[Ch7] Saeb Salup Kua (Dida)


sarNie Juvenile
Wow, this is ending this week. Got from Dida's facebook.
Happy that it is ending, hope to see Cheer in more lakorn and pls not from Dida.
If it happen to be Dida, pls not film and air at the same time. I really pity those actor and actress that film with them, they have to be so tired plus they can't accept another lakorns. It really sucks!


sarNie Oldmaid
The ending was cute with the two couples. but the girls accept the guy's loves too easily when through out the whole lakorn they show and say dislike the guys a lot. but then again the scripts is bad in here,doesn't make sense. even though there is some cute scenes between Tubtim&Tunwa and her with Stephan, but for me these guys still don't have great chemistry with her, she still have the greatest chemistry with Natthew. hope Tubtim next lakorn isn't with Dida either. this company's lakorns disappoint me. rooting what roles she will get to play next cause she done film this lakorn and suan ahan banjai already and she usually accept 2 lakorns at the same time. want to see her play drama lakorn again cause lately she play too many comedies. wish one lakorn she's pair up with Natthew. want to see her play with other companies that she haven't work with yet: like kantana,compordee, etc. she play too many with Dida.


sarNie Oldmaid
I was not able to watch this lakorn scent episode 11 because I'm moving. Glad to hear that the end was good. When I get my new place I'll watch the rest of this lakorn.


sarNie Oldmaid
I finally finish watch this lakorn and I wasn't that happy with the end. It was a rush and I didn't like the couple end. lol...... Why couldn't they have made Cheer & Tubtim became friends in the middle of the lakorn than in the last episode. It was just to fast for them to understand each other so fast and help each other. I'm mad that Thanwa didn't get Cheer in the end. Through out the lakorn Thanwa was with Cheer. I like their moment they have together the cutie moment the fight they have with each other. Why didn't Sien just stay in Playai body. I would have like it if Sien and Playai didn't switch back to their own body. lol

I hope Thanwa and Cheer can have another lakorn together and end up with each other. In the being I didn't really like Thanwa but watching him in this lakorn make me like him. hehe