitchen, she made another cup of coffee.) see... i spoiled you already with the story. how are you supposed to support my lakorn then? (she frowned at her.)

she went back to her seat and look at her. "so... what are your plans now?", after what she told awhile ago. she wanted to know if Aff plans to transfer to another apartment again. Ken already found out that she (Vicky) was the reason why Aff's not living to that apartment before, where Ken was the one who assigned those men to watch out for her.

Aff: as long as you wont tell him that i live here... then i wont go anywhere.
Vicky: wont go anywhere?... but Aff, i told you before that-
Aff: no matter how many times he will ask... just dont tell him. besides, i feel secure here anyway.
Vicky: what's that supposed to mean? hey! Aff... i told you before Anne saw Aum and that...other girl... what's her name again...
Aff: Ploy?
Vicky: yeah~!... -wait, she leaves here in this building? (Aff nods and as if Vicky's reaction was surprised.) so you mean, that guy-
Aff: Aum... he has a name, Vicky.
Vicky: whatever... you mean that Aum and that Ploy are...
Aff: no... they're friends.
Vicky: what if they find out that they live here? also Ken- what if he-
Aff: Vicky, you're the only one who knows everything. if you zip your mouth then, they wouldn't found out. besides, i haven't ask him yet if he's ready to face them.
Vicky: you mean he's also hiding from Anne and Rita?
Aff: Vicky, dont worry about me... Aum takes care of me here, actually awhile ago... he's just offering me a job to work here rather work outside and my dad would find out that where i live. i can also tell that since he's hiding and i am hiding... i think its one of the reasons why he's helping me. if we help each other, then there will be no problem.

after she said those words, deep inside... she's still worries about so many things. soon, Ken will find out that she lives here. what if her father finds out that she lives here? she was thinking if she needed to discuss her problems with Aum, she thinks that he maybe can help her.

meanwhile, Aum couldn't sleep because he dont know what does his heart worries about. he dont understand whether he's ready or not to see Rita again. he dont know why he wants himself hiding away from her. then there's Aff... he wish to share this problem of his, but he dont think she'll understand him. he's confuse...


Chapter 4 will be the WILLING SCENE. still gathering some ideas, whether their scene will be in part A or part B.
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a willing scene on the next ch can't wait but aum needs get over hiding from rita so that he and aff can be together and the script that vicky is reading has a great plot that could be turned into a story of yours lol

yup... im still figuring it out on how to execute between the scenes about the WILLING SCENE.
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willing scenes between ateam, awesome. but i wonder why aff would be crying after the willing scene. hope you update soon, bellefire. i can't wait to read more of them. hurry please :drool:

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