1. lakornblog

    Lakorn Screen Caps: Jud Rak Wiwa Luang

    Episode 8:   I'm actually rooting for these two ;) Tum & Jieb.. hope it's not tragic for them  
  2. S

    Noona Nuengtida (OLIVE vol. 2 no. 25 July 2015)

  3. T

    Fah Rai Dao (The Sky without Stars)

    Yadech fever suddenly hit me. I know, I know, it's super DUPER late for me to catch this but hey... I can't imagine this story without them. I know I have other ones like this but I recently got inspired by a new storyline... :D Anyways, unless I say so, I'm not dropping any projects. I AM...
  4. Bieluvr

    Easy Math

    His just a really short story that i wrote. I know it has been a long time since i came here and this story will br entertainment while waiting for my other fanfics. Hope you enjoy it. Bie as Kobori Noona as Ungsumalin/Hideko When they were young: Kobori sat down across from Ungsumalin as she...
  5. p.smilez

    "Roomies (Puen Ruam Hong) เพื่อนร่วมห้อง" CH.4.2 UPDATED

        Mark Prin   As a painter and photographer, the beauty of Nature captures Mark's heart in every possible way. He's an artist who shares his artistry talents with the world. Since he grew up in an orphanage without knowing who his parents/family were and where he was from, Mark has a tendency...
  6. T

    Peua Wun Proong Nee (For Tomorrow)

    Upcoming FF inspired by Sood Sai Paan's plot and Bie's "Kam Taam Kaung Kwaam Wai Jai". This was a last minute thing. I've been so busy with work lately so I'll try my best to squeeze in some FF time here and there everytime I get the chance.   A BieNa/ VillTam FanFiction: Peua Wun Proong Nee...
  7. Falada

    Messy Circle of Love Part 1&2 *COMPLETE*

    Sorry about the cover. I have to squish them together.   There's going to be 2 parts in this FF. Part 1 is where all the problems begin, and Part 2 is where there's a lot of problem, and the problems ending, too.                                                                             ...
  8. T

    thatsouthernasianchick's creations

    I'm no pro and I'm not perfect so neither are these creations. I do these things out of my passion for art and computer graphics. I honestly don't know how to actually make these things so they all might seem to have the same concept. Also, I don't want to just create and save em on my PC so I...
  9. T

    Superstar Dilemma - CH.7 [13NOV2013]

    I've never written a Noona/Bie one. So, I'll try to make this as hot as possible.  
  10. T

    The best version of Koo Gam far

    Though not the original intention, this will probably cause a fan war. Since the Thai classic Koo Gam has been embedded in most of our hearts for years now, I just wanted to hear some opinions on this LAKORN. Note Nadech and Richie's movie version does not count! We're going to be fair and not...
  11. T

    "Inseparable"- A Koo Gum FanFiction- ONE SHOT (COMPLETED)

    *Wrote this out of my love for Koo Gum.   A Koo Gum FanFiction- ONE SHOT "Inseparable"   Cast: Noona and Bie   "If dying is the only way for me to hear the words 'I love you' from you, I am happy to die in your arms so I can hear those sweet words. Knowing that you love me and that I will die...
  12. PhoneO_5

    BrotherS *Ch 31 {07.31.16}

    Brothers' Video Credit: "I Can't Breathe" by Golf Pichaya & Special thanks to my little sister for helping me with the video!! CHARACTERS Sakorn Wilamorn (New Wongsakorn) - Headmaster at Wilamorn University, young, new, and fresh. He loves and is dedicated to his job. But, he isn't the...