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sarNie Coma
yay Ryan is in this lakorn!!..so, ill actually see him on screen afterall. its better for him to start in small roles first before jumping into the leading role. im glad Khun Jim still gave him a chance. hehe. well, i wonder what role he'll be playing. it would of been great if he played Joys husband but thats actually chai's role

news from matichon.


sarNie Adult
I just hope that Aum does not get masculine than the pix up there 'cause short and masculine don't go together....you know what I mean. When it this going to air again?


sarNie OldFart
I can't wait...he is soooooo HOTTT! JLR was the first thai lakorn I ever saw...I remember the first day we arrived in the US, my grandma put it on for my mom and I...it was the summer of '91...Likit was super cool.


sarNie Adult
^^^^ Okay they really need to remake Say Ra Da Ral. I didn't see when I was younger, so hopefully someone does it soon. All I remember about it was I didn't like the costume LOL


sarNie Coma
OMG, if you wanna see how aggressive Aum is, you need to watch this clip!!.. its actually funny though cuz Aff is so petite and he pushes her like its nothing.:loool: dang, so cant wait to see this! :yahoo:

[click]Behind the Scene Clip
oh yeh, they kept the song from the last version but this one sounds better

credit to webmaster @ clubartichart


sarNie Adult
man aum seemed so mean... i've never seen the old version with ning and john.. so this should be interesting


sarNie Hatchling
Can someone give me the summary to this new version?

From both of the older versions, there was just slap/kiss. No willing, no rape, no baby.


sarNie Coma
the summary should be the same as the old version

i thought there was a :w-scene-pop-corn: :baby-scene-pop-corn: in the old version

Aum was pushing Aff around like an animal or something. so mean but funny though lol