[CH7] Wihok Lhong Lom (Daravideo) : Sammy Punthita / Boom Kitkong / Kelly Thanapat

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    I am totally different I think she is shining the most as the weak girl. Her bodylanguage and her voice projection are on point. She is not trying too hard to appear nice and modest but she is showing the sincerity and the humanism of her character. Put a green actress or a limited one as Nuan and she will come off totally stiff like a log. I think as Peung she is good. Her character as Peung screams too much tho even convincing as a scary and heartless person. But as Nuan she is killing it. Her scenes with Arnus show how both of them are good representing the humility of people in need (she shows a lot of warmth when with him)
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  2. preetam

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    Kelly is such a bad choice there is no debate here
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    Trying to watch Kelly be a love interest with Sammy is hard to watch. When they were getting married and she walked out all pretty in the traditional outfit and Kelly trying to have this love struck look on his face came out flat. I didn't buy him falling in love with her moment. And when he is trying to kiss her or hug her goodness talking about nothing there lol. Seriously, they could have picked Vee if they were running out of older pra'ek. Or someone that has at least a hairline of spark with Sammy.
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    Actually during that scene I don't know if you noticed but there was a young man sitting behind Kelly. That boy awstruck look honestly looked sincere. He was leggit in love with Sammy look. Kelly is absolutely horrible and a miscast in this lakorn. I hear he is 21 years older than Sammy. Honestly he had to play the uncle role. Do you think Kelly was the one somewhat manipulating his way to his p'ek statu pair with Sammy in this lakorn cause he may have had the hots for her (remember he dated Green) ? Because 2 lakorns back to back ? Strange . I think a lot of people stick here cause of Sammy acting and see how her character will be evolving
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    In the other lakorn..his age is fitting since his 1st wife is Ann S....it's more about the ladies...

    Kelly isn't always pk...

    Sammy role has been challenging but she always get short ended
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    I pretty much skip and just watch Sammy parts. I can’t stand everyone else...especially Ying Lek...her facial expressions make me cringe. For someone with status she has no class to be getting into all those public fights and is full of hate.
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  7. preetam

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    Sammy acting in today episode was sure intense
  8. Cupid Candy

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    Typically I tolerate Kelly and sometimes even like him but gosh he's just bad here. Daravdo is famous for having bad quality and making the leads look bad but geez Kelly looks old here. I'm all for using my imagination but even I cannot imagine Kelly as the young elegant royal p'ek who just came from abroad. Another p'ek probably would have made Chai Yai attractive and likeable, Kelly however made Khun Chai look creepy. The scenes between him and Nuan were boring and Arnus would have been a better choice for p'ek. Arnus still looks good and is way better than Kelly looks and acting wise. Jak was a poorly developed character, I felt like the lakorn completely forgot about him at times and his scenes felt randomly thrown in. Him kidnapping and raping Peung was quite random and he was really a character that didn't need to die. Minus the raping, he really put his heart and soul into his feelings for Nuan and he's genuinely a good guy.

    I wasn't expecting Pat to die and was thrown off to see him not end up with Kwanruen. Boom did a good job here, he was weak but a sympathetic character minus the beach scene with him kidnapping Nuan. I felt for him in his scene with his brother, sad that the brother had to die as well.

    Sammy was excellent here, I feel like her acting is the saving grace for all the flaws. You can completely believe that Nuan and Peung are two different people, there were times where I forgot that they are played by one actress. However, sadly the character of Nuan was just boring, she really had nothing going for her and you really don't care for her. The relationship between her and Kelly was also poorly done.

    Overall, okay lakorn, watchable but not memorable.
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    Just seeing kelly face trying to kiss sammy made me run away as fast I could, as much i love sammy, kelly is killing the whole thing in the most awful way.
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