Is there any not-thai drama you's like to see adapted as lakorn

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Vico, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    So remakes are pretty popular in Thailand, and more recently, remakes of dramas that aren't thai (which was pretty rare at a time, not to say unexistant), like Princess Hours, You're My Destiny, Sorry I love you

    So, is there any drama you'd like to see remade in Thailand ?

    Personnally, I'd like to see :
    You're Beautiful (that could be nice)
    Summer's Desire
    Come, Jang Bo Ri !
    Love 020
    Hana Kimi
    Hana Yori Dango
    and Hoshi no Kinka

    I even imagined dream casts :

    What about you ?
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  2. Oh my! You have a lot of dream casts! :p I love the Korean movie “The Classic” starring Son Ye-jin, Jo Seung-woo and Jo In-sung. Maybe Thai people can remake that movie? I would love to see Taew star as the lead actress (SYJ’s part). And Mark as the mother’s lover (JSW’s part). And JMA as the daughter’s lover (JIS’s part). Hmm... that would be awesome! I also like the Korean drama “Personal Taste” starring Son Ye-jin and Lee Min Ho. I want to see Mew Nitta as SYJ’s character and Mario Maurer as LMH’s character! That would be my dream casts here! :thumbup:
  3. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    Yes, I admit, I’m a total fan of dream casts. You wouldn’t imagine how many I have on IMDb :p
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  4. It’s all good. You did a nice job! :cheer:
  5. 040156

    040156 sarNie Adult

    Hoshi no Kinka is definitely sappy and complicated enough to be a Thai lakorn! The sad ending might not fly though.

    I want to see a profession type lakorn, which, i think hasn't been done yet. Like you know, something about cops, or doctors, etc. Most of the time the professions are only secondary to the story. But i love how the Japanese and Korean doramas make it a central theme/point of the plot. The closest i guess is Paa'Jaew's lakorn with the Safari/Zoo setting?

    But as for a real dorama remake, i want Kimi wa Pet with Jiranee (So Bella and James can finally look their age :p) and Green Rose (Kdorama) with Alex Rendell and..... Mew? Haha I think that could work.
  6. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Mars starring Vic and Barbie. Oh man, that drama was hot, dark, thrilling and sad. It was just such a good drama mixed with everything you’ve never seen. If the Thais could nail it, it would be such a classic!
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  7. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I have to say that I'm a huge fan of the 4 Season series. Autumn was already remade by True4U, but I really loved the Summer one and it would be awesome if it could be remade in Thai. I would love to see the Thai version of Masters Sun as well.

    Drama's I would love to see be remade in Thai would be:

    Summer Aroma - Honestly, I had seen Autumn in my Heart first, but Song Seunghoon didn't quite catch my eye like Won Bin did. Then in Summer Aroma, Song Seunghoon made me fall for him because he was so hot. I'm guessing it's the style of his character. I can see either Nadech in the main guy role along with Bella.

    Master's Sun - I didn't even want to watch this drama at first because I thought the leads were ugly,(yes, I do judge on looks first, if they are not good-looking, I wouldn't want to watch through a whole thirty minutes to an hour). But after seeing the first episode, I fell in love with the storyline which made me stay longer and eventually I fell for the leads as well. I can see James Ma or Alek with Yaya as leads and New Chaiyapol with Michelle.

    Devil Beside You - I would love to see Mek Jirakit with Mild Wiraporn as leads and Gung Worakorn with Fon Sananthachat as second lead.

    Calling for Love - A lot of people say that this drama was boring and there is no point in watching it, but honestly, there's no point in watching any drama if you're going to say it like that. Either way, I loved this drama. I want to see First Parada paired with Preem for this one.

    Prince Who Turns to Frog - This is the first Mingdao drama that I accidentally ran across. The funny part was, I actually picked up the whole hmong dubbed series from the trash of our apartment when my brother took out the trash and told us that he saw some movies in there. The movies were all in good condition and I couldn't understand why someone would throw away such a cute drama like that, but I couldn't care less, it was like destiny brought it to me. This drama got me falling head over heels for Mingdao and Joe Chen. Luckily a year later, I found the origional version in a store and bought it because I know that when drama's get hmong dubbed, they cut out almost everything and I wanted to see what I didn't get to see. I would love to see Masu and Michelle Behrman as leads. As for second leads, I want Mai Warit and Kao Supassara.

    Angel Lover - I fell in love with Bianca Bai in here. It's a really great drama about saving lives and helping others. If remade, I'd want James Ma and Kat Trinya as leads.
  8. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Todome no kiss by GMM25 or One31.
    Cast :
    Toomtam/Kan : Otaru Dojima
    Vill or Noona : Saiko
    Singto : Takauji
    Gypsy : Mikoto
  9. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    I'd also love a remake of Devil Beside You and this pairing is really good (they were so catchy in Don't)
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  10. tweedaly

    tweedaly sarNie Rebel

    I second that. I could totally see Mek and Mild as leads in that one.
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  11. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Xing Zhao Lin

    The giggles/swoon one can get from watching this! Altough the last 4 ep was a lil odd but the over-all feel I got from this series was good, I've re-watched it a few times. A time travel series. N'k is hilarious, her soul shares a body w/another soul. It appear that n'k a bit draft. P'k - SWOON - be still my heart! They have a very fun/funny/exciting interactions. I love how when they do fall in love, they are honest about their feeling.

    Queen In Hyun's Man
    -Chinese did a remake as well-
    -P'k is cheeky/gentlemanly (time travel)
    -N'k was bold w/her interaction w/p'k
    N'k is an actress who playing a period Drama. P'k comes from the past. N'k end up helping p'k and their love story began. Cute/fun/funny interactions. Gives you the feel.

    Shining Inheritance (kdrama - Chinese remade it)
    -Similar plot that we would find in a Thai drama-
    N'k father "die", step mom kick her out and drop off her autistic bro off somewhere. Her bro is a piano genius. N'k now has to work to survive and is also searching for her bro. Pra'nang meet a few time and are bickering pairs. N'k end up saying this old lady and took care of her. It turns out the granny is rich and is p'k granny. She is sick and tired of her ungrateful grandkids and daugther in-law. Granny went home and later brought N'k in to be her heir (use to threaten her grandkid which n'k agree to). She made them work to earn their keep and to earn the inheritance. N'k step-mom and step-sis is bad. The step-sis likes p'k. Pra'nang has to work together and p'k learn to be a better person and they fell in love.

    Autumn's Concerto
    P'k is a rich boy/bully. N'k lives w/her aunt and they run the cafe at the university. N'k is known for rejecting all the guys. P'k take that as a challenge. His friend bet him? They had an interaction in this closed up room at the university. N'k was playing the piano and it brought back memories for p'k. P'k became interested in n'k. They eventually bond. P'k purposely lose the bet. He also saved n'k from her aunt hubby who tried to rape her. They became romantically involved. The whole shebang. P'k is diagnose w/a horrible cancer? P'k mom is kinda evil? She's against n'k. She talked n'k to leave because it will save his life. The girl she want as his g/f has a dad who a doc who can save him. N'k is pregger and she didn't tell them. P'k begged n'k to stay and collapse on the st chasing her *Cries*
    FFW - 5-6 yrs later
    P'k recover - No memory of him and n'k from his brain surgery-
    Faith has other plans and P'k is a lawyer and is sent to the country to defend the people land. N'k lives their w/their son. He's now in the house with N'k who is his host/secretary along w/his son....
    *The only thing I would change is to have N'k trust him more, be more truthful to him once they had their second chance.* His mom and her treat him like a child by thinking they Know what is good for him. The mom more than N'k. When she decided to give it another try, they should have made her more honest of certain situation. He was a grown adult, he can take it. Other than that It was enjoyable even with the bit of Noble Idiocy.
  12. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    hahaha...I Also judge by "LOOKS". Although I can over look it for a good storyline....but damn I'm kinda vain in how I chose my series. The poster have to catch my eye, But I'm more open to it if the storyline catch my attention.

    Autumn's Concerto (p'k isn't that good looking) - He became good looking later esp. w/his hair cut...But The story Sold me.
  13. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    I wonder if there is any queen in thai history that is similar to In Hyun in thai history
  14. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I don't know the history...they can tweak it or just make up some kind of history like Boran lakorn... Like Jao Nan? Vill & Son remake?
  15. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    Shoot, i want to see the Korean remake a thai lakorn slap/kiss drama
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  16. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    Yeah, I’d like that too. But let’s be honest, that probably won’t happen before a long, long time (from what I know, that never happened)
  17. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    The closest you'll get to a Kdrama being in line with a slap/kiss lakorn is Secret Love *ing Ji-sung & Hwang Jung-eum. You won't be seeing Korea remaking a slap/kiss though, not with how the social climate is changing and all.

    I have a bunch of dramas/movies I want to add here too, but first I need to organize my fancast for each one lol.
  18. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    A summers desire would be absolutely perfect for a thai remake! It has evrythibg needed to be a hit: 2 hot guys fighting over the female lead. Both of which are really possessive of female lead and there is tons of jealousy involved. Its a really rough drama
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  19. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    I know, right ? It’s one of my favorite dramas, I’d also be curious of watching a Thai version
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  20. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Theres a new chinese version too but no subs. The female lead is super pretty. And yeah i would def tune in to a thai version

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