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  1. naimisha

    naimisha sarNie Egg

    HEY guys I'm a newbie

    Please post any series you would like to see or request subs for

    P.s. Thanks to princesskarina I came to know that I needed to clear up some confusion

    When I say subs and videos of series and movies I am mainly referring to bollywood, hindi shows like arnav and khushi's Its Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and some other regional languages like malayalam, tamil, telugu etc.

    Basically Indian stuff.

    Feel free to ask

    P.P.S. though not as many and as frequently, we do have some great movies and shows so any fans with requests for the under appreciated please reply

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  2. PrincessKarina

    PrincessKarina sarNie Oldmaid

    How about Nakee starring Taew and Ken P?The English subber under Dailymotion stopped subbing at Ep. 5? I would love to see that lakorn finish in English subs! And secondly Rak Nakara starring Taew, Mew and Mark. No one is subbing this lakorn? Please! Thanks! :thumbup:
  3. naimisha

    naimisha sarNie Egg

    LOL Really sorry princess. I sort of forgot clarifying that I was up for stuff from India. Any series or movies from India in hindi or other languages are fine. Sorry I do understand thai but not to the extent of subbing it especially sine the series you mentioned are a bit complicated. I might have tried to wing it if it was a romcom request

    Sorry once again for raising your hopes up hopefully your lakorns will get picked up soon.

    P.S. In the mean time try and checkout "bahubali" my guess is you'll like it. It's sort of epic like nakee

  4. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    @naimisha How many epsiodes does Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon have? I would like to watch the subtitle in english if there's any. I guess after they were stranded in that one room. They ended up sleeping there? The last part iIwas able to watch b/c I didn't know where to continue.
  5. naimisha

    naimisha sarNie Egg

    It has a total of 398 episodes. It is a bit huge and subtitles are currently unavailable but if it is a few episodes specifically then I can try subbing it.
  6. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    oh i wouldnt even know where to find the them? perhaps, if you have and can sub the last 3-5 episodes hehe. That would be awesome. Thanks
  7. naimisha

    naimisha sarNie Egg

    I'll try looking for them. Actually the channel has had crackdowns recently with only hotstar remaining the official streaming site. And there is no way to download videos from hotstar currently.
    we have to wait until a source for download comes up. I was mainly thinking of series from other channels which are easily downloadable

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