Hmong Dubb Lakorn/Drama List 2013-2017

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    Thank you so much.
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    Question for you guys, where do you guys usually get your Hmong dubbed drama at? This past weekend I went to the July 4th tournament in MN and was disappointed. There were only two booth that sells dubbed movies. I wasn't able to find any drama that I was looking for.
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    What dramas were you looking for? You can message me. EQ, HA, and other entertainments such as TNT has all stopped dubbing years ago. The only remaining dubbers out there that I believe are still active is JT and YKM. I usually get mines at a local store or by Fresno NY, since there are more dubbing booth open during Fresno NY.
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    I sent you a message. If only there is a website where you can order Hmong dubbed movies like how there is a site for you to order Hmong movies and etc.
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    Do you know JT and YKM contact informations?
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    Sorry took me forever to write back to you! :)
    Well here is the contact below for JT and YKM!


  7. P'SweetXin

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    New Dubbed Lakorns as of July!
    Both dramas are dubbed by YKM Hmong Laos Entertainment!

    1. Title: The Legend of Zu
    Hmong Title:Ntiaj Teb Kub Ntxhov Los Wb Txoj Kev Hlub Tseem Ruaj Khov
    Woah~:confused0: such a long hmong title..should have just been named: (Lus Dab Neeg Txog/Ntawm Zu)
    Comments: I think any drama Zhao Li Ying plays would be good to watch. And I am so glad to see her pair up with
    William Chan again because I loved their chemistry in The Mystic Nine!:cheer::icon12:
    Currently watching her in Mystic Nine (With the same Actor (William)) and Princess Agents!

    Last but not least...Tae Pang Korn is dubbed ladies! Very glad that they decided to dubb this one, since the subbers did not finish subbing. :(
    I had a lot of messages about this one so, my final answer is... Yes!:love: I will be purchasing this one and it will be my future project upload!
    As of now Padiwarada and Nakee are the only two dubbed dramas that I am uploading on my blog.

    2. Title: Tae Pang Korn aka Previous Life/Past Life
    Hmong Title: Tsawg Tiam Los Rhuav Tsis Tau Wb Nploog Siab Hlub
    (Very Similiar to Ann and Num's hmong dubbed version title which was "Nrhiav Hlub Koj Txhua Tiam"
    Should have been named: (Lub Neej Dhau Los or Lub Neej Yas Tas Los).

    Disc: #1-8E.
    Comments: This was a good remake! But I can't believe they would cast Toomtam, Vill and Son in this one.
    It kinds of break and pull the Koojin circle lol.:facepalm: But yay!!~ for the SonVill and ToomVill and ToomCharibelle Reunions! :love:

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    August ending updates!:

    OMG~OMG~The Cupid Series Part 3 is dubbed! Hopefully they dubbed all the series and not just one...

    1.Title: Part 3 of The Cupid Series- The Cupid Love Online
    Hmong Title: Txoj Hmoo Coj Kev Hlub
    Should have been named: (Cupid Hlub Hauv Internet/Online).

    Disc: #1-5E.
    Comments: Hopefully they didn't cut out any parts, since these series where actually only 7-9 episodes long...
    and hopefully they dubb the whole series... I would definitely purchase~ :):icon12:

    2.Title: So Sanaeha aka Bounded by Affection.
    Hmong Title: Tseg Kuv Nploog Siab Hlub Koj Ib Leeg
    Should have been named: (Khi Los Ntawm Kev Hlub Kev Nyiam).

    Disc: #1-7E.
    Comments: I am surprised they were able to dubb this Ch7 lakorn! I watched the original w/ subs at NekoMeowMeow
    and sort of liked it, but I'm not sure if I would purchase. I didn't even finish it because I felt like they started to drag the plot a bit too long.
    But everyone has their own opinion so just a heads up to those who actually love this lakorn. :)

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    Thanks @P'SweetXin for the update.

    OMG they have the Cupid series. I agree with you I hope they do all the parts because I'm waiting for part 5 the most, since if they dubb it it be Cheer very first lakorn ever in Hmong I've been waiting to get. lol

    Please let me know if any hmong company dubb part 5 of the cupid series.
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  10. P'SweetXin

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    October 2017 Updates:
    They dubbed the Cupid Series part 5 & 8!:icon12:

    Just a quick update. Will do my translations later in the future.

    And they dubbed Kwan's recent lakorn called Maya.

    Super excited to see the Cupid Series get dubbed, but I would
    probably recommend everyone to wait until New Year
    to purchase the whole sets its a lot cheaper. XD
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  11. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    OMG YES YESsssssssssssss:aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa: Thank you @P'SweetXin for the update.

    When I saw your post I was joy over the moon right now. :aaaaa::aaaaa: I'm so happy Hmong company decide to dubb the other part of the Cupid series but I'm over the moon for Cheer part the most. :love::love::love::love::love: Because you know me this is like the very first lakorn of Cheer, Hmong company finally get to dubb. Finally finally I've been waiting for ages for ages for really, to see one of Cheer lakorn get dubb in Hmong. I write, e-mail, call Hmong company to dubb her lakorn. Even when she pair up with Cee, Weir, Thanwa...ect her lakorn always over look by Hmong company. Like I said in one of my post if Cheer wasn't in the Cupid series I don't ever think her lakorn will ever get sub or dubb at all. All of her lakorn always over look even when she have some good lakorn too.
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    Ladies!!~Plerng Boon and Mussaya is dubbed! Very exciting!!~ I will definitely be getting these
    two along with the Cupid Series! So look out for them on my blog! I will also continue the uploads of Nakee and Padiwarada this weekend as promise to some of you guys! Although, I am truly sorry for the delay.
    Have a nice day~

    Photo Credit. to Mong Ent.
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    QUEENLAND Thai lakorn Dubbed

    Hi can you please Add me into your blog. If so I will be interesting
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  14. maimyang

    maimyang Cuckoo for Charlie. ♡☻

    Hi @P'SweetXin, what kind of blog do you run? I’d like to be added too! Thanks:) If my email is needed, it’s [email protected]

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    @P'SweetXin do you know if Reuan Kalong was dubbed
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    Hi P’SweetXin. Thank you for all that you do! Ever since I was young, I’ve been watching thai lakorns. Now, I can just watch them without any dubbing. ☺️

    Unfortunately, my mom cannot understand Thai. Do you mind sharing your blog with me so that I can turn on some good lakorns for her? My email is [email protected]. Thanks!
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  17. P'SweetXin

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    @QUEENLAND @maimyang Hi! my blog is where I upload and share Hmong dubbed lakorns or other dramas that I have in hand. But so far, I only completed two uploading projects which is Two Spirits' of Love and Tarm Ruk Keun Jai. I will add you guys soon! <3

    @Bieluvr Unfortunately, Reuan Kalong is not dubbed yet. However, Sarb Dok Soi is.

    @cyndi_09 You're Welcome :) I definitely understand you! I grew up watching thai lakorns too, and as time passby, I felt like... I started to understand the Thai language. I can even watch the lakorns without any subs or dubs. Although, I am actually very thankful that there are many subbers out there today-picking out many lakorns to sub. It really helps broaden the words and vocabs in lakorns for me, so that if one lakorn never gets subbed, I can understand the main details of the storyline atleast. However, I also realize that dubbed dramas has been a part of me for so long... that I can't seem to leave its world. So here I am!~ XD Will add you soon too!
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    QUEENLAND Thai lakorn Dubbed

    Thank you p’sweetxin !!! I will be so excited with your Hmong dubb. I can’t wait to see it.
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    Just got some great news! <3
    These 3 dramas are dubbed and coming into stores soon!
    They will be future projects on my blog when they get to me. :)

    January Updates 2018:

    1. Rak Nakara/รากนครา (2017)
    * The only thing that I don''t like about this cover is the title & Taew's thai clothes photoshoot
    pic...A big NO-NO to the dubbers for this mistake. It has nothing to do with the lakorn and
    if they can't tell the difference in culture outfits, then that's very bad.

    2.Ice Fantasy
    Excited for this one! I'm a Feng Shao Feng fan! ~XD

    3. Once Upon a Time/ Ten Miles of Peach Blossom
    *Movie version. Wishing they decide to dubb the long version too.
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    idk why Hmong dubb always give stupid title, rak nakara title just give away how to lakorn is going to end haha

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