1. Z

    Something About Number 3 Youtube ReadFlix Series

    Hello everyone! I am inviting all of you to check out our latest project, a Youtube Original ReadFlix Series entitled, "Something About Number 3." This wasn't supposed to be a fan fiction. An idea came to mind and I really liked the story I had in mind. And when I started writing it, I ran...
  2. naimisha


    HEY guys I'm a newbie Please post any series you would like to see or request subs for P.s. Thanks to princesskarina I came to know that I needed to clear up some confusion When I say subs and videos of series and movies I am mainly referring to bollywood, hindi shows like arnav and...
  3. Baubai

    Sanaeha Diary Series - Buang Sanaeha SUBBERS?!

    Hello! (: Is anyone willing to sub Buang Sanaeha? It's a series within Sanaeha Diaries. It'll be great if all three series were to be subbed! But if not possible, I am only looking forward to Buang Sanaeha!