Hmong Dubb Lakorn/Drama List 2013-2017

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  1. manoue

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    ykm they closed or what? I sent them an email, but they said they were not making a movie anymore
  2. P'SweetXin

    P'SweetXin sarNie Hatchling

    Hello, regarding this topic, I recently talked to the vendors last New Year too. They told me the same thing, but then 2 months later YKM released another batch of dubbed dramas, which were the recent ones that I posted. If YKM does close down, then there will be no more dubbed lakorns out there, until another dubber company emerges again. :( I was hoping they dubb Bhuppae Sunniwat when it ends. We will have to wait and see.

    P.S. Everyone who I will add to my blog will get notify soon. I am actually behind on uploads and would love to update the site before I add you.
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  3. Ditto421

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    P'SweetXin, would you mind sending me a link to your blog?
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  4. P'SweetXin

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    Hello! I set my blog to private. The only way I can add you is by your email. Although, I won't be adding until I update the site.
    Do however send me your email address through the message box so I can add you soon. :) Thanks for the interest!
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    I sent you a conversation. I will send you my email there, but if it doesn't work then please tell me and I will give it to you here. And also, thank you so much.
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    P'sweetxin, i sent you my email in the conversation, did you get it?
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