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[News] "สาวน้อย" (Little Girl) period drama played by Son Yuke and Vill Wannarot as main characters will on-air on Thailand Modernine TV (Channel9) this July every Sat-Sunday (Original news from Drama - Manager Online /Translate:UEE)

Source: Sonyukedotcom


sarNie Immature
I just hope that this one turns out to be good. It's Son - Vill, man. Hoping for sweet scenes from the beginning towards the end, to make up for Kaew Lom Phet. ;-)


Woo , that surprise Mae, too.
Never know that Khun Boy made a lakorn's for ch9 , I only know that ch9 will Start as a lakorn's TV, too.
Hope this New is True:)


sarNie Oldmaid
Thanks for the photos and clip.

Wow Vill look different. At first I was like where is she look pretty in that black dress.

I wonder where is Egg? Was she posting with the other cast from her other lakorn that why she not in this one with this cast. Just watching the clip of teaser look like Egg is going to be n'rai when she see Son and Vill.


sarNie OldFart
Omg I had the chills while watching the teaser. It's soooooo cute. Son and Vill look so refreshing. Eeeekks I can't wait ahhhhhhh


sarNie Adult
the trialer looks very promosing....vill and son's scenes at the countryside/island has beautiful background...


sarNie Egg
hopefully Best would get many scenes on it ...she has too much suppoting role among all of her dramas ...want her to be a leading role as hell...
coz she is just cute and really enjoy watching her scenes!!!

I think she has improved a lot on her acting since her debut one, '' the secret of superstar ''.
and, she fits a love comedy more than action or classic lakorn.

Exact shuld give her more dramas seriously !!