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    Fah Rai Dao (The Sky without Stars)

    Yadech fever suddenly hit me. I know, I know, it's super DUPER late for me to catch this but hey... I can't imagine this story without them. I know I have other ones like this but I recently got inspired by a new storyline... :D Anyways, unless I say so, I'm not dropping any projects. I AM...
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    Blue Blood (Leurd See Fah) - CH.7 [1MAY2013]

    I must be watching too many lakorns lately because I suddenly came up with so many plots. Here I go posting this one because I like it the most at the moment. Lmao.   LEURD SEE FAH (BLUE BLOOD)   *NOTE- blue blood signifies royalty*     GENRE: Drama, Romance     CAST   Kimberly Voltemas as...
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    [Ch3] Pim Mala (Tv Scene)

    aum-ploy as the pra'nang. funny how they didnt get together in "namtarn mai" and now they are paired up. this should be interesting..alot of new pairings...