Is there any not-thai drama you's like to see adapted as lakorn

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Vico, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh my Ghostess with Mark and Kao
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  2. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    This is my favorite Taiwanese drama. Yes, it was a good mix of everything and Vic and Barbie absolutely nailed their characters.
    I didn't finished the Japanese live adaptation of it because it was too cheesy unlike the Taiwanese.

    Any actors/actresses in mind you would like to play the characters? :lol:
  3. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    I didn’t even know there was a Japanese adaptation lol dang, I’ve lost touch with Japanese industry lol :p but yes~ this Taiwanese version was so good, sad, deep and holds so much value. Barbies acting was amazing! At first I was so annoyed she was so weak, so sheltered and shy away from everyone. Oh man~~ but as her past was slowly revealed, I got so angry at her mom, stepdad!! I was so mad!!! Whew~~ but Barbie did so well! Well, Vic was already my love from Meteor Garden! Lmao! He was my first Taiwanese love EVER! I thought he was so sexy in Mars, so sexual too! He did all the intimate scenes so well! I blushed and cringed! Lmbo! Bravo!:thumbup::clap::risas3::clap:

    LMAO :risas3::risas3::risas3: obviously Mark, but dang this genre is too mature, like literally it’s rated R. LOL! I think a movie would do well with following all the guidelines but I don’t think the lakorn would work. It’s too dark and Thai audience prefer lighter content. They would probably water it down, leave out the stepdad raping n’ek. I just can’t imagine Thai lakorn doing that. Lol :p

    Oh man~ for girls I’m giving it to Yaya. Lol!! I don’t know if Mew would be able to handle it cuz the “sexual” contents are pretty strong! lmao!! Mark might crush her!!!! Lmao!!! But honestly size wise Mew is Barbies size, Mark is Vic’s size! Lol :D

    Otherwise Prang Kanarun lol No Kimmy~~ she don’t ring a bell for this cuz I couldn’t watch her with Mark in KF and they had some pretty crazy kissing too lol it was just icky imo. So no for Kimmy for now.

    Lol~~ what about you? Since you’ve seen it, who do you envision for pra'nang?haha :D
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  4. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    They are already remaking this with noona & pae & gypsy play the ghost
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  5. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    It would be perfect I’m dying to see remake this in lakorn. The korean drama secret 2013 starting Hwang Jung-eum, Ji Sung, I mean i was so addicated on this drama. It is one of my all time favourite i think it’s going to suit thai lakorn.
    The only cast i can see here are (matt & Ken T)
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  6. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    Yes, there's a Japanese live adaptation. It's from a manga so it's should have a Japanese live adaptation :lol: but the actors who played are too young for me. I mean, Vic was young when he did this but he's tall and has a mysterious face that fit the character. The Taiwanese version is faithful to the manga than the Japanese. I didn't bother finishing it.

    Mew is a good choice because of her innocent face and size. As for Mark, I think he'll be a good choice too. He can be aggressive and cute at the same time :lol:

    Agree, I think Thai people prefers to have light drama or slap-kiss. They might not like MARS at all :lol: Both of the pranang's past were dark but that's what I like with the drama. Both of them compliment well because of their dark past. I dig all the skinship in this drama. Nothing can beat the chemistry of Vic and Barbie.
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  7. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Omg same i was thinking secret..
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  8. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    I mean it is so good, it would perfect combo for lakorn it has everything. Who didn’t watch please watch this one it is totally worth it.
  9. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    Didn’t you know ? It’s gonna be adapted with Noona, Arak and Gipsy
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  10. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    I made a thread for this one the other day asking what youre thai dream cast would be for "secret". No body replied though lol and yess i think it would be perfect for a thai remake
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  11. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    I didn’t see the thread,it is was a masterpiece
    Truly I thought for a long time who would a great cast because the original did an amazing job
    So only that suit the role are matt & ken T these two would be great together.
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  12. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Pae ???? You kidding me ??? Pae ??? Ewww if one31 wanted a good actor Kan is the right choice to play Jun Seok role ! I am so angry now Pae is miscast ! And is not that shitty channel tired of giving 2nd fiddle to Gypsy ? No wonder their numbers never improve
  13. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    I didn't know ! When was it announced !
  14. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Mark and Mint Chalida or Mai Davika or Yaya (great onscreen chemistry and s.x appeal). If Sammy was a Ch3 actress I would have picked her. She can act wounded/traumatised weak girl pretty well as shown in her lalorn with Boom.

    I am all for "Secret" with Matt and Ken T. Storyline sounds a lil like KC. Still iffy about Noi Busakorn. She would never accept unless the actress is Chompoo or some married/non threatning dara that won't trigger her insecurity.

    Lek T and Matt would be good as well
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  15. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Hahah any day for a Mark and Mint reunion, but I don’t know about them doing Mars. Mars is very dark, very mature, very sexual with a psychological plot twist. Mai is too tall. If she’s ever worked with Mark, I hope she doesn’t wear heels. Lol! Or they better give Mark lifts so he can tower Mai!! Lmbo! I’m scared of girls towering peks! Lol.

    Mark and Yaya always down for another reunion! :D


    @twister02 I knew Mars was derived from a Japanese manga, but never knew the Japanese attempted their own version hahahha I’ll probably have to check out even though Japanese actors are weird looking... I have only EVER loved one Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa!! Haha. She’s so wonderfully cute, beautiful and is my all time favorite!

    Btw, Mars is one of my all time favorites too along with Meteor Garden and Devil Beside You! I was a BIG Vic fan!! Lol :p F4!!! Haha

    @S.J.M @alissaax @SuzieJ I’ll have to check out Secret 2013 sometimes when I’m free.
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  16. leemyis

    leemyis Glamorous Diamond

    Thailand should really remake Korean drama "Come, Jang Bo Ri" because this drama is kinda like their style. You get the nang'ek is weak and kind and the nang'rai is cruel and always get away with anything. It would be nice to see a Thailand remake. Hopefully, in the future they would consider of making one. The Chinese version is better though at least to me. I did enjoy the Korean version very much that's why I tried the Chinese version and ends up loving that version a little more. If Thailand decide to make it, I hope they cast actors that can act especially the actress that will play the nang'rai role. Lee Yoo Ri is so good that I hated her character so much. Same goes to the Chinese actress that plays the same role. As for the main couple, they just have to be cute on screen just like the Korean and Chinese version then I'm satisfied.
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  17. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    Age of Youth remake for the MT Squad/Furby Gang :lol:
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  18. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    A lot of people said that the chinese verison did better & it was the highest rated tv series in china because of that sun yi the lead actress got the nickname of queen of tv rating, lee yo ri got
    daesang award, it will definitely suit the thai taste.
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  19. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Yes check ot out please! Even though i hate how the female lead looks i got past it really quick because of how good the drama was
  20. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Since we were talking kdrama, this clip randomly show up on my YouTube feed!! Lol. Oh man~~ it’s a little hot!!!!! Her boobs tho lol ahahahahaha

    I wish the Thais would show more scandalous n’eks on screen hahahahahahaha it would be so tempting to see who’s got nice boobs and shape LOL


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