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    Thanks @KitKat516 , now I guess all the jokes about him and girls makes sense. It made me sick sometimes how he was flaunting her, but at the same time continually hurt her. I'm glad she held firm to, if you've been broken up with so many times, you know the person doesn't take you as serious as you want them to.

    No, no she is not. She is currently happily single lol.
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    I read on FB that NY fans were going crazy that Mae Kaew didn't post any greeting for Yaya on IG. For the fans to shut up she had to post a screenshot of her LINE greeting to Yaya and a statement related to it.

    Saesaeng fans are also the worst people ever. In Korea it is like a sin if an idol falls in love as if these celebs will be happy if they will be forced to be single forever.

    But then again, like what @twister02 has said... Filipino fans of celebrity loveteams tend to be toxic. And every little issue, they make it worse.
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    New and Now are Koojin ? Sure they are dating but people hardly take them seriously as ab actual koojin that can sell
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    Oh boy...this whole birthday thing has to stop. I swear there's always fans getting mad that someone supposedly didn't wish so and so happy birthday so therefore they committed a terrible crime. Sheesh...relax, it's not that big of a deal. I think Mae Kaew didn't need to respond to their craziness, but that's what you get when you're involved in the relationship of your son I guess.

    By the way, what do you guys think of her saying she's "letting go of the paddle"? Why do people take this as NY broke up. Heck, I think they're still together (after having a little fight), but now instead, they won't have to worry about bringing their mothers/family everywhere they go. Mae Kaew basically said, I did all that I've done. Whatever happens, happens. Sounds like she's letting Nadech and Yaya go on with their relationship without butting in or having poo yai butt in.

    Yeah, people can argue they may not be dating cause those two are so tight lipped (ugh) but I would say based on that secret photo of them going out on Valentine's day and that shirt Yaya gave Nadech that says "Urassaya since 2011" pretty much convinces me they're dating. The constant meeting for lunch/dinners/going on trips also tells me they're dating. Oh, also I read an article that NY went to HK and had tied the red string of fate to their fingers (omg). And those little excuses they give reporters about doing all this stuff together-utter bull. I remember watching Show Luo (Tawainese singer/actor) who said celebrities find a way to meet with the person they're secretly dating by going out with friends/family members to places with the person they're dating so that they can give the excuse of saying "oh no, it's nothing, we went with friends/family" when people start asking. Lol now I don't believe anymore.

    edit: wow, long post hahaha btw, I'm not a hardcore NY fan so don't feel like your sinking my ship if you don't like NY. Heck, I don't really care about them, I just follow them for juicy news on their relationship. Them as an on-screen couple no longer interests me.
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    Oh Willy! He was the one that got me back watching lakorn after I lost interest since Dao Pra Sook. I was so disappointed when I found out he had a girlfriend who was not Mew.
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    Exactly! Maybe it’s who I am following or “likes” but these two have never popped on my feed. Maybe it’s my bias to channel 3.
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    I pretty much started a ticking bomb.

    Whether we agree or not.
    Like I said before somewhere
    Some people are just immature and too over protective. Over smallest things, comments and crisitisms.
    We are all human, bound to be loved and hate. Simple.
    We are humans, that will agree with certain thing and disagree on many other things.
    Everyone has their own views and judgement.

    If you don't like what someone says, there's isn't always a need throw them your facts or beliefs upon them like you're the only person correct about this one person or people that you love and admire.
    Because I'm sure some people only want to see everyone improve themselves in their career rather then rely on something that could eventually end.... like a trend that comes and goes.
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    I really do wonder why NY wouldn't admit their real score if these things you mentioned are happening on their lives as a couple. I mean, are there any particular person/people who are stopping them from admitting? Not that I ship them but if they do love each other, why it is so hard to admit? Fans are saying that they are together for 7-8 years now so I think, personally, it's not that hard to admit. And lots of fans are shipping them so a big bonus too.

    edit: well, I'm just asking this because as a person, it makes me proud if my lover is proud of me and would tell the whole world I'm his girl and no one else can take me. :lol:
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    Haha not a ny fan too but definitely love their drama and news. I think they are dating but I think they aren’t into each other like before. Well coming from yaya’s side

    What??? I thought Esther and Push are koojins now lol or is that what Esther and her fans are wishing?
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    You forgot another infamous one, Kade/Noon lol.
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    I wanna talk about Mark and Kim too, i just started believing their relationship lol but I always feel like Kimmy is more into him.
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  12. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    It's obvious that I'm a MK fan but at first also I was hesitant to believe that they are real. I watched all their past interviews together and individually and that's when I got to believe that they are real. I know some of the people doesn't believe it either and I don't want to argue with them about that because outside social media, we will never know what is happening with them but MK makes me happy which is important for me as a fan :lol: and no one can take that away from me.

    What I like about MK is that Mark was the first one who admitted and told the whole world Kimmy is his girl and that's a plus for me. They are also supportive in everything they do especially Kimmy to Mark's hobbies and likes. They travel together with or without friends which is normal for a couple. Also, their set of friends and family are the one giving a hint or confirmation that they are really together in real life. No hiding at all.
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  13. alissaax

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    Whether it's real or not, people will judge differently.
    Everything can't positive, there's people going to say negative things too
    There'ss people aren't angels theyre bound go be horrible like everyone other people living and breathing. You see every now and then how some people are with their personal life and onscreen.
    Some people are just too narrow minded.

    For me I have things I like and dislike about my favs. Like Mint C, i don' like that she's dating pupa but shes happy. Sometimes I don' like her acting but I still like her and support her.
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    Yes they were considered koojin. Her ex boyfriend was on a dating show (roo mai krai sod) and said that he lost his ex who is a nangek to her koojin. He made it seems like she was cheating on him. Well cyber detectives went to work and found that the ex was Now Lol.

    @KhoOnxNouxWanxJai what really made me annoyed was some of his fans saying that he's more famous than her and she was riding on his fame. Yes he was more famous but she was dating him while she was already known and he was nothing. He got free press when he was competing because someone found out he was seeing her, of course he denied it saying they were only closed friends. No close friends celebrate their 4th anniversary 3 years later :rolleyes:
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    Naw, Thissa was from riding on his fame. When I used to follow them together, Thissa always distant herself if Gun's fan were around. It wasn't because she was ashamed or anything, but she knew Gun fans were crazy about him and wanted to give him that space with his fanclub. Gun fans are crazy lol. I think that is with all male singers though. Soon he'll reach that age where his fanclub isn't as crazy anymore and he's going to look back and be like, I gave up soo many things for a fanclub who left me lol. I've always preferred Gam fanclubs over Gun's. Gam fanclubs has some crazies, but for the most part they are chill and supportive.
  16. KitKat516

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    So about NY, I'm looking at it from a different perspective. So when I look from that perspective, age and growth came into play. NY are a lot older now and going in a different direction. Yaya wants to go international and Nadech probably wants to continue taking acting in Thailand seriously (this I don't know, just speculating). So because they have different paths, it made sense for them to separate. Now that doesn't mean they aren't together as a couple but as a money making koojin that are joined at the hip to every event, they have to separate. Maybe they are now trying to create an individual name and an individual image for themselves which was why Nadech's mom no longer tags Yaya. That could be what she meant about picking up the paddle, she with Yaya's mom groom coached and help them to where they are today so their job is done. If they had started that way would that have been better? Yes and no, yes because then they wouldnt have to try to create a new image 8 years later and no because seriously together they were the money making machine. Being a kid that age making that much money, who wouldn't want to play it up? NY --> Nadech Yaya can happen and be successful outside the koojin club if their koojib fans are willing to allow them to grow and support them individually. NY is different from MK because MK didn't start together, they rose to stardom separately so they had the advantage of working separately. Plus they overcame scandals together.

    Sorry about the essay.
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    I agree with you. They might be together personally, but professionally they might find themselves stifled with always having to work together. I actually thought that was the reason for their distance, more than a fight or something. Mae Kaew's statement just seemed like an acknowledgment that NY are grown up and taking their own decisions now.

    To any NY fans, I'm not against them or anything. NY just gives me a hard time with figuring them out, and I'd rather believe they're together once they say it. Till then it's like living on crumbs. I didn't even believe MK were together till I heard what they had to say about the relationship and saw hundreds of photos, with friends, family etc.

    Doesn't prevent me from supporting all four of them professionally.

    Edit: Sorry about the length :)
  18. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Sometimes, I don't see or feel honestly in the words said by either Mark Kim Nadech or Yaya. Cause at one point they were just hyping up the support from their koojin fans. They were getting promoted and work left and right because of the koojin image.
    How I see things between Yaya and Nadech, honestly they're both ready to go separate ways work wise. Their love life is their decisions to make, I won't be demanding them to be together if that isn't something they don't want.
    It's between them.
    Mark and Kim, I know have been through so much together. And I honestly stop caring about their love life.
    As someone once who once liked all of them, I rather them have their own image and be able to work with others. Without certain fans attacking another celeb just because their fav has a koojin or real life partner.
    Work is work, personal life is their personal life. You're just a fan, nothing wrong with loving them as koojin and couples. But there should be limits to those things. Not be so narrow minded about what they do in real life and whom they work with. Whether you like or dislike the person they have to work with or even friends with, and not be so immature saying things that they shouldn't work together or even be friends.
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    IMO Mark, Kim and Yaya have already successfully creating their own career path. Nadech is the only one who still needs to break out of his koojin fans control. It’s a pity because I like him the most and see so much potential in him.
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  20. Lol but Nadech is actually the one out of these four who won the most of any kinds of awards? Recognitions? Lol. I find it bizarre. I might have prefer Mark over Nadech since he’s got more experience acting with a more diverse group of actresses! Nadech needs to catch up! He’s almost 30! Oh my goodness! :rolleyes:
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