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    Yes they’re definitely the one pair I think will have many chemistry. For one, bella is the flirty n’ek type (not in a bad way, just extra friendly) She gets all happy and comfortable with her p’ek real fast so as long as the p’ek doesn’t act all distant, reserved and shy. Like just don’t hold back and Bella will lead you the way LOL

    I wonder when they’ll get to pair up? I wonder if Paajaew will be the culprit to pairing them up bc he adores them both!!! Pajaew is a very bias hog lol he only picks people he endearing LOVES!! Lol. Like I’ve been dreaming since forever for Mark to work with him lol but it’s not happening any time soon cuz Paajaew is cray and bias! Lol so I’ll chill off of Paajaew and let him work with his people instead! Lol :risas3: but Pajaew is one director I super adore his work! Lol :celebrate16::cheer:
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    I would love to see Bella and Nadech pair up too.
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    I agree. I love Na whether it's his solo work or with Ya. Him working with other actress would be an A+. It would definitely help boost up his fan base. I know he's capable just not sure if acting is a passion. He does need to let loose more on the kissing scene & not worry what ppl may say or think. Negative folks will judge regardless. So im hoping he does well with Matt. Nadech & Bella would be ideal. I hope they will pair up in a lakorn soon.
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    It isn't entirely their fault that they have so many narrow mind fans and those whom take the koojin too serious. The continuous need to know everything about their couple and koojin, fact or fiction about their work and personal life.
    It's hard to believe they have their own imagine when I always hear and see them being called partner with their other half. I rather them known for themself and not because of their partner, whom their dating or their koojin. I've come across so many things, always mentioning their partner or koojin. Whenever they work alone and or with others.
    I rather them be known as an individual whom has work hard to improve their acting skills and have the ability to play different roles and where they gather new fans and non fans will praise them. Not someone whom had pretty much promoted themselves with their koojin or partner. And get praises by their extra bias fans for their roles, that may be lacking sometimes.
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    My next essay, hopefully it make sense.

    So in regards to NY love relationship, the way i see it is IF they were together and on rocky roads it could be due to how tight their relationship was before. So they've been in the industry for 8 years correct? In that 8 years from what I see, they were constantly together from sun up to sun down. They worked together, traveled together and most likely rest together (as in leisure time not sexually). So they spent almost every waking moments together. That is extremely unhealthy for a long last relationship, trust me. They did not give each other any breathing room at all. Now their younger fans may not think so but it truly is. I don't blame them for wanting to be together though because between the age of teenage until about almost mid 20's, people have these beliefs and these feelings that are 10x the normalcy. They love 10x more, they hurt 10x more, everything is almost 10x more. The world revolves around them and they believe they are indestructible. Young relationship tends to build their entire life around each other because they believe they are so in love, that the other party is their everything. Now I'm not saying this is the case for all but it is the case for most, which is why a lot of young relationship do not last, at least not in today's time. Couples need to have their own friends, their own hobbies, their own life. If not, eventually they'll get so suffocated and tired of one another. As they get older, they'll began to wonder how the grass on the other side feels like or looks like. No matter how deep your love is for one another, you still need that personal space. Can NY fix their suffocating relationship? Maybe, maybe not. Hopefully maybe because I do think they are a cute couple.
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    I don't step by step follow NY's whereabouts and issues but is their relationship on the rocks now? Like, why all these drama about their relationship? I just wanted to know. I'm curious because from Yaya's recent interview she said it's still the same. So I wonder why a lot of people here in AF is saying that they are distant now.

    I'm just curious. Don't take it as a hating because I like Nadech and Yaya as individuals. I'm just curious why all these dramas on their relationship.
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    There were rumors that they are distant/rocky so I'm just basing my IFs off of those news and rumors. Don't know if it's true or not. Nadech and Yaya said they are still good. If they said they're still good then I guess they're still good.
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  8. twister02

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    Thank you for the clarification :)
  9. Vimalee

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    Both Nadech and Yaya said their relationship is still the same but didn’t see each other much since both are busy with their individual works.
    Yaya said Nadech and his mom did gave her present for her birthday 3/18.
    Nadech himself said he is not the type who likes to post stuffs on social media. He prefers to keep their time together private.
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    I remember a poll on nine entertain saying a good percentage of viewers are getting tired of koo jin and want to see new pairings. 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Kao fame has been a double edged sword. 1. They introduced koo jins and popular pairings and people jumped on board super quick for the first couple of years. 2. People are getting tired of seeing the same people over and over again. On another note, this past year there seems to be a giant surge on anti-NY or plain anti-Nadech too. I'm sure a good 10% of these anti-s are ginormous MY fans after watching KC. Anyways on the topic of koo jin, I think we're heading towards the finish line. Coming from an NY fan and I'd like to think of myself as not being biased but Yaya does seems more distant with Nadech lately. Nadech seems normal around her and sometimes seems like he's trying hard to get her attention and she seems nonchalant at times with him. I get the vibe that Ya needs a breather from Nadech, which I totally get cause thinking from a human perspective, having people constantly shipping you and expecting you to do things with the same person over and over is hard, even if you're dating that person. I think Yaya is getting tired of the koo jin thing as well. I predict that Likit Ruk is going to be their last lakorn together and IF they manage to get paired again I think it will be a looonnggg time. I'm predicting that Kom Faek may also be the last for MK as well.
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    I understand, can speak and read Thai so I like to go directly to sources and that’s Thai citizens. The majority of NY fans and their individual fans are very supportive of their individual works and their relationship. However, there will always be a few ones that love to create drama for them. Of course, the negative comments or rumors will get more attention and will be picked up by media real fast because it sells.
  12. Well whatever it is I’m just plain sick of this whole koojin wave. Please give us new fresh pairings! There are still so many pairs we haven’t seen and want to see! There are also pairs who only paired once and they had TRAGIC endings like Nakee or Rak Nakara! In this case Taew and Ken P deserves to pair up again in a happy ending lakorn. And Taew and Mark should star in another lakorn with a satisfying ending! There! :thumbup:
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    It seems like Na makes his queue more open for Ya. He really only picks one lakorn per year, and rarely has events. I knows he has the highest lakorn/event fees but wouldn’t you want to have more diverse lakorn with more n’eks and give your koojin a breather? Have more success on the side for yourself too?

    I’m not sure why but I have a feeling that if Yaya’s queue is open, I’m sure Na is the first person to get the first dip. Lol

    55555 please, these two don’t even need to work together again til 2020, or 2022. Like seriously, they’re already together 24/7. I wonder if Mark and Kim will tie the knot once he turns 30, cuz these two talk about marriage like they’re ready to wed tomorrow. Lol. I’m whatever with them, but am happy for Mark if he’s happy. LOL! As long as he doesn’t stop acting!!! I will not care if he’s married, he should still continue with acting even after marriage. He can retire in his 40s 5555 cuz he’s got such a beautiful and baby face to retire in his 30s. Lol :risas3::risas3::risas3::p
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    I'm here for the sole purpose of saying I'm part of JJ's fanclub. #represent. :aaaaa: oh and in my opinion (which you are under no obligation whatsoever to agree with) I think he can act.
    and as for the koojin topic, I think Jiranee is more or less getting downplayed with 1) Bella and Weir finally being out in the open 2) Bella and Pope suddenly exploding in Thailand 3) James Ji and Bella being cast as "friends" in their next lakorn together.

    But it's well and good. I enjoyed Khun Chai Puttipat and Padiwarada, and to me, they had a lot of chemistry and made me happy in those two lakorns.
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    @xodxo Kim wants to marry when she reach the age of 30 and Mark also said he would like to settle down when he reach the age of 32. So Mark is only waiting for Kim to be ready and from his previous interview, he said that they already talked a little about marriage. Hoping for the best for them and whatever makes them happy :) MK for sure will not stop acting if they do indeed tie the knot.
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    I understand you have your bias but since you don’t follow him, how would you know of his events. He’s been pretty busy in the past 6 months with various events. I can’t name them all, but I wouldn’t say it’s “rarely”.

    Oh btw- if no one notice yet, I am here for Nadech.
  17. twister02

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    It's time for JJ's motherhen to speak up :lol:
    I agree too. JJ can act. He has this innocent attack in his acting.
    Well, we are happy to see him on tv and in photos and that's what important to us, the fans :)
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    “ Rumours are started by haters, spread by fools, and believe by idiots”. ( source: unknown)
  19. xodxo

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    Lol! Good for you! But I never said he couldn’t act. Lol! Ive heard others said it but I’ve never said it myself! Lmao! What I said was I have not been impressed. Lmao!:risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3: Maybe, maybe he’ll impress me one day cuz I’m waiting for him and Mew to work together. Lol :p

    I don’t care about koojin!! Lmao!!! Real or not, I really don’t care!! Lol :celebrate16:
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    I don't follow his mom's account but I see updates of NY through IG newsfeed (maybe because I follow some Thai media accts) and I can say that Nadech is pretty busy these days. He recently have an event for Carnation and the NY Shopee ad just came out. He's still one of the hottest actor in Thailand.
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