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Discussion in '2010' started by tinah, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    romes fan saw @ Siam Dara tabloid stated that rome gave an interview saying he'll play in this lakorn. thanks to wishbone for the tran.

    ahh i hope its true!..i heard this was a good lakorn. anyone know the summary?

    edit:his fan also mention that p'kai varayuth has bought the novel awhile back which he will remake into a lakorn and he plan to pair rome/aff. dont get too excited just yet cuz its not confirm. thanks again wishbone!
  2. iluvnumandoil

    iluvnumandoil sarNie OldFart

    this is going to be the second remake for this lakorn...if i remember correctly fans wanted num and kob to pair up for this a whie back
  3. Azlisakhmer

    Azlisakhmer sarNie Adult

    who has rome not pair up 4rm ch3?
  4. iluvnumandoil

    iluvnumandoil sarNie OldFart

    ann t..that all i care
  5. cecilia

    cecilia .: KHANG :. Staff Member

    WOW. when i saw this topic. i thought of AFF right away. She can drop that film with the 'suppose rumor' with chaiya and move on to this one .. :loool: .. Let's hope the pairing guess are coming true. i would so love to see them together even though i'm craving for ATEAMER.
  6. onahc

    onahc sarNie Elites

    oh yeah, rome and aff!
  7. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    the old version was ok though i wish it was more --It a period lakorn. N'k is supposedly a meanie in there and torture P'k 's feeling and pride. There was no :slapandkissse3: since he a war prisoner / slave under her rule and control making his action limited hahaha but it was cool seeing the N'k physical and mental abuse him . It a romance blossom from hate . There a couple romantic and cheesy scene i have to close my eye :p ...remind me of my fic haha..

    preveiw clip click or save as
  8. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai ♫ ♪Dj Kisses [Spicy sarNie] ☻♥ Staff Member

    I wouldn't mind seeing Rome with Noon S again, but since this is a period like lakorn Iono how Noon would look in it lol but I also wouldn't mind Rome and Aff;
  9. iluvnumandoil

    iluvnumandoil sarNie OldFart

    assuming that the p'ek is rome and the n'ek is aff here the summary of chaleuy suk

    Rome is a trained soldier who gets captured by aff brother her name is Princess Alisa in this lakorn. They hate each other, Alisa has full control over Rome by her brother's permission. Rome is a prisoner near the palace, he lives in a house by himself. Princess Alisa is nice to him but he hates her and her brother. Rome has a girlfriend whom he loves very much name Pirumya who has no idea where he is. One night there is a party in the palace and Princess Alisa was asked to dance with Rome, they dance but she is far from him and doesn't hold his hand tightly, he tells her that they need to be closer to make it convincing or is she ashame to be with him. They dance closer. Other things happen that makes them like each other more. There is a royal person who likes Alisa but he has a lot of girls. One time Pirumya (Rome's girlfriend in the story comes to visit) she at this point hates Rome cuz he didn't keep his promise to her and blame him that if she marries someone else then it is not her fault. She marries this playboy guy. Later on he treats her like shit because he truly loves Princess Alisa. Alisa does not love him so he kidnapps her. He takes her to his little hiding place and the action begins. Everyone doesn't know where she is, the only person that can save her is Rome. Rome at this time has better relationship with Aff's brother. He goes with the little kid who loves both Rome and aff. They go into the wood to try to find Aff. The bad guy is so secretive that not even his wife knows where she is except Pirumya. She tries to help Aff but is beaten. She later kills herself and regretted what she did and tried to go back to Rome but he didn't love her anymore. The bad guy tried to rape Aff many times but never succeed because there was always people coming into the room to interrupt. Anyways later on Rome rescue aff, and they fought with the bad guys with guns, during one time Aff almost got shot so Rome grab her and they fell on each other. He fell on top of her. Later the kid who followed them die cuz he was sick because they were in the woods for a very long time. Later Aff went to take a swim in the lake and Rome came back from somewhere and wanted to talk to her, he came just in time when Aff was taking her clothes off, he saw her naked, but she didn't see him. Later he acts uncomfortable around her and she doesn't know why. They later went to a house and the couples there called Rome and Aff husband and wife and Rome said they were. They liked each other more and more. Later everyone got better the bad guy got what he deserve, for the reward Rome was freed by Aff's brother. At the end Aff asked him if he would return and he said that he will return cuz his heart is here. He left and Aff waited but no answer from him. Later a servant brought her a bouquet of flower from someone. Aff thought it was Rome cuz she heard the noise of a horse outside(they ride horses alot in this lakorn) but when she went out there was noone there so she felt said and turn her back and was gonna go back until she heard a noise and looked back and saw Rome, they ran to hugged each other, spoke. The end
  10. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    n'k was mean to him because her brother told her to punish him, hurt his feeling , degrade his pride because p'k family also done the same thing to his family . N'k will constantly shame him infront of his girlfriend breaking his heart . n'k verbal insutl him and yes she did hit him hahaha but he endure all the pain refuse to fight back .
  11. iluvnumandoil

    iluvnumandoil sarNie OldFart

    like you said a hate that blossom into love
  12. Prisna

    Prisna sarNie Oldmaid

    Thank for the summary! I'm so happy if the n'ek really Aff. I always want to see her plays with Rome. They would make a cute couple! :yahoo:
  13. Prisna

    Prisna sarNie Oldmaid

    From what you said, I really want to see this lakorn. Very interesting!
  14. Ana

    Ana sarNie Adult

    I hope, it's true!!! I wanna see Rome and Aff!!
  15. Maya_Fantasy

    Maya_Fantasy sarNie Oldmaid

    I don't quite remember the lakorn that well, but isn't Rome's family owe n'ek family money or some type of debts? That's why n'ek brother brought him to n'ek to tortured to paid for his family debts? P'ek is an underground war hero and have lots of pride and respect from society, that's why n'ek brother want n'ek to tortured him ... her brother want to rid p'ek of his pride and who's better to do it, then a woman, and he works as her slave. :lol: Sweet torture. LOL

    If remake is true... I'm so looking forward to this one.

    By the way... anyone have Jintara and Likit version, please upload... thank you in advance. :lol:
  16. TubbyTinker

    TubbyTinker You're Average Person :)

    yay more Rome
  17. maijune

    maijune SarNie Adult

    very interesting storyline...hope it's true....
  18. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    ohhhhh sounds interesting... i love lakorns where there's verbal abuse. we don't need the :slapandkissse3: [although we would like it :lol: ] verbal abuse is just as bad a physical abuse. it hits you harddd! but i wanna watch this lakorn. ^_^
  19. AmmatureKikyo

    AmmatureKikyo sarNie Adult

    No, I don't thing Aff will match when this me, as much as I don't like Benz, but she's the first one that pops in my head when I read the summary..This girl can be soo cruel..Better yet, Cherry..I mean she was pretty evil in Rai Rissaya...
  20. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    I want to see Aff and Rome also.
    Thanks for the summary. Sounds good!

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