Kom Chad Luek's 12th Annual Awards 2015


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️
Bua and Taew look the most stunning, sexy and appealing. Their outfit and make up are on point!


sarNie OldFart
Yeah, what happen to Jui? She looked bloated. Out of all the girls there, Bua look the prettiest.


Mrs James Ma
Creation of awards is just to attract fans. Where are the other daras? James Ma, Mark, kimberley, Push, Mario, Mo. Where are they? Dont they have fans?


sarNie OldFart
I love you Anne! Samee Teetra was her BEST produced lakorn. Thank you Komchadluek for recognizing Anne's hard work. This award wasn't by popularity so I'm glad the judges recognized quality for what it is. Thanwa and Sammy presented the award. All my favorites in one clip. How awesome!


sarNie Oldmaid
Is Jui like trying to look young or something? I agree with everyone that she looks horrible. That type of dress and hair aren't for her. Donut looks cute lol and she always has such a cheesey smile lol.


sarNie Egg
Yay for tik and anne. They should of paired up long time ago. Even til now fans are still obsessed over them and their popularity is still going strong anne took home most of the award. Hurray for her!


Hrmmmm...I thought Jui looked great at the awards ^^ Some pics didn't do her justice tho. Bua did look stunning !!! As for Prahet, I went nuts when their pics surfaced eeekkks!!!

Samee Tree Tra tho, defffff deserved an award !!


sarNie Adult
I haven't seen the award show yet.. Here's some more pics to share :)
All pics credit to ig - @nu.noun

I think Gun won 2 awards this year. One for something like Male Pop artist (this is his fourth year of winning that title) and a new category (People's Sweetheart - Male) don't quote me on this I need to watch the award show first :)



sarNie OldFart
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sarNie Hatchling
Congrats to Oat and Donut for winning best actor and actress. Its about time that other talented people receive recognition for their capabilities. Award shows are getting repetitive and predictable year after year with the same overrated people winning based on popularity.