Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)


sarNie Adult
IT'S AIRING TOMORROW :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

I'm gonna try to catch it live :clap: . It better be worthed -_- :lol:


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LOL I know forreals :lol:
Sucks if we only get to see Cee for like 2 minutes in the first episode! Then i probably wont watch it ..-_-


sarNie Adult
Eek Nina dun jinx it...LOL... :lol:

I swear they better be aleast 30 or more min of Cee or I'm skipping episode 2 <_< :p

So far I'm disappointed with:

The teaser -_- 2 second :blink:
Behind the scene clips are mainly Vee-Mo <_< . Where's Cee?!


sarNie Adult
So far it's good. They showed Cee 2 min into the lakorn :lol:

Mo fell for Cee when he saved a dog from getting hit with the car..LOL...Cee is so cute in this lakorn. Cee-Mo look so good together standing beside eachother..keke...

Cee is NOT a mama's boy..LOL..thanx god :rolleyes: . He defend Mo when necessary ^_^ . I LOVE Cee-Mo 2gether. I love the way he smile and looks at Mo..hehe..so cute :p . Such a shame they won't get eachother in the end :(

Vee-Mo are cute too. They met a few times in episode 1. Alwayz bickering :lol:

Fai well she's sensitive..LOL..and her father got a bad temper.

Nok is beautiful.

Aont dad is in love with Mo's aunt? he's funny :lol:

Can't wait for episode 2 :yahoo: . This lakorn is good. Very funny and cute.

I record it live. Only got the beginning ..LOL..somehow it froze on me <_< I'll post the rest when Iptv puts it up :D



sarNie Adult
Oh god I'm falling asleep here. They show Cee very little and the bickeking btw Vee-Mo is ongoing. I'm just tired of them already. So far theres 5 couples in this lakorn. All of them bicker except Cee-Fai they met once or twice?! I dunno I'm just bored now :rolleyes:..Still watching it..commercial break....

OMG! Cee-Mo is the cutest thing :wub: . I soooooooooooooo love them. They got chemistry. Lots of chemistry :wub: .

There was some misunderstanding btw Cee-Mo and Vee-Fai. Anywayz, their friends sorted things out. So they understand eachother now. Cee bought flowers for Mo but she was still upset and wouldn't answer his call. He saw Fai in front of a pet shop they talked and he told her about the misuderstanding btw Vee-Mo earlier was an accident. She knows it already and they blah blah he gave her the flowers he bought for Mo instead to apologize . They are kinda cute too but so far dunno about their chemistry as compare to Cee-Mo :lol:

Anyhow, Cee when to Mo's house she wouldn't let him in. It was raining hard he was still standing there in the rain with flowers to apologize. She gave in and went out with an umbrella. They made up :p . She was drying his hair for him :wub: . Man they make such a cute couple. Somehow Cee smile is extra gorgeous in this lakorn :lol: . Cee propose to Mo again. And he told her to loves her..keke..and they hugged ^_^

The next day they went to get a new wedding gown. Vee-Fai was there too and it ended there...hehe

Cee mom is very annoying :rolleyes:


sarNie Adult
LOL..to me I enjoy ALL Cee scenes especially with Mo..LOL..I say it's worthed. And if u like to see p'ek and n'ek bicker alot then Vee-Mo is perfect :p . Although, I find them annoying :rolleyes: :lol:


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Vee is soooo funny in this lakorn...So does Mo..I love both of them in here..can't wait for next week..thank you for the pics..


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awwww Cee-Mo scene sounds so sweet and cute. Cee seems to be a gentlemen in here. Thanks Ana for the summary and caps....Cee_Mo so lovey dovey...Fai look so pretty in her wedding gown. Mo's pretty in here and so is Aom.....


sarNie Egg
i was watching episode 2..... and the old couple make me laugh LOL when he said to the woman in the restaurent that he gots 2 ticket for waching lakorn and the girl did not want to go with him. then he said ok i will give it to you so you will go by ur own and we do not have to be with each other and after he was watching the ticket sit place and he said ohh but the number are close to each other so we are going to be near at the sit place lol so funny :loool: