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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [CH8] Luerd Kakee (Kiatrapee): Ae Isariya / Kelly Thanapat / Benz Punyaporn / Kate Thunthup

    This is Ae Isariya's comeback full-length drama. Not sure yet if her own production company is producing this as well.
  2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    ❤ [CH7] Leh Ruk Bussaba (JSL Global): Michael Pattaradet/Peak Pattarasaya
  3. krisayaporn

    [CH7] Wihok Lhong Lom (Daravideo) : Sammy Punthita / Boom Kitkong / Kelly Thanapat

    Sammy Punthita pair up with Boom Kitkong and Kelly Thanapat on "Wihok Lhong Lom" new project lakorn by Daravideo Synopsis Phumwaree is daughter of billionaire on Nakhon Pathom. She has bad reputation about scandal because she will always sneak to flirt with Passakorn who is come down lord...
  4. M

    [Ch7] Sanaeha Maya (Gao Neung See Entertainment): Ann Sirium/Sammy Cowell/Kelly Thanapat

    Ann Sirium's first project as a producer for Ch.7. Sammy and Kelly will star together for the first time. Dear lord why him?!???? It's a cheewit lakorn so another challenging role for Sammy. I'm so sad. Why Kelly? Give him a father role.    แนะนำละครใหม่ 7 สี "เสน่หามายา" ผู้ผลิต บริษัท...
  5. x0unerthanlater

    [Ch7] Sarawat Teun (PaSang YaSorn Ltd.)

    cr:   Produced by PaSang YaSorn Ltd. Author: Wasibta Dejkoonchorn   The genre is action and drama with love, friendship, sacrfice and unity. When the nation is highly influenced and dominated by illegal crime organizations even the law cannot fight, the Criminal...
  6. krisayaporn

    [Ch7] Kard Cheuk (Dida Video Production)

    "Kard Cheuk" new lakorn from Dida Video Production.   It has two couple. Main couple is Es Jakkaja(pairing from Suer Sa Ming).   Supportung Couple รis Mik Thongraya and Bow Malada(Newbie)   and Big Krissada, I guess him as villain.  
  7. krisayaporn

    [Ch7] Ngao (JSL Global Media)

    Ngao produced by JSL Global Media   Starring ::   - Kelly Thanawat as "H.M.R. Vasawatdeemarn" - Auan Rangsit as "Isara" - Aimee Moragot as "Chalinee" - Ti Waritisa (Chut Pariyachut) as "Charoenkwan"  
  8. A

    Kelly Thanapat & Green Atsadaporn (CHANNEL vol. 11 no. 884 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee.  
  9. T

    Majuree Phak Ron (Joy Sirilak & Kelly Thanapat)

    Hey does anyone know where I can find and watch this lakorn online? It's an old lakorn starring Joy Sirilak and Kelly Thanapat called "Majuree Phak Ron". I've been looking for it for awhile now. I remember that Joy's character was the Satan's child from hell and I think Kelly owned a...