Fah Rai Dao (The Sky without Stars)

Yadech fever suddenly hit me. I know, I know, it's super DUPER late for me to catch this but hey... I can't imagine this story without them. I know I have other ones like this but I recently got inspired by a new storyline... :D
Anyways, unless I say so, I'm not dropping any projects. I AM continuing the rest of my FFs unless otherwise stated. Thanks to all of my readers.
FF: Fah Rai Dao (Sky without Stars)
Urassaya Sperbund as Saengdao
Nadech Kugimiya as Hernfah/ Charles
Noona Neungthida as Veerawan
Mark Prin as Puttichat
Namcha Cheranat as Laura
Chinawut Indracusin as Tawin
“1, 2, 3, ready or not, here I come!”
Six- year old, Saengdao abandoned her post at the tree and ran around the playground frantically searching for her playmate, Hernfah, an eight-year old boy, whom she met a year ago at this same playground.
“Come out come out wherever you are, P’Fah!” Saengdao screeched at the top of her lungs.
After five or so minutes had surpassed, Saengdao put her little hands on her hips and pursed her lips. “P’Fah! I said come out right now!”
A few feet away, Hernfah could see and sense Saengdao’s oncoming tantrum. He giggled to himself and stood frozen on the spot.
“P’Fah! If you don’t come out, I won’t play with you anymore!” Saengdao yelled across the playground.
Hernfah giggled again.
“You have to come find me!” he called out to her.
Saengdao’s head jerked towards his direction but it took her a while to find him.
“Got ya!” she exclaimed, tugging onto his left arm.
“The only reason you found me is because I helped you,” said Hernfah. “If I hadn’t called out to you, you still wouldn’t have found me.”
“Doesn’t matter,” Saengdao said, pointing at him. “I would’ve found you sooner or later. Just accept that you will always lose to me.”
Hernfah rolled his eyes.
“I’m getting hungry now,” said Saengdao, all of a sudden.
Hernfah heard her stomach growl and agreed that he was hungry too.
“What are we going to have for lunch today?” asked Saengdao.
Hernfah shrugged his shoulders.
“We’re going to have to do what we usually do,” he replied.

About half an hour later, the two kids found themselves at their regular spots on the corner of the street nearby the playground, selling the daily newspaper to passerby in moving vehicles.
“P’Fah, my legs are sore,” Saengdao whined after approximately an hour later. “And thirsty too.”
“Let’s sell the rest of these first and then I will get you some water, okay?” he said in a promising tone.
“You have to carry me,” said Saengdao.
“You’re almost as big as me!” he exclaimed. “I can’t carry you.”
She whined again and stomped her feet on the hot, cemented sidewalk.
“Aow na, just a little more,” said Hernfah. “If we don’t sell all of these, what are we going to eat later today?”
Saengdao shoved the few newspapers in her hands into Hernfah’s arms.
“Aow,” he said, looking helplessly at the load of newspapers in his arms.
“I don’t feel well today,” she whined.
“Aow eek laew na,” said Hernfah. “You’re always like this.”
“No really, P’Fah,” said Saengdao. “I’m really serious this time. I feel…
Before she could finish her sentence, Hernfah watched Saengdao collapse to the ground. He tossed the newspapers aside and tried to scoop the girl into his arms.
“Nong Dao! Nong Dao!” he exclaimed. “Nong Dao! What’s wrong?!”
Saengdao did not wake up.
“Nong, is something wrong?”
Hernfah looked up at and found himself face to face with a pretty, rich-looking woman.
“My little sister, she…she fainted,” Hernfah told the woman.
“Let’s take her to the hospital, okay?”
Without thinking twice, Hernfah nodded. The woman did not question him until they reached the hospital.
“Where are your parents?”
“I don’t have any,” Hernfah replied.
“Nonsense, what kind of children have no parents? Well, where do you live?” asked the woman.
“At the playground.”
“ You live at the playground?” asked the woman, reassuringly.
“So, your little sister lives at the playground too?”
Hernfah finally turned around to face the woman. His mind and eyes had been on the ER doors the entire time.
“I met Nong Saengdao a year ago on that playground,” he told the woman. “She didn’t have a name; I was the one that named her because her eyes sparkles like the stars in the night sky. At that time, I was already living on the playground and seeing that Nong Dao didn’t have anyone, I asked her to live there with me.”
After a few seconds of silent, the woman’s husband walked up behind her.
“Khun ka,” the woman turned around to face her husband. Hernfah could tell that she was wiping her tears as she spoke to him. He didn’t know what they were saying but he felt that the woman seemed to pity him.
“What’s your name buddy?” the woman’s husband kneeled before Hernfah, grabbing his little wrist.
“Hernfah, krub.”
“Hernfah, how old are you krub?”
“8 years old, krub.”
“You know I have a large house and a son right about your age,” the man continued. “Do you want to go live with me?”
“No,” replied Hernfah.
“I don’t want to leave Nong Dao.”
“Nong Dao can come too,” said the woman.
Hernfah’s eyes widened.
“So, what do you say?” asked the man. “Do you want to come and live with us? You will have a home, an older brother and most of all, a happy family.”
Hernfah nodded and the couple scooped him up into their arms.

[14 years later]
“Nuan! Nuan!”
Coming down the stairs, Saengdao could hear mother’s voice from the dining room. She had no idea what in the world was going on but figured she was about to find out.
“Khun Mae ka,” said Saengdao, approaching her mother.
“Aow, Look Dao,” said her mother, grabbing her. “I have good news for you.”
“What is it?” asked Saengdao, eager to hear the good news.
“Your older brother, Puttichat, will be home this evening,” said Khun Ying Sinitha, Saengdao’s adoptive mother.
“That’s great,” said Saengdao in the most unhappy tone.
Even though she really didn’t like the guy, she had to pretend to be happy. She remembered clearly the first day she met him. For a while, she actually liked him but after a terrible accident, her hatred towards him was inexplicable. The fact that she had to deal with him for twelve years was very tormenting. Now that he had completed schooling, he was on his way back home, the last thing on Earth that Saengdao was looking forward to.
“I don’t feel well,” said Saengdao all of a sudden. “I would like to excuse myself to my bedroom.”
Without another word, she made her way back upstairs and locked herself in her bedroom, where she pulled out a picture of her late brother, Hernfah. Actually, Hernfah wasn’t her biological brother. They shared not a single droplet of blood but since they were adopted together by the same parents, they were technically “siblings”. Saengdao had grew to love this “pee chai”. For as long as she could remember, he was always there for her.
“P’Fah,” Saengdao cried silently to herself. “That devil is back. I don’t want to live here anymore.”
Saengdao cried herself to sleep until she was awakened by a loud, rapping noise on her door several hours later.
“Look Dao!” she heard her mother call to her.
“Ka,” she croaked.
Saengdao climbed out of bed and opened the door for her mother.
“Are you okay?” Khun Ying Sinitha asked, placing one hand over her daughter’s forehead. “You’re not warm.”
“I’m fine,” she said. “I just had a sudden, terrible headache earlier.”
“Well, go wash your face now and tidy yourself,” said Khun Ying Sinitha. “Your P’Chat will be here in a few minutes time.”



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