Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)


sarNie Adult
Joy R is supporting right not nrai?
If they follow the old story line, Joy is Rome's girlfriend and Go likes Ann...I don't know how accurate it will go according to the first version.

Everyone is handsome and pretty in this lakorn, the costumes are beautiful.


sarNie Coma
yay their gonna finish filming next month so hopefully we'll see this soon. dying to see anne in another princess role


sarNie OldFart
Anne is sooo pretty, she looks younger in these kinds of clothes! :) Lol. Aww, NOON is playing the mother role eh?! :( Sucks. Haha. That clip of ROME&NOON is toooooo cute! Lol. :p If only she was still nang'ek I wouldnt mind them pairing up at all! :p


sarNie OldFart
awww this does make me miss manee yad fah too :( *sniffs. aww they do look good together, they kinda look like! :p could pass as siblings, eh!


Staff member
dang it actually make me miss manee yard fah T_T..

i think they look good together ehehe xp..


sarNie Adult
This is going to air after Fai Chon Saeng!!! What like 4 more weeks?


sarNie Adult
Yea I heard it on one of the entertainment shows...but it might be more than 4 wks I'm just willing for Fai Chon Saeng to end because its too much drama I don't want to see but I keep getting sucked in...


sarNie Tombstone
Yeah its airing after Great and Chompoo. wow that was a long wait for and now its going to air in the next batch.