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Done with this lakorn. Extremely happy for the ending, worth the wait lol. Episode 33 was way too dramatic though. Basically I don't understand Thai so much so I think everything is solved. I love every single pieces of this lakorn, the character development of the nang ek. Instead of keep crying, she re-built herself to be a successful one. Nid's one inspiring woman, and Vill did a good job on that. The only thing that dissatisfied me was
she chose to drown herself just because she lost her husband. That's just a no no no to me. NO ONE COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO DIE, it's because they want to end the problems. Pra ek was dumb lol I won't blame him, it was the script that wanted him to stay amnesia until the finale but it didn't bother me so much, since the soul(?) of this lakorn was the nang ek.
Pranang's chemistry was just awesome, just like in Kaew Lom Petch. The supporting couple was good as well. Guy was a good actor, Best as well. Their scenes help the lakorn to be a little bit more livable, (cheerful?)...I think. The other side characters were good as well. Vill and her mom had a good chemistry as one family. Egg was really amazing as a nang rai. I wanted to punch her every second she was on screen. She should downgrade herself to not playing nang ek again lmao.

This is all that I can remember, but they were so much more good thing about this lakorn. Every characters were important here. Sao Noi is way better than Kaew Lom Petch especially the script consistency. I'm very satisfied, it wasn't a waste that I waited this lakorn to air every weekend and download it for almost 4 1/2 months lol. GOOD LAKORN!


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I already missed this lakorn. The final episode didn't give me such a great impact, the whole lakorn that was good.


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I miss this lakorn and my prenang already, it was a beautiful, romantic and sweet ending with a beautiful backdrop of the mountains and seaviews; miss Son/Vill



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i actually like the ending. more realistic. no psychotic n'rai waving a gun or trying to murder someone, lol. it's more realistic with what happened to her here. also, to the other character who got her pregnant too.


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Awh, dang it, another one of Vill's lakorn that has come to an end... At least it's a happy ending for her character, although I wasn't crazy for the pairing(s). :D Here are the ratings for all the episodes of Sao Noi for those who are interested, like me! :)

Credits and big thanks to Lyn @ Lyn's Lakorn Blog.

Sao Noi (CH9)
Ep 01 (14/07/2555) —0.7 (1.0,0.7)
Ep 02 (15/07/2555) —1.1 (1.1,1.1)
Ep 03 (21/07/2555) —0.7 (0.4,0.8)
Ep 04 (22/07/2555) —0.8 (1.0,0.8)
Ep 05 (29/07/2555) —0.8 (0.9,0.8)
Ep 06 (05/08/2555) —1.2 (0.8,1.3)
Ep 07 (11/08/2555) —1.0 (1.0,1.0)
Ep 08 (18/08/2555) —0.9 (1.1,0.9)
Ep 09 (19/08/2555) —1.0 (0.9,1.0)
Ep 10 (25/08/2555) —0.9 (0.7,0.9)
Ep 11 (26/08/2555) —0.9 (0.8,0.9)
Ep 12 (01/09/2555) —1.1 (1.1,1.1)
Ep 13 (02/09/2555) —0.8 (0.9,0.8)
Ep 14 (08/09/2555) —1.4 (1.2,1.4)
Ep 15 (09/09/2555) —1.0 (0.9,1.0)
Ep 16 (15/09/2555) —0.9 (0.9,0.9)
Ep 17 (16/09/2555) —1.2 (1.2,1.1)
Ep 18 (22/09/2555) —1.6 (1.5,1.6)
Ep 19 (23/09/2555) —1.3 (1.2,1.3)
Ep 20 (29/09/2555) —1.3 (1.5,1.3)
Ep 21 (30/09/2555) —1.3 (1.6,1.3)
Ep 22 (06/10/2555) —1.4 (1.5,1.4)
Ep 23 (07/10/2555) —1.2 (1.1,1.2)
Ep 24 (13/10/2555) —1.4 (1.4,1.4)
Ep 25 (14/10/2555) —1.4 (1.2,1.4)
Ep 26 (20/10/2555) —1.0 (0.7,1.1)
Ep 27 (21/10/2555) —1.2 (1.0,1.3)
Ep 28 (27/10/2555) —1.2 (1.1,1.2)
Ep 29 (28/10/2555) —1.4 (1.3,1.4)
Ep 30 (10/11/2555) —1.2 (0.8,1.2)
Ep 31 (17/11/2555) —1.0 (0.9,1.1)
Ep 32 (18/11/2555) —0.8 (1.6,0.7)
Ep 33 (24/11/2555) —1.7 (1.4,1.8)
Ep 34 (25/11/2555) —1.4 (1.4,1.4) {{{ Finale }}}


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Missing Son/Vill;


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Overall, I think this was a good drama, though it was very dramatic. The love story between Siem and Nid was very good and sad. Vill and Son really do match, they had good chemistry. I felt bad for Siem and Nid all the obstacles that they had to go through, but in the end they found each other again and lived happily ever after.
However, my favorite couple in here is Kaew and Boonma, they were so cute, although there were barely any cute scenes between the two, they pretty much stole the scene whenever they were together. I'm glad Boonma and Kaew got a good and cute ending. 

The end scene with Neung, Kaew and Boonma, was too funny, I just had a great laugh, Neung was so happy that Kaew now has a boyfriend so that he won't have to worry about Kaew bothering him anymore and Boonma is all happy. 
Aside from the main cast, my favorite character was Marasee, yes she did have her bad times, but the way that she helped Nid and Siem, it showed that she was truly a good person, though she did have her moments. Tak Bongkot played this role really well.
The cast was great, Erk was very evil and n'rai and Nat was a very great rai, both were good in their villain roles. I do not like Suvalee one single bit, but she is pretty smart considering the last scene, when Cherd was going to shoot Siem/San. In honest opinion, I think Erk is beautiful without the whole heavy make up and the hair style. I give credit to make up and hair, they really made her look like a b****. Great lakorn. Looking forward to Guy and Best pairing up again soon. :)


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Well, it's been a while since Son and Vill collaborated. I was going through some of my old files and was going to toss some I found's the story of how Son had admired Vill almost his whole entire high school years.