1. naimisha


    HEY guys I'm a newbie Please post any series you would like to see or request subs for P.s. Thanks to princesskarina I came to know that I needed to clear up some confusion When I say subs and videos of series and movies I am mainly referring to bollywood, hindi shows like arnav and...
  2. G

    Hason Raja: Mystic Poet (Bengali Film) UK, Bangladesh, India

    I will be sharing information this film including latest updates of the production of this particular film. Hason Raja is directed by British Asian film-maker Ruhul Amin. It’s a co-production of UK, Bangladesh and India. This is a first epic Bengali language film.   I hope members in this forum...
  3. mayag

    [SONY] Humsafars (4 Lions Films) Harshad Chopra/Shivya Pathania

    HEY GUYS!! Are any of you watching Humsafars?? Harshad Chopra is my favourite TV actor so I try to watch all his shows.
  4. lubsiab08

    Last Bollywood Movie U Watched?

    What's ur last bollywood movie u saw, if you have one pls share. I just saw Veer. Glad to see Salman back in acting he usually dont take acting serious as he quoted. lol Veer was better than his previous Dabangg and Ready. Not a fan of Zarine, I wish it was a different actress.
  5. lubsiab08

    Favorite Bollywood Movie

    Bollywood section is so dead, not many Bollywood fans here. I hope to see more active bollywood fans. Anyway, I love bollywood alot wanna know which is ur favorite bollywood movie? Discuss, love to hear from all bollywood fans. My favorite movies are Vivah, Ishq Vishq, Guzaarish, Kuch Kuch Hota...